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A Gangbang for Jess

group neon_dreaming 2018-01-30

Returning to the situation, I hooked a finger through Jess' collar loop and led her back over to Rob and Tom. I pulled her forward onto Tom, and she reached her hands up to massage Rob and me as she bobbed her head back and forth on the first of her three cocks. "Switch off!" Tom exclaimed gleefully, reaching across Jess' back to high-five Rob. They moved around her as she gasped, trying to catch her breath. Tom pulled himself out of Jess' mouth, and for the first time I heard her moans full-force as another man fucked her. Jess leaned her cum-covered face forward and kissed first the head of my cock, then Tom's.

The Nurse Slut

group Mysteria27 2018-01-30

Lucky for me, a lot of people come through the hospital who are fat. He was like a pig in shit and was thrilled that a hot and sexy nurse fucked the shit out of him. Like I said, lots of heavier men end up at the hospital for various reasons. My pussy was a wet mess thinking about her blubber and wondered if she'd be up for a little fun. If you don’t fuck me, you’ll risk me telling everybody what you like to do. Tell me you like fucking fat guys!” “I like fucking fat men. I kept having orgasms while fucking the heavy guy. They each took turns fucking my ass and pussy.

My introduction and pathway to group sex. Part 11

group LuvitAll 2018-01-30

  I put my hands on my guys arse and pulled him into me while I pushed my mouth on to his cock and pressed my nose into his hair. My guy pulled his cock out of my mouth and pushed me roughly back into the car, reached under my dress and pulled my pants off.   I wanted to have a good play with his cock and balls first so I told him to pull down his jeans.   He pushed and held me up while he slipped a hand between my legs and ran his finger around the edge of my cunt where his cock was sticking into me.

First Threesome

group Dazzleme04769 2018-01-30

There it was - while sucking on her husband's cock and having a stranger lick her pussy, she had her 1st orgasm of the night - and it was a wild one. She leaned back and took her husband's cock in almost an upside down position, letting him face fuck her mouth as I continued to plow her pussy with my dick. I kept fucking this hot wife's pussy while I slid my mouth down on her husband's cock. At this time, her husband leaned forward and licked my cum from her face and tits, returning his lips to the head of my cock and sucked a few fresh drops from it.

Surprise Homecoming

group Pegasus4 2018-01-30

Plus the fact that my wife was watching me have my cock sucked by her best friend whilst she sat with her skirt pulled around her waist, her knickers around her knees and her legs wide apart. This sudden show of lust from Jay had a tremendous effect on Sue as she pushed back harder and faster on my thrusting cock to very quickly reach another intense orgasm, gasping and convulsing with intense pleasure as her eyes were locked on Jay sliding the banana in and out of her own pussy. I grabbed Sue by her hips and plunged my stiff cock deep into her hot, tight pussy, slamming my hips hard against her arse with each thrust whilst we both watched Jay fuck herself with the banana.

Doing It for Real

group videxpert3 2018-01-30

“Yeah, Ron always leaves them happy,” Pat remarked to Marsha, “he really knows how to pleasure a cock. With Marsha riding up and down on Vid’s cock and Pat riding Vid’s pussy-experienced tongue, the sounds of moans and groans soon filled the room. Pat took Ron’s swollen cock and slowly feed it into Marsha’s pussy. Ron picked up the pace and Vid rubbed Marsha’s clit with his fingers and pumped Ron’s cock as it made its upstroke. Marsha’s crescendoing moans made Vid excited and he was amazed how comfortable he felt watching another man have sex with his girlfriend.

A Walk In The Woods

group Pegasus4 2018-01-29

She slowly undressed while she watched Jay and the blonde woman suck, lick and tease my cock and balls until she was also completely naked, exposing beautiful round breasts with erect nipples and cleanly shaved mound. As her fingers were pleasuring her own clitoris she witnessed the brunette reaching orgasm with my face buried between her legs and the blonde spreading her buttocks to watch my tongue work on her pussy. With my cock buried deep inside Jay, I leaned over her back to move her blonde hair aside, giving me a clear view of her fingers parting the blonde's pussy lips and her tongue teasing and licking between them up to her clitoris.

After Hours 3

group ColletteXx 2018-01-29

I took the cock out of my mouth and raised my head, Tom pumping a stream of cum over my face, across the bridge of my nose and over my eye.  The two guys took turns fucking my mouth, holding my hair and penetrating my throat with their hard cocks. I kept talking to the camera, saying things like "What do I have to do to get a pay-rise?" and "You are the worse boss I've ever had, making me suck your cock." A combination of the dirty talk and the expert blowjob made him cum pretty quickly, I looked into the lens and took his cum on my tongue like a good girl, swallowing and showing him my empty mouth.

More Fucking With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-01-29

After a good laugh, Kelly looked over at Yvonne and said, “I am so fucking horny right now.” Their “this or that” had gotten progressively raunchier as they went on. She sat facing Yvonne, her back leaning on the arm of the couch, her legs spread as wide as she could, she followed Yvonne’s lead: She used one hand to rub her clit and the other to finger fuck herself. So, Yvonne poured baby oil in her hand, had Kelly stand up and started massaging Kelly’s pubic mound, around to her butt crack and down to her asshole and then back around to the front and into her crotch rubbing her lips thoroughly.

How I became a slut

group BarbKann 2018-01-29

I was feeling really relaxed and unknown to me at the time my robe had been pulled open at the bottom from the weight of the vibe still in my pocket, sitting on the bar stool as I was, my shaved pussy was completely on display. Then he pulled the vibe out and slipped his cock in my ass and started pumping hard. While he was fucking my ass one of the other guys tilted my head back and started sliding his cock into my mouth. I must have looked a mess and was totally spent, but someone said there was one guy that hadn't cum yet and pointed me to someone sitting on the love seat in the darkened corner of the living room.

Library Colonel, Part 2

group ricky12345 2018-01-29

A short, slightly plump little thing, with large tits and a bubble butt, she always wore short skirts and fuzzy sweaters. Debbie eagerly began sucking Jill's equally large lips and clit. I knew from prior experience that Jill enjoyed rough sex, so I took the opportunity to abuse her big tits and inch-long nipples. As Debbie tongued and bit Jill's cunt, I slapped her big tits with the belt until they were crisscrossed with red welts. As she started cumming she screamed around my cock and she grabbed two handfuls of Debbie's hair, pulling Debbie's face tight to her cunt. She bent over the desk and reached back to spread her big, round cheeks, baring her tiny asshole to my doorknob size cock head.

Hot Tub Foursome

group speedodave 2018-01-29

Four gay guys (Kip and I consider ourselves bi,) pretty much an unlimited speedo supply, a little bit of booze and a hot tub – what could possibly happen? None of the places in Breck are all that gay, but Kip and the Denver boys were tearing up the dance floor and I ended up talking to a few different girls at the bar. I had to stop the Denver boys from working on my cock and balls because I wanted this to last and with the long day and drinking I wasn’t sure I’d be able to cum twice (I later found out that cumming twice was no problem at all.) So I tucked my raging boner in my speedo.

Titties Bay

group Dehumanization 2018-01-29

You rest your head on my shoulder and I kiss the base of your neck, stepping forward into me you feel the press of my hard cock against your hips and a sudden jolt of excitement runs through you. The man beside you takes your hand from his shaft and stands up, you hear him moving down towards the woman and she is thrust forward her hair slipping down on your hips. She is a small woman one with soft and silky smooth skin her hips are exposed and the gently rocking of the man behind her pushes her tongue gently in and out between your pussy and clit.

Black Mistress for Black Men

group Samuelx 2018-01-28

"Good, now do it," Mistress Shana said to Jamal Abdullahi, and she looked at her Bull, a burly, chocolate-hued, tattooed Jamaican brother named Luther Braxton, and nodded firmly. Mistress Shana looked into Jamal's eyes and smiled, and watched as Braxton's big black dick popped into Jamal's asshole. "Take that Somali ass cherry," Mistress Shana shouted, and she watched excitedly as Braxton's thick dick went deep into Jamal's asshole, and the Somali stud screamed at last as the Bull's dick filled him up. Fingering her wet pussy with one hand and stroking Jamal's dick with the other, Mistress Shana encouraged Braxton the Bull as he fucked her latest sub up the ass.

Kelly's Passion, The Final Chapter

group Milik_the_Red 2018-01-28

“I’m sure May. This will work, it has to.” Kari said it with the same conviction she had all day, but suddenly her hands began to shake and her stomach felt as if it was turning upside down. With the one guy in the room that just might be counted to do the right thing leaving, they still had nothing to work with, and after the show they'd put on, a man like Carl Roman wasn't about to just let them leave now. While Jack sat dumbfounded by the ferocity of Carl's attack on Kari, Pete came bursting out of the bathroom at the sounds of the girls hysterical crying.

Tales of the Naughty Vixen

group iamsugarysweet 2018-01-28

Just as Mike and Jake were about to yell at Dani for turning the television off, they noticed her hands slowly make their way to the back of her neck like a swimsuit model and undo the ponytail in her hair, shaking her hair back and forth as the men once again turned to one another, puzzled. At this point, having gotten their full attention, Dani gently ran her hands down the sides of her warm, sleek body, placed her hands on her knees, and leaned her body forward to reveal her shaven vagina to Mike and Jake, whose confusion was beginning to turn to anticipation and desire.

Helping amy 2

group Tanksdad 2018-01-28

“I want to look into your eyes as you make me cum,” Kim said before kissing me hard and deep. Kim claimed one of Chewy’s huge balls sucking tenderly but getting all of Amy’s juices off of Chewy. Amy lay down on the bed and Kim crawled between Amy’s thin thighs and started licking her way up. Kim slid her hands under Amy’s nice round ass as she sucked and nibbled at her trimmed blond pussy. When Amy finally calmed down and I had licked all of Amy’s cum off of Kim Chewy broke the silence, “Man Pops, you stay hard longer than I do dude.” Kim and I knew why, but I let the youngster think I was “The Man”.

The Way to Start a Vacation

group heybaebae 2018-01-28

“I'll share if you want!” she moaned as one of the guys began to fuck her from behind. The guy in my pussy was slapping my tits and ass cheek. With that being said, the guy in my ass announced that he was on the verge of cumming and that I had better be ready for his load. I began to play with my clit to get mine one more time when the guy slapped my hand away. I stuck my tongue out and began tasting my nectar mixed with the load already in my throat, when suddenly I felt the hot thick streams of his cum hit my lips, cheeks, chin, and tits.

young dumb and full of cum

group bekka25 2018-01-28

He began to kiss my upper thigh and rub over my pubic bone, his fingers slipped farther down till he was pushing through my panties in to my pussy. One removing my shirt , I now lay naked on a couch with three men eating me, kissing me, and sucking on my breast. As the man behind me pulled out and went to the couch were he passed out, the man that had just cum in my mouth was hard again and ready to fuck. The two of them continued to fuck my pussy, ass, and mouth until we had all cum several times, and had to pass out from exhaustion.

Halloween is a time to share

group llkop 2018-01-28

Mel cleaned herself up, and threw the door open, “Next please.” There were a few laughs, and the crowd stirred, some people kept dancing, I think they were unsure of the situation. One of them took Mel into the doggy position and pressed his above average cock into her pussy, she moaned as he stretched her after the previous guy. Watching Mel being spit-roasted by these two strange men dressed as Spartans was really starting to turn me on. I pressed my head against the tightly pursed asshole and slowly pushed. Millimeter by millimeter I got deeper in until I was finally passed her sphincter muscles; I then began to fuck her ass.

The Best Christmas Eve Ever

group bobjack 2018-01-28

While Diane was a real hot number in her early 40’s and a bit of a flirt, Scott was at least 15 years older and didn’t know when he had had enough to drink. I let go of his cock with my mouth and took the cloth from his hand to catch his ejaculate. Before Scott could cum, I turned my head away from his cock. While I am thinking he is not going to butt fuck me, Diane said to Scott. Diane sat on the edge of the bed and took my still hard cock in her hand. When he finished licking up my cum, Diane looked at my cock and nodded. Scott again took my cock in his mouth while Diane began to play with my nipples.

Amy's Gangbang Dream Come True

group luckyluc 2018-01-28

After her orgasm the two guys started ramming her pussy with extra speed and depth, Amy was like a rag doll between them as they pounded her as fast as they could, “Yeah that’s right just ram it in there, fucking ram it as fast as you can, fuck my tight cunt.” After another 20 or so strokes, Amy felt the first cum load shoot up inside her. "Shoot your fucking load all over me, I want your hot cum on my body, fuckin unload on me now.” With that the guy pulled his monster cock out of Amy’s ass and she instinctively grabbed it and started jerking.

In the bathroom

group ricky12345 2018-01-28

Linda and Alan were quite a bit older than Peppi and me and Pam and Don, as were Bill and Joyce and two other couples I didn't know. Then Joyce turned the seat so she was facing Pam and Linda, hiked her skirt, spread her legs and told me in a loud voice to play with her cunt. Linda watched for a couple minutes as I fucked Joyce before asking about Pam. I managed to tell her she went to the restroom. Then she sat still and we watched as Joyce fingered and tongued a mostly awake Pam. Hearing Pam cum got Linda moving, sliding up and down on my throbbing, rock hard cock.

Fucking for a job promotion

group cindy_4u 2018-01-27

Now I have fucked Jim a number of times, so I felt safe knowing he would be bringing good horny guys only. Between grinding on their cock and even stroking it, I came close to Les, turned with my back to him, bent from my waist, I asked him to remove my g-string.  Sucking and stroking each cock in turn, I got up and, stepped up on the sofa, put a leg on each side of Marvin and lowered my pussy on his mouth. I was breathing hard with the recent orgasm, but Les soon had pushed Marvin to the side, spread my legs open even more, put his mouth on my dripping pussy, and started to taste me.