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Velvet's Secret Life

group ohgirl1 2018-11-30

Two of the guys and the girl that had licked my pussy earlier in the night remained in the room with me, asking me questions and talking to me as I grabbed my small purse and lit up a cigarette to smoke, while they continued to film me. I asked him why he had thought that I did and he pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to show me a bunch of videos on different sites that had been posted online of me being fucked, sucking cock and getting cum on by a large number of guys.

Two city girls visit the country

group EvelynLi 2018-11-03

I hadn't thought about who else might be there, and Tessa had been very quiet on the subject, but Tony was one of the apprentice workers on the farm, a very good-looking 18-year-old with a body toned from so much daily physical work. She did the same to me, and as we stood there in just our shorts we kissed each other and teased Tony mercilessly with a little soft lesbian show; I had my arms round Tessa's waist while she held hers round my neck; we kissed deeply, but let Tony see our tongues dancing together; we took turns in kissing each others' tits, our nipples getting nice and erect.

So Close I can Taste It

group Mackvillan 2018-10-05

The day comes, you see it, but you can only have one bite and were told that you have to wait till November to get that Sandwich. “Are we still hanging out with the unicorn tomorrow?” “Yep” “I’m a bit nervous, I’d like to just hang out tomorrow and kind of have a date with a threesome later” Of course I was crushed but I’m not that much of a selfish jerk to realize how lucky I still am. And you know everything seemed great… its going smooth my girl and unicorn seemed like they really liked each other. I was instantly relaxed and confident when it read “I’m with them now, we are probably going to have a threesome sometime soon.” She touched me and said can you be normal again?

How I met my wife

group Trevormac 2018-10-04

The guys all looked at me and told me they waited for me as long as they could but to hurry up and join them. She told me she didn't want to go home and asked if she could spend the night with me. My buddies told me they had met her at the beach when she walked up to them and told them it was her birthday and always wanted to be gangbanged. I told her I was very ok with that, that she could fuck whoever she wanted, as long as I could be there to make sure she's safe. At least 4 times a month she fucks other men while I watch and every year on her birthday I make sure she gets another gangbang.


group Alex Finch 2018-09-27

I scooped her up out of her desk, and kissed her deeply and fully; her tongue tasted like cigarettes, but I loved it anyway. Ms. Johnson stopped quickly as I turned away from Jenny and pushed my way through the crowd of girls, my penis receiving a tiny jolt as it caught the bare thigh of a field hockey player as I passed. We then sat her up, in just her underwear, and we licked her everywhere from head to toe, myself nude and Jenny in her blouse and gray knee socks. Ms. Johnson, spying her chance, grabbed Jenny’s sweet legs, still covered in soft gray wool, and ate her wonderful pussy out with as much force as she had kissed me with.

At last, Up North, and Lisa loses her knickers

group 2018-09-20

We arrived at the train station and were met by some old friends, I had been keeping in touch with, over the years since my last stay, you can read about them in my story about myself and my mother, in the sauna, something Karol and Lisa knew about, so both girls were on a high, on the way up. Now my nieces are causing the stir, and when I tried to impose some rules, they both rebelled, first with the shared room, then Lisa went ballistic, and demanded her own room, followed by Karol, so now they are putting them to use, each girl having their own little party, last count I saw Lisa had 5 men in with her, drinking and smoking, and yes you guessed it, cavorting.

swinger couple used an asian prostitute for a 3som

group asiaNaughty 2018-09-19

My hubby was kissing her deep, sometime looking at me in the eyes while his tongue was in the mouth of this girl, his hard dick touched by her, his hand grabbing her boobs.. Then she go down and start to suck him… After few seconds my hubby asked me to join them: he love to get a two heads blowjob, and specially see me kissing another girl and sucking his dick same time, mixing both tongues around his hard dick… I was just next to them and as the hooker put my husband dick in her mouth going up and down in her throat, my husband was looking at me, his eyes full his love and excitement.


group per_vertec 2018-09-17

I was playing hooky from work so I thought I would head on over to the FuckMart to pass the time. "Enjoy shopping at FuckMart," smiled the girl who's tit I was just twisting. This girl was an athlete and it showed the way she worked my cock. A pair of teenaged girls were giggling and whispering to each other when my big cock came into view. You could tell from the way she spoke that she didn't have the biggest IQ in the land - like most of the girls at FuckMart. I grabbed my FuckMart girl and tossed her face first onto one of the forks. I got behind her doggy style and inserted my fuck tool into the FuckMart tool girl in a second.


group exclusivegames 2018-09-15

They both blushed but brought their hands to their skirt hems and lifted them three inches higher allowing any body who cared to look at their bottoms parted with a thin wisp of material, and framed by their lace topped stockings. With slow movements Steve's hands began to trace up Michelle's legs and Phil matched his actions by doing the same to Lu, soon both men felt the lace stocking top and the soft band of flesh. The girls were bent double and their short skirts were pulled over their backs ensuring they were fully exposed, Steve & Phil completed the scene by unbuttoning their blouses letting their bare breasts fall free.

Nadia Chronicles: Three's Company

group closer 2018-09-13

Alexis rested her head on Nadia's lap and Shannon cuddled them both from behind. He began to stroke Nadia's nipples casually, feeling his way under her shirt. Alexis slid her mouth around a piece of Nadia's soft neck, suckling on the sweet skin while she skimmed the straps of the bra down the girl's arms. The girls simply laid him on his back with conspiratorial grins and while Nadia mounted his beautifully hard cock, Alexis straddled his face. Alexis began to sway her hips in rhythm to Nadia's groans of pleasure and dipped her down onto Shannon's face more fully with each stroke. Shannon sat up and stared in amazement as Alexis worked her little head into the fissure between Nadia's ample thighs.

Road Trip!

group LuvMomPanty 2018-09-11

I whispered to my girl's ear; why don't you just take your panties off so Jay can get a full view of your wet pussy; while reaching in between her legs and started rubbing her pussy over her already soaked the same time taking a quick glance to make sure Jay is looking and making short eye contact letting him know it's all good and that he gots a good view of me rubbing my girls pussy. I continued to rub my girls pussy while I whispered in her ear, but load enough for Jay to hear what I was I pulled her panty aside to slide 2 fingers in soaking wet pussy, i told her...Mimi, don't act like you don't like you are not enjoying this...fuckin cock teaser.

The hunger

group StraightAnal 2018-09-07

My mother forbade me anything even remotely sexual growing up, a picture of a girl in a bikini, magazines or comics were the girls looked to sexy, extreme guidelines that amplified my sense that something was not right with me. I haven't done all the things I fantasize about like, two girl threesome on just blow job, midgets, getting fucked by an actual guy and not just a dildo, this I'm actually not that eager to try because I'm not actually attracted to dudes but am curious of how a real warm throbbing cock and come would feel in my ass. Whatever the case, I now have been able to finally let loose and not feel bad about enjoying fucking myself with dildos.

Cast party

group valeriuscatullus 2018-09-04

Brigitte sucked on Matt’s 5 inch cock and caressed his body, while Lana licked the length of Jamie’s 6 inches and fingered his smooth, eager ass. I was now thoroughly confused but getting aroused as I watched Mark and Cody close in on Melissa, who by now was wearing only panties as well, and start sucking on both of her nipples while she moaned and ran her fingers through mark’s short dark hair and Cody’s shoulder length blonde curls. At this point the three girls who were watching each exploded in orgasm just before Mark gasped and climaxed, filling Cody’s ass with hot jizz and collapsing onto him where they held each other and kissed.

First Day of Summer Ch. 3

group Nelson Branco 2018-09-03

The two girls began to writhe madly, tossing and turning as the oil between to slicken their motions. Breaking from the kissing, Amanda began to suck Julie's tits, lapping up some baby oil in the process, though this did not slow her down in the slightest. Julie, crying out with pleasure, wrapped her legs around Amanda's body and began to feel out Amanda's tits. As they ground away they soon began to start kissing each other again and they rubbed their tits against each others' as well, with Julie's tits engulfing Amanda's smaller but perkier ones. This time the girls were adamant about taking a breather but it wasn't long before Julie and me were fooling around and soon enough we began to sixty-nine each other.

The Academy

group DK54 2018-08-31

Sasha got up, "Come on, hot stuff." She said to Jasper, who was following her. "There are four different wings of the school, two downstairs and two upstairs," Sasha said, Jasper was in his own world, a place where he resides often, he almost forgot he was walking with her. Knopp continued talking, Jasper tuned out however, looking at the girl to his right. "Don't let her get to you," Jasper looked up, on the ground a few feet from him was two girls on their knees, they were in front of a pair of boys, but they seemed to be working together. The girl kept eye contact with Jasper the whole time, "Do you mind, Ms. Knopp?" she asked as she dug her hand into her teacher's pussy.

She Made Us Rub Our Cocks Together

group wildcock 2018-08-31

About an hour later, I hear another knock on my door – I see that it’s my friend Tony, who lives up the block… I ask ***** if it’s okay if Tony comes inside for a little bit and she says “That’s fine.” Tony thinks ***** is just as hot as everyone else does, and we’d always talk about wanting to see her naked… I remember getting this really funny feeling in my penis… like there was a close-pin on it holding me back from peeing or something… I looked over at Tony and he was lightly moaning every time ***** yanked his doodle… as she was stroking us, ***** asked “Do you boys know what blowjobs are?” We both breathlessly replied “Yes.” Tony and I definitely knew what blowjobs were, and we wanted one.

Ashlynn: Daddy’s Little Girl Part 6

group baddaddy59 2018-08-26

Ash slid her whole hand down to her rapidly moistening Vaj. Both girls knew Ashlynn’s hand was clearly visible to Mr. Clxxxxxn, lifting her ass to get better accesses; she thrust her two middle fingers into herself, working her clit with her thumb. I knew she was cumming, but, from that one photo, it sure as hell looked like ****, and good old Police Sergeant Bob pants around his ankles still in his uniform. I sit back, my cock in Brittany as she grinds away on me, we watch Ash. Sometimes Britt suck a cop hard, or stroke him to keep him hard, but, mostly she’s grinding my cock, and using her mouth to clean me, and get me back up, so she can do it again.

Exposing In Goa

group altaff143 2018-08-25

As I rubbed lotion on her back and standing behind her massaged it into her boobs from behind she sat toward the side of the lounge chair making sure to give our waiter and the old brit guy a good view of what was happening. Suddenly looking at me she said “babes could you untie the panty I would like to get a tan on my bum the panty covers too much.” She propped her front up onto her elbows, giving the old guy a clear side angle view of her boobs hanging freely right till her brown nipples and anyone infront of her a perfect view of her lovely breasts.

Uncle’s Second Wife

group nehanair911 2018-08-25

Then she said let me use the bitch for some time and she asked him to drive She came to the back seat and she asked me to come in front near her feet. I nodded and started sucking her feet like a bitch. I said I like girls, but always wanted to suck a cock from the first time I saw blow jobs but I dint have the guts until yesterday. I said I FELT LIKE A GIRL waiting to be undressed by her guy . He smiled and said you are bit soft like a girl, why don’t you dress like a girl today for me.

Brittany's first time

group Ajdj0403 2018-08-23

I had just graduated high school and wanted to take a job at a recording studio. As the days went on the first week I worked there, I was continuously hit on by these men. I started to see why my boss told me why the girls before me didn't last here, I didn't care though, I wanted this job and needed to make money when the internship was over. "This job is yours if you want it, but something needs to happen", he said. He continued thrusting his fingers inside of me, making me very wet. He stood back up and told me to get down and take my clothes off. Jarrod gave me my clothes and told me the job was mine.

How it all began

group 2018-08-19

When the oldest graduated from high school and went into the Army I was the same size as my youngest s****r and took to trying on her clothes. One man took me to a park and had me go into a stall in the public restroom while he went into the one next to mine and put his cock through a hole and had me suck him like that until he came. A couple years later I finished high school and moved out, I dress as a man during the day (except for my panties) and on the nights I would go out I’d be dressed as a tall, slender girl looking for cocks to pleasure.

Languid Afternoon

group pleasuremodeloneten 2018-08-18

Friend Dan is facing them on a lounge chair, he's positioned in such a way that he can see Cheryl's lovely bottom and the back of her leg across Ethan. This does, however, begin to affect his libido- Cheryl, he later admitted, was the subject of many masturbation fantasies; his favorite being to fuck her fast and hard, her legs pulled up against his belly and chest, while her head lies over the side of the bed and his buddy Ethan slowly deepthroats her. As both of Dan's strong hands replace hers, she pivots sideways and completely off of Ethan's body, forcing him into the spectator position of watching a bigger, stronger man preparing to ravage his woman.


group tatts~horny65 2018-08-16

Kaycee, on the other hand was a regular root rat, couldn't keep her hands off the patrons or the other staff for that matter, regular little hornbag, Cheryll & Jo (short for Josephine), straight talking, down the line lesbians who only had eyes for women or each other, they weren't fussy, nor were they adverse to putting on a little show for a select few patrons, for a price mind you, which brings us lastly to the "2 TEES," Tiffany & Terese, Tiff was married with 2 beaut kids, but a cunt of an old man, bashed her around a bit, don't know how many times she'd lob at work with a bruised & battered face & body.

Caramel & Honey

group Dr S Crow 2018-08-11

She had delicious freckled, honey skin, big, green eyes, pouting lips and beautiful little titties, pert under the skinny tank top that showed inches of her perfectly flat belly as she stretched, leaning back on her hands. Ricky's mind was racing; they wanted to come up to his apartment, they were horny and frustrated, Caramel liked older men, they were so fuckable, he was alone and so fucking horny… After a nana-second of reflection he replied, He had a mouthful of Caramel flavoured pussy and his cock was about to shoot its load again, this time between those soft, Honey, pouty lips.