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Fun with Sarah

group vangelsdorp 2018-11-24

Cindy guessed why I gently pulled her up and away and, with a wicked grin, climbed onto the sofa, straddled me and lowered her cunt towards my face, Grabbing her ass with both hands I alternated between nibbling her clit and licking her cunt with broad stokes of my tongue. I've always thought Sarah was possibly the hottest and wettest woman it's been my good fortune to fuck, but Cindy just had the edge and it went some way to explaining why she and Ron enjoyed swinging so much.                 'Sarah, I can't tell you how amazingly erotic it was, watching you fuck Ron. And when you told him that he didn't have to be so gentle, that you weren't going to break and that you wanted him to fuck you hard – him with his dick buried in that sexy ass of yours .

What best friends are for

group tommie 2018-11-23

The speed of Chelsea’s circling fingers increased, rubbing urgently over her clit, until she felt her orgasm hitting her, her legs giving way as she sank down to the ground, producing a high pitched squeal in the process, before putting her hand on her mouth, muffling any further sounds that could give her away. When the scare had worn off, adrenaline was still surging through Chelsea’s body and together with all the lustful, plain horny feelings she had felt the last few days, it took just a second to realise her brother was knocked out and Tom was alone downstairs. Phil had started rubbing her clit with his thumb and together with his hard fucking, Tom’s tweaking of her nipples and the taste of her juices mixed with his cum, Chelsea was losing it quickly.

Liz's holiday threesome

group RobJohnson 2018-11-17

Matt moved forward to kiss Liz, while Paul continued to rub Liz's hands against his cock, which was getting harder by the second. Matt was wanking off in front of Liz, he then moved forward and Liz naturally opened her mouth to take his cock, while Paul continued to tongue her tight arse. Paul then started rubbing his cock up against Liz's pussy, then within seconds he was inside her and Liz was being spit roasted on her own bed. Watching Liz cum got Paul going again, and as she climbed off Matt, Paul lay her down on her back, opened her legs wide and fucked her with all his worth, emptying himself in her for the second time.

A holiday with very friendly friends

group tomstarks 2018-11-10

We had both driven separately from London and when we arrived we saw the lights on and we were pleased to see that Jonathan and Rani had got a real fire going and had made a start on dinner. Alice let out a small gasp when my cock slid in to her very wet vagina but neither Rani or Jonathan seemed to notice. I started pumping Alice very slowly, more or less keeping time with Rani's mouth on Jonathan's cock. Despite nothing being said during the day, things had clearly got a bit more liberal as both girls just got undressed and this time Rani just slipped into bed naked and Alice just wore a small pair of pants and a clingy vest.

Techno Aphrodite

group Piquet 2018-11-07

A few people, mostly women, were already on the dance floor and as Mick and Simone joined them, a couple of the women smiled at him, allowing their eyes to linger just long enough as to be suggestive. Aside from Agata and Jenna, he thought he could recognize a couple of faces from Club Luna, but the majority of Stephanie’s guests just looked like handsome and beautiful young tourists. It may have been the excitement of making love to a complete stranger or the sheer fervor that Agata brought to the task, it may have been the surreal setting or the sight of two beautiful girls beside him taking it in turn to lick each others pussies, he was not sure, but soon Mick found himself becoming harder and harder.

The Holiday Trip

group tahluv 2018-11-02

I grab his hard cock licking it up one side and down another and then placing my lips tightly on the tip on his plump juicy head I sucked and twirl my tongue around it several times. You could hear what seems like echoes of moaning going on as I was feeling the warm moist tongue on my clit and my hubby’ s fingers pumping in and out of my juice filled pussy that was pulsating in orgasm and as Mrs. Hotty was feeling the hard cock of her hubby pounding  going faster and faster in her tight pussy. Mrs. Hotty and I took turns going up and down my hubby’ s cock and her licking his balls and fingering his asshole until my hubby couldn’t take it any more and shot his hot cum down my throat.

The Christmas Exchange

group Kirsenne99 2018-09-03

Even more disturbing is when I'm drunk or when I fall asleep on the couch someone lightly strokes the skin on my leg and I thought it was Gabriel but another friend of mine let me know Daniel did it once when she was around. I've tried to talk to Gabriel about what he was getting for Daniel and what I should look for and he got sort of aloof. Daniel forced his way into me as Gabriel held me into his kiss. Now I know that you're enjoying this immensely and merry Christmas for that." Gabriel smiled and locked his eyes with mine as he bent to tickle my hard nipple with his tongue. Daniel's force moved my entire body up and down and Gabriel's cock pushed the limits of my throat.

First Threesome

group rantfor 2018-08-22

Glancing around, and seeing that I was not likely to be observed, I slipped my shorts down and began to stroke my burgeoning cock. "Now the other breast, please." Naturally, I was only too pleased to oblige, and I got even more pleased when she reached down and cupped my crotch in her hand, fondling my balls and stroking my cock through my shorts. I put my hands on her hips and pushed my cock forward, feeling her labia slip over it. Then I pushed gently forward, feeling my cock slide into her gorgeous vagina until my balls touched her pubic hair. Peter was now gasping regularly, like a man who was not far off filling his lover's mouth with his cum.

Go Green with Jenson Elf

group AmandaGreene 2018-07-28

After enjoying a couple months of normal life on our planet which involves naked Christmas caroling, naked Christmas shopping, naked egg nog wrestling and sitting on Santa's fat jolly cock I receive my assignment to return back to earth. I wanted his wife to lick me to orgasm too but first I needed egg nog on my pussy too. As I came the husband pulled out his cock of his wife's beautiful pink pussy and came all over the glass coffee table while I laid underneath it. Finally the husband placed me on top of the glass top coffee table still sticky from his cum and rammed his rod into my tight pussy. Her husband fucked me hard and waited to cum until both his wife and I were ready to orgasm.

Ashley's Adventure Down Under Ch. 02

group redking99 2018-07-04

The girl on-screen slowly grinds herself downwards, impaling herself and burying the huge black cock in her drenched cunt. Without warning, the black man under the little Asian girl begins to pump upwards, fucking her cunt furiously in the effort to satisfy himself. He woke up because of Ashley was finger-fucking her own cunt while watching the action in one of rooms of this resort and the bed was mimicking the rocking motion as she plunged three fingers up her own pussy and pumped them in and out. A white skinned, young, well-endowed girl of Asian origin, in a room full of black men, while two of them have their humongous cocks buried up in her pussy and ass.

New Years Gala Indeed!

group sr71plt 2018-07-03

And then he turned me on my stomach, and I watched the New Years fireworks on the banks of the river at Cologne through my cabin window and listened to the band in the lounge above us as Raul swiftly stroked his cock in and out of my ass and fairly quickly climaxed in a warming flow inside me. As we sat close together on one of the beds afterward and smoked his Cuban cigars, I wondered what Carey was thinking and where she was and if she was frantically worried whether I had fallen off the ship—or worse was just outside the door to the cabin about to discover Raul and me there, both half dressed, both obviously sexually satiated with each other.

Well... Ch. 19

group Pegleg 2018-06-27

Moving slowly we stopped close to the small pool formed at the bottom of the fall and looked at a terrific sight as Ann took on James and Brian. Tanya told her she was a greedy bitch, and then smiled and said it was only jealousy talking as she and Mary pulled Ann into the little pool and started to wash her off. Mary got up and came and stood behind me, like she often does in the shower, reaching round to caress my bulging prick as Nat worked on it. When I was drained I had a job to stand but I took a step backwards so that Mary could do as Nat wanted and although it was a terrific sight I knew that there was going to be no more 'arousal' for me for a while.

Sexxxmas Party

group randy1 2018-06-12

With her hands on her stocking-clad knees, bent over at the waist, hair hanging around her face, skirt pushed up over her hips, I fucked her faster and faster as she squealed more and more then screamed, "Come in me now! But there was no lining, you could see right through the lace and rather than putting on something demure underneath like a full slip, she was wearing a matching shiny black bra and panty set complete with garter-belt and sheer black stockings, which complemented her jet black hair. She whispered huskily, "I love you, want to have some sexy fun?" I started to reach for her but she pulled away laughing, "I guess that's a yes, I've got a special treat", as she held out a blindfold, "willing?"

A Night at a Club with New Friends

group sandj1977 2018-05-19

Mike and Maria were kissing and touching and Nicole came around behind me and started to eat me out. She just kept crying his name out and begging for more of my man's big hard cock It was such a turn on that I started to kiss her and suck her breasts while she was fingering my pussy. Nicole crawled over to them, her breasts perched on Maria's back, and started talking dirty to Mike. Mike stopped fucking Maria and went around and presented his cock to Nicole. After Nicole got Maria's approval took Mike's cock balls deep We decided we had had a fun time at the club but needed to get home as it was late, We ended up at Maria and Mike house.

Swingers Hotel Ch. 01

group duckandbunny79 2018-05-09

'You sound a little overly shocked if I'm honest' said Jenny 'While very early in the morning, it's hardly a novelty' Both I and my wife must have looked puzzled at this point. Lis moaned, her eyes closed, enjoying the warm wet sensation of Jenny's tongue, flicking her nipple and then her mouth sucking it deep until she could fit no more of her breast in her mouth. My wife was bucking so hard on her face, that it caused Jenny's big tits to wobble and made it difficult for her to keep her hands steady holding open her cunt. Jenny continued to stroke my chest occasionally flicking my nipples with her fingers as I watched my wife taking Troy's black cock in and out of her mouth.

Putting up the Tree

group Torg 2018-05-04

After everything was ready, they fell into a passionate kiss standing in the living room, tongues dancing wildly. He bit hard into her shoulder and she gasped, revealing more of her neck to his teeth. They kissed hard for some time, and then she broke the kiss, saying, "Hey, let's continue this after we go get naked!" She led him upstairs. Red grabbed his head and pulled him into a kiss. He went back to biting her shoulder, and his Hispanic lady said, "She's telling you to get the condom, because she really wants to fuck." He looked back at his red-haired love below him, and her eyes were closed in ecstasy.

Holiday FFM Fun

group postman1 2018-04-22

I moved around the back of him kissing his neck sensually and grabbing his nipples, he turned and kissed me passionately as Jenny leant down and took his rock hard cock in her mouth. At that moment I felt him tense dramatically and saw cum flow into Jenny's mouth, she took it all and Craig leant down and started kissing her passionately tasting his own cum. Before long Jenny had asked Craig to fist her pussy, she moaned loudly and as she moaned I could feel Craig grow harder and harder and I wanted him to this time cum somewhere he hadn't before.

Thong Fantasies Ch. 03

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-04-09

Whilst our tongues explored each other's willing mouths, I felt Gloria's fingers circle my smooth, engorged shaft and start to pump it slowly. I sucked one nipple gently into my hot mouth, my tongue still twirling, whilst my fingers encircled and teased her other breast. Eager to taste her flowing juices, I parted her outer lips with my fingers and pressed my tongue against the moist, pink flesh. She reached down to her own pussy and started to finger her recently battered clit as my swollen cock thrust in and out of her slick hole. I took one last look at her gorgeous body, before she slipped her dress over her head and smoothed it down over her thighs and still damp knickers.

Magaluf Fun Ch. 01

group Annatartywife 2018-03-30

After swapping around three or four times it culminated in me getting a face full of spunk from the lad with the smaller of the two cocks as his mate fucked me furiously from behind. I wanted my cunt full of it this time so I positioned myself on all fours, my body naked except my high heeled wedge shoes and told him in no uncertain terms to, "Fuck the hell out of me." Sandra was so jealous she searched for him the next night and ended up getting fucked doggy-style by him and his friend in her room that night. The next part will include my day with eight different guys, my second time with the young waiter and my last cocks of the holiday x x x

Living on the "Wild" Side a Little

group cafwen 2018-03-07

"Hello there..." Angie wasn't entirely sure but she thought the blonde was checking her out for a moment, "I'm Rachel, the ranger for tonight's drive." The beautiful woman extended her hand and Angie took it, pleased at the strong grip, "and that bastard coming up to us now is Adam." A very tall and rather handsome blonde man -- by his attire obviously another ranger -- approached them. Adam got up suddenly to turn the light off (and lock the door she noticed) and Rachel took the opportunity to get Angie's bra off, laying her down on the bed forcefully. Rachel lifted her hips and wiggled her ass invitingly at Adam before returning to her place between Angie's legs, sucking hard at her clit and sliding three fingers inside her without warning.

Thong Fantasies

group Smooth_Bi_Guy 2018-03-02

......I started to imagine my probing fingers teasing and caressing a woman's soft, plump outer lips through the gossamer thin fabric of her thong bikini as my other hand stroked her rapidly hardening nipples through the small triangles of material partially covering her luscious breasts. I envisaged slowly undressing and caressing the soft curves of her sun-kissed body as his rough hands explored my tight, willing thong-clad ass...... He reached through my parted legs, cupping my tight, swollen balls through my thong and trailing his fingers over the silky material that was barely covering my straining shaft. I moaned with desire as my cock and balls convulsed at every tantalizing touch, causing the taut strap of the thong to be pulled even deeper into the crack of my writhing ass.

Package Holiday

group leferret 2018-02-25

When I got back to the apartment I found Traci true to her word and was sunbathing nude on the balcony although she was not going to get much colour on her pubes with her fingers stroking her freshly shaved pussy. Traci headed off and found a sun lounger to plonk herself down on near the pool while I picked up Natalie who spent the next hour splashing about in the pool and telling me about the kids club and the new friends she met. Traci was still frigging herself and Claire moved over and started playing with her tits. Traci suggested that that Claire should join us on the balcony the following day while the young ones were at the Kids club.

Greek At The Knees

group litty700 2018-02-23

I noticed Gregos wait for a little while longer, presumably for his cock to go back to normal, before he got up and walked away, still with a grin on his face. Dale rubbed his finger around my clit and continued to tell me how much he'd like to see me being fucked and watching as Gregos shot his load deep into my pussy. Gregos was thrusting hard inside of me whilst I greedily went to work on Dale's cock. He quickly moved to where Gregos was, took his cock in his hand and within no more than ten strokes of the Greek's shaft I had another jet of cum spraying over my tits and onto my face.

4 Women Lose It on a Greek Holiday

group pleasurezone 2018-02-21

I stood there in nothing but my knickers and slugged back the glass of wine, down in one, and without even realizing it started masturbating, watching them all in there; Sam now fucking hard, sitting astride her man who was on his back on the floor, his cock buried to the hilt, her ass furiously grinding backward and forward, her back arching and her head thrown back, those marvelous heavy tits swaying with the motion, his hands gripping her waist tight, impaling her on to him as she came and came, garbling indecipherably while her body turned to rippling jelly; Keiko thrashing wildly half upright on her guy's face, him lapping at her pussy and with a finger buried to its knuckle up her ass and her with a mess of cum over her mouth, begging him not to stop; Nicole on her back on the sofa, her feet pushed back over her head, being fucked hard and fast, the man's heavy weight drilling her into the soft cushions, her hands gripping his white arse cheeks, pulling him into her, gasping obscenities as his big balls slapped her bum.