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Cruising With Karen: Part 2

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-12-04

As much as I wanted to watch the two women get each other off, I said, “Dieter, I think Karen and I would like to have you fuck her…first.” He smiled, and instructed me to lie on my back on the bed with Karen hovering over me in reverse, her moist slit inches from my face and my rampant cock inches from hers. Inge is going to play with a vibrator while Karen sucks your cock, you suck her clit, and I fuck her cunt. Dieter slid the egg inside Karen’s oozing cunt and turned it up, making her scream onto my cock, while bucking on the bed.

Threesome Fun - Richard’s Story

group DarkSide 2018-12-03

“After fondling Martin’s balls, Richard let his hand slide between Martin’s thighs and he slowly but surely grabbed his cock with all the intention of making it hard once more. “With Richard’s cock so fucking hard, Richard pulled Martin to the edge of the bed. I looked at Kelly, she started to put the paper down, she knew the story by heart anyway, and she was staring intently at Richard. “Enthralled with their fucking, Kelly eventually mounted the bed and started to suck on Martin’s erect cock. “The story’s changed,” she continued, “I want to watch your cock spurt all its cum over your stomach as Richard fucks you really hard.

Orgy of Delight

group DanielleX 2018-11-28

“You really know how to look after your friends, Judy,” said Suzanne, sexily. “We’re going to suck your lovely cock, one at a time,” said Suzanne, with a look of glee on her face. As Sally got her turn, Suzanne stood up and joined Judy, giving the young guy a lingering kiss. Judy and the other women were getting more and more turned on and wanted to round on Matt and use him, once Sally had had her share. Judy and the others wasted no time in gathering on the sofa, running their hands over Matt’s body, stroking his cock and his legs. Suzanne pulled Matt to his feet and pulled his head towards her, standing on tip toes, she kissed him deeply, holding his cock between two fingers.

My birthday party - five girls and one guy

group DanielleX 2018-11-21

Laura and Emma approached Greg and we knelt on the floor looking up at him. “I think Aisha and Emma should get acquainted with Greg‘s cock,” said Laura. The other girls watched with genuine fascination as Laura lifted his cock and I put one end at the base and stretched it out until my fingers rested on the tip of his penis. “Ah Aisha, you got to do a forfeit!” Said Emma. Aisha looked at Greg and then at the other girls. Aisha was moaning now, her long black hair covering her face as she had a nice little orgasm. I looked at Greg’s cock as Aisha thanked him for the experience and knew I had to have him inside me.

Doctor Drill

group Gallo 2018-11-09

She barely had time to focus before she heard a loud “CLAP” and a shriek from Red. The sound had barely stopped ringing in her ears before another hand fell on Red’s other cheek before Marc started guiding her hips toward the head of the chair. Without detaching her mouth from Chloe’s pussy, Red swung her body toward Chloe, lifted her leg at the right moment and put it down on the other side of the chair. One part of Chloe was writhing under Red’s ministrations, the other part tense for the moment when Marc would enter Red. This monstrosity a few inches above her face, would part the redhead’s labia and start its laborious descent into her wet cavity.


group DarkSide 2018-11-01

Melissa then positioned her breast above Alison’s face, she poured some of the cream onto her own breast and watched as it dribbled around her breasts, onto her nipple and slowly dripped onto Alison’s mouth. Maggie kept lapping at Alison’s pussy and it wasn’t long before her licking had started Alison off on her second. It wasn’t just the squirty cream this time, Melissa let out a gush of cum over Alison’s face that soaked the blindfold as she felt the force of her own orgasm. Maggie had run around the table and started to suck on Alison’s other nipple by this time. She looked up at Steve who was still plummeting his cock in and out of Alison’s mouth, obviously hoping for a few drops of special cream at some time during the procession.

My First Time Bi

group xxxphoenix72 2018-08-11

We all got on well, chatting and laughing, Paul was a nice enough guy, probably a year or two younger than Sarah and I, tall and slim with short blonde hair and blue eyes. I took her nipple in my mouth and flicked it with my tongue as I saw Paul's hand snake between her thighs, his fingers slipping into her moist pussy. I slowly opened my mouth, simultaneously closing my eyes as Sarah guided his cock to me. Sarah finger fucked herself to another orgasm as I continued learning how to suck cock then she returned to us and asked me to lay on the carpet. He grasped my achingly hard cock and slid his hand up and down the shaft a few times before taking me in his mouth.

Lights, Camera, ACTION! Ch. 02

group cashNcarrie 2018-07-15

"If you had this when you were born," Karen said as she held his thick black shaft in her tiny hand,"I'll bet it wasn't fear they were feeling." Slyly looking up into his face, she said, "You may have lost your virginity a lot earlier than you thought especially if their husband's had dicks like Kenny's!" She rubbed the soft skin of his penis against the hot skin of her breasts. Her magnificent ass accented by the red lace panty clinging to her hips, the soft red bow with it's "good little girl" quality, perfectly framing the crack of her ass He then looked into Karen's determined face as she worked frantically to force the too-large head of his black cock into her white pussy.

Oh We're Having a Threesome?

group scarlet_letter87 2018-05-18

Perry took the opportunity to almost pound my ass with his fingers and I was moaning into the mouth of a complete stranger. I filled my mouth with her hard pink nipple and suckled while my free hand lightly pinched the other. I hadn't really been paying attention to what Perry had been doing, but I realized pretty quickly when I felt his hard cock slid into my own dripping cunt. My fingers plunged in deeper and harder, filling her cunt while Perry's cock did the same to me. My pussy squeezing in Perry's cock as Jane watched my face. Perry came just as I was pulling on her nipple with one hand and slapping at her stretched breast with the other.

Kit & Kaboodle

group temp171 2018-05-07

She looked a little shocked and hesitant, but her fingers continued working her clit, and after a moment she opened her mouth to taste Becky's juice. She began to rub her pussy sensuously against my mouth, with increasing intensity, to the point where she started to cum, over and over, as I lapped and sucked greedily at her cunt. Becky reached over, placing her hand on my cock, and sort of whimpered, "Can't we just go back home?" But with another wicked smile, Kit replied, "There'll be plenty of time for that. As she watched Kit go to work on Becky, she slowly unwrapped her skirt, revealing a pair of lacy bikini panties, and turned to me, saying, "You don't look too busy.

Charlie Avoids Being Fired

group Wightstuff 2018-02-03

I moved a hand onto her leg and started to caress her stockinged thighs as Charlie kissed her again and eased Jane's left breast over the top of her corset. Charlie and I took it in turns to kiss Jane and nibble on her neck and breasts, whilst she kept up a steady rhythm on our cocks. Charlie stood at the end of the bed whilst Jane went down on her knees and took his cock into her mouth. I looked up at Jane and realised that I had been aiming Charlie's cock at her as she had two glistening trails of spunk on her face. Jane was starting to look very flushed, she was grunting in time with Charlie's thrusts and her eyes were glazing over.

Style Points

group davion2308 2018-01-08

"Maybe," Clara said, "But it's not how any guys I know look. Matt was looking at Clara's tits when he pulled off his underwear. While Denise was busy taking the head of his dick in her mouth, Clara slid her tits down his back, her soft hands trailing down his legs. Matt spun 180 degrees, his cock waving in front of Clara's face. Denise never paid much attention to things other people said, so she didn't hear Clara. Matt looked up and saw Clara's back tower over him. "So," Clara said to Denise, "Want to make out?" Denise stopped moving, Matt's cock pulsing in her cunt. Denise made an angry grumble noise and suddenly Matt's cock went cold.

Flooded Like the Nile

group numbsain 2017-10-30

"Yeah, but she's bound to come back in here and then what's she gonna say?" I said as Naima laid her hot body down on top of mine and started kissing my neck, my dick still sliding in and out of her. So I started making love to Tina, vaguely aware of our audience, but Tina kept saying stuff like, "She's watching us honey," and "Look at Naima over there." So I glanced over and Naima had a strained expression on her gorgeous face, sitting on the chair with her long legs up in the air practically behind her head and she was masturbating furiously while watching us fuck.

Witch Kisses

group Vluirty 2017-10-24

"Why don't you drink some more, Laurie?" asked Sarah, taking the flask back from Janiss to point at her instead. "Don't mind if we do, Pete." Sarah rested a hand on Janiss's shoulder, "May I?" she asked seductively. Janiss said, "Yes," reaching for Sarah's other hand, she brought it to her other breast. Face pointed upwards from Janiss's, Sarah said, "You know how to treat me so well, leggy Laurie." "Maybe we should just listen to Pete, Sarah," said Janiss, "He is an agent of Satan." "Oh, I got something nice for you." Pete turned Janiss around, put his hands between her thighs, and lifted her up like a sack of flour high in the moonlit air, pussy splayed towards her fellows.

Kim Uses Me Again

group gandj130 2017-10-23

"You are a dirty slut Kim, let me see you fuck now." Stuart replied red faced his hand playing with his cock as he watched sitting in the corner. I saw a string of cum from my cock to her slippery cunt until Kim put her hand between her legs to keep it inside her as she moved alongside me on the bed and looked at her husband. "Yes. I think you loved it, and Gary did too." Stuart replied as he got out of the chair and stood by the bed, he was red faced and had his erect cock in his hand. Stuart was very red faced and looked sticky and wet and quickly climbed off the bed and headed for the shower.

Sara & Teri Ch. 04

group XceptMe 2017-10-07

Sara was moaning and with her hands on Emily's hips began eagerly licking her little sister's pussy. "Hi, I'm Emily," Sara's sister said extending a pussy-soaked hand to Teri. Sara had started kissing Teri's neck and chest and cupping her large breasts in her small hands while her pussy was pleasured by Emily's tongue below. Emily's pussy was within reach of my hand if I leaned just a little that way, but seeing Sara's ass and thinking about how much I fantasized about it at work, I supposed I needed another turn with her. My hands were spreading her asscheeks apart while licking her slit and I would take momentary breaks to look up at Teri and Emily, who had taken the position to put her pussy on Teri's face, allowing her to return the favor.