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Crazy Love

group D4ddysG1rl 2018-11-05

Danny, G, Ray, Chris and Mike were all something like a good friend in college we shared a lot of great memories and it excited me to see them. Mike and I walked upstairs to an office he led me to the bathroom I did me and came out Mike was sitting on the desk he pulled inbetween his legs wrapping his arms around my waist his hands moved up my back to my face my body shivered at his touch like so many times before I felt his tongue part my lips and come into my mouth kissing him was like riding a bike you never forget how with ease we shared moist kissesĀ 

Can I Watch?

group Tammy_Nguyen_77 2018-10-31

Both Shawn and Jason would flirt with the cute little hotel maid every time they saw her, but Sarah knew they were just pretending to make themselves look straight to whoever happened to be around. Sarah was friendly with both Shawn and Jason, and she figured that at some time in the past year it had probably come up between them that they both knew the cute little maid, what they didn't know was that Sarah knew that they knew each other, Sarah thought she might be able to exploit that little piece of information. "Oooooh, I just don't know what I'm going to do, I'm all alone in a hotel room with two big...strong, why you could just take advantage of me." Sarah walked around behind them and ran her fingertips along their spines again making them tremble.

A High School Life to Remember Ch. 05

group GothGuy 2018-07-16

Although, it is nearly ten inches long, I manage to shove it deep within my throat since I have no need to breath." I look around the room and I can see each of the guys trying to conceal the fact that they are all rubbing their crotches as she tells the tale of Von Drom's blow job. I then look over to the other vampire males sitting around the table and motion for them to come forth, while still deep throating Von Drom's cock." Lindsay looks up to Hal, "its okay, go ahead and grab it." She looks to Matt and Rick, "You guys can fight over the other one, go for it." Matt's hand tries to encompass her breast, but it is too big.

A Shade of the Past Ch. 03

group NymzanSusauren 2017-11-19

"Then, I shall be leaving you to explore Tavis' jungles," Jibben stated. "Is he one of your old lovers, because he seemed to watch you mysteriously and you couldn't seem to look away from him?" Tavis sighed in irritation, but still didn't answer. "He said I should leave the Dragon Lands...indefinitely." The softness in his voice was the only indication of the turmoil Jibben's words caused inside of him. "He thinks the cat is the same creature that I knew once before in a Gypsy Circus. Jibben said the blind creature always puzzled him, and he knew for a fact he had lived too long to be a true cat." His wide eyes found her own.