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Cruising With Karen: Part 2

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-12-04

As much as I wanted to watch the two women get each other off, I said, “Dieter, I think Karen and I would like to have you fuck her…first.” He smiled, and instructed me to lie on my back on the bed with Karen hovering over me in reverse, her moist slit inches from my face and my rampant cock inches from hers. Inge is going to play with a vibrator while Karen sucks your cock, you suck her clit, and I fuck her cunt. Dieter slid the egg inside Karen’s oozing cunt and turned it up, making her scream onto my cock, while bucking on the bed.

My New Family - Honey and Anne

group eatu55 2018-11-04

Knowing I had just brought my widowed bride and her 18-year-old daughter from another state, I had a feeling I could guess the backstory, but what she related I never imagined from the most exclusive, private girls' school in the area. As her right hand got up near my face, I could smell the female scent from the cheerleader and my cock pulsed once and Honey felt it touch her wet pussy and she gave a little squeal. As I handed Honey her bra and blouse, she sobbed and sniffed and looked up at me, "I'm sorry Daddy, I guess I understand. "Honey told me to tell you 'Thanks for the homework help, tonight.' I don't know whether to be proud or disappointed that she needs help in Sex Ed," Anne said.

My New Family Pt. 02 - Helping out

group eatu55 2018-11-04

Anne took the bag from the door knob and knocked tap tap tap then tap tap and I heard Honey say, "Ready when you are." With that, Anne grabbed my left hand as she opened the door with her right. While Honey was fetching the feather, Anne sat on the arm of the chair, leaned back across my chest, wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me passionately. Honey put down the feather, cupped my balls in her left hand and grabbed my cock with her right, squeezing to calm the growing spasms. I could feel the throbbing of my cock as it fired shot after shot into Honey's mouth and Anne's tongue was working up and down the length of mine at the same time.

The Whore in the Basement

group PapiMark 2018-04-17

While driving to his house, we were slapping you around, grabbing and squeezing your tits and spanking both your ass and cunt. Paul decided it was time to rip the zippers off your cunt and thighs. John slid under you and shoved his cock in your ass while Paul stuck his in your pussy. Paul got under you and started to fuck your asshole, John had his cock shoved down your throat and I started fist fucking your cunt and sucking on your clit until you were, once again, dripping wet. John grabbed a candle and started dripping hot wax all over your body - trying to concentrate on your armpits and nipples.