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Party in Her Puss

group badboy909 2018-12-04

Bob was married and could be obnoxious and terminally horny, so I went to Ami's room to make sure she was okay. They were naked on her bed with her legs wrapped around Bob while he pounded her puss with his big fat porker. Back in the living room, Phil asked if I thought we were all going to get a turn. When Bob emerged, naked, he told Phil to go ahead and Phil didn't waste a moment heading down the hall, shedding his clothes on the way. I asked Bob if he had told her about me. After trying and failing with her husband, she told him what the doctor had said. A few weeks later, she told me she was moving back to Japan.

Biker Gang Bang

group loud_bkr 2018-12-01

Peter wasn't sure why but he enjoyed watching his beautiful wife getting fucked by another man. The man pumped Tracey hard and deep as he filled her with his hot cum. Tracey leaned down on the man she was fucking to grant Snake access to her entire ass. Snake had a birds-eye view of another cock fucking Tracey as he tongued her tasty ass. The man under Tracey had his hands on Tracey 's ass cheeks and was bouncing her up and down hard on his cock. He began moaning quietly as he too, let out spurts of cum overflowing Tracey's dripping wet pussy. Meanwhile the whole time, Peter was fucking a few of the cute biker chicks while dipping his tongue deep into a few hairy pussies.


Della's dirty secret night of many men.

group Double-deviance 2018-11-25

Sadly Della felt like she was withering away, she may as well have turned celibate… Yet there was another underlying fear and that was at the overwhelming urges that threatened to boil over and spill out from her. The man began to fuck her face hard, forcing his member right into the back of her throat making her gag and heave on it. The men were grunting and groaning as they watched and waited their turn to face fuck her mercilessly. She could hold back no longer and sank all her fingers deep inside her sopping wet cunt, crying out with pain and pleasure as she did so, fucking herself hard watching the men intently and waiting for their cum.

Campground Gangbang

group alison90 2018-11-20

I didn't usually have any problem going without sex for a day or two, but the first time that I went away for over a week, was only four months after I started going out with Jason. Before I had even finished cumming, I felt the hands of the guy in front of me reach up high on either side of my hips, and pull my knickers down. Jason was still asleep, so the guys came right up to me and watched, as I washed my breasts, and cleaned between my legs. I was going to let all these guys fuck me again, and even though I felt incredibly guilty, I desperately wanted their cocks inside me.

Look Buttons, no thatch!

group carmen_has36 2018-11-15

None had tried anal until Terri offered the fifth guy her ass since she and Buttons had one in front and behind each, leaving him out. Terri showed up at Buttons' wearing a short little flowing mint green dress that was all but sheer at the top. Terri finally took a seat between two on the couch as Buttons stood talking to three of the guys. Buttons laughed and facing Terri pulled down the front of her shorts revealing a blonde patch of fur and came back with: "Let's get this party started! No one was counting, but Terri did distinctly remember the 'biggest cocked guy' cumming for her three times for sure.

Fay's Dirty Discoveries Ch. 09

group toocold 2018-09-26

She got the message, and started to suck him, but the tramp had been told to take control and that's what he did, thrusting with his hips and fucking Fay roughly in her mouth. None of the men came, but they were all taking turns with her, pushing their cocks into her mouth or pussy, thrusting for a few minutes, then swapping. Seeing her actually let them fuck her mouth, pussy and bottom at the same time with still no objection, the tramps finally realised what a raging, dirty slut they had on their hands (well, on their cocks anyway). Like an obedient little slut, Fay held the spunk of the seven men mixed in her mouth, looking expectantly at them until they nodded.

Gang Bang Nympho Ch. 1

group Jamie Ralph Gardner 2018-09-07

Larry and another employee, Mike Howard, collabotated in stealing the comic books and they came up with a phony story about the store being robbed. Mike knew that Paul would ruthlessly punish Larry for his stealing from Groovy Comics. When Larry arrived at his apartment and got in the door, there were 5 dangerous-looking men with guns. When Paul got there, he asked Larry when Kathy was expected to be back at the apartment. Larry and Mike stole from me and I want my revenge. Kathy started to walk out the door but Paul said, "Kathy's a virgin" said Larry." "She wouldn't be able to handle that many guys. just to make that there are at least 50 guys at the gang bang" said Paul.

More Slutty Wife Behaviour

group Annatartywife 2018-08-23

Frank and Mike added to my collection of lingerie sets by buying me a couple of new pairs of high heels, one black and one white, a new basque and suspender set, two pairs of new silk stockings and a matching bra and pantie set. I was very quickly relieved of my bra and this now left me in just the black, seamed silk stockings and the 'come fuck me' high heels. We gave a couple of the guys the pantie sets as a little gift, each of them saying they would get their wives and girlfriends to wear them, not knowing how they had enjoyed such a willing dirty slut in them already!

My 24 Hours of Fun Pt. 01

group Annatartywife 2018-08-12

He felt me up roughly as I breathed heavily, my open pussies juice now dripping done my thighs, with some of Mikes cum already leaking out my fucked cunt as well. Bill and Frank had made a few calls to some of the other guys in our group, and after I was finished sorting stuff with my daughter, I rang Tracey my best friend and told her of the events of the morning. The girls said they were heading off to grab a burger from a nearby McDonald's as I told them I was gonna get a cuppa with these friends of Franks. Peter's hand still feeling my wet knickers as I left with my daughter and her friend.

Erica's Downfall Ch. 03

group Lion24655 2018-07-08

However, as Mick Jagger started to sing, Erica closed her eyes and began to dance cautiously at first, then disappearing into a dream, her body moving, her arms beginning to move, suddenly turning on all the steps she used at the disco, the words whispering in her mind "You must make them want to fuck you..." Erica rested for a moment, then whispered in his ear: "Okay dad, I'm going to give you the fucking of your life." As she did so she began to rise and fall on his cock, George struggling to thrust up into her. Feels so good in my cunt." As she spoke so George felt his cock throbbing, twitching inside her, and within seconds he was crying out, pumping his cum deep inside her, the muscles of her pussy milking every drop of cum from his balls.

Richard and Julia Ch. 02

group usemyhole 2018-06-08

After only a few minutes of lazy half-awake thrusting he came, letting out a long sigh as his cock pumped jet after jet of cum into Julia's bowels. After about 30 seconds of hard thrusting, Richard grunted in pleasure and came, coating Julia's insides in sperm. It started thrusting into her mouth as it hardened, and she heard Richard say, "Don't hold back, she loves being throat-fucked." Julia heard a squishing sound as the man lubed up his hard cock with a squirt from a nearby bottle, then a blunt cock head pressed at her ass. The constant fucking was beginning to overwhelm Julia; new cocks were constantly in and out of her, and there was so much cum dripping out of her cunt it felt like she was peeing.

Eric: An Evening With His Friends 01

group Annatartywife 2018-06-08

He had a 'boys' poker night planned for him and four of his friends (Colin, Gordon, Peter and Fred) I had met both Colin and Gordon before, at some of our fun times with Eric. After eating and getting some more drinks,we chatted and the guys got ready for to start playing poker at the dining table. After a very short while I was watching a hardcore porn DVD on Alan's television, an amateur style one with various couples/threesomes fucking and sucking. At one point I had Colin between my legs licking and tonguing me out, Fred and Gordon sucking on a tit each, Alan French kissing me and I was wanking Peter off.

Wild Rose #1

group discretion_is_a_must 2018-05-24

Rose went on to tell me that Orlando was a friend and former co-worker of hers- a fit and handsome black man with a big cock that she just loved to suck on and feel deep inside her pussy. As I enjoyed the view of her little asshole peeking at me while my cock violated her cunt, she once again took Orlando's dick in her mouth as he stood in front of her. Needing no further suggestion, I pushed Rose down on her back onto the bed and was quickly on top of her, fucking her pussy deep and hard just as my darker-skinned counterpart had done earlier that hour.

Backalley Girl

group Reaper8436247 2018-05-22

Dropping her to the floor, the trio pulled her body around, one of them holding her legs apart as he barrelled into her cunt with his stiff cock, another shoving his meatstick into her mouth while the third grabbed her hand in his and wrapped it around his member. He pushed in gently and his colleague at her mouth pulled out to give her the chance to moan, which she did with wanton abandon as the cock slid up her anus, filling her completely and matching thrusts with those of her pussy assailant, pushing her against the penis in her mouth.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 04

group eroticwriter28 2018-05-14

"That's a good start." He selected a bottle of water from the fridge and walked toward the circle of men who had been fondling and fingering Barbara. Frankly, it kind of surprised me that despite the prevalence of this activity on the internet, there are still a lot of wives and girlfriends who won't let their guys do it." Joseph brushed the back of his hand lightly over Barbara's cheek. "My, my," said Joseph, slipping a hand down Barbara's back and letting his fingertips tickle the crack of her behind. "Now that we have a soft, pink glow," Joseph said, as he walked over to the equipment cabinet and returned the horsehair floggers to their hooks, "we're going to step up the sensation." He reached for a single flogger.

Sarah's Journey

group Sylvester_Ladywater 2018-04-21

Sarah was self-conscious about her little belly, despite David explaining to her over the internet many times how cute he thought it was. Right enough, out came a black cloth-like material and was fastened around Sarah's head, covering her eyes. The man underneath her had a nice aftershave, thought Sarah as he ran his hands round her curvy sides. The man underneath wriggled more aggressively and his hands grabbed Sarah's bum. Sarah felt the man underneath her spank her ass cheek, then she felt his penis dig its way into her anus. It came out incoherent as per usual, so David untied her head from the headboard and undid the black strap at the back of the mask to remove the gag.

Fertilitas Gelamen Ch. 02

group jaynej 2018-04-18

We struck up conversation with some of the girls as we waited, many like Debs had been before and all talked about the need to "leave yourself at the gate," and to "walk in with no thoughts of right and wrong," with "everything being permissible," and to make sure you satisfy your own desires as well as letting "them" satisfy theirs. We walked over to some tables at the far end of the room, there were two other girls already laying on theirs. Once in the robing room the light became very dim and there were women assistants in translucent white dresses walking around distributing packages of clothing to the girls, the shape of their bodies clearly evident through the material.

More Fun with Frank & Bill Ch. 05

group Annatartywife 2018-01-12

I had informed Mike, my husband, of my teasing Frank, Bill and the two young lads from the LIDLs store. Frank decided he would try and organise the lads from the store, whist Bill agreed to get the venue sorted. Frank meanwhile, had returned to the store and had managed to have a chat with one of the lads with whom we had enjoyed our recent fun. The time rolled on and I had decided to wait till the lads turned up to get changed into my sexy outfit. Bill was very turned on at this point, anticipating some fun and also that the thought of me being fucked by such young lads in front of him.

A Halloween to Remember, or Not?

group NYCbbwSUB 2018-01-05

They pushed me through the door from where I heard the noise, and as I entered the room everyone got quiet and turned to look at me. Now I was taking turns sucking Dracula's cock, and the gorilla's, and some guy dressed as some kind of green creature mauling my already sore nipples. She sucked my cunt, making me scream so loud her brother had to shove his big fat hard cock into my mouth. Daddy began smacking my tits, and pinching my nipples while he fucked me deep and hard, cumming deep inside my cunt. I walked up to my car, and opened the door to sit down and wait for help. I couldn't help but look at the house I was in last night.

Barbara's First Gang Bang Ch. 03

group eroticwriter28 2018-01-03

Barbara's journey into submission had begun when she had told her friend Joseph how frustrated she was at her sexless life at home. During a conversation about the opening of a new sex club in the city, Barbara finally opened up to Joseph and told him that one of her repeated fantasies was to be gang banged. Joseph wanted to be one hundred per cent certain that Barbara understood what she was asking. Barbara admitted to Joseph that before she was gang banged she wanted to have sex with him. She knew the sight of men's cocks would make her pussy flow and her mouth water but she also wanted to be certain that she could handle anal intercourse without any discomfort.

Let's Play Pool

group CheriSM 2018-01-02

Brian came out and danced a dance or two with me, then asked me if I felt like playing pool. Brian came up behind me and told me I was getting the guys excited and might want to think about what I was doing. He told me how hot I looked and climbed up on the pool table as well, mounting my face and giving me his cock to suck on. Brian stood by and watched as I worked on Ed and Matt continued to give my pussy one hell of a fucking. I felt hands on me and looked up to see Brian guiding me and helping me to take Matt deeper and deeper in.

Anything, You Said Pt. 01

group PrincePaul 2017-12-20

The sight of that wet pussy and a your little write up about wanting to meet 'strangers for dirty times' sang a song to me. One of my frequent internal thoughts of amusement is how many women I meet who tell me they like to serve or that they like their partners to do anything they want.. Needless to say, the young middle class English girl was more then a little taken aback when I told her to give me more tongue in her kisses. She was even more taken aback when I decided to slide myself inside her in the middle of the night whilst sleeping, roughly squeezing her hard little tits before I emptied a load inside her.

Fertilitas Gelamen Ch. 01

group jaynej 2017-12-11

I thought I was going to meet someone and have a chat, but we just sat in the coffee shop for like three hours, chatting about stuff. They made my feet look amazing and gave my legs such poise and shape, but they did lift the hem of the skirt dangerously high, I was going to need to be careful with my movements, crossed legs whilst sitting would be a must. Which I had to get each time obviously, meaning having to deal with all the leering old men, as I got up and suggestively wiggled my way over to the counter as Debs had instructed.

Gym of Lust

group Smithstan 2017-12-07

She always got turned on by seeing some of the sexy men who went there and even the ones who would work out in her gym. You know the gym is closed on Sundays," she yelled in frustration and approached Mark. "Sorry, we just thought we'd surprise you, ya know, be spontaneous," he said as she got right in front if him. "Shhhhh enough questions," said another guy named Alex who pulled down her jean shorts. Mark played a little bit and rubbed his 10" cock around her pussy lips. Alex and Mark found a rhythm and went in and out at the same time. Alex almost came and didn't want to shoot his load right away so he pulled out quickly.