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Everything is not Black and White - Part One

group LuvMeSomeBooty 2018-05-31

Julie actually started by snuggling in between Ellie and I and commenting on just how impressive Ellie’s tits were. Mark is a big guy, with big hands, but not even his hands were enough to handle Ellie’s massive tits I could tell just by the look on his face he had never handled such an impressive chest. Out of nowhere, Ellie then slid off me and leaned down, kissed me and said, “I want Mark to fuck me, but I think he might need a little help getting that big cock inside me. She gasped as he pushed his fat cock inside her and come to rest with his balls touched her pussy and my mouth at the same time.

Cock hungry and bored

group fetishdoll 2018-05-31

I thought she was about to hit that until she looked at me and said, "Don't you want to have a try?” and looked back at Matt and said, “You don't mind do you Matt?" Alicia moved her wonderful full ass across Matt's body until her dripping moist pussy rested right above Matt's face. "Just watching TV!" Matt yelled back to his father at the top of the stairs as he slowly moved back around the corner so his father couldn't see that he was wearing only a T-shirt.
I turned to Alicia and asked, "What the hell!?" I always make a lot of noise and his fucking parents can just come down and watch!" With this Alicia walked over to Matt and started rubbing her ass around his cock.

Jim And Micki: A Love Affair - Part III

group luvdr 2018-05-31

Micki can’t stand it any longer and screams, “Fuck me Jim, fuck my ass with your tongue, and please don’t stop.” She squeezes her legs together locking my head within. “Fine dear, then you lay on the mattress and I will help Micki mount that nice cock of yours.” Says Linda as she lets go of Micki’s hand and touches my shoulder. Looking up at Micki with a face covered in Micki’s sweet juices Linda says, “My dear you are wet and taste so delicious. It didn’t take Micki long to reach an orgasmic explosion as she screamed, “Oh god, fuck yes, Lee you’re ripping me apart.” Lee’s cock must have been pushing her cervix into her abdomen.

Shame Game Ch. 04: Jim is Used

group shamefever 2018-05-12

Standing sideways to our front window, I said in a low voice, "Get down on your knees in front of me, man-girl, and beg me for my cum." When he complied, I bent over, and whispered, "I want the whole world to see you in panties, with my big cock halfway down your throat. Then Bill dragged his tongue up the slime trail that I had left and opened his mouth to show Jim. I could tell that Jim wasn't sure of himself at this point, so I told Bill, "Oh no, sweetheart, I meant the outside of the window." Bill blushed like a girl, but his clitty got rock hard, and he quickly ran outside to do as he was told.

Best Test Drive Ever!

group Cindytranee 2018-04-21

I told her about the lady in her 80's that got a Camaro sideways on a busy street when she wanted to "see what this baby will do." I told the girls how we had named her "The Little Old Lady from Pasadena." We laughed about that as Kim pulled into a park. As I slid my cock in Kim's tight pussy I looked over to see that Stephanie had opened her door and stepped out. When I felt like I could go on I stopped licking Kim and slid my cock back in her pussy. I slid my cock in Kim's tight ass using her pussy juice for lubrication. Stephanie licked up all the cum that came out then put her mouth around Kim's hole and tried to suck more out.

Sara's Surprise

group chezrobeir 2018-04-14

She closed her wet lips over it and took it in with a satisfying "Mmmmm." Still unable to see, Sara felt the other man's cock rub her cheek, and she turned her head to take it in. Then Sara kissed her small belly and groin and finally reached her red mound of hair and she shoved her mouth on her clit and began sucking and licking as Chris arched backward until she was lying flat on her back with her legs pulled up and open so Sara could lick and suck her pussy clean. It only took a few minutes of the incredible sensation of fucking Sara, being licked by Chris, and sucking Sean—plus the sounds and smells of hot sex permeating the room—for Jeff to reach his limit for tolerance.

My First Gang Bang

group littlegirlinlove 2018-04-11

Again I started blacking out and when I woke up their was more than 30 men in the room all starring at me lying spread eagle on the bed, my pussy red and leaking cum from the last guy who fucked me. I pulled off my ass gaping open and a bit of cum dripped out when the guy in my mouth saw this he came so hard and fast it slipped out shooting hot jizz all over my face. Soon the dicks in my pussy started to pulse then the first guy shot his cum all over my stomach filling my naval with a little pool while the guy in my mouth came all over my face.

Boy-Toy Ch. 03

group CSK 2018-04-08

"If you like mine, you are in for a visual treat this weekend because I am probably one of the smallest in our group," he said and pushed forward and I opened my mouth to receive him. Mandee then said to them while still looking at me, "Don't judge me," and then leaned in and began licking his cum from my face and giving approving"mmmmm's" as she did. I leaned forward and kissed the head of the fake cock and looked directly at it and said, "thank you for using me, come back any time." He pulled out and this time Mandee stood up behind me and grabbed both sides of my head with her hands and pushed me forward, choking me on his big cock.

Call of the Wild

group InYo 2018-03-06

You watch as the man's thrusting becomes more urgent, and them at some signal you can't discern the woman turns around and drops to her knees just as the man's cock explodes a thick stream over her face and breasts. You are so turned on by the scene, the slow pumping from your unseen lover, her tweaking your nipples that you moan and snake your tongue out and scoop some of her boyfriend's cum off her face. He holds your head and begins to make love to your face, slowly and intimately, while his brother still pumps into you. You feel so naughty that it pushes you over the edge, and you cum loudly, collapsing onto the girlfriend, your face slipping between her spread thighs.

Enticed and Humiliated Ch. 09

group FantasizeAndRealize 2018-02-28

Maria grabbed Sandy around the waist with one arm and said, "Honey we are now going to see the best show of our lives!" "Go on James, grab Ron's dick." "Get acquainted with that nice thing!" After everyone agreed, James went over to Sandy and started kissing her and running his hand all over her body. Sandy said, "It's too bad that you couldn't last longer." "I was having a marvelous time!" I reluctantly left Maria and took the whole length of James cock into my mouth cleaning it! Out of the corner of my eye I could see Sandy working on James's cock with her mouth trying to get him hard again I envied her but had my hands pleasurably full of Maria's ass.

Insatiable at Work Ch. 19

group insatiablerob8 2018-02-13

Poised with her beautiful ass over his pulsing dick, "Sweetie, just lay back and relax...let me fuck you!" She started rubbing the head through her lips. "Honey, I like this part of the meeting...I wanna bury that my...belly and fuckin' ride it!" When I decided to get in the action and got up on the table, he said, "I like where this's going." When I pushed my dick through his lips, they were tight on the shaft and rippled over the veined surface. Bryan and Tara were fucking into each other, while I stroked a hand over my dick...fuck I needed to felt really good to stroke...I was getting closer an closer to release.

An Orgy From My Girlfriend

group extasybliss 2018-02-12

I had to pick the girls I thought had the nicest face, pussy, ass, and tits. So far I have picked the best face, pussy and now ass. You will know what is yours as they are labeled 'Ass,' 'Pussy,' 'Tits,' and 'Face.' Go now." My girl sounded demanding and in charge. The girl with the nicest tits had a very sexy red bra to put on. Then move to my boyfriends face, state "Open up and eat your meal off my tits, you cum slut." These are your directions.' The girl with the nicest ass already heard part of her directions, she remembered them well. The last girl with the nicest pussy had already read her directions and was putting on her outfit.

All Three Holes Pt. 05

group CandiNyse 2018-02-11

Bobby gently pulled and rolled my nipple while Susan licked out my cunt. He flexed his tongue inside her asshole, making her moan into my cunt, then withdrew and swirled it in circles, around and around the sensitive rim of her anus, while I licked and sucked her clit, my nose buried deep in her dripping love tunnel. The three of us rested there, thoroughly wrung out, wrapped around each other, Susan and I in sixty-nine, faces in cunts, with Bobby draped over us, his hands wrapped around those fabulous tits of hers, his balls resting against my chin, his long, soft cock at rest in the cleft of Susan's ass.

Two Dirty Schoolgirls

group scarlettshea86 2018-02-07

I loved how deeply into the roles we all got, and in an effort to instigate some punishment, I spread my legs under my desk and pulled my skirt up so Matt could see my pink, hairless pussy. After several minutes of eating her ass, Matt stopped and had her turn around to sit on the desk facing me with her feet up and legs spread so he could then eat her pussy. Having to watch your boyfriend eat your girlfriend's pussy and ass and never getting even the slightest taste?" Matt asked as Amanda recovered, her skin beautifully flushed from her orgasm. Once Matt was finished feeding his cum to her, Amanda climbed off the desk and dropped to her knees like she had been taught to clean his cock up with her mouth.

All for One

group luvitbi 2018-01-18

Chrystal smiled at me, then leaned out to suck on Brad's cock. As Chrystal kissed me, she grabbed Brad's cock and pulled it closer. Angela held my cheeks apart so Brad could watch Chrystal drive her index finger into my asshole to the third knuckle and twirl it around. Angela took the lube from Chrystal and applied it to Brad's cock. Chrystal and I held each other and watched her suck on Brad's big black cock. Angela held out Brad's cock for me and I took it in my mouth. Chrystal felt his balls jump and watched my face as Brad shot his load over my tongue, filling my mouth with his potent nectar.

Snow Day Ch. 02

group dre_jones 2018-01-12

Keisha then said to Shaun, "Put it in my ass baby, fuck me good in my little brown hole." Sara greedily took Shaun's tool in her mouth and licked off all of Keisha's wetness. Keisha reluctantly pulled away from Sara's skilled mouth and offered her ass to Shaun. Keisha winced and then her mouth opened and she began to moan as Shaun worked his magnificent tool into her ass an inch at a time. I was squeezing Keisha's breasts and encouraging Shaun to "fuck her ass good," when I noticed Sara slip away into the bathroom. Sara pounded me hard and my ass gripped onto her big strap-on cock as my body spasmed in orgasm.

An Affair to Remember

group RichardScott 2017-12-26

You rolled over into a sitting position and took his softening cock in you mouth, cleaning the cum off him as once again, the kneeling wife spread your legs, licking the cream that soaked your pussy and left sticky trails down your thighs One of the men moved behind your friend , working his cock into her ass while you licked her pussy. The other man positioned himself between your legs and took an ankle into each hand, spreading your legs as wide as would allow, before burying his stiff cock into your pussy with a single thrust. His tongue in your ass delicately darted at the sensitive little bud causing you to squirm, His friend offered you his enormous cock that you briefly teased the head, tasting the droplets of cum before swallowing it whole.

Peter's Wife Brings Beer

group 1mbibry 2017-12-20

"Peter told me you'd probably appreciate a beer since he wasn't able to join you at the bar today." She cracked one open and brought it to my mouth. Our eyes lock as she brings the head of my cock to her lips. I set my beer aside and grasp her head with both hands pulling her up to her feet and kissing her deeply. I bring my mouth fully to her pussy and begin sucking and drinking in her wonderful wetness. Kitty screams with delight as she orgasms on my face in wave after wave, soaking my mouth and face with her delicious pussy juice. I again tasted a familiarity as my tongue explored her mouth just as it had explored her pussy moments ago.

All Three Holes Pt. 06

group CandiNyse 2017-12-11

It was kind of amazing, that we were all so comfortable together: Susan, on her hands and knees, gently licking my pussy, her sweet round ass and moist cunt suspended over my face; Bobby, starting to slide that long cock up and down the cleft of her ass, his sweet rod growing thicker and harder; me, on my back under Susan—her big tits pressed against my belly—with Bobby's ball sack in my mouth. Bobby was in heaven, fucking this gorgeous woman, shoving his dick into her hot, wet pussy with his balls slapping her firm, round ass, alternating with his adoring wife's open mouth and welcoming throat.

Unexpected Cuckolding Introduction

group tallcooldrink 2017-12-09

"It's easy!" Mindy encouraged as she revealed Mark's thick cock, equally impressive as Jack's was the night before. Jack helped and slid his pants and boxers down, revealing the hard erection I witnessed Mindy sucking the night before. Putting my hand on Jack's shaft, I let him push his cock in my mouth, tasting another man for the first time. Mark went to her head and put his cock in her mouth and she pleasured both men simultaneously. I opened my mouth and his thick cock went deep down my throat, allowing me to taste the two of them fully. As he pulled away from Mindy and I, she lowered her dripping pussy on my mouth again, allowing me to taste the creampie.

Steve Gets His Chance at the End

group NDW76 2017-12-05

The moans of pleasure and the squelching sounds of the huge cock furiously pumping in and out of his wife's pussy compelled Steve to turn his head to watch the erotic scene of his hot wife being fucked by the fourth stranger that night. In the interim before another guy took his place, fucking Julie's well used pussy, Steve looked down at the cute hottie kneeling between his legs, stroking his cock. The cute hottie and his wife were going to get back to work, liking, sucking, and fingering each other to orgasm; all while Steve watched. As his cock took its turn to flood his wife's pussy with his cum the cute hottie continued to thrust her strap on deep into Steve's arse.

Shame Game Ch. 05: A New Fit

group shamefever 2017-11-29

Then I told them that I was going home because my darling husband had begged me to bring some stranger's cum to lick off my body. When Bill admitted that he was a little scared of what we were about to do, I tried to assuage his feelings, by saying, "I know that when you see me being ravaged by Frank's monster cock, you will get so excited that you will be begging him to treat you like a woman, also." At that, Bill was raring to go, but I decided to humiliate Bill a bit more. When you start your orgasm, my cumslut husband will suck every drop of his cum out of your mouth."

Thursday Night

group AndrewKXS 2017-11-28

Greg shoved his cock up Steph's relaxed and waiting asshole and she wiggled slightly to adjust for his girth but never stopped her work on Terri's soft breasts. As he thrust forward again, probing her anal regions for the umpteenth time, Greg marveled at the feel of Steph's butt, soft on the outside and yielding but firm on the inside. Steph let Greg do all the work, enjoying the feeling of his rock hard cock slamming into her from behind. Steph convulsed and small mini-orgasms overtook her as Terri's fingers moved in and out of her vagina, rubbing against her sensitive lips. Steph came hard, all her muscles contracting, squeezing Greg tightly and gushing a milky cream into Terri's hand.

My Wife Leads the Way

group FantasizeAndRealize 2017-11-07

As soon as Sherrie locked the bedroom door she said, "Ricky the best way to get a man hard is by sucking his cock. I could feel life in Jerome's cock as I slid more of it into my mouth and worked the underside with my tongue. In no time Darold's cock was as hard and big as Jerome's and I could feel the head at the opening of my esophagus. I brought my head forward more forcefully this time and was rewarded with the feeling of my nose crashing into Darold's pubic bone! Sherrie was holding my hand and I was face down on the bed with a huge cock sliding in and out of my ass!