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Vacation Sex Training: Part I

group ljdoofus75 2018-12-04

Andrea came in and said, "Kathy is going to be a lot of fun, if you know what I mean." After you guys left, we had a few minutes of small talk then I said, "Kathy, I don't want to embarrass you, but Darius and I got so excited hearing you two fuck last night. LJ had pushed Kathy's bra up and was sucking one of her tits, but she kept her eyes on my cock like she was mesmerized by what was going on. I glanced at Kathy and LJ had his hand in her panties and was working her clit and finger fucking her, but her eyes were still frozen on Andrea and me.

The Bar (Part 4)

group Pegasus4 2018-12-04

As we watched Sarah finger fuck Carol, one of Carol’s hands moved between Sarah’s wide spread legs and parted Sarah’s pussy lips with her fingers. One of her hands was pulling me forward with each thrust into Sarah and her other hand was slowly moving up and down John’s rigid cock as John reached over to slip a finger into Carol’s very wet pussy. John had grabbed hold of Carol’s hips and pushed forward as Carol rubbed his cock up and down between her hot outer pussy lips. Not to be left out, Sarah climbed onto the pool table and positioned herself in front of Carol so that her legs were spread wide, exposing her smooth, wet pussy right in front of Carol’s face.

Let's Go To The Bahamas Pt. 4

group GreySessed128 2018-12-04

Your hands cover my breasts and tweak my nipples as you watch her sink her face into my pussy. I take Julia’s hand and lead her over to the bed as Beth is grinding her pussy on your face. I let go of Julia’s hand as Beth moves off your body and I lay across you, licking her cum from your face and kissing you. As I stroke your cock, Beth pulls her lips from Julia’s and looks at us. I turn my face to you and we start to kiss as Beth and Julia do the same. Beth and I move in and start licking your stomach and her pussy as you arch up, slamming deep in her ass and cumming.

Falling in Love?

group ian69 2018-12-04

Jake, my best friend from uni, was next to her on the sofa while his girlfriend, Nicky, sucked his cock, She was showing off by opening her lips so we could see her tongue in action. I continued to lick Ann, lightly and quickly over her clit and then starting low down, licking along the length of her pussy lips and then pushing my tongue in deep to enjoy the flavour. I started to concentrate on kissing and fingering Nicky and Jake took over pleasing Ann by playing with her pussy. I put my hand on Jake’s ass and pushed him forward into Ann. He didn’t resist and I watched his big cock slide into Ann’s pussy. Jake started to hammer into Ann, eyes closed, taking in the feeling of her tight wet pussy round his cock.

Behind the Purple Door

group Coco 2018-12-04

Valerie denied LeAndra; lately she had identified herself as lesbian, (if she had to label herself) and truth be told, she thought she was in love with her boss and didn’t want to fuck Jason. LeAndra found Valerie with Jason in the salon’s room of indulgence, she joined them behind the Purple Door; offering them both a drink, she spoke quietly. Approaching the massage suite, LeAndra thought about the best way to convince Jennifer to join the party behind the purple door. There’s another client here that wishes to fulfill a fantasy.” LeAndra took a deep breath and speaking with authority continued, “He…his fantasy is to watch and to do so anonymously.” Quiet settled over the room as she let the idea sink in.

The Cocksman

group ParisWaterman 2018-12-03

Cathy, ignoring my presence, relentlessly pressed her hand deeper into Midge’s crotch, nibbled on her neck and ear and was whispering little nothings to her as Midge closed her eyes and shut me out while Cathy’s fingers delved into the slushiness of her cunt. “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD … MAKE ME CUM!” It was a full-throated scream and I moved to her clit, took it in my mouth and sucked relentlessly as Cathy sent some fingers into Midge’s virginal ass. The two women shared another long kiss and when Midge resumed sucking my member, Cathy said, “Daddy, you know that thing you like to do when I’m giving you head?”

The Truth Shall Get You Off (Part Two)

group Espresso 2018-12-02

Marcus continued to fuck my pussy from behind, while I kissed Curly and handled his dick in my hand. I couldn't help but look up at Soren for the first time since I'd been with Marcus and Curly. I sent him an air kiss and began to ride Curly, slowly, feeling every inch of him, gratified by how turned on he was by my movement while watching Soren. The combination of the two throbbing dicks inside of me, in both of my holes, the two tongues licking my skin, and the two sets of hands gripping me in violent pursuit of satisfaction, sent me reeling and I was loudly having the longest, most intense orgasm of my life.


group ChrissieLecker 2018-12-02

John sends me a somewhat incredulous stare which I answer with a shrug and a muttered, “She’s right, somehow.” My pussy has started getting wet when I thought about the whole room full of people watching me fucking, and moisture is becoming far too valuable to waste it without a reward, I rationalize. “You’re handsome like hell,” I whisper back and moan in embarrassed arousal when my panties are pushed down my legs by the soft, hot, sweaty fingers of the waitress, whose name I don’t even know. And,” I whisper into his ear with a mischievous grin while my hand kneads the part of him I have so recently come to love, “I’m pretty sure we’re facing very, very hard times.” I can already feel the confirmation of my words.

A Day Out In Birmingham

group Pegasus4 2018-12-01

The driver looked down into the car as we drew level and was treated to the site of Jay laying back in the seat, her tits barely concealed by her bra as the top of her dress has fallen to the side and her legs apart, exposing her pussy through the almost transparent material of her white knickers. John and I enjoyed watching things get hotter on the pool table with the three women as Amanda and Louise continued to run their hands and tongues all over Jay’s back, buttocks and pussy. John must have got the same message as he also undressed and once we were as naked as the three women, Jay and Louise moved off the table leaving Amanda lying there on her back, legs open and her pussy dripping with her own juices and Jay’s licking.

I Hate Christmas

group DarkSide 2018-12-01

I headed for the bar and ordered another gin and tonic and that’s when Emma started talking to me; her partner Chris joined us a few moments after that. I looked back to the table and saw that Melissa was squatting over this guy’s cock and was she was giving him the best head that I had ever seen her perform. Melissa got on the table and squatted once more, this time on a very large cock. By the time he reached Melissa, Emma had my cock out and was on her knees sucking on it. It wasn’t long before Emma was leaning over the bar with my cock deep inside her, panting like fuck.

Sailing out of Osyter Bay part 3

group naturalsailor 2018-12-01

Not to be outdone, Frank & Dave gave Anne a big hug, at the same time squeezing her between their bodies. I sat between Cyn and Carol while Frank worked his way around so Anne was between Dave and himself. Carol motioned for Dave to join in so he went up to the bow and stood in front of Anne and started to rub her shoulders. Frank was clearly enjoying himself as he played with Anne’s breasts, twisting her nipples and watching her ride him while he pumped his massive cock into her. All of a sudden a chain reaction occurred, Dave groaned loudly and went off in Anne’s mouth, Frank started to fill her pussy with his cum and Anne started to shake all over again, top to bottom.

A Visit From 'Boyfriends Past'

group JosephWrites 2018-12-01

Jason pulled back to about eight inches from Sandra's wet pussy and sucked hard on her inner thigh, like he was giving her a hickey. "Holy shit, that was so hot." "You really know how to make her cum, Jason." "No wonder she likes it the best from you!" "Sandra, you're the sexiest girl on the planet!" Daniel stared as Sandra pulled his hard cock free and licked all around the head. "And you owe Jason a turn in that tight ass of yours, don't you?" Zach pinched Sandra's other nipple just as hard. Zach grabbed Sandra by the hips and pulled her up until just his cock head was left inside of her. Sandra looked at Zach, smiling with Daniel's cock in her mouth.

The Truth Shall Get You Off

group Espresso 2018-11-30

"Put your guns down," John demanded of Soren and Yelena. John, with his tan, athletic build, the darkest hair I'd ever seen, and alluring green eyes that added up to one of the most gorgeous men I'd ever had the privilege of knowing. "So you moonlight as Soren's lackey?" I said to Marcus as soon as I got eye contact with him. "You know what I'm going say," Soren said firmly to John. "A truth serum," Soren announced, looking at me again as if John wasn't there. I shot Soren a look of disgust and slowly went over to John. John stood behind me, much like Soren minutes earlier.

A Wedding Befitting A Slut

group ChrissieLecker 2018-11-29

When Martha, his mother, used that self-same term to describe me, the hurt didn’t come from the word itself, but from the deeply offended look on her face that left no doubt that I’d probably not get to see the interior of their house very often, and I felt bad to drive a wedge between Andrew and his family. A big, good-looking older man in a black frock stood in the middle of the dais, but my eyes were glued to Andrew, who radiated happiness and watched eagerly as I approached with a spring in my steps that I’d never felt before. I looked up at his face with lidded eyes, the pumping of Andrew’s cock quickly driving me crazy with lust, and he nodded at me and told me, “Congratulations, slut!”

The Silver Dress

group MindsEye 2018-11-29

“Hi, I’m Mia,” said this attractive lady who in the dim light of the restaurant could be mistaken for my wife, especially since she was now wearing her white blouse and dark skirt, as she sat down at our table. “Oh I’m happy to play, I could use a little excitement but I just didn’t want to intrude,” said Mia. “But if you’re sure, maybe I can take it up a notch as well,” and with that she undid two of the buttons on the white blouse, and leaned forward, giving me a beautiful view of her tanned and perky pointed breasts. Carole and I kissed over Mia’s shoulder, and I watched as Mia pulled the familiar zipper down on the back of silver dress.

Massage Therapy

group NicandNicey 2018-11-29

With nothing but politeness, your masseuse asks, "Would you would like your breasts massaged or would you would prefer not to be touched there?" My masseuse, in turn, asks softly, "Would you like your penis included in the massage?" As she continues to stroke my cock, your masseuse asks, "Would you like a genital massage as well?" As he massages you, you continue to watch me being stroked luxuriously by the woman tending to me. I think I notice a trace of reluctance when her hands stop oiling her breasts. She returns to my side, bends over, and begins to massage me with her well oiled breasts. Your eyes are feeding your pussy with as much arousal as his hands.

The Snow Queen

group Annie_S 2018-11-29

Nadine turned her head and saw her friend eyeing up an African guy across the bar. Nadine saw her friend walk determinedly towards the guy, who was dressed up as a black knight. Just great, she thought, as she ordered another kir royal and watched from a distance, how her used-to-be-lesbian friend lured the guy in. 'Do you think your friend minds if I watch, too?' He stepped closer and as if he was trying to hide behind Nadine, he glanced over her shoulder. When she looked again, Katja was facing the wall, both of her hands high up, resting against the bricks of the wall, her pussy stretched obscenely by the giant sword of her knight.

Fun with Janice

group marna69 2018-11-28

You ready for us?" I groaned as Coke's hand did a long stroke across my pussy lips, right there in the lobby. Coke kneeled in front of her, put both hands under her rump, and lifted her pussy up and against his hard cock. Holding her ass with just one hand, Coke guided his cockhead to her swollen lips, dragging it up and down her entrance until she started humping toward him in a state of wild, sexual abandon. "Coke," Janice asked, "Marna's ass needs attention. Gradually, Coke began guiding my head up and down the top of his cock, so I was seesawed back and forth between him and Janice. Eventually Coke slowed down and left his sticky hand on her pussy, cupping it as Janice came back to earth.

Fucking father and son together

group cindy_4u 2018-11-28

He came around and I stroked Devin's cock as Joe fucked me hard and good. Once there, Devin lay down first so I could go doggy style and suck his cock while Joe fucked my ass. Once Joe pulled out, I moved up the bed and sat down on Devin's hard cock and took it in my still wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck them quicker as he got close and soon had his cum spraying deep in my tight wet pussy. I knew he wanted to cum quick, as watching his son fuck me and have my mouth around his cock for the last few minutes, had him wired.

The Adult Toy Store

group baddad53 2018-11-27

They were checking out Diane and her outfit out when I stepped forward and pulled the bottom of Diane’s skirt up to reveal her womanhood under the bright lights of the store. I tapped the older guy who had started all of this and asked, “Do you want to fuck her in the swing?” Diane was smiling up at me through tear stained eyes and nodded her approval. The clerk was not pumping as hard as the old guy had, rather he used long, slow strokes to bring himself and Diane to the heights of new pleasure, so it was easier for the women to stay lip locked.

The Camera Club

group anubis63 2018-11-27

Jackie is now moving about the garden and picnic bench posing for us, sniffing flowers, first bent forward then thrusting her large tits to the sky, all the time the fleshy mass of her breast wobble and swing from side to side, and back and forth. With that Mark stands upright, taking his 7" cock in his hand he steps forward and slowly pushes it deep into Jackie’s love tunnel, letting us take our photos before he starts to pump her. Bob steps forward and carefully pulls Jackie's hair back over her ears to make sure none of the action is kept form our cameras, before moving away to let tom and mark get their photos.


group ladyjessamine 2018-11-26

Above them stood a hideously fat man, still (thankfully) enrobed as Cyrene and Lissy were in black satin robes, but for his tiny little prick that was completely hidden in his huge, meaty hand. It wasn’t that she had never seen her friend naked before - they worked out together three days a week, and so changed and showered together three days a week - but she felt like Lissy was at the edge of Hell, and Cyrene didn’t want to witness her friend‘s enthusiastic dive. Mark couldn’t see her face anymore - she was hidden under a pair of full breasts that he knew Cyrene was enjoying - but he could see glimpses of her nude body around the heads of many men and women.

Not Just the Photographer (Part 2 The Photo Shoot)

group Mister_E 2018-11-26

Mark’s cock came out of his jeans and into Jayne’s hands [click] and she wrapped her fingers around it [click] and gave it a few strokes to make it harder [click click]. Mark got down on his knees to lick at Jayne’s cunt – time for a close-up [click click click] and more importantly for me a better look at that beautiful cunt. A few minutes of fucking with close ups (as requested) then Jayne wanted to go doggy style but not before she gave Mark’s cock another sucking [click click]. BUT then I felt a hand on MY balls and fingers on my cock – just two strokes and that was it – MY cum shot over Jayne’s face and into her hair, criss-crossing Mark’s strings of cum.

Wife in local bar - re-enactment

group SMITTY67 2018-11-25

I figured they would forget about it as soon as the sobered up and said nothing more about it until a week later when my friend Dom told me he would have given anything to watch my wife naked in a bar dancing and being felt up by total strangers. Well Dom and I called the 20 guys who listened when I told my story and asked if they wanted to attend a re-enactment. This bar had no stage like the one in the story but one of the black guys came out and grabbed Linda and held her while his buddy pulled her dress off and threw it to me.