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Denise: Third Generation Whore

group ohgirl1 2018-12-03

Many of my films began with some type of rough sex with multiple partners, before I was eventually tied down and then penetrated by large groups of men who would then cum on my face, in my mouth or fill my holes with their semen. I didn’t want to end up like my mom, getting pregnant by lots of different men and giving birth to 13 c***dren before she turned 38 years old, so I got on birth control early. I came quickly and he just kept stimulating me until I came again, five minutes later into the movie, as I watched my mom and grandmother both licking one another, while different men stroked their cocks in them and then filled their mouths.


group jkjkram 2018-09-19

I sucked her nipples for about a minute, then climbed in front of her and started fucking her pussy with my hardened dick. I squeezed her ass and pulled her into me, making sure to get my dick as far inside her as possible. I looked back at my grandmother and said that I was sl**ping in the same room my aunt was in. My aunt started rubbing her pussy through her pants as my grandmother took my dick and massaged it. My aunt laid on her back and my grandmother started eating her daughter's pussy. My aunt fondled her tits with one hand and held my grandmother's head down on her pussy with the other.