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Twin Marcus strikes back for more

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-08

He squeezed my hip hard and thrust his hips into my body so I could feel his long, hard cock against my wet pussy lips. He stepped into the bathroom, shut the door and then Marcus shoved his big cock into my gripping cunt in one hard thrust. “She is too tight for my black dick” Marcus grunted out as he slammed his cock in and out of my wet hot cunt. Marcus gripped my hips tighter and started slamming his black cock harder and harder into my wet cunt. Casper grabbed a chair and sat down, turning my back to him and placing my wet cunt over his long and thick black cock.


group 2018-10-03

She will make you cum hard." Jake stood and came over and straddled her head and shoved his cock in her mouth and Lea began to suck him and take him deep to her throat. Saturday at the club Rob had opened the front of her shirt and began sucking her tits and then he laid her on her back on the table and pulled his cock out and shoved it in her mouth and she sucked him till he filled her with cum. Rob then grabbed this gal with the biggest tits he had ever seen and began sucking them as he finger fucked her as the two shemales worked his cock and ass.


group 2018-10-01

The night he met her she had stripped down to nothing and she was showing her cunt to every one and let many men finger fuck her and she went to Ken and pulled his face to her pussy and rubbed it all over him. Then he told the first friend "Come over here and take your cock out and let her suck it as I fuck her ass and finger her cunt. Come over here." As the friend came over and took his cock out she grabbed it and stroked it then took it in her mouth and sucked every inch to her throat and sucked him hard as Ken fucked her ass and cunt.


group zxew111 2018-09-24

U were told to shut up and a ball gag was placed was placed in your mouth-there were a lot of men in the room from the talk and then a whip landed on your tits, and another on your ass, and another across your stomach, back of your knees, across your nipples, stomach, back, ass, tits, thighs-u were screaming from the pain and scared out of your mind U were dropped to your knees on the dirt floor, hands still over your head, bound to ceiling and a cock, about 9 inches was pushed into your mouth and down your throat-u were faced fucked rapidly, saliva and precum dripping down your face and tits and stomach-he pulled out, soaked, and another was pushed in, maybe 11 inches all the way to his thick pubes

The Public Toilet Orgy, Part 1

group royby 2018-09-13

How’s this then,” Kat said as she lowered herself down to Sharon’s cunt and licked her clit hard as her fingers pumped up into her trembling cunt. Kat sucked that little clit hard into her mouth as she pushed her two fingers deeper into Sharon. Kat got up and wiped Sharon’s cunt juice from her mouth and said, “That was just the start Sharon, I haven’t thanked you for my present yet. Sharon whispered in her ear, “You are so fucking hot Kat. That was amazing.” She looked down at her hand and saw how wet it is and placed it to her own mouth and started sucking Kat’s cum off her fingers.

Wet t-shirt contest

group 2018-09-07

We then all sat on the end of the stage and spread our legs and let the men come forward and suck our tits and eat pussy. My guy fingered my pussy as he licked my ass while two friends sucked my tits. I loved my tits sucked as my cunt was tongue fucked by this guy who could really push a tongue in my hole deep. Then a black guy got to my pussy and rammed his huge cock deep in me and fucked me hard. Now I had that young wild cock in my cunt and his finger in my ass being double fucked and I never wanted it to stop.


group seethroughlover 2018-08-20

They came back about 3 hours later without a skirt or her shoes……….She demanded that I eat her cunt………as I was eating her extremely wet and soaking gaping cunt……massive white cum was continuously leaking…as she told me that David took her to the infamous motel in town and met his 5 friends at the room…They seemed very nice and friendly, and one of them named Richard from Canada teased Trixie that he would pay her 500.00 if she would pose naked for a picture so that he could show off to his friends back home…She said for 700 dollars he could take 5 pictures…Trixie was shocked that he just plowed down the money so fast and… she started to undress…and he was naked on the bed…..and he said he wanted one of the poses to be with her few inches above his cock….So she climbed on top of him and straddled and hovering over his cock while David took the picture in her compromising position…Next thing he grabbed her hips and pulled her down unto his cock real deep into her cunt in one stroke.

Biker slut (3)

group Bliss 2018-08-18

John, Davy and the other Bikers obviously knew their Biker slut who liked to challenged the other Bikers on the campsite and squeezing once in her ass or grab along behind her tits and showing them. John asked if she was ready to be used again and she nodded immediately YES and John said to his 2 Biker friends : take our Biker slut to our chalet and let the door open, you just give me first 10 euro each for our expenses. At that time John was standing in the doorway and called out to the biker NO CONDOM, this slut only fucked without condoms and said that they must give their sperm deep into her cunt.

Frank's Barn

group 2018-08-03

I said something and Mark told me this friend of Frank's had been there six times already. I watched those tits sway as the fat man drove his surprisingly large cock all the way into her cunt. "I said, I'm sorry not to be able to talk to you more Dee, but my friend Mark is going to fuck your mouth. When I finally took a while she was so slippery from cunt juice and jizz...she said I was the nicest man she had had that night. "Hey dude," he said, I think she's in love with you." I shook my head and said don't be fucking crazy." I did tell Frank that Dee asked me if I would request her card.


group 2018-07-30

Then he enjoyed fucking her cunt and ass and making her suck his cock and swallow his cum. Two hours later his face was covered with cum as he sucked her clit and fingered fucked her cunt and ass then he decided to cock fuck her ass. He then fucked her ass and filled it with cum and then shoved his cock deep into her mouth making her suck and lick it. Today after he ate he took her to the play room and tied her hands to the hooks in the ceiling and then got his leather strap and gave her ass forty whacks then her tits twenty and her pussy another ten.

Sharons first dogging experience

group jamespatterson 2018-07-19

I visited it one Monday night in March and spoke to a couple of guys who were hanging around and explained that I would be bringing a woman along on the coming Wednesday at 20:00 which is early for dogging but Sharon attended pilates from 20:00 to 21:00 so it was a case of needs must. The first guy positioned himself and just slammed his cock into her and encouraged by the others he started to fuck her hard and fast. Somebody else started to fuck her cunt and then she received a cock in her mouth. I was also on a deadline so I just fucked her arse whilst pulling her hair and calling her a dirty slut and a cheating married whore.

Story wife sent me on deployment fantasy 3sum

group Sirpur8675309 2018-06-26

He rubbed my pussy slowly for a few strokes and then I let out a huge scream, as he plowed into my cunt hard with his huge cock. I could feel my cunt being stretched open, and my pussy hole was tight around his cock. Mark spread my ass cheeks and told you, “come fuck your wife up the ass while I bang her cunt, let’s make her scream and cum like a fucking slut!!” With my ass spread open, you could see just how much my pussy was being stretched. He said, “you like when I stretch your slutty wife’s cunt open don’t you?” Mark then slapped my cunt with this hick cock again, and I felt that it was hard again.

How I became a BBC slut. (Part Three)

group SFS 2018-06-20

I went down on her, her thighs gripping my head, as she came in one massive orgasm, squirting in my face, his cock sliding in and out of me as his wife watched from below. She kissed me, her tongue in my mouth, as Tyson berated Eamon for not filming us, her bare tits pressed on mine, I caressed her arse, she was naked, but for her heels. I looked again, and saw Tyson had brought the twins close, so they could watch their whore mother being fucked, as he fingered them both. Then he slipped it inside my cunt, fucked me quickly, until I came, the had the girls suck it clean.


group 2018-06-17

I am going to go deep and fuck hard." As she spread her pussy lips he looked and said "Now that is a great snatch. Nice big clit just how I like them." Then he pushed a finger into her cunt and fucked her then put his mouth to her clit and sucked it. He ate her pussy till his cock began throbbing and her told her "Now lift those hips and I am going to shove my thick meat all the way in and fuck you till you scream. I am going to use that sexy body to pleasure and satisfy me." As she lifted her hips he pushed his cock in till he had it all the way in her then he began humping her hard and deep.

Pass Around Girl

group zimabean 2018-06-11

I told my husband he was a short, fat, married man and I fucked him after talking to him for ten minutes. Then after a bit my BFF meets a couple of guys and tells me she is going to their room and will catch up with me later. I dress and leave heading home to show my husband my cum filled cunt. We all sit and talk for a few minutes and when I see that the men are ready for another round I move on the guy that had just fucked the other woman. I tell her that I can not wait to get home to my husband and let him fuck me also.

A True Story

group gooddoggy56 2018-06-06

I recognised this and then got into some of the juicy parts of the story, and when I said, ‘I was tongue fucking this lady, and came up for breath when my wife moved closer and kissed me on the mouth, savouring the juices from the ladies cunt’. So she said something to him and withdrew his cock, so she could get between my wife’s legs and started licking and tongue fucking her cunt. After a while, my wife did something she loves doing on these occasions......she doesn’t wear any knickers on these nights, and very quietly she slipped her hand between her legs, fingered her cunt while we were talking and then brought out her hand and offered her fingers to the other guy on the other side of the table.

Carol tells a story.....

group BellDonn 2018-05-28

Belldonn quickly got undressed and joined me in the shower, I teased him by rubbing up against him with my naked body then licking at his ears chest and mouth, by now my husband had moved into the bedroom and was watching from the bathroom doorframe. My husband watched through the frosted glass shower door, as I moved to my knees in front of Belldonn, teasing his cock with my tongue, I started to suck his cock full f***e, making him moan and making my husband begin to undress to join us. My husband moved to just outside the shower door and waited for what seemed like eternity to me, I sucked Belldonn’s cock and played with my cunt, then I told him I needed to be fucked so I bent over in front of him and let him slide his thick cock into my cunt.

The Party

group 2018-05-24

He pulled her skirt off and layed her down and spread her legs and began to lick her pussy till his tongue got to her cunt and he then tongue fucked her as he felt her cum and kept swallowing her cum and soon she had cum three times and he then licked her clean and gave her clit a last minute suck. As she lay there well fucked the host grabbed a nude woman with huge tits and shoved her to the girl's pussy and told her to clean her cunt and ass. The girl was now screaming as the men sucked her big melons as the man fucked her cunt hard.


group 2018-05-23

I allow you to use my face and tongue to pleasure your bare cunt and asshole. I can hear the need in my voice like a burn on my face transfiguring me into something damaged but compelling. And you and your husband could fuck me like the first time when you made me lie naked on my marriage bed wearing only my wedding ring and you had me finger fuck myself to a frenzy for your amusement, while your husband took pictures with his phone. You tied me, sat on my face and pressed your sloppy cunt into my mouth as your husband fucked me harder and better than my husband ever has, you did this to me not because you wanted me but because you knew I would remember it.

slutty girlfriend

group 2018-05-19

she dont close her legs and she saw the lust in my eyes to fuck her cunt, i fell on my knees starting to lick her pussy my friend smiled and told me i was serius about it she moaned from pleasure and i pushed my tongue all inside her sweet cunt she was open and ready for me my friend coundt hold it and start wanking with this picture and i fucked his gf cunt hard , i was dreaming of this moment to get real with hard pushes after 5 mins or so i cumed deep in her emptying my full balls in her open cunt and as she felt the hot cum insede her she started shaking from pleasure pressing me deeper inside her after the last drop of cum was deep in her i pulled out my still errect cock out of her fucked cunt


group 2018-05-02

I felt him roll on top of me and his big thick cock rammed deep into my cunt and he began fucking me hard as she moved my hand down to her pussy and I took no time rubbing her clit before I pushed two fingers in her cunt and shoved them deep and gave her a rough finger fuck. But he did not pull that big dick out he kept it in my mouth and I kept sucking as the wife now had three fingers in my cunt and her tongue in my asshole fucking both holes. As I fucked his ass I grabbed his dick and began jerking it hard and fast and the wife took the time to finger fuck my cunt as she rammed my ass deep with the fake cock.

Lisa Performs Customers Relations

group kezza6969 2018-04-30

My hand reached between his thighs, found his heavy balls in their silk skinned sac, felt the muscular hardness of his long thick pole, noted the dew drop in the eye of his smooth helmet. My body rocked under him, my cunt muscles grasped and clutched his lovely fat long cock. I fucked him hard, rolled and rocked my body around his prick. I knelt beside Bob and laved my tongue over his beautiful cock, gently rolled each ball around in my mouth, sucked his knob and shaft into my throat. I tried so hard to focus on his lovely hard prick as it palpitated through my cunt, back and forth over that hot spot deep inside me.

my first weekend with charlie and susan

group sabrinaslut1 2018-04-23

charlie told me that i would be fine and began to run his fingers up and down my cunt lips, he very soon made me cum, and saying to me what a naughty little slut i was he went back downstairs and for the next hour or so i could hear him fucking susan. charlie was still fingering me and it was not long before i was cumming, just as i was coming the first guy who had fucked susan pushed his cock into my mouth and made me lick and suck his cock clean.

Learn to Swing as a sub

group sw-zh 2018-03-08

One attractive guy started talking to me and I could sense his dominant streak and the next thing I know he was fingering my cunt expertly and I was coming, standing up and still holding Husdom's hand. The guy behind me took me good and hard and long and my scream and moans were drowned by the music and then he stopped and told me to suck his cock. Once again Husdom had found a guy to fuck me from behind, hard like a phenumatic drill, making me choke on the guys cock that I now wanted so bad in my cunt.