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Cloister House Part 3: Sin and Consequence

group firstdisobedience 2018-03-05

I was conscious of an approval from a different source on our walks; as we listened to her husband discourse on the floral structure of some rare spring bloom, I would often catch Lady Lively's eye appraising me while she lifted some soft flower before her full lips to inhale its scent. Lively, his breathing now ragged, thrust faster and faster as his wife sucked greedily at his cock; as he gazed at my come dripping from his wife's juicy cunt, he spent loudly into her mouth. I merely nodded; almost dumbfounded at what had just happened, I took my leave quickly, lingering just long enough to catch Lady Lively's sly smile on my way out of the room. 

Truth Or Dare - Chapter Two

group TeilaWolfe 2018-03-04

remember how Gary asked me if I’d ever thought about kissing you?” Samantha blushes and looks away briefly until Lucy answers. Lucy and Gary watch as Corey pushes forward, filling Samantha as they both groan in pleasure. Lucy looks back at Samantha and she nods at her while letting out a huge moan as Corey slams into her hard. Fred starts to rub himself harder than ever as he watches Corey fuck Samantha from behind, and cute little Lucy sucking Gary like a pro. Fred, Corey, and Samantha all watch in fascination as Gary starts to fuck Lucy. Gary lets out as gasp as Lucy digs her nails into his back, He lets out a low moan as she groans in pleasure, feeling him fill her tight pussy over and over.

Christmas Break

group PA_Mike 2018-03-04

Brenda didn’t seem comfortable, so I said, “Hey guys, maybe you two should take it elsewhere.” They laughed and went to Aaron’s room. They stopped and looked at me, Darlene still on her knees reached out and grabbed Aaron’s cock squeezing it and said, “Hey baby, you can fuck me in a couple of minutes, but if Brenda is gonna let that nice cock just go to waste, I want it!” Darlene pulled up and let my cock go and said, “Well, you want it? I know how much you like them.” said Darlene still riding Aaron and leaned forward smothering his face with her breasts. “Oh Brad, I didn’t know.” she said as she placed her hand on my cheek and started kissing me.

A Bride's Awakening

group seeker4 2018-03-04

When the DJ segued into another tune, we retreated to a back booth where Marcy was making out with Danny’s buddy Rob. My friend’s top was undone allowing Rob’s hand inside to play with her big tits. I mean, I’ve been wrestling a bit with my feelings recently; wondering if there were things I was missing or giving up by marrying Curt now but …,” I hesitated, looking for words, “But now I know there are. Marcy sat on the side of the tub next to Danny and gave him a kiss, her hand stroking his erect cock, which was now glistening with my saliva. As I began sucking his friend, Danny took me from behind, driving his thick cock into my pussy with a single firm thrust.

Our First Threesome

group hornycouple 2018-03-03

Jason and Jeremy got back to the bed, both were naked and stroking their hard cocks while they watched me finger my pussy. Right before I could orgasm, Jason pulled back and shoved his cock into my pussy, fucking me so hard, bringing me right to the edge and ready to soak his cock with my my cum. Jason reached and grabbed my hair, making my head jerk up and told me to suck Jeremy’s cock, while he fucked my ass. I took Jeremy’s cock into my mouth slowly starting on the tip, until Jason rammed his cock so hard into my ass it caused me to jerk forward and take Jeremy’s cock into my mouth till I could feel the head on the back of my throat.

Traveling for work

group quietmischief 2018-03-03

The game then seemed to take a turn as she motioned for him to lean a little closer and asked, “One night stand or friend with benefits?” Leaning closer to her, Matt got a quick smell of her perfume, which, combined with her question, sent a jolt of electricity all the way through him. They had all gotten a little carried away with their game, and Steph said that she and Kevin were going out to eat, and they had just stopped by to let Matt know that they wouldn’t be home for a while. don’t want you to think I’m some cheap slut.” That brought Matt down a little bit, but he still was looking forward to seeing Camryn in a swimsuit… and wet...

Sarah - Part Seven

group mike8253 2018-03-03

Fortunately, Sarah finally joined us, played with Trish’s nipples, twisting and pulling on them, and then stuck her tongue in to lick my shaft while Trish sucked on just the head of my cock. “I want his cum!” Trish said, looking like a wild woman as she stroked my cock hard and fast and looked me in the eye. When the two stopped kissing, one or both had swallowed, and Trish returned to lick the remaining cum off of my shaft and her fingers while Sarah sucked on Trish’s nipples.

My Sexual Adventures: Part One

group oceanoflove 2018-03-02

All of a sudden Gary had his hand down my shorts; I went to push it away, when Paul started touching my breasts and kissing my neck. Gary then started necking me and feeling my breasts, my nipples were hard and with Paul licking my pussy, I knew it wouldn't belong before I came. I could feel my orgasm building in me, Gary was kissing my neck and couldn't keep his hands off my breasts while Paul was stroking my clit, neither of them stopped until I came. at that exact moment Paul gasped as he came in my pussy; the feeling of his cock explode inside me tipped me over the edge and I came for a second time.

The First of Many Ch. 11

group boo_dreaux 2018-03-01

By the time Teri had joined us again, I had just finished filling Rick in on the past several years of Ree and me and of our involvement in the swinging scene in our city. Looking at each other with that, "you've got to be fucking kidding me expression", Rick, chivalrous as ever, said to Teri that he'd be back in an hour and we should get a jump start on the 'stoning'. I felt a shift on the bed, feeling Rick moving to a kneeling position near Teri's head, and I broke off our kiss and moved my mouth to her now wide-opened legs, to her pussy.

The Dinner Party

group thelibrarian 2018-03-01

I excused myself from Lara, who gave me and Chloe a knowing smile and nod. I assumed she was going to get her coat, but she went straight back to the dining room, walked round the table, and sat back down next to Ben. Looking intensely in my eyes across the table, Chloe lent over to Ben and spoke at length in his ear. Chloe was looking directly at me as Ben continued probing with his right hand. Chloe slowly walked across the room towards Ben. She looked confident and was oozing a sex appeal that I'd never witnessed before. I looked to my right as Ben lifted Chloe’s legs further, took his dick in hand, and eased himself into her.

Memoirs of a Duchess, Part One

group Gabrielle_d_Estrées 2018-03-01

Perhaps it was the excess of wine she had taken at dinner, or the desire to prove that she - like her husband - was capable of seducing even the most unsuspecting servant-girl, or maybe it was simply the fact that Marie was sweet and Gabrielle, in that moment, wanted to take her innocence from her. Taking her free hand, Gabrielle gripped her sex through the girl’s dress, squeezing tightly."Do you like this, Marie?” “Do you know what is good about being with a woman, Marie?” The girl shook her head ‘no’ as Gabrielle began to undo the back of the girl’s dress. Using her fingers, Gabrielle parted the girl’s lips and made circles around the opening, all the while sucking on her clit gently, taking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue against it.

Erika Goes Pro

group thatguy625 2018-02-28

There was not a table I walked by that didn’t reach out and grab my ass, squeeze a breast, or even try to pull my thong away from my body. I got off the bed and approached Max. He was rubbing his cock through his jeans but moved his hands when I got there to let me take over. Looks like she might need some of that dick soon!” Sheila said. Don’t you worry, between my fingers and Max’s skill, were going to get the think all the way up inside you tonight!” Sheila told me. The next several minutes consisted of Max fucking me in earnest while Sheila straddled my body facing me and kissing me passionately.

Wanna Swap? with Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-02-28

Kelly and Yvonne popped up without a moment of hesitation, walked around to each other’s position and went to work sucking the new cock in their mouth. About that time, literally just a couple of minutes after the swap, Patrick and Kelly got up and moved to a spot on the floor in front of the TV, kind of behind me, and with Kelly on her back and her knees pulled up, Patrick slid his dick right into Kelly’s sopping wet hole. By now I heard Kelly (with her wet, slippery, horny-as-hell all the time pussy) start her quick build to an orgasm. I got on my knees, moved up in front of Yvonne, she spread her knees far apart and I slid my cock all the way into her cunt in one stroke.

NIcole's Fantasy

group GabrielSweet 2018-02-28

When her tense muscles finally relax a little she take her mouth from Lee, lays her head down and looks behind her, "Put you cock in me, fuck me like you own me, make me your slut!" As if a switch is flipped, Nicole goes wild, bucking and pushing back against the cock inside her pussy, sucking and licking on Lee's prick like it was to save her life. While Aaron is fucking her cunt she lets Lee slip from her mouth and starts to stroke him faster and harder saying, "I love the taste of your cock, do you want to watch me drink your cum ......

The Ups and Downs of Massage

group ANcpl 2018-02-28

The entry fee included an introductory foot and leg massage, so when two male and two female masseurs arrived, we lay back, closed our eyes, and enjoyed the attention. Later, when I told my husband what happened, he couldn’t believe it. Boobs oiled, he dismissed them and lowered the towel to my thighs, took a good look at my shaven pussy and began to rub oil on my tummy. When my husband told him to leave, he didn’t seem to understand why, but knew something was wrong and left with his tail between his legs. He didn’t need to feel my juices to know how turned on I was, but when he did, he pushed two fingers inside me.

3 Way fun

group amped 2018-02-27

Cindy pulled me into a hug that had our hands roaming all over each others bodies then we starte pulling off our clothes, I turned to mary and pulled her skirt down pausing to take a long slow lick of her shaved pussy, While I was doing this Cindy had taken my cock back into her mouth and started sucking me again, I kept eating Mary and she was bucking up into my face moaning eat me ... I TOLD you how great a cock feels in your ass.  Cindy grabbed Mary and they were kissing agian..

Temptation by all

group Hot-Lesbian 2018-02-27

Mary followed Kayla to her dressing room, today was going to be the day where she would fuck her senseless. "Oooohhhh fuck yeah bitch keep doing that, force your tongue into my pussy yeeaahhh thats it, fuck it bitch, fuck it!!!" Mary screamed as she face fucked Kayla."Ooooh yea im going to cum bitch!!! Todd positioned himself behind Mary and started fucking her while she fucked Kayla, this lasted a few more minutes before they all came together and collapsed in a heap. Kayla would always remember the day she was gruesomely fucked by Todd and Mary but the best thing was she enjoyed every second of it.

Wife's New Friend

group Pegasus4 2018-02-26

Nikki reached behind, grasping her own buttocks in each hand and pulled them apart to completely expose her pussy for Jay. Kneeling down, Jay kissed Nikki on each buttock then buried her face in her crack, licking and sucking at Nikki's pussy. It was such a horny sight to see my wife in stockings and high heels, standing with her legs apart and caressing her own breasts whilst another woman knelt before her, tongue fucking her. Jay then moved to the side and Nikki placed her face and shoulders down onto the bed, thrust her arse high in the air and placed her knees wide apart, making herself totally vulnerable as she completely exposed her cunt, already wet from my wife's tongue fucking.

Calling Party Of Three – Part Two

group Poppet 2018-02-26

He teases me slowly unlike what I’m doing to Sam. I can feel her grind her pussy onto my face while I suck on her clit. Ryan slips his tongue into my slit and takes my clit into his mouth and chews on it lightly sliding a finger inside me hooking it upwards and fingers me deeply finding my g-spot with no issues. Ryan takes this with stride moving to take her place where she once sat and slide his cock into my mouth, a lot like he had when Chris was fucking me. She lets out a whimpering moan, her hips buck up once more feeling her orgasm hard around her toy, sucking it deeper into her pussy.

Bank Holiday Camp Part 5

group BiUKSwinger 2018-02-26

I moved to the other side of them all and watched as Eric began pushing the engorged head of his cock into Dan's arsehole. Eric was circumcised and just where the head of his cock meets the shaft was a slightly thicker rim, and as this disappeared into the rear passage it was pressing against, Dan let out a soft moan. “You had never been sucked by a guy either until tonight hun, and I would love to see you fuck Dan,” Mandy said with a devilish look in her eyes, as she licked the last of the remaining cum from her lips. Mandy had a hand on my ass pushing me in deeper with each thrust, and then she sucked one of her fingers and I felt it probing my own butt ring.

Her First Bi-Sexual Experience

group rockhard247 2018-02-26

My wife is rubbing Julie’s breasts over her shirt and Julie has a handful of my wife’s ass. They make their way to the bed and my wife rips Julie’s bra off and slides her thong to the floor. Julie starts to moan and claw at my wife’s back while her pussy is getting munched. She stands up and begins to undress my wife pretty quickly. She removes her bra, releases her large tits and immediately starts sucking on a very erect nipple. Julie then lays my wife on the bed and spreads her legs wide and begins to flick her clit with her tongue ring! My wife begins to squirt again, soaking the edge of the bed, as she continues to suck my cock, never missing a beat.

The nymphs of summer

group DanielG 2018-02-26

"Looks like you are feeling good," said the taller of them, a blonde girl in jeans shorts and a white tank-top. I was thinking for a brief moment and came to the conclusion that this could be as good as it could get, but the risk was that the girls were a bit too skillful and that I soon would be sitting there butt naked, with a big, hard cock between my legs, impossible to hide. I turned around and she went down on me and took my cock as deep as she could in her soft mouth and started to suck like her life depended on it. I squeezed Clarissa’s amazing tits and felt how Jenna played with my glands between Clarissa's slippery pussy lips.

Lola's First Summer Camp

group ChrisBozak 2018-02-24

Her desperation grew over the last months, and she decided to try this no-strings-attached summer camp, far away from anybody who could know her, deep in the hills on the opposite side of the country. After five minutes Lola felt that enough time had passed so that she didn’t run into Greg and his fuck-friends. Lola didn’t understand a word, and she also did not see the badges, but John got up from Jill and let the Asian woman sit on her face. At the same time, Jill kept her own legs wide apart, and Lola saw her nicely shaved, wet pussy glistening in the sun. “It is play time!” he announced and moved over Jill, slowly getting down between her legs while John was eagerly pounding Naomi from behind.

First Night at A Swingers Club

group Pegasus4 2018-02-24

The couple who were watching us went around to the other side of the bed and the woman, now completely naked moved onto bed alongside Jackie whilst her partner joined her, kissing her on the mouth and working his way down her body gradually until his head was between her legs, kissing and licking her clit and slipping his finger into her sopping wet pussy. I had now moved between Jay’s legs and Jackie had my cock in her hand, guiding me towards Jay. Matt had reached over and was caressing Jay’s tits, teasing and stroking her nipples. Whilst the man fucked her, thrusting hard into her, she reached forward and stroked my buttocks, working her fingers between my legs to caress my balls as my cock moved in and out of Jay’s wet pussy.