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Locked Inside

group DirtyMartini 2018-11-27

The only way to unlock the doors was to key in a special code, which would send current from an emergency battery power supply to an additional set of electromagnets, which would then unlock the doors. Playboy had decided to purchase our alarm and phone systems for both the headquarters on Michigan Avenue in Chicago and the Playboy Mansion, which at that time was nearby. Lois opened the service entrance door and took me inside to where the alarm box was located. I took a good look at the old power supply and noticed it was mounted to the wall with nails instead of screws. I took out a big screwdriver and started to pry the old power supply away from the wall.

The Scheme

group silverdragon 2018-11-22

Tracie wondered why she didn't hear Penny talking to the fellows outside and followed her to the guest room. "I had wondered a few times how good Ted is in bed," confided Penny." I am almost certain that you had similar ideas, right?" When the two couples entered the ball room every guy there wondered who of the two was Tracie and who was Penny. Paul moved further up the bed, wondering if she would let her lips welcome his dick if he offered it to her. Tracie, too, was laughing so hard that she had to wait several seconds before she blurted out, "I had more fun than I had in a bed room for a long time.

How'd that happen 6

group oldrascal 2018-11-19

I pulled my horse up up aside of the wagon, leaned over and said “Well, ladies, we're going to make it into Sante Fe in a couple of hours, but you both look a little trail worn. We should pull over by that stream there, rest the horses so they look perky, and maybe spruce up a little. We arrived in Sante Fe amidst lots of stares at a man on horseback leading a wagon with some more horses tied to the back and two strikingly attractive, imperious looking women sitting in it. The ladies sat there, looking straight ahead, until I tied my horse and went to help them down.

How'd that happen 2

group oldrascal 2018-11-16

I finally took the bull by the horns and said “Listen, you ladies are acting like observers instead of participants in last nights festivities and I'm a little tired of gettin' a snub here. Her large upright breasts were a sight the old-time sculptors were always trying for but never reached the perfectionthey sought.I now beheld her lush hips framed a beautiful pussy with a small patch of crisp black hair above. That's one reason we're going to Sante Fe. They probably won't have heard about us and our old manager said that the patrons of theater in Sate Fe would welcome us” Sandra declared. Sandra affirmed this “ I was raised in a very wealthy family and know all the ways that wealthy people are to act and behave.

How'd that happen 9

group oldrascal 2018-11-10

Fortunately, when we reached Sadie's little shack, Frederick had hired a couple men, and with the men Jack had sent, it didn't take long to get everything inside where the maids unpacked and hung it all in their rooms. Naomi said,“It's what we can do for you, senor Sam, we have come to turn down your bed and give you some fresh towels,” and after a moment, “And whatever else you may require.” The last was delivered with a sideways glance and a slight simper. Naomi blushed slightly and said “Ah, Senor Sam, I have a small wager with Lisa,and I would like to ask you for a favor, por favor.” After a hesitation she continued in a little louder voice, “Would you show her your cock?

Snow White the Naughtiest Princess

group HK4167 2018-11-04

After spending four hours of quality time with his wife on the stairs, in the bedroom, and at the castle balcony, the King walked out with a big smile on his face like an idiot, and totally agreed on whatever the Queen had said. He loved the way her blood-red lips wrapping around his hard shaft; he enjoyed pulling her ebony-black hair while he rode her hard from behind; and he was definitely fascinated by the view of her snow-white skin covered with sweat and body juice, glistening under the sunshine. Being touched by his kindness and naughtiness, Snow White told the Prince everything about herself, her family and the Evil Queen.

The School Trip

group hotgirluk26 2018-11-04

I still think that the prosecution describing a group of seventeen year old girls as, “a danger to civilization not seen since the hordes of Genghis Khan,” is going a little far. Hardy.” So when Julia lay on the plaque which is bolted to the deck, and said those words, it was only natural, and somewhat humorous, for Celia Hardy to comply with the request. Yes, Your Honour, Gloria and Jilly, the two young ladies who were interviewed by yourself in your chambers just before the trial began this morning. Yes, I believe they did have some photographs taken on their mobiles, you know what these young girls are like for taking photos.

How'd that happen

group oldrascal 2018-11-02

That was a little rough, I thought, and peeking out from behind my tree I yelled “What the hell did you do that for” when the third fella drew his pistol and put a round in my tree. I took a careful look around to see if there were any more yahoos around that might take a notion that I had outlived my usefulness but seeing only three saddle horses I figured I could breathe a little easier unless the ladies resented my demising their companions. The big blonde drew herself up and sort of settled herself before replying “We're actresses who are trying to get to Sante Fe. Those men were recommended by our old manager to guide us as they were supposed to know the trail.

Anita's Birthday Party

group aussiescribbler 2018-10-29

"And you think that just because you throw me a little birthday party, I'll get it all off for you guys and give you a free show, is that it?" she asked. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the semi-darkness of the club, Anita noticed a man standing behind a counter near the door. Anita looked back at the stage to find that all of the guys were now stroking their cocks and walking towards her. "You can help the guys, if you want," Lester informed her as he stepped down from the stage and began removing his own clothes. "I think they are all ready, now," commented Lester, picking up his microphone again, now that he was naked and stiff-cocked, like every other guy in the room.

Frank and Muth

group steffymi 2018-09-28

One cold December evening I decided to get a hotel room in the little German town of Frankenmuth, Michigan - just for the hell of it. What I didn't know was that Frank and Muth were sharing a room. Muth came back to the room, and we had apparently forgotten to put a sock on the door handle, because he walked right in the room and up to the edge of the bed. At this point, Frank had my legs over his shoulders, and he didn't let me even try to scramble to maintain some sort of dignity as Muth stood there watching. Frank and myself in this sort of awkward post-coitial I-had-sex-with-a-stranger bliss, and Muth over in the other bed, snoring away, his mouth gaping open like a giant bear.

Book Tour Groupies

group JorisKHuysmans 2018-09-09

Sometimes it took no more than a face to conjure up an entire character-- the flush-faced yet mysteriously exhilarated middle-aged woman walking past the garden store who inspired "Hawaiian Baby Woodrose"; the round girl at the hot dog stand, long since torn down, whose dark and mysterious eyes had led him to write "The Goddess Ramona." Other times it was a place-- the inn out west that had started him thinking about what the lives of the people who worked there would be like, and thus led to "A Maid in Montana," or the bar in the tropics where things like "Big Beautiful Beach" happened all too easily, as Huysmans well knew from experience.


Dinner Guests

group chateneau 2018-06-30

" As Jack continued on with the story he ran his hands around the front of Julie's skirt covered thighs and pulled her back against him. "Then the woman guest gets up off the sofa and approaches the three of them." Jack continued as his fingers, having insinuated themselves under her skirt, caressed the oh-so -wet cleft between Julie's labia. As she swirls her tongue around him and tugs on him with her lips, her left hand is busy loosening the buttons on her tight jeans." Jack continued as the tip of his middle finger found that center of pleasure in Julie's vulva. Jack continued "The host moves forward on the carpet and his now rigid cock is perfectly aimed at the guest's open pussy.

Nutcracker Sweet: Part 1 of 2

group Stormdog 2018-06-01

Troy and I met in the locker room about twenty minutes later, but Rick had needed to run home to pick up his gear, so by the time he showed up we had changed and were closing up our lockers, about to head out to the gym. Despite the seven-inch height advantage that Troy had on her she was able to harass him enough that she took him out of his game when she covered him on defense and was so quick and skilled with the ball in her hands that he struggled to stay with her when we had the ball – and he had to try to guard her, because Rick was hopeless in that position.

The First Time is Always a Bitch Ch. 05

group peeder_exposed 2018-04-21

"You know, Dave," Janis said, "the thing is, it's getting kinda late, and I don't wanna see Gary have to fluff everybody up all night long. Getting a world-class blow job from Yvonne that fulfilled all my fantasies and then some, I watched as three men crowded around my wife and offered her their cocks. The second man Barb was blowing started pumping away, forcefully fucking my wife in the face with a broad-headed cock that looked eight or nine inches long and was sheathed in veins that bulged like those in a power lifter's arms. Barb took a cue from Janis and took two cocks at a time into her mouth while two other men waiting for blowjobs swirled their dickheads around her nipples that were already slick with semen.

Cucumbers and Melons

group hotpup 2018-04-16

Between the finger in his ass, the cock sucking he was getting and the big beautiful black tits he was playing with Dan was soon erupting into the girl's mouth. With a slight adjustment Dan soon found his tongue deep up Tonya's cunt and ass kissing and licking like the maniac he was. "Tonya give me your cock; fuck me hard and deep, "Peaches cooed while licking the manager's tits and rubbing the head of the dildo against her cunt. Without warning, Tonya broke the trio up long enough to fall to the floor and pull Peaches roughly on top of her Dan watched the dildo slowly slide into the white girls cunt as Tonya began fucking Peaches. Tonya screamed as the man then pulled out a gun and aimed it right at Dan's cock and Peaches' face...

Lisa: A Tale

group sparkle8 2017-12-15

James says "Come on Cutler, that was just a perfectly executed romantic gesture, now wasn't it, Lisa?" Robert pulls his sweater off over his head, and James and Cutler unbutton and remove their shirts. James, Cutler and Robert are still standing, so they sit down, remove their shoes, unbutton their jeans, pull them down and off, also toss them aside, and stand up. I climb up on the bed, facing Cutler's head, straddle him, grab his cock, adjust it, and I plunge down on it, all the way. A volcanic eruption rises in me, James and Cutler plunge faster and faster, I suck Robert's cock all the way in and surround it with a licking tongue.

The Picnic

group sr71plt 2017-12-06

Lord Thomas placed his hands under my knees and spread them wide and tipped my pelvis up on the cock he had staked up my arse hole, and Emma knelt down on her knees and placed her head between my parted thighs, parted my labia with her tongue, and fed on my inner sweetness while I gasped and moaned. And after the footman had leaned down and whispered something in Lady Emma's ear, she moved her lips away from my nether lips and sat back on her haunches, as the young footman went down on his knees between my spread legs, Lord Thomas tipped me back on his impaling pole.

Can He or Can't He?

group sr71plt 2017-11-25

I had heard that Lewis Hart had checked into the Mandalay Bay, but I didn't really believe it until I saw two luscious babes, one blonde and one a red head, cooing over an old guy at the hotel pool. As I watched the three of them by the pool—the LBs—luscious babes, as I couldn't help from thinking of them—codling the thin old guy in the chaise lounge between them, I couldn't help but wondering if the other legend about Hart was true—that he had a twelve incher and was able to keep his girls happy with more than his money and a promise of glossy photo coverage in a high-circulation skin magazine.

Stephanie's Surprising Encounter

group capricious_chic 2017-11-19

Stephanie could feel the tendrils of desire start to build again as she stared at Emily's pretty face buried between her legs, and oh the sensations of her wicked little mouth on her cunt. Emily licked her way up Stephanie's body, nibbling lightly on her stomach and pausing to give each nipple a long stroke with her little pink tongue. Emily and Stephanie continued kissing and rubbing their bodies together, as Luke fingered and licked both of their cunts. Stephanie raised herself and smiled devilishly at Emily, who was sitting at the end of the couch languidly with her legs spread wide open and her pink little pussy was dripping wet.