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Truth or Dare

group mentalcase 2018-12-04

I remember some of us were a little bored at this party my friend Megan was throwing, and someone said spin the bottle, and someone else said truth or dare. Mark lazily spun the bottle and it landed on the mystery-guy next to him. Mystery-guy spun the bottle and it landed on Mark again. Mark spun the bottle and had it land on my friend Megan. Mark took his dick in his hand and waved it in front of my face and just started laughing. Lexi took my other breast in her mouth that Megan wasn’t working and started to nibble. Lexi and Megan had gone off to the couch and started making out while mystery-guy watched.

Newlywed Game

group thatguy625 2018-11-11

Tina and Phil were clueless as to what was going with each other and Nick and I wanted to keep it that way for now. About a minute later, Phil asked if I was ready for that beer and we got up and exited the hot tub, leaving Tina and Nick alone. Two can play that game!” Nick said, pulling Tina onto his lap. Gracefully, Nick slid he and Tina up to the ledge of the hot tub so that Phil and I could see what was going on. It was poetry in motion and the room was filled with the sounds of all four of us moaning and groaning, with the occasional scream from Tina when Nick hit the right spot.

New Years Truth or Dare

group coffeedude 2018-11-07

Heidi held the bowl out and Shiva drew and read, “French kiss with the person to your left.” Dom was to her left, and he is 6’3” so Shiva got on her knees and moved to Dom. Dom took her face in his large hands and their lips met. “I’ll take a truth.” Heidi held the bowl as Amber drew and read, “When and where was the first time you had sex?” She looked around. Ginger opened it and read, “French kiss a member of the opposite sex, your choosing, for one minute.” She put the slip down, looked at me and said, “Get over here, Steve.” I leaned towards Ginger and closed my eyes.

Game Night

group canadianangel835 2018-10-31

Standing in the doorway of the games room, Steve naked and Laura still in her white, soaking wet panties and cum stained bra, they watch Jack and Michelle a few minutes. Looking around at the various states of undress – Laura still in all of her underwear, Jack with his boxers on, Steve naked and herself with just her thong on, Michelle suggests maybe it's time they completely even things up, “All remaining clothing off,” she demands. Locking eyes with Jack, but feeling the heat and desire of Steve's eyes and the shock but approval of Michelle's on her, Laura hooks her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and takes a deep breath.

P90SEX Allie’s squash tournament

group p90sex90 2018-10-29

Dave and Peter looked at both Allie and Shaun unsure if what she was saying was true and a huge smile appeared on their faces. “Peter, you need to squirt bubble bath into the spa and turn the jets on ; Dave, you need to help me out of my dress; and Shaun, you need to pick me up and lift me into the water, where the rest of you will be waiting for me.” Allie felt like quite the diva, but she knew that it was not going to be a problem for these aroused men. Faster now, faster.” Shaun got a good rhythm going and Allie synchronized his movements with her mouth on Dave’s penis together with the jerking of Peter’s cock.

BBW Wife Gone Wild Part 1

group thisboneris4u 2018-08-25

I asked her what her favorite part about her first experience was and she said being naked in front of everyone really turned her on. Jill and I had few drinks prior to the game and I told her it would turn me on if she watched the game in the nude with me, and she reluctantly agree always worried that someone will pop in. Jill instantly popped up and started to run for the bedroom I told her no stay here and answer the door it was for her. He said my name is Trevor and I would like to watch the game with you. Sat down on the couch and said half time is over.

Game On

group jdodg 2018-08-24

Despite my total nakedness and the very unusual feeling of playing squash with my hard cock on show, I managed to win the next point and it was my turn to kneel in front of Gemma to remove her thong. I couldn't believe my eyes and both the girls must have noticed my stunned expression as they burst out laughing and Sophie said she did not want me to feel left out and gave me an equally sexy kiss with her hand gently stroking my cock at the same time. While Gemma kissed me Sophie started to quickly undress and we both watched as she took off her shirt, very short squash skirt, bra and thong to reveal a perfectly formed body.

The Subway Sex Game

group Mycke 2018-08-15

Months before, Toronto had joined the dozens of other cities participating in Sex-Train – a game taking spirited subway travelers by storm. One day, while the group searched for a game idea to market to its members, a poet laureate from Chicago's east side, mentioned how horny she always became on his city's subway. If fellacio/cunnilingus to orgasm takes place on a trip to work or home (one cannot stay on longer than their stop), the team gets 400 points. At the end of every month, winners are chosen from every city where Sex-Train is played. It's obvious that only metropolitan cities will allow for Sex-Train to be played, as smaller cities and towns will not likely have a subway line.


group Tigerhawk 2018-08-05

Michelle slid her hands down Andrea’s hips and legs, and Andrea then stepped out of her jeans. After a short time, Gary matched the tiles for Jenni’s shirt and won the honor of removing it. Beck again matched “wild cards” and was told to enjoy getting his butt rubbed by the player of his choice. Beck’s fingers lightly brushed Jessie’s hips and thighs as he moved her shorts down her legs, revealing her pink lace panties. Beck matched the tiles for Jessie’s bra, but Jessie told us that her bra would not come off with her shirt on. Gary remained seated, but leaned back when Andrea straddled his legs and began to lift his shirt over her head.


group kev269 2018-07-26

She thought of watching Angie while she devoured John’s big cock deep into her mouth and how she didn’t even flinch as he shot a load of cum straight into her mouth. Angie drove her car out to the back roads just outside of town and found a secluded place to park which would give them ample time to finish the joint and their beer before heading on to the party. What an asshole.” Angie thought to herself as she turned her attention back to Tony, who was stroking his cock as he watched Mike shoot his load into her mouth. She felt herself relaxing, nearly dozing a bit, or just so much in ecstasy from her round of cock sucking and began to wonder how Tiffany, Susan, and Amy were doing at the party.

Circle Dance Ch. 02

group rulesplayer 2018-06-23

We believe he has shot his cum into Nancy's mouth, but we're not sure, since she doesn't take her mouth away from Ralph's cock. George claps his hands eagerly, and Sherry calls out "Ralph", in dismay. Nancy lowers Ralph, and he moves to his wife's head, kneeling on the bed on his hands and knees. Ralph grunts, and apparently as the game requires, leans down and kisses his wife as Nancy enters him from behind. The women respond, Nancy fucking Ralph harder, and Sherry writhing underneath George. No. We see Ralph lie down on the bed, and Sherry get on her hands and knees over him. Nancy has switched dildos, and she pushes it into Sherry, and Ralph eats his wife out from underneath.

A trip to the Beach started a very fun weekend

group sexystu 2018-06-22

So me and eric were still hard and both needed to let out some “well steam” so I took her mouth and he took her pussy and we banged away until we both blew or loads in her, a little rest and a ciggie and were ready for more this time the other way round her pussy was oozing out cum and I slid in with ease and fucked away until pussy cock (me she’s still blindfolded) was told to lay on my back, she mounted me with her tits swinging in my face and other cock was instructed to do her arse I was sucking her tits and then she said that’s you on the bottom isn’t it I replied and she kissed me with a new found passion and said we have both won you know Anna has said to me how she would like to fuck you.

Wet Miranda's Super-Bowl Choice

group 2018-06-06

boyfriend will sit and watch it all day long, game our house and watch that damn football game all day "Guys, I'll bet you wouldn't turn off the game if I Carry agreed, and then Joe said "Hell, yeah! but Fuck, guys, she's hot and offering a Lap-dance!" Patrick asked while looking right at my hands. Patrick took me up on this offer during his lap dance, I gave Joe his turn, and his hands Robert got his turn last, and near the end of the song, guys, I took the come and rubbed it on my bare chest. "Carry; are you ready to get a nice slippery hand-job?" His hot big balls got a lot of play too, as I

Strip Poker on Class Trip

group joshmacphee 2018-04-22

Amy lost next, and she pulled her t-shirt off so I got my first ever look at her smaller but remarkably perfect, firm tits that stood at pert attention. My cock was moving so fast that we heard that noise a few times a second, and Emma's screams were being sexily muted by Amy's pussy. I was fucking Emma so hard that I couldn't even tell that my dick was ever leaving her pussy- I never felt that cold feeling of my cock meeting the cool air outside of a girl's pussy. I slammed my dick into her pussy, my second girl of the night, and immediately I was fucking her just as hard as I had fucked Emma.

Word Foreplay

group Frankie22 2018-04-13

Marci moved a little closer to Tina on the couch as they both hungrily thought of the cock on the floor across from them. Marci moved in closer and gently placed her lips on Tina's, as her hand wandered from her soft hair to her soft breast. Marci leaned down and began to run her warm lips and tongue across Tina's bare stomach. Tina gasped and tilted her head back on the arm of the couch as Marci's tongue made contact with her already-wet pussy lips. Marci gently pumped her finger in and out as she found Tina's now-swollen clit and began to lick and nibble. Marci began to lick his clean-shaven balls, as Tina paid attention to his wide, wet hood.

By A Mountain Stream

group Hitchhiker 2018-03-25

When we walked into the hut Liz was stripped off to her knickers giving herself an all over wash, Tiffany thought this was a great idea and asked me if I minded going outside whilst she had her wash. Liz lay down next to us and just watched as Tiffany moved her pussy back and forth over my mouth to apply attention and pressure to all the right places at the right time. So she started to kiss my cock with growing confidence, Tiffany told Liz to suck it properly. But it wasn't going to be wasted .As Tiffany came over and helped Liz lick it all up, with both girls kissing each other in the process; this had a great effect on me, resulting in my cock just staying rock hard.

Game Night Ch. 01

group greggmis 2018-03-18

Our usual game night with Joe and Cindy was coming up in a few days when my wife Susan shocked me with playful flirty banter as I drove my hard cock into her sweet pussy, "mm... Round 10 I lost again and I jokingly asked if Susan (who had been dealing the whole time) had stacked the deck to which she replied "If I were Joe would be naked already, you I've seen." We all laughed but we all looked to Cindy to judge the sincerity of her laugh. It seemed like an eternity before he smiled and said "Cindy mentioned she thought you were REALLY open minded." And with a laugh we all relaxed again and Susan dealt the next hand.

Play the Hand

group FrLuke 2018-02-22

He had noticed that each time Sophie arched her back to recapture Nick's cock she put her head back with her mouth open. As he watched, Zoë reached around Angel's legs and used both hands to slowly open her cunt lips. John lost sight of the action behind Zoë's hair but he was sure from the slurping noises at one end and Angel's moans at the other that both girls were more than happy. Despite the action between her legs Angel was conscious of John's cock positioning itself, ready to thrust into Zoë's cunt, only inches in front of her face. She watched, torn between the wonderful feelings that Zoë's tongue between her legs was giving her and the voyeuristic thrill of seeing John's cock sliding into Zoë's cunt.

Truth or Dare

group lovesickfool 2018-02-11

Matt started to kiss Angie real slowly and then inserted his tongue into her mouth. "I dare you to show your cock to us," This time Matt knew he had to do it or Lya was gonna bug him for the rest of the evening. By the look of their face I knew Matt and Angie were as turned on as me. "Dan, I dare you to go 69 with Angie in front of Lya and me," said Matt. Looking at Angie's gorgeous ass popping up was turning on me real bad but I knew I had to be gentle in order for her to have the right experience.

Strip Poker Passion

group egon14 2018-01-25

Amy had to kiss Jim, Dan had to tell about when he lost his virginity, and Kat had to tell how many people she had been in bed with (it took a bit for her to come up with the number "about 20"). Soon, however, Jennifer had her jeans off, Jim and I lost our shirts, and Kat was shirtless, trying to decide between removing her bra or taking a Yellow punishment. Amy was instructed to drizzle some honey (Dan must have written this one, because he knew he had some in his room) on her breasts, and have Jim and I lick it back off.

Swing Your Partner

group rulesplayer 2018-01-03

Picture this then: two couples, man facing woman, standing, arms above head, and legs spread. The two couples from outside the enclosure come in and they kneel beside the person they had been fondling. They look down at the couple at their feet slamming into each other, the woman spread to take his cock, his balls hanging and swinging with the pumping of his hips. One man leans back, groaning loudly, and a stream of cum shoots from his red-tipped cock, reaching the mid-section of the woman opposite. As each person cums, he or she is released fro mthe restraint, and lies down on the matted floor, with legs spread open, showing their spent genitals to those who gave them the climaxes.


group AaronAardvark 2017-12-30

The very first time we played Angela was my mistress, she had to embarrass me and allow Christine to 'accept', i.e. have lots of orgasms. When three of us had played the basic game several times, after we kept Angela away from the cards, we noticed that the level of undress remained pretty even and the gap between 'winners' and 'losers' was not so great as we had hoped. If you are teasing you really need to get Adrian to beg you to let him come, because if you don't you'll either have to have a second turn, or lose your opportunity to set him on a hair trigger for the next person.

Kings and Queens Ch. 01

group westmeath1980 2017-12-18

Karen drew next drawing an ace she crawled over to me unbuttoning my pants in lightning speed taking my cock in her hand she slowly started stroking it up and down rubbing the precum that was oozing out over the tip then to my annoyance stopped whispering we don't want him spent yet the night is still young, then eventually it was my turn, I prayed for the King that would let me near Lauryn's pussy but drew a Queen, as soon as she saw it Karen immediately pulled her shorts and thong in one swift movement opening her legs for me to crawl into I kissed at her pussy lips parting them then with my tongue licking up to her clit which I knew she loved having sucked so I didn't want to disappoint her, as soon as my mouth went round her clit she immediately let out a big groan and arched her back pushing her cunt up into my mouth, after a minute I heard a soft moan coming from the other side of the room.

Party with the Geeks

group Gamina 2017-12-16

Her dress was being pulled over her head and for a second, she tried to hold onto it, and not let the boys pull it off her, but then she felt the cold vodka hit her clit and she moaned as Abel pushed his lips against her pussy and sucked the alcohol into his mouth. Grinning at him, Bella felt a new mouth on her pussy, making her moan in pleasure as she licked her lips at Mark, moving them closer to his cock but not touching his cockhead, before answering him. This time, it wasn't the men who blew early, but the feeling of being completely filled and used sent Bella over the edge, the two cocks thrusting hard and deep into her pussy and ass drove her to a body wracking orgasm.