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group LiamTanners 2018-12-04

Vincent's hands were all over her, running up and down the sides of her body, caressing her ass, gripping the strings of her red lace thong, tugging the front of them up so they cleaved to the front of her pussy, separating the lips in a slutty camel toe. Vincent had kept on letting him know how important this night was for Kylie; how important it was to be supportive and to be open minded, but he had never expected anything like this. Now, Vincent was making room for Brad, who took his turn humping in and out of her, using her like a fucktoy, plunging his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  Use me like a little fucking whore..." Vincent knelt and grabbed her face, smacking her with his cock, rubbing it across her cheeks.

Rachel Fucking To Make A Sale

group Scorpio2015 2018-11-23

He slowly started to fuck me, fucking me faster and faster as I moaned louder and louder, making me cum in a powerful orgasm John stopped and pulled out. Just then, John started to fuck Lauren faster, increasing in speed every time Lauren moaned, making her cum in a powerful orgasm. John put his cock back in my pussy and continued to fuck me making me cum again seconds later. John then inserted his cock into Lauren’s pussy and started fucking her making her moan loudly. As we took another break, I asked, “So John, earlier you said that Amanda is going to kill you if she found out about you fucking us.

Riley's Exploits Pt. 10

group RileyAriadne 2018-04-24

I leant back on the bed, touching myself again as I watched Andy continue to fuck Alex. I leant over and took Andy's cock into my mouth, licking up Alex's juices. Alex kept it pressed to my clit as Andy pistoned in and out of my pussy, I felt myself tighten on his cock as the pair of them brought me to a powerful orgasm. She pushed it into my arse as I continued to fuck Andy's cock. I heard Alex moan softly and I knew Andy was cumming deep inside her. Even though she was enjoying it Andy took it slow, letting Alex get used to the feeling of having his cock in her arse.

Cheers to You

group kimbelina 2017-11-13

Continuing to pleasure him with my mouth, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Kylie leaned against the back of the sofa, spreading her legs wide, her cheerleader's skirt bunching up around her hips as Jacob's fingers explored the glistening wet patch of red hair at her crotch. I began kneading and sucking Kylie's tits as Jacob grabbed her hips, pulled her towards the edge of the bed, and began rubbing the head of his cock slowly back and forth against her pussy lips. After what seemed like hours, my pussy sore but satisfied from the intense pounding Jacob had just given me, I collapsed to the bed to watch him turn his attention to Kylie.