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Party Girl

group SuzieReid 2018-12-04

Exposing my body to all these guys, letting them see my pussy and touch my tits, dancing almost completely naked for them was making me tremble and shake and my breathing shallow. I danced around the room, dipping and turning and flinging my hair around, teasing the guys, bending over and showing them my pussy and ass, putting my tits in their face and still collecting money. I felt another hot cock at my lips and I lay back down and sucked as I felt another guy climb between my legs and start to fuck me. I gripped the bedspread and buried my face again as he slowly pushed his cock deeper and deeper into my ass until I could feel his balls on my pussy, then he started to fuck me.

The Sex Rehab Diaries: Kylie's Confession

group Dancing_Doll 2018-11-29

I took a long sip from the bottle of water I was drinking, and splashed a little on my tanned upper chest, soaking my bikini top, and getting a cheer from the guys who were in the hot tub or leaning against the railing, totally transfixed on me. “You like being our little slut, don’t you,” Greg groaned into my ear, keeping up the steady rhythm of fucking my ass. Fuck, I want all of you to wreck my little pussy and take turns fucking my ass.” I said it for all their benefit, as I eyed the room, my eyes glazed and half open, watching the other six guys stroking their cocks with anticipation.

Blondie in Wonderland

group sprite 2018-11-22

The water… oh, god, it felt so good, like waves of fingers lapping against my skin as the tub filled, hitting my pussy until I was sure that I would cum any moment, keeping me on edge for an eternity, or perhaps that was simply her fingers as they roamed everywhere, touching me intimately, my ribs, my shoulders, my tummy, finally teasing their way down over my mound and tracing the lips of my quivering cunt… I felt her teeth in my shoulder, my neck, tugging on my ear lobe, making me moan like some sort of sex crazed animal until I couldn’t stand it anymore and got myself turned around so that we were face to face, taking hers in my hands and resuming our kiss, eventually working the long silky strands of midnight free from her braid, oblivious to the crowd of onlookers we had drawn.

Blondie's Christmas Tale

group sprite 2018-11-15

While Dibs and I rutted like sex-starved animals, me slamming back against him almost as hard as he was slamming into me, driving his cock so deep that it hurt, the rest of the guys were getting busy with the candy, sucking that shit up into their nostrils one at time. I was looking up, feeling my legs being spread apart while I lay on my back, seven naked guys standing around me, their black skin glistening with sweat, their swollen cocks shiny with cum as they jerked off, and yes, I was smiling for them, putting on a show, my hand between my legs as I rubbed my clit, fingers dripping wet, pinching my nipples, cupping my tits, mouth open, moaning obscenely as JJ grunted and shot a load of milk white cum all over my tits.

Blondie and the Angel from Hell

group sprite 2018-11-14

Fucker knew me too well, too, dusting his sticky cock with more coke (did I mention how plentiful that shit was while he was around?) before sticking it up my ass, his iron fingers gripping my hips as he slammed into me hard enough to move me across the tiled floor half a foot at a time until I bumped my head into the fridge. I slept like the dead through the next day, awakened occasionally by Lena, her head between my legs, eager to drive me to the edge of sanity with yet another orgasm, coaxing me into returning the favor, laying opposite her, slowly lapping and licking and sucking her clit until she surrendered into ecstatic convulsions against me, then we’d both drift off again until next time our carnal lust grew too great to contain…

Blondie and the Black Knight

group sprite 2018-11-06

I found myself flat on my belly, my little white girl tits mashed into the glass, calloused hands circling my waist as Blue pushed his cock into my cunt for sloppy seconds, pounding away at my slick hole, my legs trapped between two hundred pounds of horny black man and the front of the machine, toes not even touching the floor. I got lost in it, raising up my ass for him, feeling the walls of my pussy being pushed apart as he rammed his monster into me, over and over and over, my hands covering my tits, twisting and pulling at my nipples, teeth sunk into my lip, unable to stop the groan of pure pleasure that spilled from my dirty little cock sucking mouth…

Blondie and the Dancing Dead

group sprite 2018-11-03

I welcomed it, moaning softly, rolling my hips like a stripper, cupping my breasts as, one after another, they took my aching nipples in their mouths, sucking, teasing with their tongues, fingers caressing the crack of my ass, gliding along my ribs, my mound, tantalizingly brushing along the edges of my parted lips until I could no longer think straight. Thankfully, the first guy who took me in the ass was gentle, lubricating his dick in my cunt first before easing it into my tight little hole, his head pushing past my anal ring, sealing himself inside me as I clenched around his shaft, impaled from behind as a pale skinned skeleton dressed in bright red speared my eager mouth, laughing gleefully as I sucked greedily, his cum joining the others who’d gone before him in my belly.

Praying for Rain

group FrankyDiVito 2018-09-24

Mawgrit's attendant sounded a bell, and [after covering her naked body with her robe,] four strong young male members of her tribe entered and picked her up. Her eyes closed and her mind wandered to the pleasurable sensations her body was experiencing as the elders droned the ancient prayer designed to enlist the favor of the rain god in this sacrifice. More and more pleasure rolled though her being as she felt the energy of the Earth being stroked back to life by the God. Her breasts swelled and peaked, wanting to give feed. As Mawgrit came to herself, she felt the sweet rain on her naked body and opened her eyes to see her husband lying with her, feeling his hands fondling her breasts.

Wedding Day Fantasy

group westcoastjohn 2018-09-15

He truly loved his Josie but he knew that one line with this woman from his past would inevitably lead to some of the best fucking of his life; it always did; she knew exactly how to use her perfect body. She walked straight over to Dan and kissed him whilst grabbing his cock with one hand. Blondie sounded breathless as she said, "Feed me your cock big boy." Dan did not need asking twice; he was desperate for release. Just to make sure he could last no longer, the girl from his past was snorting a line off Blondie's mound before devouring her pussy.

My Preacher Drugged Me for Sex

group Bakers_dozen 2018-08-26

The night of graduation came and Pastor Dave, Ginger and Deacon Ronny all came to the house to take me to the stadium for Graduation Ceremony. Pastor Dave stood up and told me and Ronny we should come inside and all have scripture study together for my graduation. Ginger and Ronny took a seat together on the sofa and Dave stood and asked for a blessing on us. Ginger took me into the kitchen and Dave and Ronny talked in the next room. I watched Ronny's big cock slide back and forth between Gingers lips and it made me so fucking horny I started to rub my pussy. Dave and Ronny took off their swim trunks and Ginger sucked both their cocks at the edge of the bed.

Pretty Wild

group sprite 2018-07-10

Julie took another hit the pipe, sucking holding the smoke in her lungs for as long as she could manage, letting it out slowly, already feeling the high spreading through her as she slipped her hand back into her panties, running her fingers slowly between her soft lips, a rhythmic up and down, fingers dripping wet, hips roll rocking up and down.  She closed her eyes, recalling the walk home through the park, clothes disheveled and damp and smelling of sex.  Holding onto each other, giggling as they stumbled their home where they’d spilled onto the bed that Julie’d been sharing with Brett.  

Excerpts From a Diary

group donutLover 2018-07-08

When it took effect she didn't shut up, talking shit about everything; told her life story, then flashed me and Johnny a look at her tits. Johnny said his cock was hard and he got it out and held it still whilst she did the line. She cut a line on my cock and after she had snorted it she licked it like she had Johnny's. I came first and sat back and took hits from the whisky as I watched her finish Johnny off in her mouth. We sat around and talked shit and left and got some food, the girls were with us and they came back to mine. Amber, the taller blond one, took Johnny's cock in her mouth, Jess, the brunette, started to suck mine.

Sharon's Next Fall Ch. 02

group AliHomeygrass 2018-06-18

Jason looked further around the room and saw Katie videoing Sharon and Ray and Paul, the other guy from the club with his cock out, playing with it to get ready to have a go with Sharon. As Paul and Ray were fucking Sharon, Jason said so to Katie, "What did you do to her, she was a slut last year?" Sharon took her mouth away from Ray's cock, still playing with it and said "Don't talk about him, just fuck me." After 10 minutes of Sharon sucking him off, Jason decided that he want to fuck her, so he took her head and said "Come on slut, get on the bed."

Two on One

group Elenia26 2018-06-17

The Black Lotus was heady and impossible to fight, and I gave into it as I backed up into Arcturus lap, drawing Bayard toward me, still kissing him. It seemed to take an eternity until I felt his hips come to rest against me, and I gasped and moaned when he did—but suddenly I was cut off by Bayard's equally large member pushing into my mouth. Behind me I felt Bayard's cock press against my opening, and then roughly slam home, impaling my mouth on Arcturus at the same time. I felt him lay on his back next to me, and I felt Bayard lift me, turn me facing downwards, and gently place me over Arcturus' cock.

Stoner Sleepover

group StayingStoned 2018-04-08

His best friend Oliver sat in a soft round chair in the corner of the room with his knees pulled to his chest texting furiously on his phone. Luke showed the phone to his friend where it read the name "London" and displayed the photo of a sweet blonde girl with her head tilted to the side and a coy smile. "I don't know how you did it man, but we are blazing tonight!" Luke set the beer on the table and began to light a bowl, leaving Oliver to wonder what has just happened. Luke set the bowl down and positioned himself behind the girl teasing Oliver's nipples, letting only the head of his cock push the entrance.

The Opium Den

group kinbote 2018-03-27

The room did the swimming slowly down and forward thing again, and I rested my head on Laura's shoulder until it was still, looking at the hard nipple pointing up and to the side from the breast I'd pushed to the side with my chest, and feeling the glow that seemed to start where we joined and spread up our bellies to our chests. Emily pulled Larry down onto his back and covered his cock with lube and rubbed it until it was hard, and then moved her ass over him and slowly slid down so that he entered her asshole. She came again, pushing her face down into the blankets and gasping, and her asshole clenched hard around my cock -- immediately triggering a loud "Oh!" from me and an orgasm that felt like it lasted ten minutes as I kept spasming and coming in her ass.

Pushing My Boundaries Ch. 04

group Kissytina 2018-03-26

His other hand was roaming under my skirt and his fingers found their way inside my panties, "Yes, I wear panties.'' I find it more of a turn on than going pantie-less,"Would you like me to give you a blow-job?" I whispered in his ear. "I want to stick my cock, right there, cutie!!" He said with a glint in his eyes. I felt a hand run down my cheek, drawing my attention, Without warning his hand grab me by my arm, pulling me off Ricky's cock, then he threw me onto the bed, making me squeal. The combination of me sucking hard on his cock, and my giggling, quickly had him blowing his entire load of cum down my throat.


group johndstories 2018-02-02

"They want their end away," Amy said with a grin, rubbing the bosom of Helen and then scratching her legs. Helen nodded, watching Aaron impale his mouth on Fabien's shaft, his tongue sliding over the glistening head, and rubbing the underside of cock. "I think so," Helen replied, her eyes glazed and watched as her boyfriend was practically face-fucked by the other boy on top, his bucking rhythm jabbing the rigid member in and out of his lips. Amy sensed it and they watched as Aaron raised his rump, his cock dripping with cum onto Fabien's lips. "Dya like sucking cock?" Helen teased and giggled when Fabien shook his head.

Horny Hitchhikers

group iconisclass 2018-01-25

From Tam's gaping pussy and Derrik's slick dick, I surmised that he had been rear-ending her while she licked Kate's clit. Kate looked at me briefly and smiled, then turned back to admire Derrik with his young physique as he slid his hard cock inside her. As Kate pushed my groping hands away to suck on Tam's large breasts I grabbed her hips and began pounding hard. Tam took my cock and Kate was heading up to Derrik when she changed her mind and went to get something from the other room. Kate began rubbing and sucking Derrik's dick, getting it all sloppy wet with her saliva. When we switched Kate for Tam, Derrik took the ass again as he had never fucked her there.

Age of Aquarius

group charles_dickings 2017-10-20

They looked like twins with their long blonde hair, big brown eyes, small upturned noses, thin lips, small breasts, slender waists, narrow hips and long legs. After another nervous pause, Bellbottoms said, "We were hoping we could like, you know, just share a joint with you." "Yeah," said Boots, "like we did before." And then, with a mischievous little smile, she added, "My friend thinks you're cute." As I passed the joint to Boots, whose eyes were beginning to glaze over, I put my arm around Bellbottoms and kissed her. At one point, Boots mounted up so that her ass was facing me, and I was treated to the delicious sight of her puckered brown anus winking at me while her pussy lips stretched around the girth of my cock and slithered up and down its length.