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Sex Slave - The Dance - Part Two

group Poppet 2018-11-30

She tells me when I’m here, I’ll likely get the same room each time. Frank deep into my throat, making me gag, slobber and moan over his cock, as Will fucks my tight, little snatch. You’re a good little slut, staying so wet for me.” He takes the two fingers that were inside me, squeezes them between my clit and pinches. Come hard, I want you to soak yourself like a good little girl, do it for Daddy,” he says, tapping on my clit with the crop end faster. I tell Grayson that I’ll stay all weekend, that I’m looking forward to meeting new clients. I can’t help but want to do a little dance, so I do, causing Grayson to laugh harder.

Driver fucking horny sisters

group bava12 2018-11-08

But as soon as my periods were over I wanted to be with him, so on way to home from school when he asked me to come that night, I went again there and that night he again did twice to me and came inside me.A few days later when s*s was in school and mummy and daddy had gone to attend funeral of daddy's cousin, I was in bathroom taking bath to get ready for school; For a few minutes he continued to move his organ between breasts then pulled my chin up and inserted his hard thing in my mouth, asking me to massage his balls while sucking him.


group 2018-10-01

“She means that all these other young bucks around here can get some whenever they want it, but if an old man like me asks for a little piece of that ass then I have committed the all time sin.” Grandpa said. “That’s different your dad is not an old man, he can get it up and keep it up unlike some people.” Maggie said as served grandpa his breakfasts. As I sat in a chair with grandpa waving his big cock in my face I could see that Maggie was trying to hold back, but I could tell that she wanted to join in on the fun.

First Gangbang

group collegegirlnerd 2018-09-23

You begin to fuck my face and soon you cum in my mouth. After a while of using my pussy you say, with a smile in your voice, "now onto that beautiful ass of yours." I moan and say no but you untie me and flip me over into doggy style. You fuck my ass hard making me scream both from pleasure and pain. I gasp, making the cock in my mouth go deeper as someone enters my ass and fucks it hard. The cock in my mouth cums hard and I swallow it all. That man moves away and is replaced by someone else who unceremoniously sticks his cock in my pussy and starts fucking.

Tender Thoughts and Moments with Daddy.

group Fridagirl 2018-09-23

I watched the tortured expression on his face relax as he sank slowly to his knees between my legs, my feet searching his midriff as I pulled him into my open cunt, 'Let them see you cum in me', I moaned, my head swimming, 'Fuck me', I moaned over and over, the man inside me moving around was just a cock, and all I could hear was the approving and applauding from the men gathering, my young body was exciting them, and my willingness to have open sex, made one shoot in my direction.

Daddy and Jack

group loloishorny 2018-09-22

I'm bent over with daddy licking my pussy and ass while I suck on Jack. Daddy stands up and puts his cock in my ass and begins to fuck me. Jack pulls from my moutha nd tells daddy that it's his turn for me to be fucked by him. Jack pulls me back, holds my tits and fucks my ass hard. Daddy pulls my hair and moves my head so I can fuck his cock with my mouth. My pussy is wet again and I want my daddy to fuck meand for Jack to jerk infront of me. Daddy just moaned and told Jack to fuck his ass. Jack pulls the vibe out and puts his huge cock in daddy's ass.


group stew05 2018-09-21

He's never home until after 9:00." I looked at my watch, it was just past 6:00 I told them, "Well I can't just leave two lovely young ladies out here, alone, for three hours." I sighed and asked, "Okay, where do you live?" Tiffany replied, 蕍C Mudhank Road." Tonya replied, "The buss drops us off at Route 30 and Mudhank, we walk from there, about a mile or so." I replied, "You must take that walk quite often?" Tonya glared at me and asked, "What difference does it make to you?" I explained, "You both have very sexy legs, not doubt due to lots of walking." She smiled and looked down at her own legs and said, "It's nice to know, all that walking, is good for something?" Tiffany replied, "It's not so bad, and it sure beats hanging out in the house all summer long." I told them, "Not to mention those awesome tans.

A Beautiful Sight

group JaxsonCurry 2018-09-16

"Look!" Leigh interrupted, and as Lacey's eyes followed her s****r's line of sight, her mouth dropped open in surprise. Lacey began rubbing Leigh's butt, kneading it in her hands, and then reached between her s****r's legs and rubbed her crotch. As Leigh sucked on me, I began licking a little harder and faster on Lacey, and she began humping at my face, her butt cheeks flexing, so I grabbed her cheeks, kneading on them as I thrust my tongue inside her. Daddy knows how to really make me cum!" Leigh let go of my erection and shoved her vagina against my mouth, so I really began to eat her out as she shivered and gasped.

The Night, Daddy's Boss took a Shine to Me

group 2018-09-06

After one drink I was brought out from bed, at the man's behest, he wanted to meet me, and to my parents slight discomfiture, they agreed, their minds having been set prior to his coming, they struggled as the 'Boss' focus shifted from mother, as they realized his preference of sex, went beyond the norm. I lay across the big cushion as he penetrated ans I counted each time he pushed into me, '1,2,3,4....', and so on, then at 9, he came, but just before as he grunted he asked, 'Can I keep it in', yes said mother, 'she's not producing yet', he was reassured, and so at 9 in my count, there was a warmth spreading all around my crotch, my first fuck, and behind the thin line of vaginal opening, my love canal was smeared with the warm semen of a man.

The Day before Thanksgiving

group loloishorny 2018-08-23

Daddy said he wasn't going to let me suck him off, but he was going to slide his dick deep into my pussy. First his dick got slick, then his fingers went into my ass with lube. I walked in to see my mom getting fucked by some big black man with a very large dick. Mom grabbed my arm and told me, that he was hers and to keep my slutty assed pussy off of him. I called daddy and told him of mom's doings and that I didn't even ask her to dinner. This time he licked and sucked my nub hard, fingered my pussy until I began to squirt in his face.

Daddys Girl chapters 7&8

group hard_rocks_23 2018-08-23

With that i spring off the bed and shove 2 fingers in her dripping wet cunt as daddy moans he is cumming.I begin to finger her feverishly as he shoots the first 2 squirts in her mouth n then i reach up n grab her hair pulling her off his cock yelling for her to jack him off on her face and tits. Kissing him deeply and passionately as my tongue pushes deep inside her in the same rhytum as daddys cock goes in and out of me.Daddy again begins to moan and i can feel his cock swelling in my pussy amking me moan n shove my tongue deeper in Beth causing her to moan in daddys mouth.

True Story MFM

group caramelsuga924 2018-08-12

I liked under his balls...all the way down to his asshole...mmmmmm...this turned him on so much...he pushed my face against under his balls....I licked and sucked hard....mmmmmm his big black dick harder and moaned was making me so wet hearing him moan... He stood up, pushed me onto the couch, I played with my clit while he threw my legs over my head, leaned toward and on top of me...our sweaty hot bodies touching....mmmmmm....he slid that big black dick inside this right throbbing Indian pussy, raw.... I grabbed daddy's little white dick to suck while the guy slid that dick in raw and again and began to **** this pussy so hard....'mmmmmmm....he was so deep inside.....

Night out with Daddy's Friend

group naughtybicycle 2018-08-10

I grew up to be a nice little office girl who wears sensible shoes...but I do have a daddy he gave me a 2nd chance at being a good little slut... Daddy likes to show all his friends how slutty his girl is so he always makes me where a skimpy outfit and do my makeup like a whore. I started to feel a little more comfortable and got on my hands and knees, ass facing the boys. As I grinded my pussy on Daddy’s cock he grabbed at the sides of my juicy ass while Jake looked on with a big grin on his face. Before Jake left for the night Daddy gave me a hard spanking, showing off his little fuckdoll to his friend.

I Bared Myself for Daddy's Camera (Part 2)

group 2018-08-02

As the man behind pushed hard, the doorbell rang again, and my eyes opened to see more men walk in, and stair at what was unfolding before them, daddy was apologizing, 'We had to start, my daughter could not wait', and as the men filed in, they began undressing, as the man behind me started grunting, his cock was inside my bum, it felt warm and tight where it went into me, all the rest felt like I needed a shit, but he was clearly loving it, By the time daddy had closed the door, I was completely naked, the few pieces of fabric lay feet away from me, and the man I clung to was now trying to put his cock into my vagina.

What Naughty Daughters 3

group Johnnytames69 2018-07-30

Missy bucked like a wildcat under her father's cunt-splitting prick. watching her father slam his cock into Missy's pussy. cunt flooded with her pussy-cum, bathing her father's stabbing prick. Tammy licked her father's prick, tasting the juices of Missy's pussy. Douglas jerked his hips, his cock filling Tammy's mouth. With Missy gone, Tammy feasted on her father's cock. Douglas groaned, jerking his cock through Missy's fingers. Missy tugged on his cock, pulling him closer to Tammy's jiggling ass. Missy creamed as she watched Tammy enjoy their father's prick. "Fuck her, Daddy!" Missy shouted as she mashed her ass onto Tammy's Douglas eased his cock from Tammy's tight pussy. with her father fucking her pussy and her mouth plastered to Missy's

My Mom part 3

group 2018-07-29

“Yeh now start wanking your juicey cock for me and use these” she then threw me her filthy knickers.I took a deep smell holy fuck they smelled amazing.She stopped pissing and start rubbing her cunt hard while I wanked.”You wanna taste my piss soaked fingers baby” she said.”Yes please mommy”.she then put her fingers in my mouth while the other hand start wanking me off,Oh fuck I was so close to cumming.

Thanksgiving Day

group loloishorny 2018-07-28

Jackson and mom are sitting next to each other, daddy at the head of the table, me and Brian on one side and Scotty on the other side of daddy. Brian sees my ass open for his dick, stands over me and slides his big cock deep in my pussy. Brian lays on the floor, I slide my ass on his dick, then Jackson comes over and begins to fuck my pussy. Jackson pulls out of me, Brian holds my waist and fucks me til he cums in my ass. Brian has me sucking his dick, til Jackson cums deep in my ass. Daddy looked at me and smiled, said that he likes the thought that I fucked moms friend without her knowing.

Deer Hunting with Daddy

group cdsexslut 2018-07-25

I was told that I was to be initiated and that my initiation would begin by me getting on my knees and opening my mouth, which I gladly did ;-) All seven guys gathered around me and I happily began sucking on their cocks, licking their balls, a dick (or two) in my mouth, and one in each hand at ALL times! Two cousins got down on their knees and started licking and sucking on my cock and balls while two uncles and two cousins continued to fuck my mouth. The following morning began just like the evening had ended, the only thing that had changed were my stockings and heels ;-) That afternoon, my uncle took the younger cousins hunting while the naughtiness continued in the grownup tent.

Fun at the Bar with Strangers – Another True

group TittieGirl4Fun 2018-07-25

But, he’s trapped behind the table and I’m hungry to play with a cock right now, so when I feel a hand on my ass and turn to see a grey haired guy in his 60s, handsome and definitely still works out, I give him a big smile. The first guy’s tongue works my cunt hole then back to my clit, I start riding his face, begging him to stop as the second guy holds my hands tight, calling me a dirty slut. I wank his cock hard as the first guy pushes two fingers in my hole and starts fucking me deep inside, his mouth working my hard clit.

Public Panty Change

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-07-24

Before I was prepared, I felt the store manager's cock press roughly inside me, stretching my tight hole. I then heard the store manager moan from behind me as he grabbed my ass tight and his cock began draining its load into my puckered hole. I soon felt the store manager's hot load come dripping out of me, soaking the crotch of the new white satin panties. I'd had no idea he'd filled me with so much cum, and the two men jeered as the hot seed began to soak through the crotch of the panties and drip slowly onto the floor. The two men remained in the store while I headed home, my shaved hole dripping with cum and my panties soaked through.

I got the Job!!!

group loloishorny 2018-07-08

I took a hot shower, put on a cute mini skirt, pair of thong panties, a sheer bra and a snug to fit button down shirt, I grabbed a pair of flats and out the door I went. I finished the paper work and went to the floor where Kelli was stocking the shelves. I giggled and said like the day that my mom and daddy tried out the clothes. I bent over for daddy to put his dick in my pussy and I sucked on my b*****r's dick. His dick was already hard, I sucked on him for a bit, then got on top and slid my ass on his cock. I got another shower, got dressed for work and went on with my day.

I became my Aunt & Uncle's Sex Toy

group 2018-07-07

His swollen cock's head sat in the entrance of my cunt when he came, I was grinding on it as his warm semen flooded into me and my anus, this would be why aunty was reminding me, she meanwhile, was upstairs in the bathroom being fucked by none other than dear daddy, hence the swinger lable, and once mother found out about her s****rs sexual habits having no boundaries, she walked out of the sordid mess for good.

An Anonymous Relationship VII

group mooremike 2018-07-06

You know I still love him more than any man I have ever known.” Melanie said as she too began to cry. Mom moved her mouth to Melanie’s neck and ear as her hands cupped the sexy red heads ass. I need your big cock!” She said as she lowered her face back into my Mom’s pussy. “Heather!” Mom said as she tried to cover herself while Melanie just sat with her mouth open as Dad grabbed for his discarded shirt to cover his now limp cock. Not about Melanie being your s****r and that does not bother me but I think there is another solution other than moving away.” I said as I smiled and a plan slowly formed in my mind.

Thanksgiving Dinner Ch. 03

group SabrinaPink 2018-07-01

"I can't tell you how many loads of cum I've lost thinking about you, Sweetie," he said, rubbing his dick against my slick pussy, "Your hairless cunt looks so hungry. "Mm. Daddy makes me feel really good when he puts his big cock inside my little pussy. Mr. Parker was doing such a good job of keeping his promise to make me feel good that I had almost forgotten about Steve and his little penis fucking my ass until I heard him grunt and felt him cum inside me. "Daddy is going to fuck his sweet little baby's cunt all the time. "Do you want Daddy's cum, now?" Mr. Parker asked, fucking me sweetly with his cock.