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Mindy And Me - Continued

group PhilAnders 2018-03-04

Not long after that, Mindy sent me a message asking if I could come to her home on the afternoon of the 4 th of July and take part in a cook-out with her and her girls and then stay to watch a parade of boats on the lake and a fireworks display celebrating the 4 th . Mindy suggested that everyone would be more comfortable if we took our clothes off and sat on the deck overlooking the lake, I noticed that Stacy and Lacy smiled when everyone agreed to strip but I thought nothing more about it. Mindy, being the mother, took charge and said that the three of them would have draw cards from a deck of cards and that the one that drew the highest card would get to enjoy my cock this time.

P90sex adventure part 1

group p90sex90 2018-03-03

Allie whispered in my ear, “Those girls were curious about me not wearing any underwear tonight, and they told me that they thought you had lifted my skirt on purpose to show it off to either them or John, like a prize or something. Kim said “Were you even a little bit jealous of that guy who gave Allie her amazing orgasmic massage this afternoon?” Allie and John exited from the same side of the table and I saw him bring his hand to his mouth to smell and taste what was left on his fingers of Allie’s pussy. Kim took the opportunity to kiss and lick Allie’s pussy, tasting not only Allie, but the flavours of John as well.

The Porn Olympics

group EmBee 2018-02-16

Jenny has paired up with Steve and seems happy just to have avoided Simon, who is paired with Sue, leaving the two Olympic volunteers, Jill and Mick, as the final couple. Michelle, Jenny and Sue make no move to cover up again, so Jill decides to pull her pink top off and join them half naked. Michelle, Jenny and Sue are happy to help their partners cock their trigger, as it were, and start working on their partner’s stiff prick with hands and tongue. Seeing that this is rapidly becoming a free-for-all, Steve arrives to straddle Simon and Jill and stand in front of Jenny, who immediately grabs his stiff cock and pulls it into her mouth.

The P90SEX Adventures Part 2B

group p90sex90 2018-02-15

She had one massaging her breasts and upper front section; one bent down on his knees, squeezing her ass and taking care of the lower back section; one lying on the floor of the shower in front of her scrubbing up and down her legs carefully brushing over her pussy with every stroke; and one on her side rubbing himself up against her as he washed her back and neck. Natalie moved back and in unison Nadia and Allie lifted the buckets up over their heads and poured cold water all over Kim. She squealed with delight as her white business shirt became completely transparent. “My love did I just feel your cock twitch when Natalie orgasmed?” Nadia said to John.

The Snow Queen

group Annie_S 2018-02-10

Nadine turned her head and saw her friend eyeing up an African guy across the bar. Nadine saw her friend walk determinedly towards the guy, who was dressed up as a black knight. Just great, she thought, as she ordered another kir royal and watched from a distance, how her used-to-be-lesbian friend lured the guy in. 'Do you think your friend minds if I watch, too?' He stepped closer and as if he was trying to hide behind Nadine, he glanced over her shoulder. When she looked again, Katja was facing the wall, both of her hands high up, resting against the bricks of the wall, her pussy stretched obscenely by the giant sword of her knight.

The Naughty Party

group DarkSide 2018-02-09

“How do you know Melissa?” asked Mike. It was a question I was going to answer another four times throughout the evening. I took her thin blouse and pushed it to one side of her breast, pulled down her bra and, while looking her in the eye, sucked on her nipple until it grew hard in my mouth. In less time than it took Jenny to cum on my tongue, my cock was spurting up her arse. Jenny looked at her husband Mike and made a sign of her finger sliding into a hole made by her other hand. Jenny then asked Melissa for a tissue which she then passed to me, “That’s for your face, it’s awfully wet,” she said.

P90sex Party Games for Adults Only

group p90sex90 2018-02-07

“This is Kim and Nadia from my work; Nadia’s husband John; and this is Andre and Allie that I have told you so much about," Natalie said. “Your fellow participants of this activity are: Allie, Nadia, John, Linda, and Andre," Natalie said replacing the ornaments one more time into the bowl. Andre leaned over and took his wife’s pussy into his mouth as she continued grinding on the vibrator with Kim. He poked and prodded at her clitoris with his tongue and moved over to give Linda enough space to do the same on Kim’s clitoris. Linda was feeling so good and so appreciative for what Allie had done that she reached over Kim and took Allie’s face into her hands.

Games Night With Friends

group K8Lin 2018-02-06

Debbie was oblivious to Mark and Simon, but Sam could hear them making complimentary sounds in the background. Sam knew she would need Debbie lubed before she could fuck both her holes, so she lifted up from swollen clit and spat on the vibe finger. Simon pulled Debbie's mouth wide open and pushed his cock into the gaping hole. Simon had no idea if it was his, or Marks, but he pulled his softening cock out and kissed Debbie fully on her lips. Mark never missed a thrust into Sam. He continued to fuck her as he sucked Simon's length. Debbie has a sweet pussy and I want to know how Simons cock feels" Sam giggled as she reached the top of the stairs.

The Dice Game

group marie5555 2018-02-05

I poured more wine for us all.  God knows I felt the need for it, and sat on a cushion on one side of the table, trying in vain from letting my dress ride up too far. The game continued with me still trying to keep arms across my tits as much as I could, but with only one more item won from each of the men, I had my first forfeit.  Which by the throw of the dice turned out to be a naughty pose for them to  photograph. Once I had recovered a little, they led me to the low table and I was knelt on the floor at one side and laid face down across it.  Then I felt Keith enter me from behind, while Dave kneeled in front of me, cock near my mouth, waiting for attention.

P90SEX Chaper 3: The beach party

group p90sex90 2018-01-31

Before long, Natalie offered to show Kim, Nadia and John to their rooms and they all went inside to change into their swimsuits. In no time, John was down on his knees in front of Kim. He lifted her legs over his shoulders to get a good position and started lapping immediately at her pussy. Linda directed us over to the room where Allie, Nadia, Natalie and Kim were all getting their bodies painted. I looked at John and we each took Natalie and Kim by the hand to join our women on the dance floor. Natalie reached around to grab for his cock and started feeling Kim rubbing her pussy against her hand.


group HotScribe2 2018-01-18

Georgia released me, playful pouts on both our faces as we looked at Pamela. I pulled her buttocks gently over Georgia's head so that she could raise her mouth to Pamela's cunt and continue her tonguing of the clit. I felt Georgia's hot breath on my cock as it slid in and out, then the wetness of her tongue as it flicked from Pamela's clit to my balls and back again. Pamela groaned loudly as the triple stimulation of my cock and finger and Georgia's tongue caused her to explode. I pulled myself from Pam's cunt just as my cock began to squirt its load, the hot white cream jetting onto her bum and cunt lips, and onto Georgia's mouth and chin and neck.

A Game We Play

group LostVine 2018-01-13

You can start when you feel up to it, I have a feeling he already is." Christy giggles as she reached over and gave Jacks cock a little squeeze. Tara licked at his vein, under the head and then back down and started softly taking his balls in her mouth and her hand scratched up and down his legs. You like feeling his cock in your mouth don't you." Tara could only moan around his manhood sending small waves threw him. Christy lowered herself so that her clit rested on the back of Tara's foot and as her friend sucked, she slowly rocked, fucking herself. When I looked back over to the others, Sam was still fucking Tara but Jack was sitting back sucking her tits again.

Tavern Maids

group Ashson 2018-01-10

"Tell me, Becky," said Charles, "are you a virgin?" "I think that you are a very pretty and healthy young woman who won't regret spending some time alone with me," said Charles. With the buttons undone, Charles simply pushed the dress off Becky's shoulders and pulled it down over her hips, leaving her as naked as her sister. "All right girls, I want you to get on your hands and knees, next to each other but facing opposite directions." said Charles. Sliding neatly into Becky, Charles had to control his laughter at the intent look on Clarice's face as she watched his cock driving into Becky. Charles settled down and started driving home more forcefully, hearing Becky's cries growing louder as he continued to drive towards his climax.

A Naked Reunion Ch. 01

group beermenow 2018-01-07

We played another round and this time when the lights came on Karen was pressed against Steve, who probably thought it was his wife rubbing against him as he seemed a bit startled when he realized it was Karen. As much as I wanted to see the other wives naked I didn't want to risk any of them dropping out before the game really got going, so I made sure that I lost the next round for the guys, so we lost our shoes as well. This time around a woman, who turned out to be Nicole, stroked me through my underwear in the dark before reaching in and caressing the base of my shaft.

Ladies Club Ch. 02

group jehoram 2017-12-14

My cock slid into her cunt easily, as she was already wet; the girls had been masturbating during Maria's introduction, as had the men to bring their penises to full hardness. As I got back to Maria, I noticed that her pussy was streaked with her juice, her chest was flushed, and her large nipples were rock hard on her heavy breasts. I noticed that many of the other men were getting hard again, in expectation of some more hot sex when they got home, and my own cock was beginning to swell. "Fuck them, Joe. Fuck my girls." I wriggled in pleasure as I watched the head of my cock disappear into the valley between her breasts, then re-emerge, pre-cum mixing with the oil.

Game Night Ch. 02

group greggmis 2017-12-14

Before long (much to quickly for Joe and I both) the show ended with Susan letting go of her breasts placing a hand on each of Joe's thighs and sitting lower for a second to get her balance she reached out and licked the tip of his cock as she stood up leaning into him for a quick little teasing kiss and embrace before returning to her seat. As I leaned in to take my first taste of Susan I felt a hand on my leg and then my cock and looked to see Joe had reached over to continue playing with me as he licked my cum out of Cindy.

Simon Says

group darcysweet 2017-12-09

Paolo grinned, first at Marina and then at Jade, but when he took out his cock it was Kurt he was watching. Jade came down to watch, linking her fingers with Marina's she pressed against her, watching Paolo spread her boyfriend's ass. While Paolo opened up Kurt's asshole with his probing fingers Marina delved into Jade's soaked slit. Hot wet walls contracted around her fingers as Jade watched Paolo sheath his cock and push against Kurt's ass. Look at him," Jade gasped out as Paolo brought a hand around to grasp Kurt's cock. She drenched Marina's fingers with her cum moments before she saw Kurt's cock spurt in Paolo's hand.

Fungirl's Fantasy Ch. 4

group Aries 2017-11-27

That's quite a stretch for you." Rudy said, placing one hand on Emma's hip and leaning over her to reach the rope. By the time Rudy got the line into the boat, Emma's panties were soaked and useless and the outline of her nipples was easily visible. Quarters." Emma said, giving Rudy and Brad a mischievous look before winking at Gabby. Because you're going to have to take care of this tonight!" Emma said seductively, and pulled aside the crotch of her panties, baring her pussy for all to see. "Well now that we're on almost the same level, I think G should continue her turn." Rudy said, returning Emma's lusty gaze.

Swap Party

group Iole 2017-10-15

The night of the party Jeff met them at the door and looked appreciatively at Lola's trim legs and toned body. Lola sat on the sofa next to a plump couple named George and Pam. George had an arm around his wife and was toying with her ample breast through her blouse. Jeff brought their drinks, raised an eyebrow at George's hand on his wife's breast and sat down next to Lola. Lola couldn't help looking around the room for Fred and saw that Doris had ignored her own advice about wearing panties. Jeff spent the remaining time suckling Lola's nipples and finger fucking her pussy.

Twisted Twister

group vampyre_gem 2017-09-23

I felt Mark's forearm rubbing me, making me damp, Ben quickly became aware of what was going on and began to fix to game so that the Mark and Jon got gradually closer, my legs were spread revealing my black thong under my tiny skirt. Fingers were over it instantly, slurping noises came from Ben as he licked my cum off his sticky fingers, Jon's cock was pushing into my face, forcing my lips apart, I welcomed his stiff shaft into my mouth, Mark's hands were over my ass, spreading my cheeks, fingering my puckered hole. Jon began fucking my face, ramming his cock down my throat, seeing this Mark and Ben stripped off, Ben got underneath me and slid me down on his cock, I felt it slip into my tight, went pussy with ease.

All-inclusive with Benefits Ch. 03

group dutchpantyraider 2017-09-21

I couldn't keep my eyes of Jennifer's crotch as she slowly shoved the gusset of her bottom to one side, opened her lovely pussy lips with her other hand and lowered her cunt. It took quite some time, but after about ten minutes of fooling around and funny posing all the girls managed to get in more or less a position that put their butts high in the air. To her own astonishment, Helen, one of the girls who had declined participation in the game of fucking chairs, was voted miss Blissful Butt with an overwhelming majority. As Helen and the other five girls were freed from the inspection stools, two assistants game back with boxes containing the winning garments.

Threeway on a Bet

group Tavlor 2017-08-27

Then, you begin sucking Steve's cock right in front of me! I reach down to feel your wet pussy, only to find that Steve's cock is still thrusting inside you. As you slide your cunt down on his dick, you let out a load "Oh!" You look at me and tell me you can feel every inch of his cock deep inside you. I hate to admit it, but it is a rush to see your glistening pussy riding up and down on this guys cock and to see his hands grab your ass, spreading your cheeks, and rubbing his finger to the rim of your ass. Steve climbs between your legs and begins eating the pussy he just fucked so hard.

Ladies Club Ch. 04

group jehoram 2017-08-19

"That's what I want when my turn comes up to host the club again," Maria said one night, after we'd made love. Besides, I'd fucked Anne at the Ladies Club functions and showered with Bret afterwards, and that give you an intimacy you don't usually get with people you haven't known long. "Bret, Maria's birthday is Saturday, and there's something I'd like to ask of you and Anne." I had just enough time to see Bret climb into bed and slide his cock into Maria's cunt before Anne pulled me out of the bedroom. As we snuggled, Anne talked about all sorts of things: what Bret meant to her, what the Ladies Club meant to her, what Maria and I meant to her.

Game Night

group brightestangel03 2017-08-13

Jenna seized the opportunity, running her right hand along Lauren's inner thigh on her way to green. Lauren replied by greedily looking the other girl up and down as Mike started to massage Jenna's already moistened clit. Lauren immediately moaned and shuddered at the welcome touch of the other girl's mouth to her pussy. Mike quickly flipped the girls around so that Jenna was now able to suck his dick as he ate Lauren out. Jenna pulled harder at his dick, sucking with all her might as he suddenly let loose, exploding at the same time as Lauren let out a muffled scream of pleasure at her orgasm. Mike then flipped them around, quickly pushing his dick into Lauren as the two girl's lips met once more.