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US Navy Nurses Are the Best

group frogprince 2018-12-03

I was lying in bed and two of the nurses came into my room before their duty shift started. Sam was a light brown haired, big breasted, wide hipped farm girl. Sam turned to Kelly and lifted her t-shirt over her head. Hands were stroking my cock up and down while I was feeling breasts with hard nipples. Sam had taken my cock into her mouth and I was feeling like I was in heaven. Kelly was sitting on my face with her pussy pushed against my mouth. Susan had come once as she watched Kelly Sam and me playing. It took a long time to heal so I spent the next 6 months enjoying Kelly Sam and Susan the nurses.

Taking Celine Properly

group ByronLord 2018-12-03

Celine looked at Eve, her eyes opened wide with desire as her hands claimed my wife's body. But Eve clasped my hand, keeping me close to her side, squeezing harder each time Celine drew a little gasp of ecstasy from her body. But Eve was not content to be passive and slid Celine round to take her in a 69, parting the girls legs to show me her virgin slit, open, wet and available. Eve came hard and rolled Celine onto her back to work her tongue on my wife's clit. Then Eve was kissing the girl as she cradled her in one arm while the other hand parted the her legs to guide my cock between her virgin thighs.

Vignettes: My First Threesome...

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-03

"I need to make a phone call," Marv said to us, "You two go on out there and get mellow; I'll be out shortly." Taking me by the hand, June led our naked bodies back to the tub on the deck, the steam rising from it as the night air moved in from the mountains. "Marv did this for us," she said as she pulled me into her bed with her, "and he'll watch us as we make love, you and me, okay?" her hand stroking me as I lay next to her, my mouth dropping to her breasts as she pulled my head to her chest.

Wife's New Friend

group Pegasus4 2018-12-03

Nikki reached behind, grasping her own buttocks in each hand and pulled them apart to completely expose her pussy for Jay. Kneeling down, Jay kissed Nikki on each buttock then buried her face in her crack, licking and sucking at Nikki's pussy. It was such a horny sight to see my wife in stockings and high heels, standing with her legs apart and caressing her own breasts whilst another woman knelt before her, tongue fucking her. Jay then moved to the side and Nikki placed her face and shoulders down onto the bed, thrust her arse high in the air and placed her knees wide apart, making herself totally vulnerable as she completely exposed her cunt, already wet from my wife's tongue fucking.

The Men's Locker Room Club - Part I

group angieseroticpen 2018-12-03

“The sort of woman who has a normal, healthy interest in joining a few naked guys in the shower for some fun!” He told her as he rested his hand on her shoulder again. Georgina looked down at her neat pile of clothing on the bench before stepping forward and following Brad down the aisle towards the shower area. She closed her eyes as the hot water streamed against her skin and then opened them again moments later when she felt hands against her body. Their touches were perfunctory at first; as if they were correctly washing her, but soon the fingers started to linger; hands rested on places of sensuous flesh; fingers penetrated areas of privacy and hard male flesh pressed itself against her body.

Bless A Fantasy

group myself 2018-12-03

Closing her eyes, she felt herself pulse from the nights sex and thought about her man and how she loved to be with him. She had mastered the suck and fuck with her mouth but not until now had she felt her hand jack his shaft to orgasm. She saw her man's face full of amazement and heard the sounds he'd make as he slammed into her full bodied, his blood red cock held perfecty by an expert. The sweat poured from his body and hers, as the cool one behind entered with his cock reaching in front, regaining control of her man's cock, jacking him away from her and into himself. She knew the man was in him completely and felt the tear of the cock shoved in her.

Accidental Foursome Pt2

group Headsupmax 2018-12-02

I took Eve by the hand and headed for the door and said, “I’m gonna need some help getting these on.” We went to her cabin and she put the “Do Not Disturb” sign in the outside key slot before she came back over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a long, luscious, toe-curling kiss. “Oh please stop!” she moaned loudly, “You’re gonna make me come and I don’t want it to be over yet!” I withdrew my hand from her pussy and moved back up to start kissing her when she placed her hands on top of my head and pushed down gently.

A Bride's Awakening

group seeker4 2018-12-01

When the DJ segued into another tune, we retreated to a back booth where Marcy was making out with Danny’s buddy Rob. My friend’s top was undone allowing Rob’s hand inside to play with her big tits. I mean, I’ve been wrestling a bit with my feelings recently; wondering if there were things I was missing or giving up by marrying Curt now but …,” I hesitated, looking for words, “But now I know there are. Marcy sat on the side of the tub next to Danny and gave him a kiss, her hand stroking his erect cock, which was now glistening with my saliva. As I began sucking his friend, Danny took me from behind, driving his thick cock into my pussy with a single firm thrust.

Rough Trade

group Sleepyhead707 2018-12-01

Her left hand massages my sac and it’s all too much, her skill is immense and I can’t hold back, spilling my come deep down her throat before she pulls me out of her mouth and allows the last of my load to splatter all over her nose and cheeks. My flaccid penis is soon making it’s way back to full erection, I want Evie so badly, and the thought of Pippa and Sylvia watching makes the whole situation so much more erotic. I thrust hard and bury my bone hard cock deep inside Evie, making her cry out, her fingers digging into the bed sheets, a contorted look on her face, teeth gritted.

Kerrie’s Journey: Chapter 9: Dinner at Gemma’s—I enjoy three cocks and lose my anal virginity.

group AussieMike 2018-12-01

Looking up, Brenda caught my eye, smiled and mouthed: “feeling good?” As if he was responding to his wife’s question, Paul pushed two fingers into me and finger fucked me for a few minutes before withdrawing his fingers. He is an amazing fuck.” My pussy continued to twitch with small mini climaxes as I felt Simon begin to subside and slip from me. The variety of sexual stimulation I had received from Brenda’s prehensile and wicked tongue, her husband’s cock in both my mouth and pussy and then Simon fucking me with his incredible knob had left not only my pussy and surrounds very sensitive but had aroused my whole body.

Watching My Girlfriend In Her Room Part 2

group frogprince 2018-12-01

Elin wanted to have more right then but Dylan and Steve needed to slow things down and recover. Dylan bit at and pulled Elin’s lower lip sucking it deep into her mouth. Dylan rose up off Elin’s left breast and moved back to her mouth sucking her tongue again. Dylan spread Elin’s lips and plunged two fingers deep into Elin’s throbbing hot wet pussy. Dylan pulled off Steve and slid up the bed rolling over getting up on her hands and knees. Steve got on his knees and grabbed Dylan’s hips plunging his cock deep into her waiting hot wet throbbing pussy. He was moving fast and Elin was munching Dylan with three fingers deeply in her pussy stroking Dylan’s g-spot.

The First of Many Ch. 11

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-01

By the time Teri had joined us again, I had just finished filling Rick in on the past several years of Ree and me and of our involvement in the swinging scene in our city. Looking at each other with that, "you've got to be fucking kidding me expression", Rick, chivalrous as ever, said to Teri that he'd be back in an hour and we should get a jump start on the 'stoning'. I felt a shift on the bed, feeling Rick moving to a kneeling position near Teri's head, and I broke off our kiss and moved my mouth to her now wide-opened legs, to her pussy.

Afterschool Rendevous

group KittyKatLuvsU 2018-12-01

"Miss Lauren...," she says quietly, walking over, pulling her dress over her head. I pull her into my lap, and start thrusting against her round butt, and I hear her moan. She pulls away slightly, and grips my boobs, and starts to tease me, licking circles around my hard nipples, her smooth tounge flickering over them. I climb onto the desk and pull Jason to me, wrapping my legs around his waist, and Ms. Henzi takes his cock fully into her mouth. I start to hump his back, and hearing his moans turn me on even more.I get off the desk and put my fingers into my warmth. She puts her head between my warm thighs, and I feels her tounge roaming over my clit, licking that special spot.


Truth Or Dare - Chapter Two

group TeilaWolfe 2018-11-30

remember how Gary asked me if I’d ever thought about kissing you?” Samantha blushes and looks away briefly until Lucy answers. Lucy and Gary watch as Corey pushes forward, filling Samantha as they both groan in pleasure. Lucy looks back at Samantha and she nods at her while letting out a huge moan as Corey slams into her hard. Fred starts to rub himself harder than ever as he watches Corey fuck Samantha from behind, and cute little Lucy sucking Gary like a pro. Fred, Corey, and Samantha all watch in fascination as Gary starts to fuck Lucy. Gary lets out as gasp as Lucy digs her nails into his back, He lets out a low moan as she groans in pleasure, feeling him fill her tight pussy over and over.

Camryn and the five Firefighters

group jazzman1975 2018-11-30

Her legs were pulled apart wide so another two guys could lick her pussy and I put my cock inside her mouth and started to fuck her face. The guys handcuffed her back up and asked if she wanted to try a cock up her ass. Camryn looked slightly shocked as this would be the first time she had tried anal, but she couldn't resist an offer like this and turned to us guys and told us to fuck her ass like a dirty slut she is. With her legs slightly open and standing on tiptoes as she was bent over the table, the rest of us started cheering and egging our friend on to fuck her ass hard.

Best Friends Go Wrong Part 1

group sexwriter 2018-11-30

"Even if Dave's so sexy," Orla giggled, throwing her head back in delight of the memory of my brother's body. "Girl, you look like a sexy bitch!" Orla exclaimed. "So, me, Orla, and Lily are having some fun...who wants to come? If any of you guys are interested, go to our dorm." Corny was confident. It must've been hard for Corny to concentrate and fuck my pussy since Orla was fucking her so damn good. Corny was moaning while she licked me, and before I knew it, cum came rushing out of my pussy. No one told me to move, so I didn't-when Orla and Corny shifted away with some other guys for some hardcore fucking.

Luke's Lesson

group Iszofia 2018-11-30

Liss wriggled her hand between her body and my arm, finding my increasingly wet pussy, she sighed, expert fingers descended on my clit, making me moan and writhe against her. Luke was a sweet guy but he wasn’t taking the time to pleasure Liss and focus on the other important parts of her pussy, not just the clit and let's not forget the perineum and the salacious back entry. I cried out as her tongue, swirling in figure 8's, flicked at my clit. She embraced my engorged clit, sucking on it rhythmically. I cried out in rapture, moaning that “I’m gonna cum!" Liss held tightly onto my legs ensuring my pussy was secure against her mouth, while I writhe around on the bed.

The First of Many Ch. 01

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-29

Lying with her head next to mine, she stroked my flaccid cock gently, placing small kisses on my chest, on my nipples, getting me turned on again. "Would you like to?" I found myself suddenly saying, the quick mental image in my mind of her sucking Randy, giving me an instant erection. Sure enough, listening hard, I could hear the sounds as Ree began kissing and sucking Randy's dick. And as I watched, my own cock with a raging erection, I saw Ree's head jerk as he exploded his jism into her mouth and throat. Leaning down and kissing Randy on the lips, she turned and climbed back up the stairs, taking off her robe as she pulled me down onto the bed and mounted me.

The Beltane Code Part 1: Fire

group ByronLord 2018-11-29

As I was talking to Eve, her boyfriend Keith began kissing Sue. Eve just shrugged and said she was not the jealous type. Sue offers us Tom which I nervously decline, Eve asked if I minded and I tell her to go ahead. A few minutes later everyone but me is naked and Tom’s tongue is licking Eve’s breasts while Keith has parted Sue’s legs and is kissing her private place. Eve gives me a look of encouragement and opening her legs, parts her labia for me to see a fifth gold ring in her private place. The soft words of encouragement from Tom. But I was soon lost in the moment with the sight of arms and legs and pricks and vaginas and my fingers on my clit.

Manly Maiden Voyage

group eroticeli 2018-11-28

I use my hands, my fingers, my lips, tongue, even carefully slide the edges of my teeth against your swollen head and shaft. After a few minutes of fucking you with his fingers, he has us pause long enough to slide his cock in with yours, stretching my pussy wider than she's ever been before! I'm practically jumping on the bed before my head falls back, my hair sliding down James' chest, and I let loose an ear splitting howl of pure unadulterated pleasure. Then I suck my fingers and slide them into your tight ass before taking both your balls into my mouth at the same time! You slide between them and slowly, gently guide your thick cock inside my tight eager little ass.

A Day At The Waterfall 1

group r5taylor5 2018-11-27

My wife, Lilly and I were out with a couple of friends of ours, Amanda and Chase, to have a cook out and a few drinks. After a few more minutes I thought Id let Lilly know she'd been showing off before she caught them looking at her, got embarrassed and wanted to go home. I didn’t want to stop because I was so close to cumming so I whispered in my wife’s ear that we had company and she said, "I know. I told her I was going to fuck you under the waterfall before the day was up." Apparently Amanda had said she didn’t believe her and that if she did she wanted to watch.

Dorm Room Foursome

group skatrdrumboy 2018-11-27

It was then I got a great idea, I held her hand as she stroked my cock and asked her if she wanted to meet my roommates girlfriend and roommate. It was then that I was introduced to anal sex, Shawn began fingering Aulií's pussy to get them nice and wet and spread her pussy juice to her ass. They continued on for several moments building up from one fingering to two until finally Aulií grabbed Shawn's hand and said "Fuck my ass". It was then after my fingers had gone to the knuckle that she pulled away and said "it's our turn" so positioned myself behind her and slowly inserted my cock into her virgin ass.

Her First Bi-Sexual Experience

group rockhard247 2018-11-27

My wife is rubbing Julie’s breasts over her shirt and Julie has a handful of my wife’s ass. They make their way to the bed and my wife rips Julie’s bra off and slides her thong to the floor. Julie starts to moan and claw at my wife’s back while her pussy is getting munched. She stands up and begins to undress my wife pretty quickly. She removes her bra, releases her large tits and immediately starts sucking on a very erect nipple. Julie then lays my wife on the bed and spreads her legs wide and begins to flick her clit with her tongue ring! My wife begins to squirt again, soaking the edge of the bed, as she continues to suck my cock, never missing a beat.

Professional Courtesy - Second Assignment

group Tashtego 2018-11-27

Based on what Olivia, the wife, had said that night, Jennifer was expecting a return engagement with Jamal. Jennifer smiled at Olivia, expecting Jamal to appear again with a towel around his waist. “Drink up and stand here in front of me,” said Jennifer, removing her blazer and plopping into a cushioned chair, “We need to get to know each other. Jennifer tried to execute a sexy smile and got on her knees, motioning with her index finger for Jack to come forward. “Ryan, I’m going to suck you cousin’s dick and make him come in my mouth,” she said, looking at his dangling, semi-hard member. It slid up and down, which felt lovely, but Jennifer knew what Jack was trying to accomplish.