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Two city girls visit the country

group EvelynLi 2018-03-02

I hadn't thought about who else might be there, and Tessa had been very quiet on the subject, but Tony was one of the apprentice workers on the farm, a very good-looking 18-year-old with a body toned from so much daily physical work. She did the same to me, and as we stood there in just our shorts we kissed each other and teased Tony mercilessly with a little soft lesbian show; I had my arms round Tessa's waist while she held hers round my neck; we kissed deeply, but let Tony see our tongues dancing together; we took turns in kissing each others' tits, our nipples getting nice and erect.

Velvet's Secret Life

group ohgirl1 2018-01-31

Two of the guys and the girl that had licked my pussy earlier in the night remained in the room with me, asking me questions and talking to me as I grabbed my small purse and lit up a cigarette to smoke, while they continued to film me. I asked him why he had thought that I did and he pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to show me a bunch of videos on different sites that had been posted online of me being fucked, sucking cock and getting cum on by a large number of guys.

The Security Guard

group stosh79_00 2018-01-27

“All right then you may leave if you would like this could take awhile.” Lisa gets up form her seat and mouths thank you to colleen and then walks out the door. I started to push her head down and she knew just what I wanted she started to unzip my pants and pulled my cock out and man this girl sucked like a Hoover. “Hey wait one damn minute here girl, I’m not through yet.” she looked at me like what else do you want. I started to finger her clit a little when I could sense that she was ready to go I told her that if she was a good girl that I would remove the gag.

A Grade Training Camp

group daysleeper 2018-01-21

Hazel continued sucking me under the table but had now started to develop a rhythm bobbing her head up and down whilst circling my cock with her tongue. "This is where the girls perfect their oral skills." I was standing in a room where 20 girls were lined up on their knees in front of male mannequins with 8-inch cock, which the girls were sucking and licking like crazy. The first girl in the line took off her white shirt and sank naked between my knees and sucked on me for 30 seconds. The next girl then came up removed her top and sucked on me whilst I felt the first girl and controlled the second girls head with my right hand.

Auntie's Naughty Boys

group 2018-01-18

Herb reached for his girl cousin's spread-open cunt, but hesitated. "Aunt Dee," Herb said as his prick as soft as an overdone spaghetti noodle shrank "All right, you filthy little brute!" Aunt Dee said and pulled Herb by his ear. Aunt Dee had spread her legs so wide that Herb could see the coral pink slit in her of Herb's cock, until her upraised, naked ass faced him, her gaping asshole and cunt Aunt Dee's hand slapped the girl's quivering ass-cheeks. that Aunt Dee was cupping Julie's right boob as she helped the girl to her feet. "Now, young man," Aunt Dee said and rested her soft woman-palm on Herb's naked "Pig!" Aunt Dee screamed and her smacked against Herb's bare ass.

Mistaken Identity

group Exakta66 2018-01-17

"I need you to do a service call at Benson Commodities in West Caldwell," Rich stated flatly. While I was around the corner from Joan's desk I heard Jack come out of his office. As I started teasing that delicious Asian mound with my tongue, I could see the black girl go down on my now stiff cock while the blonde tended to my balls with her fingers and tongue. The black girl started to moan audibly as she tightened her vaginal muscles around my member and worked it like the professional that she was. I quickly made my way back to Jack's office and picked up the papers and the desk lamp we had knocked on the floor.

What It Takes To Be Number One

group Softly 2018-01-13

The report went on to outline in detail what was good performance, and where Sigma Phi men would have the best chance of finding such woman. Tri Delta was mentioned as having self centered woman that seldom gave good sex. Sue worked day and night for the next four weeks working out the Tri Delta reorganization program. Only a score of ninety (90) would allow a girl to continue as a Tri Delta. The Tri Delta girls would be number one by morning, but now was busy time and yes, yes, yes they were busy. Sue could not remember having such a good time, as the third guy she was servicing thrust his hard cock to and fro in her pussy.

48 Hours as a Hooker (2001)

group joanne1976 2018-01-11

He came over and said it was time to go, after he asked me if I wanted "This is Jo, you've met of course" said Tony, coolly Carol came over and Just be a minute, okay?" I said to Carol, and to Tony Back in the bedroom Carol asked Tony what he actually wanted. I looked away as I took Tony's cock into my mouth and sucked him "I want some cock now" said Carol softly, she moved forward off "God, you've got a gorgeous arse" cooed Carol, gently parting my bum for own tongue on my clit, Tony had got my breasts in his hands, working Carol looked sooooooo disappointed, but cheered up as Tony said he'd

Cast party

group valeriuscatullus 2018-01-10

Brigitte sucked on Matt’s 5 inch cock and caressed his body, while Lana licked the length of Jamie’s 6 inches and fingered his smooth, eager ass. I was now thoroughly confused but getting aroused as I watched Mark and Cody close in on Melissa, who by now was wearing only panties as well, and start sucking on both of her nipples while she moaned and ran her fingers through mark’s short dark hair and Cody’s shoulder length blonde curls. At this point the three girls who were watching each exploded in orgasm just before Mark gasped and climaxed, filling Cody’s ass with hot jizz and collapsing onto him where they held each other and kissed.

Stuck in the Middle With You!

group Alice_Roissy 2018-01-06

I can guarantee if your lady is going to first of all agree to allow another girl to join you, and secondly enjoy the experience with no after thoughts of jealousy or suspicion, she will only do it on her terms and you my friend are just along for the ride. My boyfriend and I had discussed the idea of indulging in a night of passion with another girl for ages before we finally decided we were secure enough together and ready to experiment. But once we admitted we both liked the idea and felt ready we actually started to look and talk in depth about the kind of girl we both might like and what sort of limits we would adhere to.

Hilary and Kim, another weekend

group slapnuts69 2018-01-03

Kim had her back to me and I was massaging her wonderful D sized titties while Hilary took turns licking her clit and sucking on my balls. Hilary then worked her way up to Kim's mouth and they kissed and shared my cum. This off course was rubbing the nub of the strap on into Kim's pussy and all three of us were working up to a big simultaneous orgasm. I sort of half rolled off of her and Kim withdrew the dildo from my ass and went to work licking the cum off off Hilary. She was basically string at Hilary and Kim, and they were really putting on a show now, making out with each other and rubbing each other's pussies.


group per_vertec 2018-01-01

I was playing hooky from work so I thought I would head on over to the FuckMart to pass the time. "Enjoy shopping at FuckMart," smiled the girl who's tit I was just twisting. This girl was an athlete and it showed the way she worked my cock. A pair of teenaged girls were giggling and whispering to each other when my big cock came into view. You could tell from the way she spoke that she didn't have the biggest IQ in the land - like most of the girls at FuckMart. I grabbed my FuckMart girl and tossed her face first onto one of the forks. I got behind her doggy style and inserted my fuck tool into the FuckMart tool girl in a second.

Brittany's first time

group Ajdj0403 2017-12-31

I had just graduated high school and wanted to take a job at a recording studio. As the days went on the first week I worked there, I was continuously hit on by these men. I started to see why my boss told me why the girls before me didn't last here, I didn't care though, I wanted this job and needed to make money when the internship was over. "This job is yours if you want it, but something needs to happen", he said. He continued thrusting his fingers inside of me, making me very wet. He stood back up and told me to get down and take my clothes off. Jarrod gave me my clothes and told me the job was mine.

School of Sex 2

group anita8003 2017-12-30

"Yes I have told her." The lady turned to Rose and said, "Look here, I have already told you, this is a boys' school and you have to work as a maid here and you will have to do all those jobs the boy would ask you to do" "Oh, No. Not Robert." Mary said, in a low voice, "He is a maniac and this one is new, he would destroy her" I would like to send her to Martin the new boy" He will be mild" He was having an hard on and he was fondling his cock when Mary opened the door and came in with Rose." "Come here" Martha took the hand of Rose and put it strait on his cock over the pajamas.

Crack Whore - True Story

group Duke71 2017-12-29

Strangely, instead of telling me to fuck off, she said, "Wow, that's right you didn't get off." She takes another toke, passes the pipe to her friend, drops to her knees and pull out my cock. I follow her lead and pull the long shirt off of the blonde, leaving her buck naked in a shared bathroom, with the door open as she chokes down a complete stranger's cock with her crack-head friend. I looked at my little blonde crack-whore and said, "OPEN!" With my other had I grabbed a good chunk of her hair and pulled her head back as she obediently stuck her tongue out and closed her eyes.

Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XIV

group Victor2K 2017-12-27

It was what I heard and I went in the car with Gene and Susan by my side, totally nervous about what happened to James and why he didn’t came. My boy dumped me in the best night of my high school life, he made me feel like trash, I was sad and vulnerable and the two friends of mine had a perfect recipe to raise my mood... I never managed to meet James again after the abrupt breakup, but even if I wished, I only would meet him to thank him for getting myself closer to my Gene and Susan, now married with each other, but that still count with me when they feel that I am alone and I need some ‘entertainment’.


group starshine0717 2017-12-22

I watched Pete roll on his condom, then he got behind my girl, pulled her thongs down to her bent knees and started fucking her. She was clearly enjoying my girl eating her pussy because it took her a minute to slowly turned her head towards me. Pete wanted his turn in my girl's mouth, and I watched as he kneeled on the bed next to her head and stuck his erection towards her face. Theresa moaned into my girl's breasts, and I could hear Pete panting harder as he pounded my girlfriend's pussy with his dick as he kneeled on the edge of the bed.

Visiting my Uncle

group jaiamor 2017-12-21

I don't know why but i wanted to thank them for the nice blowjob so i got down and kissed them.i cud taste my own cum but i was so lost in excitement that i dint care.I just kissed them wildly,the girl then got up and went to clean up but i was with the beautiful cd, i dint care that he was still a guy,i just kissed him, my cock was getting hard again,with all the intense kissing and foreplay,he wrapped his legs around me,and i slipped my cock in his ass.

my young girl friend was curius about sex clubs

group hotguy111111 2017-12-20

and it was off i watched sat eh gout her on hier hands and knees and dog fucked her and made her blow his friend and then switch and then they laid her on the edge of the bed and told the woman to suck on NOras Cunt. sp she stood there and dropped her skirt and took off there bra and they guys were complementing her on what a nice odd she had and she unsnapped her ba and let her litle tits point at all of us and then when she hesitated i said go head show em our pussy u love being a litle hwoe you just cucked to of there buddies you might as well fuck these guys tooo.

Foursome Free For All

group LadyLilith 2017-12-18

I moaned against Andrew's mouth as Janey's tongue began to explore my hole, sinking deep into my slit and then pulling out again, fucking me like a mini cock. His hand guided my head up and down on his cock and he half groaned, half whispered, "Fuck you know how to suck cock, Oh my God, you're gonna make me cum so hard." Hearing that sent me over the edge and I started to cum, grinding my pussy against Janey's face and screaming, though it was muffled by the throbbing dick stuck in my mouth.

Spank me please

group 2017-12-11

I don't want him to stop, but his hands have moved on. I feel cool, rough cement lick my stomach and then a massive hand thwacks my behind. His hand finds the back of my head and rams me forward in time with the sucking. A hand finds my cunt and finger-fucks me. "Jack!" I squeal a strangled orgasm past the cock in my mouth. Big hands are all over my body, feeling my breasts, twisting my nipples, raking my skin. "A good little girl keeps her mouth shut," a voice sings in my ear. Huge hands grip my back and buttocks, bringing me down on a cock, impaling me over and over. "What's that?" he asks, looking at the white cloth in my hand.

A Start Of Something Nice

group bobbymcgee 2017-12-07

As I opened my eyes I could see guys jerking off fast and I noticed a few girls had a few fingers up their tight little holes. When we stood up my cum dripped out of her pussy and down some of her leg, not thinking twice she scooped it up with her hand and then licked her hand off, With that the guys and girls all stood and started to clap and cheer for us. There was now 14 of us left, 8 girls in the sand fingering them selves, and six dumbfounded guys watching. The other six girls got behind a guy and started to jerk him off while Gina and Cathy finger fucked them selves, Gina with four and Cathy with three.

She Made Us Rub Our Cocks Together

group wildcock 2017-12-06

About an hour later, I hear another knock on my door – I see that it’s my friend Tony, who lives up the block… I ask ***** if it’s okay if Tony comes inside for a little bit and she says “That’s fine.” Tony thinks ***** is just as hot as everyone else does, and we’d always talk about wanting to see her naked… I remember getting this really funny feeling in my penis… like there was a close-pin on it holding me back from peeing or something… I looked over at Tony and he was lightly moaning every time ***** yanked his doodle… as she was stroking us, ***** asked “Do you boys know what blowjobs are?” We both breathlessly replied “Yes.” Tony and I definitely knew what blowjobs were, and we wanted one.

Tropical Joys

group Red Hugh 2017-12-04

Charlotte kissed the naked and equally satisfied Julie on the lips, paid her and wished her good night before strolling home to her little apartment. She had a question for Sam. David had asked if she could find another girl to accompany them and share their bed from time to time as well as 'accommodate a guest who would drop by for a couple of days. Charlotte and Sam had seen each other naked obviously and had even been together with customers at the brothel but they had been faking what they did for a John who could only afford a few hundred dollars for a rushed two-girl. Charlotte had outlined a menu of sex that David was partial to and it gave Sam pause for thought.