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Porn Star Roadtrip with OHGirl, Velvet and Denise

group ohgirl1 2018-11-21

He had been hired to be in the film too and all three of us would suck and fuck his giant, ebony staff and share his spunk before the other men entered the scene to begin the orgy. The thought of fucking that many men turned me on and when my uncle James pulled out to feed me his cock, I began sucking it like a cock whore, fiend. He sprayed our faces when he came and we all three licked it up and kissed for the camera, sharing cum and waiting for more while the set filled with the rest of the actors. She loved the strip club scene and not unlike myself and my mom, she began fucking for money while working the many clubs that we were contracted to visit.

OHGirl & Velvet: Pregnant Again

group ohgirl1 2018-10-31

Rudy had contracted with a low budget director in Mexico for me to shoot a gangbang movie in Tijuana over my last weekend and, even though I wasn’t happy with the news, I was kind of turned on about doing over 45 different Latino men whom Rudy had told me that they had hired to fuck me. Either the men were bi or they didn’t mind who’s ass they were fucking, but they stuffed their big cocks into my pussy too and I wasn’t complaining as I was fucked good and hard all night long.