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The Ups and Downs of Massage

group ANcpl 2018-01-30

The entry fee included an introductory foot and leg massage, so when two male and two female masseurs arrived, we lay back, closed our eyes, and enjoyed the attention. Later, when I told my husband what happened, he couldn’t believe it. Boobs oiled, he dismissed them and lowered the towel to my thighs, took a good look at my shaven pussy and began to rub oil on my tummy. When my husband told him to leave, he didn’t seem to understand why, but knew something was wrong and left with his tail between his legs. He didn’t need to feel my juices to know how turned on I was, but when he did, he pushed two fingers inside me.

The Men's Locker Room Club - Part I

group angieseroticpen 2018-01-30

“The sort of woman who has a normal, healthy interest in joining a few naked guys in the shower for some fun!” He told her as he rested his hand on her shoulder again. Georgina looked down at her neat pile of clothing on the bench before stepping forward and following Brad down the aisle towards the shower area. She closed her eyes as the hot water streamed against her skin and then opened them again moments later when she felt hands against her body. Their touches were perfunctory at first; as if they were correctly washing her, but soon the fingers started to linger; hands rested on places of sensuous flesh; fingers penetrated areas of privacy and hard male flesh pressed itself against her body.

Lust in a cold climate

group Scottishlass 2018-01-30

It was just before my 17th birthday when I met Paul (my future husband) while he was out walking with my cousin Alan in our local park. The evening I first met Paul we kissed and intimately fondled each other while Allan watched. When Paul freed my breasts he invited Alan to join him in playing with them. Several days later, on my 17th birthday, Paul told me that he and Allan wanted to give me a special present and asked me to meet them in the park shelter where I’d initially masturbated them. Climbing between my open legs Paul swiftly made me an ex-virgin as I greedily sucked on my cousins cock. After Allan had climaxed, Paul took over once more.

My Sexual Adventures: Part One

group oceanoflove 2018-01-29

All of a sudden Gary had his hand down my shorts; I went to push it away, when Paul started touching my breasts and kissing my neck. Gary then started necking me and feeling my breasts, my nipples were hard and with Paul licking my pussy, I knew it wouldn't belong before I came. I could feel my orgasm building in me, Gary was kissing my neck and couldn't keep his hands off my breasts while Paul was stroking my clit, neither of them stopped until I came. at that exact moment Paul gasped as he came in my pussy; the feeling of his cock explode inside me tipped me over the edge and I came for a second time.

A Bride's Awakening

group seeker4 2018-01-29

When the DJ segued into another tune, we retreated to a back booth where Marcy was making out with Danny’s buddy Rob. My friend’s top was undone allowing Rob’s hand inside to play with her big tits. I mean, I’ve been wrestling a bit with my feelings recently; wondering if there were things I was missing or giving up by marrying Curt now but …,” I hesitated, looking for words, “But now I know there are. Marcy sat on the side of the tub next to Danny and gave him a kiss, her hand stroking his erect cock, which was now glistening with my saliva. As I began sucking his friend, Danny took me from behind, driving his thick cock into my pussy with a single firm thrust.

Calling Party Of Three – Part One

group Poppet 2018-01-29

His mouth, his fingers, and his cock all the pleasure I can’t hold back I let out a long whining moan that rings out his name full of passion feeling my orgasm explode hard around him. I can feel how tight my throat is around his thick cock as he growls out a long moan before taking my head in a tighter grip and begins to fuck my mouth. I feel the pressure of Ryan slamming deep into my hot tight pussy while Chris fucks my throat. Ryan climbs onto the bed and comes to straddle my face, letting his cock tease my lips as I stick my tongue out gently licking him lightly like a kitten wanting milk.

Bank holiday camp pt8

group BiUKSwinger 2018-01-29

I must admit it did feel really good and the tingling sensations that ran right through my body soon had me relax and fully enjoying the fucking I was getting from her. Mandy was now shafting me quicker as she gripped my hips, and with each thrust, I let out groans of pleasure. I felt so strange to not only have a man fuck me but to cum inside me too! Mandy recovered from her orgasm and climbed to the bottom of the bed taking over from where Dave had been, and then she opened my ass cheeks. I really enjoyed it, besides I could have said no and stopped it,” I smiled at Mandy and kissed her while giving her hand a little squeeze in a reassuring way.

Erika Goes Pro

group thatguy625 2018-01-28

There was not a table I walked by that didn’t reach out and grab my ass, squeeze a breast, or even try to pull my thong away from my body. I got off the bed and approached Max. He was rubbing his cock through his jeans but moved his hands when I got there to let me take over. Looks like she might need some of that dick soon!” Sheila said. Don’t you worry, between my fingers and Max’s skill, were going to get the think all the way up inside you tonight!” Sheila told me. The next several minutes consisted of Max fucking me in earnest while Sheila straddled my body facing me and kissing me passionately.

The Beltane Code Part 1: Fire

group ByronLord 2018-01-26

As I was talking to Eve, her boyfriend Keith began kissing Sue. Eve just shrugged and said she was not the jealous type. Sue offers us Tom which I nervously decline, Eve asked if I minded and I tell her to go ahead. A few minutes later everyone but me is naked and Tom’s tongue is licking Eve’s breasts while Keith has parted Sue’s legs and is kissing her private place. Eve gives me a look of encouragement and opening her legs, parts her labia for me to see a fifth gold ring in her private place. The soft words of encouragement from Tom. But I was soon lost in the moment with the sight of arms and legs and pricks and vaginas and my fingers on my clit.

My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 14

group LuvitAll 2018-01-26

  While I was pushing my tongue into her nipple, I felt her hands hold my breasts and start rubbing them.   I pressed in and rubbed her in a wider circle, feeling her lips roll around in my palm and her lubrication leak into my hand.   I folded my thumb back and rested it against her clitoris and then just held my hand there, rippling my fingers against her lips and rubbing my thumb back and forth across her clit. She pushed down and rubbed herself harder onto my hand; side to side and back and forth while she sucked on my nipple and held my breasts.   I love the feeling of having my tits pulled away from my body by the nipples.

Not-So-Much Sleep Over

group jacker122 2018-01-25

So we started out with movies, joking around, and a little gossip until about 11 when we were yelled at to go to bed by Chase and Lauren's dad. Lauren said, "Me and Ashley have been checkin' each others pussies out and were wondering about sex since were both virgins." "And?" I said. Chase went over to Ashley and took her by the had to the air mattress at the foot of Lauren's bed. Then he ate me out for 5 minutes and we've been making out ever since." "Sorry, Ash, I really am but it was my first time!" "It was his to, but we actually did it for 45 minuets after a handjob, and after he ate my pussy!" Lauren exclaimed laughing at her brother's expense.

The Initiation

group swingsbothways42 2018-01-25

I continued to perform my oral manipulations on the pussy in my face and the hand on my cock was soon replaced by a very wet, very warm mouth that began a slow, gentle up and down motion on me until I was right on the verge of blowing my load and she stopped. As the new cock began to invade her body, Kim started with “ohhhhhhh” and as it slowly moved farther up she progressed to “Unhhhhh, Unhhhhh,” and when it had penetrated her completely she no longer was having orgasms, she was an orgasm.

Traveling for work

group quietmischief 2018-01-25

The game then seemed to take a turn as she motioned for him to lean a little closer and asked, “One night stand or friend with benefits?” Leaning closer to her, Matt got a quick smell of her perfume, which, combined with her question, sent a jolt of electricity all the way through him. They had all gotten a little carried away with their game, and Steph said that she and Kevin were going out to eat, and they had just stopped by to let Matt know that they wouldn’t be home for a while. don’t want you to think I’m some cheap slut.” That brought Matt down a little bit, but he still was looking forward to seeing Camryn in a swimsuit… and wet...

Sorority Slumber Party ~ Part 1a

group gela08 2018-01-24

Amy got up and asked me how I felt about eating pussy.  I told her that I was nervous and that I wouldn't know what to do.  Amy told Mercedes to re-position herself so that her beautifully shaved pussy was right over my face.  Amy rubbed Mercedes pussy and guided her to my face.  I thought about all the movies I had watched and decided what was the worst I could do.  This is the crazy part.  I actually knew what to do.  I pulled Mercedes down on my face and began to suck on her clit.  Her juices were so sweet.  It was like sweet nectar.  I was feeling so good, I felt high.  Mercedes tightened up her body and her sweet white juice ran down my face and neck.  Mercedes must of felt high too, because at that moment when she came she bent down to complete our  first 69 position.  I was raising up my hips to meet her sexy face.  All you could hear is slurping and sucking.  Amy was sitting on the bed next to us rubbing her own clit.

First Night at A Swingers Club

group Pegasus4 2018-01-24

The couple who were watching us went around to the other side of the bed and the woman, now completely naked moved onto bed alongside Jackie whilst her partner joined her, kissing her on the mouth and working his way down her body gradually until his head was between her legs, kissing and licking her clit and slipping his finger into her sopping wet pussy. I had now moved between Jay’s legs and Jackie had my cock in her hand, guiding me towards Jay. Matt had reached over and was caressing Jay’s tits, teasing and stroking her nipples. Whilst the man fucked her, thrusting hard into her, she reached forward and stroked my buttocks, working her fingers between my legs to caress my balls as my cock moved in and out of Jay’s wet pussy.

Lola's First Summer Camp

group ChrisBozak 2018-01-23

Her desperation grew over the last months, and she decided to try this no-strings-attached summer camp, far away from anybody who could know her, deep in the hills on the opposite side of the country. After five minutes Lola felt that enough time had passed so that she didn’t run into Greg and his fuck-friends. Lola didn’t understand a word, and she also did not see the badges, but John got up from Jill and let the Asian woman sit on her face. At the same time, Jill kept her own legs wide apart, and Lola saw her nicely shaved, wet pussy glistening in the sun. “It is play time!” he announced and moved over Jill, slowly getting down between her legs while John was eagerly pounding Naomi from behind.

Accidental Foursome Pt2

group Headsupmax 2018-01-23

I took Eve by the hand and headed for the door and said, “I’m gonna need some help getting these on.” We went to her cabin and she put the “Do Not Disturb” sign in the outside key slot before she came back over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a long, luscious, toe-curling kiss. “Oh please stop!” she moaned loudly, “You’re gonna make me come and I don’t want it to be over yet!” I withdrew my hand from her pussy and moved back up to start kissing her when she placed her hands on top of my head and pushed down gently.

The First of Many Ch. 11

group boo_dreaux 2018-01-23

By the time Teri had joined us again, I had just finished filling Rick in on the past several years of Ree and me and of our involvement in the swinging scene in our city. Looking at each other with that, "you've got to be fucking kidding me expression", Rick, chivalrous as ever, said to Teri that he'd be back in an hour and we should get a jump start on the 'stoning'. I felt a shift on the bed, feeling Rick moving to a kneeling position near Teri's head, and I broke off our kiss and moved my mouth to her now wide-opened legs, to her pussy.

Christmas Break

group PA_Mike 2018-01-23

Brenda didn’t seem comfortable, so I said, “Hey guys, maybe you two should take it elsewhere.” They laughed and went to Aaron’s room. They stopped and looked at me, Darlene still on her knees reached out and grabbed Aaron’s cock squeezing it and said, “Hey baby, you can fuck me in a couple of minutes, but if Brenda is gonna let that nice cock just go to waste, I want it!” Darlene pulled up and let my cock go and said, “Well, you want it? I know how much you like them.” said Darlene still riding Aaron and leaned forward smothering his face with her breasts. “Oh Brad, I didn’t know.” she said as she placed her hand on my cheek and started kissing me.


group Magical_felix 2018-01-22

I want to get in so bad, food can wait." Melanie looked Jack in the eye, bit her lower lip and began to undress. Jack noticed Melanie arching her back and bringing her legs closer together, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as Bridgette continued to tongue fuck her. Jack held the camera out to the side to film Melanie's face between Bridgette's creamy white ass cheeks and tried not cum down her throat right then and there. "Oh fuck!" Bridgette removed the cock in her mouth to say when she felt Melanie wiggle her tongue up her clenched asshole as droplet of Jack's pre-cum fell on her cheek.

Manly Maiden Voyage

group eroticeli 2018-01-22

I use my hands, my fingers, my lips, tongue, even carefully slide the edges of my teeth against your swollen head and shaft. After a few minutes of fucking you with his fingers, he has us pause long enough to slide his cock in with yours, stretching my pussy wider than she's ever been before! I'm practically jumping on the bed before my head falls back, my hair sliding down James' chest, and I let loose an ear splitting howl of pure unadulterated pleasure. Then I suck my fingers and slide them into your tight ass before taking both your balls into my mouth at the same time! You slide between them and slowly, gently guide your thick cock inside my tight eager little ass.

Calling Party Of Three – Part Two

group Poppet 2018-01-22

He teases me slowly unlike what I’m doing to Sam. I can feel her grind her pussy onto my face while I suck on her clit. Ryan slips his tongue into my slit and takes my clit into his mouth and chews on it lightly sliding a finger inside me hooking it upwards and fingers me deeply finding my g-spot with no issues. Ryan takes this with stride moving to take her place where she once sat and slide his cock into my mouth, a lot like he had when Chris was fucking me. She lets out a whimpering moan, her hips buck up once more feeling her orgasm hard around her toy, sucking it deeper into her pussy.

Dark Desires

group White68Black 2018-01-21

My fling with Neil and his flatmate Sally started me off on my adventures exploring my dark desires. Neil pulled me onto the bed and kissed his way down my body. He looked up into my eyes, I noticed, felt, that however amazing the sex between was going to be there was a darker suppressed side to Neil. I was pulled back to the reality of the situation as I felt the tip Neil's tongue on my clit, circling, teasing. As my orgasm started to fade I found Neil’s eyes, again I caught the look; even in a moment of intense shared pleasure he was fantasizing, contemplating other desires. “Lovely to meet you Sally, Neil didn’t say he had a flat mate.”

Camryn and the five Firefighters

group jazzman1975 2018-01-20

Her legs were pulled apart wide so another two guys could lick her pussy and I put my cock inside her mouth and started to fuck her face. The guys handcuffed her back up and asked if she wanted to try a cock up her ass. Camryn looked slightly shocked as this would be the first time she had tried anal, but she couldn't resist an offer like this and turned to us guys and told us to fuck her ass like a dirty slut she is. With her legs slightly open and standing on tiptoes as she was bent over the table, the rest of us started cheering and egging our friend on to fuck her ass hard.