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Not an Ordinary Checkup

group McDee123 2018-12-04

"These are my medical students, Rachel and Ben. Do you mind if they assist me today?" he asked. As Rachel continued finger-fucking my pussy and Ben rubbed my clit like its never been done before, Dr. Neil came up to my chest and fondled my bare breast. "I can feel your vagina is nice and tight, no problem observed here," Dr. Neil grunted as he thrust his massive cock in and out of my pussy. She stepped off my face and went over to Ben. She took his cock out of my hand and told me to enjoy the ride. Rachel kneeled in front of Ben, and before taking his whole cock into her mouth, she said, "Ive always wanted to taste you."

Falling in Love?

group ian69 2018-12-04

Jake, my best friend from uni, was next to her on the sofa while his girlfriend, Nicky, sucked his cock, She was showing off by opening her lips so we could see her tongue in action. I continued to lick Ann, lightly and quickly over her clit and then starting low down, licking along the length of her pussy lips and then pushing my tongue in deep to enjoy the flavour. I started to concentrate on kissing and fingering Nicky and Jake took over pleasing Ann by playing with her pussy. I put my hand on Jake’s ass and pushed him forward into Ann. He didn’t resist and I watched his big cock slide into Ann’s pussy. Jake started to hammer into Ann, eyes closed, taking in the feeling of her tight wet pussy round his cock.

My Sweet Slut

group Mysteria27 2018-12-03

Roxanne rubbed her pussy, while I fucked her ass hard. Roxanne was fingering her pussy, moving her fingers in and out of that tight cunt, while I held her hips and fucked her so hard she actually moved up a few inches. Jack was fucking her ass really hard, while Robert was getting his cock sucked. Jack pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got off my cock. Jack got on the bed and Roxanne eased her pussy down on his cock. Roxanne started to come and Jack thrusted up into her pussy and filled her with a pile of cream. Robert pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got comfortable on the bed.

Joyce and Me at the Cape Part 1

group frogprince 2018-12-02

I want to grab her head and stop her, but I am driving and need to pay attention and her lips feel so good on my cock. I push my rock hard cock into her wet pulsating pussy. I pull almost all the way out hold there for a few seconds and push my cock in as hard and as fast as I can getting deeper into her than I had earlier. Me I got to have three women all to myself and I was so fucked, I really need the sleep because tomorrow is another day and if I know Joyce and Kate, I will be very busy.

Accidental Foursome Pt2

group Headsupmax 2018-12-02

I took Eve by the hand and headed for the door and said, “I’m gonna need some help getting these on.” We went to her cabin and she put the “Do Not Disturb” sign in the outside key slot before she came back over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck, giving me a long, luscious, toe-curling kiss. “Oh please stop!” she moaned loudly, “You’re gonna make me come and I don’t want it to be over yet!” I withdrew my hand from her pussy and moved back up to start kissing her when she placed her hands on top of my head and pushed down gently.

Alone on the Couch: My first foursome

group WesD 2018-12-02

It‘s my turn and Jasmine dares me to strip down naked and pose for 5 minutes like I’m a playgirl model. I am closest to the shower head right behind me is Keri, then Jasmine and Shawn is in the very back. Shawn figures this is his only chance to get it in with Jasmine so he runs over to the couch where I’m blowing her brains out and sticks his dick in her mouth. Shawn stops fucking Jasmine and gives Keri a puzzled look. I started out calling a fat bitch over, canceling plans with her, driving 40 miles to help construct a bed which subsequently led to me banging two girls via a game of truth or dare.

What you wanted, but not what you expected

group London17 2018-12-02

The feeling of having two cocks inside you pushes you over the edge, and as you get close to coming  you start grinding back again on the strangers cock as his hands grip hard on your shoulder blades and fucks you faster, pausing only to spank your tight arse cheeks. Its too much of a good thing for me, and I soon can't take your tight hole any longer, I stop, pull out all the way, slap your ass hard before pushing down deep inside you one last time before I let go, filling your arsehole full with my cum.

Quite Neighborly

group RejectReality 2018-12-01

Wendy licked her lips, and although she didn’t need any further encouragement, her neighbor took his cock in hand and pulled down on it. Charlotte pulled away from a kiss with Nathaniel, moaned when she saw Wendy put the bottle down, and asked, “Are you ready for more?” The brunette let out a moaning chuckle, released Nathaniel’s cock, patted him on the ass, and said, “Go make her come and then give her a hot load.”  She then told her husband, “You get sloppy seconds.”  When they opened, it was just in time to see Charlotte take Nathaniel’s cock in her mouth to suck it clean and Jason kneeling on the couch in front of her.

Sailing out of Osyter Bay part 3

group naturalsailor 2018-12-01

Not to be outdone, Frank & Dave gave Anne a big hug, at the same time squeezing her between their bodies. I sat between Cyn and Carol while Frank worked his way around so Anne was between Dave and himself. Carol motioned for Dave to join in so he went up to the bow and stood in front of Anne and started to rub her shoulders. Frank was clearly enjoying himself as he played with Anne’s breasts, twisting her nipples and watching her ride him while he pumped his massive cock into her. All of a sudden a chain reaction occurred, Dave groaned loudly and went off in Anne’s mouth, Frank started to fill her pussy with his cum and Anne started to shake all over again, top to bottom.

A New World Part 8

group BadDog9 2018-11-30

Riley’s expert fingers quickly brought me to the edge, but I didn’t want to come until my hard cock was pumping in her tight pussy, and I pulled out of her grip. With Raymond’s tight ass squeezing my cock, the taboo nature of fucking another man, and the sight of Riley and Kate together, I knew I couldn’t last long and gritted my teeth as I began to pound his ass. The sound of Kate and Riley moaning filled the room as they brought each other to orgasm and I stood up as my cock slipped out of Raymond’s ass. Raymond varied the pace of my thrusts from long slow full length strokes to sudden hard fast bursts until Riley cried out and began to shake and her sweet cream washed over my swollen cock.

Scream for Joy: Part IV

group scarlet 2018-11-29

My orgasm slowly starts to dissipate and my legs slowly unclamp from around Chris head while Lauren moves up to kiss me, making me taste my syrupy cum on her smooth wet lips. Chris gets harder inside me as he watches Laurens enjoying Craig's tongue, her chest moving violently as her head is thrown back, her nails trying to dig into the marble before her moans echo around us. “Omg I’m repeating yesterday” I stand there, mouth wide open looking at Chris and Craig before pressing my naked body against Craig “No need to waste time then” I think.


group thatguy625 2018-11-28

You’ll be able to see much better,” Jack said, and patted his leg as a signal that I should sit on his lap across from Brad and Ashley. “Okay, Sammi - come over here and look how I put the condom on your boyfriend’s hard cock,” Ashley commanded. Leaving Brad on the couch for a moment, Ashley got up and pulled down the side zipper on her dress and let it fall to the floor. The room was filled with the sounds of Ashley and Brad fucking, panting, moaning, and the sounds of me slurping on Jack’s monster cock. Ashley wasted no time getting back in the action and was back on top of Brad, riding him again, but now there was no condom.

The Island - Newcomer and Uncertainty

group DarkSide 2018-11-28

Steve was about to plough his cock into me from behind anyway and I was really looking forward to a good fuck when Karyn whispered in his ear; loud enough for me to hear everything she said. As Brian left to go to the loo one evening, Jenny matter-of-factly said to me that she needed to feel a few more cocks in her before she goes mad. Brian was busy preparing the pig pen, I would imagine that Jenny had him up early, though it looked like it would take another couple of hours to complete it. I let Brian spurt about three times up my arse before I pulled off him and sat down on him with his cock between my legs.

Come on, boys

group candytales 2018-11-27

We went back down to the lounge, and having considered what he’d said Helen replied, “It’s exactly what I’m looking for and it’s within my budget, so just tell the owners that I want it, and let me know when I can move in.” When everything was concluded Glen asked Helen what she planned for the rest of the day, and when she told him that we were going to find a nice restaurant for a celebratory lunch, he said that coincidentally, he and Tony were planning to do the same. I realise that women like Helen and I put ourselves at some risk when we sexually engage with men that we’ve only just met, but I think that I’ve developed a sixth sense about these things, and certainly in the case of Tony and Glen my instinct was spot on.

Dorm Room Foursome

group skatrdrumboy 2018-11-27

It was then I got a great idea, I held her hand as she stroked my cock and asked her if she wanted to meet my roommates girlfriend and roommate. It was then that I was introduced to anal sex, Shawn began fingering Aulií's pussy to get them nice and wet and spread her pussy juice to her ass. They continued on for several moments building up from one fingering to two until finally Aulií grabbed Shawn's hand and said "Fuck my ass". It was then after my fingers had gone to the knuckle that she pulled away and said "it's our turn" so positioned myself behind her and slowly inserted my cock into her virgin ass.

Bosom Buddies, Ch 8

group KennethPierce 2018-11-27

Despite the late hour, nobody wanted to sleep (though the prospect of simultaneously sharing a bed with Corrine, Elizabeth, and Amy wasn’t exactly an unwelcome prospect for me), and we all decided to celebrate our friend’s return by getting back in the hot tub. As Amy writhed against my mouth, Liz and Corrine took up position behind me—massaging my back and shoulders with kisses while their wet, naked breasts occasionally bumped up against me, buoyant in the water. For fun, Amy picked up the half-empty bottle of pink champagne from the side of the hot tub and poured it seductively onto her chest, where the sweet beverage ran in rivulets over the curves of her big, perky breasts, across the muscles of her toned midriff, and down into the delightful folds of flesh between her legs.

Three Fantasy Quickies

group Bill76 2018-11-27

Sometimes I have an alternate fantasy where I tell John to lick up all the wetness from my pussy, sometimes I suck on his huge cock, and sometimes I ask him to come over to the sofa and fuck me hard. Amber uses one hand to finger-fuck her own pussy as she watches, sitting beside Jack on the bed. We make Jack lie back on the bed; I’m kissing him as the other two girls take turns sucking his cock, getting him good and ready. They ask Jack what he wants first, but I already know: he wants to drink some more of the petite Amber’s hot wet pussy and bury his face in her cute little red bush.

A Winter’s Lust

group DarkSide 2018-11-27

One minute we are laughing and giggling on the sofa, we hear Jenny say something about fucking in front of the open log fire and then this conversation between Tom and John starts up about how nice it would be. Without waiting for a reply, Jenny had got up and was stripping her clothes off, John was not far behind and I just looked at Tom. His hands went up in front of his body to suggest nothing in particular. My cock helps a lot as the women cannot seem to keep their eyes off it, and well, Jenny is one gorgeous woman with lovely breasts and pert nipples. I watched Sarah as she stared at John’s cock growing ever longer and harder as Jenny pumped her fist up and down it.

How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 05 [MMMF Strip Poker]

group JENnRASP 2018-11-27

It was about three months after I had met the artist, my hubby and I were on the bed chatting and he asked, "Darling, do you remember you had met two of my friends, Simon and Robin? My hubby then took the cards and dealt it to them again and he finally broke the ice by saying that since we were already fully naked and had nothing more to strip, whoever won this round could choose what he wanted. My hubby won the first round but instead of asking one of the guys to do something stupid, he looked at me and chose me instead and said, "Darling, I request you to suck my cock now and shake your ass like what you did just now."

Command Performance

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-24

Come to my side of the bed, I want to see this up close," and as I stood there, her hand feeling my steely cock, swollen like a sixteen-year old's, she said, "I want this inside me right now, Jon, no oral, no play, just fuck me with this. I pulled out of Louise and as soon as I did, the blond asked, "Can I suck it a little?" I looked at the guy I thought she was with and he shrugged so I turned on my knees while she got down and took some nice slurps on my member.


group Cephas 2018-11-23

There was a long, tense moment; Felicia grinning satanically, Melanny covering her mouth, Lance feeling a conflicting mix of pleasure and horror, and Kellsey lost in what seemed like absolute bliss. As they worked their gentle ministrations on his cock, Lance felt his balls start boiling; Felicia immediately recognized the warning signs, and locked her lips right around his head; sucking as strong as he could while flicking his bano string with her tongue. Kellsey was just focused on the cum in Felicia’s mouth; but Felicia started to caress and fondle the innocent girl, slipping one  hand into her shirt and another up and under her modest black skirt. He barely noticed when the girls switched, Felicia impaling herself on his cock while Melanny sat on his face and Kellsey licked and slurped at his balls.

A Night Worth Remembering, Finale

group Kandikiss51 2018-11-22

Jeff watched as Erin spread her pussy lips, and ran her index finger around her clit, and then inside her hole. Jeff went over to Erin, ran his cock across her lips, and then slid it into her hot mouth. Erin stopped sucking and squealed, “Cum in my mouth baby!” She resumed sucking his cock deep and hard, as she rubbed her clit, and shoved the toy deep inside her pussy. When John answered the phone, Jeff said, “Well looks like we are going to your cabin for a ‘fuck party’ Saturday. Jeff stopped for a moment to watch then winked at Erin and resumed eating Kandy’s hot pussy. Erin stopped sucking Jeff long enough to say, “Oh my god am I ready!

The Waiting Game, Ch 4

group KennethPierce 2018-11-21

As Claire went to cut us all a second slice, Tami casually turned to Sonya and me and asked, “So, what was all that about a ‘Waiting Game?’ Sonya was gonna say something but you stopped her, Michael!” Seconds later, Sonya and Claire were both moaning at the ceiling, gripping the edge of the table with white knuckles as Tami and I licked the cake from between their legs. I let out an “Mmm,” of approval, and watched, elated, as Tami continued to kiss her way down my body: past my stomach, sliding her wet tongue through the soft tuft of my pubic hair, finally coming to a stop with the side of my cock laying against her cheek.

Girl Next Door

group guitarman2016 2018-11-21

Charlie bent forward and took Ian's cock from Pete's mouth and ran her tongue around the slick head. Charlie wasn't having any wastage so she stuck her head between Kelly's legs and licked up the spunk that was leaking then moved up and clamped her mouth over Kelly's cunt and started sucking. Pete's cock, incredibly, was still almost fully erect, so he inserted it into Charlies cunt then pulled out, thus retrieving the spunk that was too deep for their tongues to reach, and offered it to Ian. Ian licked round the head then up and down the shaft until the only fluid left was his own saliva.