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Halloween Ho

group DainishPastry 2017-11-03

Derrick, using both hands grabs both of my cheeks and says, "This is a fine girly ass." He searches for more to say but just smirks. He stands with pants to his knees, his hard cock jutting out, his wife watching and says urgently, "All right, come suck my dick!" Perhaps worried I would change my mind. She declares to Derrick, "Oh baby, don't worry, he liked it, look!" As she points to my hard cock straining under the sheer thong, crowned by a slick wet spot. With my face between Derrick's butt cheeks, Stephanie lifts my thong to the side, releasing my cock and balls. He's fucking me hard now and every buck causes a rough jolt of my cock into Stephanie's mouth - I cum quickly, she sucks it up.

Hotel for Couples

group Kickinback54 2017-10-14

Cyndi had removed all her clothes now, as had Lane, and they sat there, each with a hand on the other's pussy, playing with their slits, and watching as I sucked Larry. And Cyndi urging me on "Suck that Big cock - take it all in, let me see you filled." It was all turning me on so much, having my mouth fucked while two lovely women fingered each other and urged me on. Lay down on your back - I want to show you something." Cyndi said as she pulled me to my feet and turned me around so that I was facing Lane, with my ass towards Larry, who was dropping to the floor.