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The House at Number Seventeen

group pandsal 2018-12-04

Theo nodded and Birgit bent Lisl forward, away from him, presenting tight, rounded cheeks. He lowered her gently to the bed and then drew her attention to Birgit, still slumped against the mirror, her hand now moving more urgently. Theo took his place behind Lisl and ran his hand yet again over the curves of her buttocks. While Birgit disappeared momentarily into the anteroom, Theo stationed himself behind Lisl's prostrate body, his eyes firmly on the pink orifice between her cheeks. Theo stepped on to the plinth, took his penis in his right hand, placed it at the centre of the lubricated area. Theo showered thoughtfully, dressed and thanked Birgit, letting her know that if Ursula enquired there would be nothing but gratitude and appreciation from him.

Cunt Caning Carnival - Chapter 2

group AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-24

Pulling his cane from cunt's ass, he took aim and delivered a hard stroke to her right cunt lips. Pleased with his achievement, Richard took aim for the second time and succeeded in striking the left cunt lips. Re-positioning himself, Richard momentarily dragged Serva's hair to keep his dick in her throat before caning the underside of cunt's left tit. Placing the cane on Sheila's body Richard removed his prick from Serva's mouth and told her to get astride the cunt. Tom and Henry took an ankle each and lifted them so that her legs were spread wide and her cunt raised to a suitable height for thrashing. Richard pulled his cane from Sheila and told Serva to call the strokes.

An Ordinary Couple - conclusion

group pandsal 2018-11-23

Harold and Charmian are not swingers, but every now and then they like to spice up their sex life by letting another couple watch while they fuck. He had seen what Charmian and I hadn’t noticed while anticipating the grand finale: Laura had slumped in her chair, half reclining, her skirt raised and her hand gliding inside the white knickers. “Yes, but the idea wouldn’t go away,” Harold said, “and after a lot of failures with time wasters, we made contact in a chat room with a couple who seemed like us. I’ve seen her do this when Harold was fucking her earlier and I sense that she is willing herself into the final phase, feeling the tongue and fingers charting the path to fulfillment, picturing in her mind Laura’s head nestling between her legs.

Summer 2000 revisited -true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-23

Jim comes over, bends down, puts my legs over his shoulders and sticks his cock into my soaking wet pussy, starts fucking me slowly pushing his cock as far as it will go, he begins pumping faster and I know he is going to shoot his load, takes out his cock and moves it up to my mouth, I open and he shoots his load right in my mouth, I swallow and he keeps cumin and I swallow as fast as it fills my mouth. They are both fucking hard and I can feel myself cuming just as Jimmy lets another big load go down my throat, Billy comes at the same time that I start shaking and I come.

The Videographer

group pandsal 2018-11-22

"Beryl," said John, "this is Zoe. She's come to do the filming." He waved vaguely at the equipment cases. "I'm sure it will be," said Zoe, moving to an armchair beside the dressing table with her coffee and motioning for John and Beryl to sit with theirs on the edge of the bed. I like the way you fuck me," said John, surprised at the ease with which Beryl explored the vocabulary, not sure whether he was responding to his wife or doing what Zoe wanted. Tell me when you're ready - then I'll fuck you." From behind, Zoe focussed on close-ups of John's dick being folded between his wife's hand and her round, full buttocks.

First time in a dark parking lot-true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-21

He took out his hard cock and I started rubbing the head and moving my hand up and down. Rick said he wants to fuck you in the ass, and asked if it was OK with me. Mark was holding my hips as he fucked harder and faster, I could feel his cock quivering and knew he was ready to shoot his first load into me. Rick said to Mark, “Why don’t you fuck her pussy.” Rick moved over a bit and I laid down and Mark started fucking deep and hard.

One Lust Filled Night-Part13

group gubica 2018-11-20

David was on his hands and knees with his cock buried deep down my throat. She pushed it against the fingers she had in my pussy, and the feeling finally drove me over the edge. My body went rigid as I fought for air and yet, at the same time, I didn't want this sensation of pure lust to end. My body spasmed a couple of times as Becky used her tongue to lick my pussy clean. I felt her body move from between my legs, but that knowledge was lost in the fog of my mind. I opened my eyes when David slowly pulled his cock out of my mouth. I opened my eyes to see Becky standing straddling my body.

A Master Talks - Chapter 3

group AlphaBeatHer 2018-11-19

I clamped her cunt lips on either side, pulled her wide open and took the cords round her thighs to tie them in place. At this point, instead of standing at the bottom of the bed and strapping down onto her upthrust clit I climbed astride her and finished the cunt whipping with two down strokes. Turning her head around for all the men to see she swallowed only when I gave the OK and a third happy doggerr moved in with a hard prick. At breakfast nobody took any notice of the respectable middle aged couple although she wriggled somewhat as she tried to find some comfort on a hard chair with a large butt plug in her ass and her cunt lips heavily swollen from a belting.

taking susan dogging

group theninja 2018-11-19

The men who had followed us into the woods had by now come a lot closer and at least half of them had there cocks out and were wanking away as they watched me finger her cunt, I then pushed her to her knees and pushed my hard cock into her mouth and began to face fuck her, I continued to do this for a while and then got behind her and rammed my cock into her soaking wet cunt and began to fuck her as hard as I could,

Fucking in porno movie - true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-18

We got a couple seats two rows below, There were some guys already playing with themselves as they watched the movie. Rick is squeezing my nipples, I come again from the friction of the other guy's fingers in my cunt. The guy hooks 2 fingers in my pussy and finds my g-spot, rubs it and I pushed against his fingers, I came like crazy and I felt a lot of my juices running down his hand and my leg. One was playing and rolling my hard nipples between his fingers and I felt I was about to come again, the other guy has two fingers up my cunt and finger fucking me.

cuckold lifestyle 41

group woreout 2018-11-17

She said good because I already called John and Mike and told them I needed my pussy serviced tonight. I walked back into the den and saw my wife was now riding John and Mike had his cock up her asshole. Mike said there's cum in your wife's cunt if you are...they both laughed as they went in the kitchen. I asked her how she felt...she said you tell me how do I feel then she took my left hand and pushed it up to her cunt, she was so loose I bet with a very small amount of work I could have fisted her .

Coaxing wife for a threesome and quest for a cock!

group bava12 2018-11-14

At my apartment, I asked him to wait at the sitting room and went to our bedroom to make her ready for the experience. Then that idiot pulled down her panties a few inches, just to expose her ass folds and started fumbling. A couple of minutes later, I again intervened, turned her face up, removed the panties and unhooked her bra. Then he turned to me and asked if we need a “pooor massage” ( pooor in our native slang is vulgar for vagina.) I wanted to break his face, but controlled and said ‘yes’. He poured in some oil over her clean shaven cunt and rubbed it a couple of times and stopped.

Party in a dark bar - true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-13

The guy's name is Mark and he started asking Rick a lot of questions , wanting to know why we came. Mark got off and Jim pushed his cock into me and fucked me hard, I was bouncing on the couch, he came and shot a huge load, as soon as he got out Jack took over and fucked me deep and hard, he too came like a gusher. We got home and Rick grabbed me, pushed me on the bed, took out his cock, put it up to my mouth and I sucked him while I was taking off my thong so he could fuck me before he came in my mouth.

From virgin to slut-true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-13

They spread my legs and Rob put three fingers into my pussy, Jim kept my legs apart, soon after he was finger fucking me I started shaking and had my first orgasm. He put one hand between my legs and reached my panties, pulled them down over my feet, and pushed two fingers into my cunt and finger fucked me while he was sucking my tits. He fucked my face, his cock was all the way down my throat when he shot a huge load, I loved the taste of cum. John is pumping holding on to my hips, my face is on the seat, I felt his cock throbbing and a couple strokes later I felt his hot stream of cum filling my ass.

Fucking in a limo in a parking lot-true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-09

Rick called Mark and after he hung up he looked at me with a smile and said to me, “He wants to because he has been thinking about it and was hoping we would call him. He asked me if you would like to party with two guys. Mark turned my head sideways, dropped his pants and shorts, went down on his knees and brought that huge black cock of his to my mouth. Mark took his rock hard cock and plunged in my overheated wet pussy and started fucking me pushing as far as he could go. I felt my pussy muscles tightening, I reached for my cunt with my finger but Mark took it away and stuck two fingers in, as he did I came again.

Twin Marcus strikes back for more

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-08

He squeezed my hip hard and thrust his hips into my body so I could feel his long, hard cock against my wet pussy lips. He stepped into the bathroom, shut the door and then Marcus shoved his big cock into my gripping cunt in one hard thrust. “She is too tight for my black dick” Marcus grunted out as he slammed his cock in and out of my wet hot cunt. Marcus gripped my hips tighter and started slamming his black cock harder and harder into my wet cunt. Casper grabbed a chair and sat down, turning my back to him and placing my wet cunt over his long and thick black cock.

My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 12

group LuvitAll 2018-11-08

  It seemed that every day, another guy in final year would sidle up to me in the corridors and say he’d heard I was going to the party and looking forward to seeing me there. He reached for my tits and started rubbing, pushing his hand down the front of my dress to feel them. I reached for his cock for my feel and played with his balls for a moment, then lay down and pulled this one to me.   They let me feel their cocks and balls, then got on and fucked me quickly.   I fucked the other two who were waiting; two quick, solid, thrashing, young boy, empty-outs; got dressed and went inside to clean up before my Mum picked me up.

Neighbourhood Watch

group pandsal 2018-11-07

Without waiting for an answer, Andrew let his hands delve into his wife's décolletage, Pam responded by opening buttons of her blouse. When they raised themselves a little groggily from the floor, Pam said, "It looks like we need to make room for the next turn." As they took the place vacated by Andrew and Pam, Lisa removed Mark's hand from her thigh and squeezed. While Mark and Lisa began in the missionary position, letting him discover just how wet the preceding exhibition had made her, Gary took Audrey doggy style. Her eyes left Mark and turn to her side where Audrey was intent on getting herself off with a frenzied frigging while Gary pointed his cock at her tits, gave two jerks and directed a series of spurts on to them.

Fucking in a van -true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-06

Sammy had moved and kneeled on the other side of me, pulled out his nice rock hard cock, I took it in my hand and jerked him off gently because I wanted him in my mouth as soon as Leon shot his load. As soon as he pulled out I turned my head over to Sammy and took his hard cock in my mouth. Sammy started to slap my ass with both his hands and I could feel the cheeks of my ass getting hot and making squeeze my cunt tighter around that big cock of his. As soon as Sammy was off Mark came behind me and pushed his cock up my ass, stroked a few times then moved it over my cunt and shoved it in there.

Coffee at the conference room

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-06

As I bent over to place the cup on the table, Samuel’s hand went straight up my skirt and found the bare thigh above my nylon stockings. As soon as I lifted the back of my skirt to show my bare thighs, Samuel spotted I was only wearing a tiny black thong, that barely covered my shaved mound and my rear entrance rosebud… Samuel and George had been holding my legs apart and commenting on my smooth thighs, flat stomach and tiny sexy thong. Hearing this Jimmy let go of my hands and slipped his other hand into my bra and started working on both nipples. Sensing the change in me; Samuel proceeded to slip off my thong whilst George unbuttoned the rest of my blouse and undid my front opening bra.

Meeting an old friend

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-04

I moaned and started to suck hard on his cock, moving my mouth quickly on his hard shaft. I was getting hot again as he fucked my mouth, and I couldn’t wait until we left the party and I could finally feel that massive cock deep inside my tight wet cunt. I cried out as I was fucking his cock on an angle so he wasn’t all the way inside me, but his cock kept hitting my g-spot on every thrust, making me cum hard and screaming on that huge hard dick inside my cunt. He kept on playing with my tits rough, working my soft flesh hard in his rough hands, as Johnny kept on fucking my cunt with long, deep, strong thrusts that made my body shake.

Lunch with Sue

group pandsal 2018-11-01

Just about every night for the next three weeks I was no sooner in bed than my mind began to imagine what was to happen at Sue and Robin's party. When we shook hands, Joy said, "I gather Sue has told you what to expect but do know that we are all thrilled to have you here; it's natural to be nervous but I can assure you there's no need." "We'll want to move upstairs later but for now, no couples together." Eventually, that resulted in Sue and Piers on one sofa, Robin and Caro on another with Joy and me on either side of Tony.

Two guys in my cunt

group Anitaslut44 2018-10-30

He would also come home early, because his friends Samuel and John would came for a poker night. Samuel replied: "Yeah, Ana, but we thought we would come early and see if we could get lucky." Then he put his pants down his thighs, showing me his huge erection John left my nipples and took my jeans skirt off my body,; then spread my legs wide open and buried his face between my thighs. John kept himself all the way in but lay still, as Samuel started slow strokes putting a little more in with each thrust. Samuel whispered in my ear: “I am going to cum, Ana; want it in your mouth or pussy?

Fucking in the parking lot - true story

group Jaque69 2018-10-30

I am sitting on the back seat and Ricky started kissing me and slowly he reaches down my top and starts playing with my tits, pulls one of them out, moving his mouth down, grabs the nipple and sucks hard which makes me hot, I put my hand between my legs, start playing with my wet pussy. He flips me on my back , puts his head between my legs starts sucking on my cunt lips, sticks his tongue into it, pulls it out and runs it to my asshole, flicks the tip into the hole and then back to my pussy. Within a couple minutes I come hard in waves and I feel the two cocks throbbing, getting ready to shoot their hot loads.