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A Doctor Follows Orders

group WayneGibbous 2018-09-06

A day or two later, we were changing a bandage on a patient in her room, Jana across from me on the other side of the bed, and when I looked up and gazed down into her scrubs hanging open enough to show a beautiful golden breast and nipple as her bra dropped off her breast a bit. Before I really even thought about it, I heard my voice reply, "Sure, sounds nice." Her hand was on my back and as it slid down onto my butt, she said, softly, "Good, see you later, Phil," and went off down the hall leaving me with a massive hard-on and a massive fit of conscience.

I Forgot I Had A Dr's Appointment!

group discoflutterby 2018-08-16

The nurse stood up quickly, looking toward the door as I tried covering myself up....his eyes were really huge, taking in the scene but after a few seconds he slowly shut the door. I pulled up my shirt and started rolling my nipples between my fingers, grinding my pussy all over Katie's face. I knew I was close and brought my right hand down to rub my clit furiously as I was getting fucked really hard by the doctor, just as I heard Katie let out a long deep moan while slowly her own hips down over me, I could feel as she dripped her juices all over my face.

Student Nurses

group Dusty933 2018-04-19

Diane and Susan, two nursing school students were taking the class to fulfill requirements of their program. Diane also pulled off her shorts and climbed upon my throbbing cock, without warning I felt the soft wetness inside her as she moved to an even rhythm and I stroked Susan and at the same time nibbled at her breast. Susan moved to the floor in front of my chair after taking several tissues from the box on my desk, she said, "I'll tidy up a bit." I don't know who came first, Diane or me; perhaps it was simultaneous; however, I came like a cannon shot, so much so that Susan took my cock out of her mouth and spread cum around on her face.