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Neighborly Lust (Part 7)

group DonAbdul 2018-03-05

I pulled my mouth off Omar’s cock with a loud plop and cast a furtive glance back at Paige, only then did I realize she was crashing her face into my wetness and lodging her nose in my cunt because of the pounding she was receiving from Max who was fucking her doggy style. When I regained my senses, I was on the mattress lying on my side and Paige was still on all fours, being fucked from behind by Max. They were both growling and moaning like a couple of beasts, Paige’s face was still slick with my pussy juice when she tensed up and cursed, “Take me home you bastard, make me cuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

Show Time

group p90sex90 2018-03-02

“Well, Allie, I’m looking forward to the time that we are going to spend together this week”, and with that he smiled and moved on to other guests. Allie and Andre walked back to their room and spent some time looking through their wardrobe deciding on the appropriate outfit to wear for this evening’s meal and show. Andre could feel the tension and sensed that Allie wanted to talk it over with him, “My love, tonight is going to be your lucky night. I was not at that particular party, but reputation says that people tend to get to know each other very well at the parties that James Randal hosts.” She moved closer to Andre and placed her hand on his leg.

Riding the Subway

group Cherism 2018-03-01

The man behind me slid his hand to my pussy, beginning to play with my clit. When the woman moved her tongue and set to a full on attack on my clit, I felt my pleasure rise, and rise, and rise, until my pussy clenched around the man’s cock. The man fucking my mouth was also pulling on my nipples, giving me a pleasure and pain sensation. The man leaned forward, saying, “You like a nice hard cock in your ass, don’t you?” The woman licked my clit, diving a few fingers into my wet slit and giving me a good old fucking as the man worked his cock into my ass. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” the man in front of me said.

Double Booked

group RejectReality 2018-02-28

Tonya backed into the door, bumping it the rest of the way open with her bare bottom as she drank in the sight of two cocks completing their rise to full erection. “That pussy good?” Vick asked as he watched Tonya squeeze his cock and lick her lips. During the momentary reprieve from the blond’s enthusiastic lapping, Tonya parted her lips and slipped them over the head of Vick’s cock. The blond let out a sharp, high-pitched grunt as he buried his cock a little deeper, eliciting a cry of surprised bliss from Tonya, and then said, “Shit. His cock having slipped from her lips amidst a series of yelps, Vick left it hovering before her tightly closed eyes and busied himself with fondling her bouncing breasts instead.

A Walk In The Woods

group Pegasus4 2018-02-27

She slowly undressed while she watched Jay and the blonde woman suck, lick and tease my cock and balls until she was also completely naked, exposing beautiful round breasts with erect nipples and cleanly shaved mound. As her fingers were pleasuring her own clitoris she witnessed the brunette reaching orgasm with my face buried between her legs and the blonde spreading her buttocks to watch my tongue work on her pussy. With my cock buried deep inside Jay, I leaned over her back to move her blonde hair aside, giving me a clear view of her fingers parting the blonde's pussy lips and her tongue teasing and licking between them up to her clitoris.

The Illustrated Life Times of a Horny Cpl, Chp 8

group NCcpl50 2018-02-23

I think that Beth must have had an idea that both Matt and I were trying to see Kristen’s tits because, she leaned forward causing her blouse to open enough for me to see her right breast. During the course of our time in the bar, I got to see Beth’s nipples a couple of times, and I know Matt was enjoying the Kristen’s tits as well. I watched as Matt slid his hand from Kristen’s breast down her side and casually pushed her robe off her hip so that it slipped behind her. I sat there watching with a throbbing dick, as Beth lowered her head and began flicking the tip of Matt’s cock with her tongue.

Drive In Movie With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-02-23

Kelly turned and in her nude glory took the stance of a warrior with her hands on her hips, head and tits held high, her legs spread apart, her shaved cunt glistening from cum, lady cum, and sweat. Once she was up and saw his hand was getting sticky she slugged him, hard, in his shoulder and gave an angry “What the fuck are you doing?!” Kelly stepped back, turned and crawled into the backseat on all fours showing him a perfect view of her ass and the wet pink gash in the middle. She used her thigh to hold the vibrator shoved all the way into my ass, dribbled a bunch more lube on my cock and started jacking me hard with both hands.

First Swingers Party

group JamesandHaley 2018-02-21

James turned me to face Jan as he pulled out my tits for him to look at as Kim sucked his cock. James and I went back upstairs and found Kim still sucking Jan. She was still in her lingerie but looked incredibly sexy. Here I was, I had never kissed or touched a woman and I wanted to suck Kim’s boobs. We moved closer to Jan and Kim and I could see James had reached over and was feeling Kim’s amazing boobs. I wanted to suck James with my naked ass and pussy in the air as men and women took in the sight from behind. I still have flashes of kissing Michelle and Kim and having Kevin and Jan touch and lick my boobs.

The Office

group SandD 2018-02-20

    I did get some work done but after a little while I could hear noises coming from the boardroom that didn’t sound like gaming of any sort.   I was glad I wore a skirt that day because I was able to start rubbing myself through my panties as I watch the guys getting off.     The guys fucking my tits was getting close to coming I could tell I took the tip in my mouth the best I could and sucked it while licking the very tip.   One of them kissed me the other two start licking sucking and playing with my breasts and the one between my legs sped up all four wanting me to come.

Whoring for Charity

group CorruptedAngel 2018-02-19

He stands behind me, those sexy eyes find mine in the mirror as I glance over his beautiful body clad in a black suit with a white shirt on underneath opened slightly around the neck. He lays me on the table and begins to tease my body with his fingers making me moan; soon a few cocks are out and their owners are rubbing them. So he gets to work on hitting the dildo against my g-spot making sure to pressure it just right where the men have to wait a while for me to squirt. I feel my pussy being filled with different fingers as many men try to push them in at once. My body bucks but all the men pull back suddenly, just as I was about to cum.

Life and Times of a Horny Couple - Chapter 4

group NCcpl50 2018-02-12

Brad won again, and this time he said he wanted to see Kristen sit on the table and play with her pussy as Lacey had. She told Kristen that she wanted to see her sit astride me so that I could suck her nipples and stick my dick into her pussy. After a bit of rubbing Lacey asked Kristen what she thought it would feel like if Brad and I licked their nipples as they rubbed tits. Brad reached out and began to run his fingers along the underside of Kristen's breasts moving quickly to her erect nipples. About this time Lacey slid one hand down between their pussies and quickly found Kristen's clit.

Life and Times of a Horny Couple - Chapter 5

group NCcpl50 2018-02-12

Kevin took all of about two seconds to reach over and grab one of Kristen's breasts and start playing with her nipple. As I totally explored Linda's breasts I watched Kevin enjoying the sensation of playing with breasts that were much fuller than those he was accustomed to touching. As he played with Kristen's tits he pulled her onto his lap and began sucking on her nipples (Kristen told me later that she could feel his hard-on pressing into her). Both Linda and I watched as Kevin began to slide his had closer to Kristen's pussy. She was so involved with the sensations she was experiencing that she wasn't even aware that Linda and I were watching Kevin sucking on her tits and playing with her pussy.

An Unbelievably Hot Time at the Beach

group NCcpl50 2018-02-08

Kristen seeing me look spread her legs wide apart so that I could watch as Ray separated her inner lips and dipped a fingertip into her glistening, pink pussy. With that said, Cindy reached over and separated Kristen’s pussy lips with one hand while she held Ray’s cock in the other, and plunged it further into Kristen‘s dripping hole. I think you’d better see if Kristen can take all of you.” As she said that, she grasped each of Kristen’s inner lips between her fingers, and opened her pussy to Ray. Watching Cindy touching Kristen was more than hot! As Cindy slid my cock between her lips, she began playing with Kristen’s extremely erect nipple.

Camping With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-02-06

Kelly was working Patrick over – sucking on his nuts, fondling his sack, stroking his cock with her hand, dropping all the way down on him and sticking out her tongue to lick his nuts while she sucked him. That turned Kelly on and she came off my cock and shouted out another “Oh Fuck!” orgasm. As we lay there, Kelly told Patrick about the guy who had watched us fuck the day we were hiking and how he jacked off all over on her. Kelly told me later he was starting by sucking really hard on her clit and pulling it into his mouth.

Neighborly Lust (Part 6)

group DonAbdul 2018-02-06

I was so excited to have his cock back in my mouth, and as his pheromone pervaded my nostrils my pussy turned into a puddle of juices. It felt so great because I was already so dripping wet and encountered no resistance as my fingers plunged right into pussy and began fucking and rubbing and alternately circling my clit. He grabbed my pigtails in either hands and shoved my mouth down on his cock so far my chin was squashed against his balls; then his hips thrust up and his head flipped back as he growled like a giant cat and flooded my mouth with his thick hot cum.

Paris Passion at the Pluriel

group Dusky 2018-02-03

Now, not wanting to be left out, a couple of the guys and, I was pleased to notice, one of the women leaned in and reached in between the bars to stroke my naked thighs and run a finger or two around the lips of my by now very wet pussy. By now my cunt was awash with my juices as they ran down my legs and the hands spread them over my body wetting my breasts and ass cheeks, it felt very, very good and I needed more of this. With my pussy positioned in between two of the bars, I pushed back and felt the lips of my cunt being stretched apart, opening it wide, giving those outside not only a great view of my sopping wet, pink cunt but better access as well.

Corridor Encounter

group FantasyGirl81 2018-02-03

Scott is pressed against the wall and the man can see that my mouth is hungry for my lover so pushes my head towards him. Scott rests his hands on my head, feeling it moving back and forwards as I suck hard. The man standing next to Scott turns and starts to kiss his neck and it is almost too much, Scott's body jerking at this new sensation while I continue sucking him. I can feel Scott behind me is getting very close now, and I know seeing me suck them both is making him want to explode inside me. I can feel the two men close and so I concentrate on the first one, sucking harder until I feel him jerk and I remove my mouth to watch him, cum running down the length of his cock.

Debbie's Distraction

group literot 2018-01-29

I think I said before that I love watching people have sex; I swung around to watch Michelle and Bob, and without asking dropped myself with a gasp onto Charles’ rampant cock. Bob put his erection between her breasts and started to tit fuck her, and with each thrust, Michelle’s mouth took the head of his cock like a consummate pro. Suddenly we stopped laughing and watched in amazement as Gabbie and her Adonis, soon to be named as Jake, walked boldly into the room, completely naked and amazingly confident for their age. “All change,” one of the men shouted and before I knew what was happening, Michelle and Gabbie were sitting on the couch and I was being manhandled into a crouching position on the bed.

Long Drive to Work

group Yarhooo 2018-01-25

As we turned onto the highway towards work, I felt her hand sliding up my legs again, up and down my inner thigh down to my knees then back up just gently caressing my pussy with the tips of her fingers. As I come he drives past getting an eyeful of Hayley eating my pussy while bent over with no pants showing the world her snatch too. I tell her to get up on the tray in the back of the ute and spread her legs then I start to lick her lips first then her clit up and down mmmm nice pussy.

Tropical Temptations Ch. 12

group Lei Feng 2018-01-21

The other man slides his shorts off without standing up, and leans over to kiss and suck my nipples, after undoing my sarong and letting it fall, so that I too am naked. I watch my lover carefully but my attention is distracted as the blonde's man lifts my hips and slides his thighs under them, and then slides his thick cock into my pussy, just as he did yesterday. I grab the cock and bring it into my mouth, as I am being fucked hard, and as I watch the blonde and the brunett come at my lover's feet. My lover kisses me on the mouth and the man behind me is squeezing my tits and nipples and pleasuring my clit with his finger.

Dinner For Eight - Sixth Course

group AndiAnders 2018-01-17

Traci watched as Ann leaned close to her husband and said, "Rob, dear, move that cute little ass of yours up here on the table." Traci watched in fascination as the hostess laid her husband on the table between their trays of desserts. Following a look Ann sent to the opposite end of the table, Traci turned her head. Ann sucked one ball in and out of her gentle mouth, while her hand slowly covered and uncovered her husband's dick. Peeking under the table the other direction, Traci saw Rob swing Ann's legs over his shoulders. Despite Rob's bulk blocking the sound from the hostess, Traci nonetheless heard a most appreciative moan.

Emily at a Bachelor Party

group Emilyplaying 2018-01-13

I was immediately surrounded, a bottle of tequila was produced and poured over my breasts, tummy and pussy, I had tongues working all over my nipples and pussy, I turned over and got onto all fours and let them pour the tequila over my ass and pussy, I could feel it trickling down the inside of my thighs, again it was licked off me, tongues lingered over my asshole and pussy and fingers were starting to probe, some of the guys were taking swigs from the bottle and French kissing me, transferring the liquor into my mouth as they did so, Noel was one of these and he then poured tequila over his cock and made me lick it off, a couple of other guys did the same.

Literacy Enhancement

group EroticDiscovery 2018-01-12

During dessert, the PR woman pulled out her smartphone and passed around a video of her getting fucked by two young black guys in a hotel room at a Barbados resort while her boyfriend watched and jacked off. "It's just like Annika and I always tell you: the woman's pleasure comes first," Heather said. "I'm going to fuck you on your hands and knees so that you can play with your clitoris while I'm inside you," Mario said. "How does it feel to have your big penis up her cunt, Mario?" Heather said in a loud voice. "Do you like seeing her asshole from behind while you fuck her?" Heather asked Mario, rubbing her clit vigorously.

The Finest Competition

group SteveRay 2018-01-08

Under the blanket and with Nicky complying by spreading her legs a bit, it made it quite easy for my fingers to find the lips of her pussy and lightly touch her where I knew she liked best. Whilst this wasn't purely for her pleasure the look on her face told me she was thoroughly enjoying close access to my penis and she ended up sucking my cock gently into her mouth. With Nicky's fingers in her pussy and her mouth sucking Sam's clit -- Sam was somewhere above heaven and whimpering with full on pleasure. This had Sam bucking my fingers strongly, lifting my mouth up and down with her rhythm while she licked and sucked Nicky's pussy and Nicky facing me squeezed Sam's tits, herself close to coming.