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The Submissive Co-Worker Gets a Party

group cal_jack 2018-06-26

Everyone except Betty was looking at either Yvonne's pussy being eaten by Sarah or Sarah’s lovely ass. Yvonne began to play with her nipples, pinching and twisting them as she pulled Sarah's face against her wet pussy, moaning with increasing delight. Sarah was coming down from her orgasmic high when Tom and Yvonne lead her to the stage in the middle of the group where they tied her spread eagle, face up, her pussy begging to be used. Yvonne gave his cock a little brushing as she released his cuffs and gave the leash to Ali who was waiting in another chair with her legs spread wide, stroking her juice covered pussy, her black pumps still on.

Our Neighbor's Daughter

group Banes1 2018-06-26

“Oh Thad, I can tell what you think.” Steph said, staring directly at the bulge, straining to escape the confines of my swim trunks. “Good answer, Honey.” Mandy said as they turned and walked away, leaving me to deal with my hard cock. Besides, I have wanted you ever since I turned sixteen.” Steph replied, letting her hand slide over my rock hard cock.” Mandy and I watched our neighbors leave, Steph turned her head, blew a kiss and seductively licked her lips. Mandy came up alongside her, took Steph’s cum covered fingers from my shaft and brought them to her lips. Steph took my cock in her tight pussy as Mandy and I were kissing.

Violet Gets Lonely At Her Friend's Party

group Mysteria27 2018-06-26

“Why what’s wrong dear?” They’re will be lots of boys wanting to date you dear. “Of course you didn’t.” “That’s just silly dear. I was the only one out of our group that didn’t go. I’ll run you a bath, dear.” “Oh yea! “I told you dear. I was playing with her breasts and moved my fingers over her bald pussy. “Sit down dear. You can’t tell Kimberly that I’m doing this. “Oh God! “Violet, turn over dear.” “You’re not a whore dear. Her pussy was making all kinds of squishy sounds, while she rode my husband hard. My husband pulled out and I ran over to the bed and licked my husband’s cum from her pussy.

The Ballerinas Next Door – Part 2 – The Video Shoot

group ChrisM 2018-06-26

I got between her slender thighs and slowly slid my cock back and forth between her pussy lips, making sure I rubbed her clit on each stroke. Sandra started playing with Natasha’s small tits as Natasha brought her hands under Sandra’s t-shirt and massaged the full tits she found under her hands. “I want to eat your pussy little one, ” Sandra said, dumping Natasha on the floor and climbing between her legs. Turning to me, Sandra gave me a wry smile saying, “Bob, Natasha is an anal virgin and she wants you to fuck her ass while we eat each other out. As I watched, I saw Natasha relax and Sandra’s tongue slid right into her ass as it opened up to her.

Stiff Competition

group KnightOfPassion 2018-06-26

Kissing Lucas hotly, slipping her pink tongue deep inside his mouth, Sarah leaned back against his walnut desk, spreading her legs wide and pulling her candy-pink panties to one side, exposing her shaved slit. He sensed more than saw Sarah kneel between his outstretched legs, but he certainly felt her hot little tongue got to work on his balls and the base of his cock, licking up Rachel's spicy juices. His fingers grasping her buttocks firmly, Lucas twisted Rachel, swinging her around onto the couch until he was atop her, her ankles tightly crossed at the small of his back, his cock buried inside her hot depths. "Which one of us gets to go?" interrupted Rachel, looking at Lucas over her shoulder, her lips and chin still glistening with Sarah's slippery juices.

Vignettes: Ki

group boo_dreaux 2018-06-25

Ron was called out of town unexpectedly on business but, in a telephone conversation with me, he asked that Barb and I show Ki a good time, if a party was to happen. Quickly, so fast that my stoned eyes almost missed it, Barb pulled Ki's bottoms from her while, at the same time, pushing her onto her back so that her legs were spread and over her shoulders. Pulling my shorts from my body, I knelt behind Barb, and pulling her hips up to meet my cock, I slowly slipped it into her very wet pussy, slowly pumping as she liked for me to do when fucking her doggy style.

My little control freak

group AntonandJolyn 2018-06-25

I heard a definite ‘yes’ from the couch but didn’t see who said it because I was looking at my wife already pulling my boxer down just the way she had with my jeans. I knew Janet and Christina couldn’t see exactly what happened there on account of the dress and the angle, but the thought of me almost entering my wife with two other women watching was still very exciting. I lost every thought in my head except the image of me fucking my wife on the living room table while two of her friends were sitting on our couch looking at us with joy on their faces.

The Silver Dress

group MindsEye 2018-06-25

“Hi, I’m Mia,” said this attractive lady who in the dim light of the restaurant could be mistaken for my wife, especially since she was now wearing her white blouse and dark skirt, as she sat down at our table. “Oh I’m happy to play, I could use a little excitement but I just didn’t want to intrude,” said Mia. “But if you’re sure, maybe I can take it up a notch as well,” and with that she undid two of the buttons on the white blouse, and leaned forward, giving me a beautiful view of her tanned and perky pointed breasts. Carole and I kissed over Mia’s shoulder, and I watched as Mia pulled the familiar zipper down on the back of silver dress.

One Lust Filled Night - Part 2

group gubica 2018-06-25

"How long have you been standing there?" I asked, as I reached for my skirt to try to cover myself. I hugged my skirt tighter to my body and realized as she came closer, I was backing up. I also realized she was standing over me and looking down at my body. I felt her leg brush against mine and realized she was moving my legs apart to stand between them. She brushed my lips with hers, and I felt my head come off the bed as I tried to follow her lips with mine. She again looked into my eyes, and, as she closed them, I felt her lips meet mine in a very passionate kiss.

Summer Time

group StTemplar 2018-06-25

The girl started flailing her hips against what I quickly realized was Naomi’s hand stroking her moist pussy. Naomi didn’t move, just settled there on top of me, her vaginal fluids dripping onto my testicles, while my erection continued to throb inside of her tight grip. Naomi’s hand stroked Jeanine’s clit and the small English woman started to ride me. Naomi pulled her mouth away from Jeanine’s and Jeanine gasped a scream of strangled pleasure as my hot sperm fired into her. “Have a good day, lover.” Her bikini panties were in her hand and she slipped past Naomi and stepped out of the cabana, leaving the door open.

My Wife and her Best Friend Lay a Trap...

group Bman8in 2018-06-24

She really looked hot, and at that moment, I just wanted to grab my wife and fuck her right there in the backyard; but then I took another look down Jenn's sun dress at her sweet, perky breasts and knew that I was going to have both these hot women before the night was out, and I wanted to start with Jenn! J said; "Jenn, you need to get naked, like me, before you start blowing my hubby!" "Scotty loves to play with my tits when I give him a blow job, and I'm sure that he'll want to do the same with you." While I continued to pound Jenny’s sweet pussy, I watched J expertly squeeze Jenn's breasts, pinching and sucking on her beautiful, full nipples like I had done earlier.

Friend and Lover

group CirceWand 2018-06-24

I can’t say I’m not flattered, and god-knows I’ll enjoy the play, but I have an idea, a twist to the tale if you like that might just help you decide.” My brain was whirring down a million paths, making hurried plans, and I was making it up as I went along. Shifting to the side so that Patrick could also see this amazing moment, the first time I intimately kissed a woman in front of him, I put my tongue at the bottom of her swollen pussy lips and licked all the way up in a smooth and gentle lap until I reached her bud.

In-Cyndi-ary Tryst

group FirstBlush 2018-06-23

A full length wall mirror just behind Cyndi’s head reflected her reclining landscape of jutting boobs, a valley of midriff, knuckle bulged lime green knickers, then Shy Guy's full frontal attitude rising like a lecherous Denali from between her thighs. While he corrected his distubed balance and considered his predicament, my right hand crept around and hovered millimeters from his hard shaft, close enough for him to feel its warmth but not its contact. While my strong hand clenched and pumped him, a fingertip from its supportive twin teased and feathered Cyndi's lube along his swollen head and just beneath it, mimicking the licks of her tongue.

Surprised by his girlfriend

group MelonHead 2018-06-23

He could feel his cock start to strain against his jeans and then even more as Hannah pulled off the other girl’s top revealing her large perky tits encased in a lacy white bra. As his mind turned back to the scene in front of him he saw Sarah sucking on Hannah’s clit as she slid two fingers back and forth in her now extremely wet pussy. Tom ran his hands over her tits and began to pinch her nipples; he forgot Sarah was there until he felt her mouth on his still hard cock. Tom could see Hannah’s tongue on Sarah’s clit as he fucked Hannah harder; her muffled groans of pleasure getting louder.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 10

group KennethPierce 2018-06-23

Naked as the day we were born, I took a moment to drink in every detail of Elizabeth’s incredibly sexy body, from the wine-dark nipples on her succulent breasts, to the delicately trimmed curls of hair between her legs, to the way her bright green eyes gazed longingly at my own body… Apparently, while they were out shopping for their prom dresses together, Liz, Talia, Corrine, Amy, and Stephanie had all splurged and bought themselves something sexy to wear for us when they got back to the hotel. I tried to stay focused on what I was doing, but there were way too many distractions: Talia licking my nipple, Amy groping my ass, Stephanie kissing my throat while I juggled her massive tits, my balls smacking against Corrine’s pussy while she passionately Frenched my girlfriend—


group MindsEye 2018-06-22

My wife Laura came to bed that night with her dark hair in pigtails and wearing the little school girl outfit, including Muriel’s little white panties. “This is just like a very small penis Muriel, you need to feel comfortable putting this in your mouth, licking and sucking it, like I did to you.” Muriel held out her tongue as Laura used her hands to open up her vagina and pressed lightly against her face. It was as the two girls were locked in a passionate tongue kiss, that Laura took Muriel’s hand and guided it to my erection. Laura then explained to Muriel that this was just a natural lubricant and told the girl to rub her lips against my penis using the clear juice to help moisten them.

Wife's New Friend

group Pegasus4 2018-06-22

Nikki reached behind, grasping her own buttocks in each hand and pulled them apart to completely expose her pussy for Jay. Kneeling down, Jay kissed Nikki on each buttock then buried her face in her crack, licking and sucking at Nikki's pussy. It was such a horny sight to see my wife in stockings and high heels, standing with her legs apart and caressing her own breasts whilst another woman knelt before her, tongue fucking her. Jay then moved to the side and Nikki placed her face and shoulders down onto the bed, thrust her arse high in the air and placed her knees wide apart, making herself totally vulnerable as she completely exposed her cunt, already wet from my wife's tongue fucking.

No Regrets

group literot 2018-06-22

Paul withdrew from me even though I hadn’t cum and started to fuck Becks in the arse while I licked her pussy. Simon told me to take Paul's trousers off and expose his cock, one I was by now very familiar with, and suck it till it was hard (remember the guys used a pump so they were nearly always hard anyway). Simon then flipped me over like a doll so I was now on all fours facing Paul whose cock was standing straight up showing the viewer that he was really enjoying watching his pretty wife’s wet cunt getting nailed by this big stud. Despite the hanging around, I was able to watch Becks in a scene where both Simon and Paul fucked her at the same time with Simon in her pussy and Paul in her arse.

Jade And Her Sugar Daddy Adventures

group Mysteria27 2018-06-22

His name is Brad and he’s my kinky sugar daddy. Brad likes for me to pee right on his cock. I just listened and smiled and a few times during dinner, Brad put my hand on his cock. Anne pushed her hands into my panties and finger fucked my pussy while kissing me passionately. He pushed his cock deep inside of me and rode me hard, while I licked his wife’s pussy. After he was satisfied sucking the strap on, he walked over and knelt down and licked Anne's cunt of Stuart's cum. Ann got into the tub and put Brad's cock inside of herself. Eventually, Anne and Stuart left and Brad and myself went to bed.

The Adventures of Karen: Threesome

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-06-22

“The idea of smothering him with my cunt has a lot of appeal,” she answered as she straddled my face, slowly lowering herself until my nose parted her lips and my tongue came in contact with her clit. Rebecca dismounted, allowing Karen and I to kiss, passing the viscous liquid back and forth, smearing it on our lips and cheeks. She came almost instantly, moaning at first, then screaming, followed by her clasping cunt milking my cock until it replied with a burst of its own, filling her cavern with lust quenching sperm. Rebecca emerged from between Karen’s thighs, her face shimmering with cum, asked, “What are you cooking us for dinner Grey?

The Birthday Gift

group ClarkRoberts 2018-06-22

Ashley began to move her fingers inside me and I pressed my hips back at her, opening myself more, giving her better access to my pussy. Moving my hips back and forth, I rubbed my clit against the edge of the sink while Ashley slammed her fingers in and out of my pussy. Ashley kissed my bald pussy then she laid the flat of her tongue against my agitated clit. After a moment, she pushed him away from her breasts and huskily said, “Doesn’t Melissa look beautiful and sexy, Lover?” When I felt his final spurt of cum, I reached between my legs and rapidly diddled my clit while Tyler’s cock was still buried in my pussy.

A spa break with a difference

group DAVESITFC3 2018-06-22

I was in heaven banging away at Eve’s pussy giving her another orgasm, I then turned her round so I could enter her from the rear, she knelt on the bench and I was soon back inside her banging away whilst Helen continued to finger my anus and massage my balls, this brought me to the edge myself and Helen sensed it. I joined the girls for dinner and sat with my wife who asked if I had a good sauna and remarked on my giving Helen and Eve a foot massage and thanked me for coming along. I asked the girls to change places and delighted in sucking Sarah’s tits whilst finger fucking her to a multiple orgasm as Amy deep throated me, the only person other than my wife to do this.

My Cabin of Solace-Part 4

group gubica 2018-06-22

Maple started to moan as Red and I started to twist the chopstix on her nipples, first one way then the other. "Here, you take the fork and I'll use this," Red said as she handed me the fork while she took the feather duster. I watched as Red took the feather duster and ran it across Maple's nipples. I could see Maple's tongue flick out to work on Red's pussy. I moved between Maple's legs and in one move I buried my cock deep inside the hottest pussy I have ever felt. I felt her arch her back and I knew that Red's tongue had found Maple's pussy and was hard at work.

A Night To Remember

group bikerbear600 2018-06-22

‘Yes ma’am,’ Debbie said sliding her hands up Sarah’s thighs to hook her fingers in her panties then slowly pulled them down her legs. Sarah pulled Debbie off her tits and pushed her hand away then kissed her deeply before flopping down on the sofa. Debbie’s breathing got harder as Sarah found the right spot on her clit and the pulses from the dildo in my bum got more frequent as Debbie neared orgasm. I watched from behind as Debbie eagerly sucked Sarah’s large clit into her mouth and pushed her arms out from under Sarah to finger fuck her. Or it did until Debbie slipped two fingers up Sarah’s arse and started to stroke my cock from inside!