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Caught Out

group DarkSide 2018-12-03

Charlie turned back to the young bloke’s car and knelt back down to suck the guy's cock once more; bending at the hip this time so that she could bare her pussy to John’s stare and whatever else he fancied doing to her. John realised that with all his fucking, and with watching Charlie, spread-eagled on the car, that he was going to lose it big time. As Charlie watched John leave, she told Melissa that she needed the car wash on the way home. John was on his way out of the car park before Melissa had removed her blindfold and had time to look at the mess that Charlie and Jeff had left on the bonnet of her car. 

Jim And Micki: A Love Affair - Part III

group luvdr 2018-11-27

Micki can’t stand it any longer and screams, “Fuck me Jim, fuck my ass with your tongue, and please don’t stop.” She squeezes her legs together locking my head within. “Fine dear, then you lay on the mattress and I will help Micki mount that nice cock of yours.” Says Linda as she lets go of Micki’s hand and touches my shoulder. Looking up at Micki with a face covered in Micki’s sweet juices Linda says, “My dear you are wet and taste so delicious. It didn’t take Micki long to reach an orgasmic explosion as she screamed, “Oh god, fuck yes, Lee you’re ripping me apart.” Lee’s cock must have been pushing her cervix into her abdomen.

Sarah Goes Dogging

group njdom 2018-11-23

I'd been once before, and had loved seeing a queue of men by my car window, all looking in at me and all wanking....wanting me to stroke them or even suck them. Rather than just making men cum from the driver’s seat, you could really have fun if you went to a quiet area away from the cars. I'd seen a German woman on a sex site called XNXX who went dogging and seemed to love this sort of sex, several men taking turns with her. One thing she loved, was to make as many men as possible cum over her breasts and her face, something I was also enjoying now. I also have no idea how many men came over me, but my face, hair and breasts were covered in cum.

Friday Night - Surely it's my turn now?

group DCUK 2018-11-22

His vision narrowed to the few square inches of Tia’s ass, obscured by my hand, as she continues to push and pull herself around on my rock hard cock. Taking hold around the tip of Lennie’s cock, I push him back, manipulating him away from Tia. Listening to him shuffling and then sighing as he loses contact with her pussy. It's easy to know I’ve hit the bull’s-eye, when Tia cry’s out, “Oh fuck,” and hisses,”Yesss.” I feed the first couple of inches into her, until my fist makes contact with her labia and, quite bizarrely, the base of my own cock buried motionless in her ass.

Just a Walk in the Park

group ConBrio 2018-11-22

I pulled my throbbing cock from my pants once more and immediately ran the tip up through her slit to get it wet before pressing the huge swollen head against her pink opening, watching it suddenly pop in before completing a full stroke. Holly smiled as she placed kisses and nibbles down her thigh before closing her mouth over Lisa’s soppy cunt, jutting her tongue in as deep as possible into her hot fuck hole. I grabbed my cock and ran the large, soft head through her spunk covered lips before thrusting deep into Lisa's cunt. I looked up at Dave and smiled as I grabbed Lisa's ass cheeks and pulled them apart, showing him her tight puckered ass hole that was now forced open just a tiny bit.

Gordon and Angela Part Two

group NancyAllbright 2018-11-11

I walk over to Angela and ask her to tell me the numbers of the guys she wants to fuck her. Number One guy is going to come and he is going to fuck Angela in his Range Rover. Angela gets in and this time lies on her back as Number One guy gets in and she puts her legs over his shoulders so I can see his thick cock punishing her tiny slit. On the way back home Angela sits on a towel because I don’t want the car seats stained with the come that has started to seep out of her.

Watching and being watched

group Mister_E 2018-11-01

When I looked over at the other two, Chrissy had turned around to face us and we could now clearly see Dave’s cock disappearing into Chrissy’s shaven cunt as she leant back on him. I’m not sure how any of us lasted so long but, I think it was Dave who came first and then Ali as she clamped herself around my cock. Ali said she kept looking at Dave’s cock and how hard and long it was. “Why don’t you take this tea up to Chrissy and I’ll take that to Ali?” asked Dave. I was just thinking how it matched the scenery outside – looking like a snow-capped mountain – when Ali’s mouth went to it and sucked in my cum from Chrissy’s nipple.

Holly From Eastbourne

group PervyStoryteller 2018-10-31

I tried to ignore their presence as I focused on capturing Holly on camera, but then my attention was grabbed by the fact that one of the men had pulled his sweatpants down beneath his balls and was waving his cock at my wife with a dirty grin on his face. One of the men had come right up close to the window with his erect cock, and as myriad hands groped my wife's tits, her fingers with their sparkling red nails, were holding the stranger’s erection in a firm grip. She leaned back against the car, her hands coming up to fondle her ample bosom, massaging the cream into them as one of the men twisted her head into position to suck on his hard cock.

Meeting Ron's Brother

group Annatartywife 2018-10-03

The flight wasn't a long one and I was soon relaxing thinking of the fun times I had previously had and was sure I would be enjoying with Ron over the course of the weekend. The journey took a good half an hour and as we trundled along some nice leafy lanes and areas Ron's brother began chatting and as I say I wasn't too sure what he knew. Within seconds he was kissing me hard, our tongues flapping in and out of each others mouths and he soon had his left hand beside his brothers and slipped two of his fingers up my wet, splayed cunt alongside Rons.

First time dogging experience

group 2018-08-08

I must have come about 3 or 4 times just with him fucking me, it went on for a good 10-15 mins before he said he was close to cuming, by this point i was in absolute heaven, 'B' grunted and i knew he was about to cum too so i told them both i wanted it all over my tits, they pulled out and i kneeled down, exposing my pert tits for then, i begged for it on me, i know 'B' loves it when i do that.

Louise and Simon Visit Pt. 03

group Annatartywife 2018-08-03

Peter was the first one to slam his hard cock back into Louise's cunt, as Simon her husband urged her on to fuck the two guys. He was telling Peter to fuck her hard as he pistoned in an out of her squelching pussy and for the young lad to ram his cock deep into his wife's throat Louise was now in full swear mode as Simon began to spunk up on his wife as she was still climaxing on the tall guys cock. The last few jets shot up me as I eased my dripping cunt off the guys prick and quickly got to my knees to finish licking the last feeble spurts and dribbles up from his engorged, spewing cock.

Brighton Cumslut

group kirstymia 2018-07-28

Kirsty looked at him whilst she frigged herself and getting even more turned on, the older chap pulled out a slightly smaller than average penis, maybe just 5 inches and it was hard then he pushed her head to his cock and Kirsty opened her mouth and allowed this total stranger to start to thrust his cock in her mouth, Darren started undoing the zip on his trousers, Kirsty went up to him and as he got his cock out she placed her hand on it, he had a hard penis and it was very smooth to feel, as she wanked him with her right hand Darren moved his face to hers and kissed her, he probed his tongue into her mouth and Kirsty kissed him back.

How I Met The Guy I Wanted To Marry Ch. 03

group skyeslut 2018-06-30

The two cocks inside me are grinding agonisingly and pleasurably deep as (finally!) a third cock enters my pussy from the front, filling me completely – my holes stretched so tight I'm afraid I will spilt apart , even though I'm crushed between the three men, barely able to breathe, yet another guy somehow works his way into my mouth, just at the point I thought it would never end, a hot flood burned hotly up inside my ass, followed swiftly by the clean spasm of the condomned cock, then a merciful release in pressure as they began to deflate...The multiple penetration had stretched and lubed me enough to spend a while on the towbar, so Dan yanked my clothes off, and helped me mount the solid chrome lump and I went to task, entertaining the crowd orally, getting plastered with, and swallowing spunk until I told Dan that my jaw felt like it was going to dislocate...

Louise and Simon Visit Pt. 02

group Annatartywife 2018-06-20

As Peter slammed into Louise and began fucking the crap out of her really hard, Bill had worked his way to the side of her and she dipped her head down and sucked on him at the same time. Bill was watching and wanking, sweat dripping from his forehead until she finally let go of her hold on the tree and was shoved forward onto her hands and knees and the two guys really got to work on her doggy-style, kneeling on the woodland floor like a set of rutting deer. The session was fantastic and as Franks spunking subsided over my face and Simon plopped out of me, I watched intently as Bills final spurts shot over Louise's face and tits.

First Time Dogging

group geronimo_appleby 2018-06-08

My eyes snapped open when I heard the snick of another car door opening, and while the second bloke approached I saw the dark-haired man had unzipped and was slowly stroking his cock. I heard car doors closing, a sound soon followed by the crunch of feet on gravel, and when I looked up, pre-cum smeared around my lips, I saw a gathering of glassy-eyed men in a half-circle around the bench. It was bloody uncomfortable like that, what with my hip forced hard against the wooden slat of the seat, one leg raised so that big cock could slide in and out of me more easily, but I soon got over it when the man began to move inside me again.

Dogging Orgy!

group imogencole 2018-06-01

I was taking big long gulps on his cock, I felt him tense up and he whispered “I am going to cum”, this just sent me into overdrive and I was going at his cock like a pornstar, then I could feel his spunk hitting the roof of my mouth and the back of my throat – I sucked and licked ever bit of his juice as I could before he zipped up and went back into the shadows. I could feel guy ‘A’ pulling my thong down and playing with my arse and cock, he then started to lick and rim my sweet arse as he was I was suck ‘B’ really hard.

Emma's Initiation Ch. 01

group Harryandsally 2018-05-31

"Bloody hell," Emma exclaimed to Carly, "That was Ian, he wants to meet me for a drink!" Emma was intrigued by this comment, Ian clearly wasn't bothered about her past or job and sounded like he may have lived a bit himself. Emma did as she was told, loving this good looking man taking the lead like this. "Jo took her top off and my pants down and started to suck me," Ian said, clearly enjoying reliving this story. Emma got in the car and gave Ian her best sexy look. Emma saw a face out of the corner of her eye, she couldn't make out the face properly, just like Ian had said but she knew they were being watched.

Dogging with TXLassy

group 2018-04-28

We have been dogging where I masturbate and suck my husbands cock and let others watch us fucking. My husband watched me type a message to Chris agreeing to meet him for dinner on the waterfront where we met this morning I did tell him I would have to be home before my husband gets back from Austin. He slide his finger in my pussy spreading me open and exposing my engorged clit, my husband looked at me and asked me how many times Chris had fucked me? My husband asked me how much bigger Chris's cock was and he told me my pussy was stretched wider as he grabbed my tits and started fucking me harder.

The Vicar's Wife Ch. 06

group sarahloveitt 2018-04-27

It was then that Sarah had this sudden crazy thought, that the man on the back seat with his cock up the woman bouncing on it, was her husband George. Unable to wait any longer, she pulled the cock towards her buttocks, pressing it into the crack of her bottom, willing it to penetrate, whilst all the time, imagining the man in the back seat to be George. With her eyes never leaving the sight of the couple in the back of the car, Sarah felt the end of the curiously shaped cock edge between her aroused, fleshy labia, seeking the passage to sexual fulfillment. After a heart-stopping moment frozen in time, Sarah watched the cock eject a thick jet of starch-like fluid which splattered over her nose and right cheek.

Bukkake For Beginners

group vampanya 2018-04-21

But last Friday I got four guys to cum on my tits in a late night bukake session at a dogging site near where I live. Hands were all over my body, tweaking my nipples, stroking my belly and thighs and only after one asked if he could touch my pussy did they all feel me. Yes. You're to tell them that you want them to wank over you and cum on your tits. If you like the look or feel of any of the cocks you're wanking you're to ask if they will fuck you for a short time. One says he's going to cum already and takes his cock back from me before releasing it all over my tits and the table.

Our First Dogging Session

group dragonwelshuk 2018-04-17

He said nothing but got up to the window and stretched out his hand towards Judy's tits while giving me an enquiring look. The first guy moved over a bit for him and said "Have a feel of these lovely tits." As he started to play with Judy's tits I heard another gasp from her and realised that guy 1 had slid his hand up her skirt. Judy wrapped her fingers around his hard cock and started a gentle wank which prompted a grunt of appreciation from the guy. I was rock hard watching all of this going on and I stepped between her legs and slid my cock into her wet, well fucked cunt.

Laura's Sexual Awakening Ch. 03

group MsErotica1950 2018-04-16

Laura looked at the screen, her body close to climax and saw that the woman was on her hands and knees with one man behind her fucking her and the other was laying under her with his head between the other two legs. She had wanted to put her bra back on but Mike wouldn’t let her, he told her he was going to play with her tits on the drive back to the motel. I can’t wait to get you off with our new toys, but I think we better go pay for our things and get out to the truck.” The man removed his hand from her pussy and backed up till he was over on the other side of the aisle where Laura could not see him.

Unintended Dogging

group Hullosexi 2018-04-13

So he's sat in the passenger seat of the Land Rover, jeans around his knees, just lying there squeezing his softening cock, she's stood in front of me in her denim mini skirt, no tshirt, lovely boobs bouncing free and I'm there in a sweaty T and cycling shorts pushed down with my cock hard and enjoying the feel of the cool air against me. Her bloke stood next to me and she took it in turns sucking us, wanking us, and even managed to get both of our cocks in her mouth at the same time. She looked up and said "thank you", kissed my cock and pushed me away so she could concentrate on her bloke, all the time my spunk was dripping down her tits.

Emma's Initiation Ch. 02

group Harryandsally 2018-03-17

Nicki got back down to sucking Ian's cock back to full hardness, before telling him to hold his legs back for her. As he was getting dressed, he could hear Emma shouting at this man, telling him that she wanted his come all over her face. Over the next week, Ian started to send out a few emails on dogging websites, he put out a date and a time and said that he was looking for a dozen or more men to satisfy his girlfriend. He soon pulled out and a couple of seconds later Emma felt the familiar warm jets of spunk landing on first her tits, then her stomach and shaven pussy.