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Storm Watch

group tomasito 2018-09-30

It felt so good to take in this delicious cock and at the same time enjoy one of the best fucks of my life. I could see that Ana was very turned on watching me take her husbands cock deep into my mouth. Juan started fucking my mouth with the same rhythm that Ana had set. Ana was quaking as my hot cum shot into her damp velvet divide and Juan pumped furiously great quantities of cum over my mouth and face. He fucked her hard and she responded to every thrust all the time moaning with her mouth filled with my cock. He let my cock slip out of his mouth and said he had waited a long time for this moment.

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 1

group Andrew Ryan 2018-07-15

The nurse's office was at the end of the high school building, put there because it is adjacent to the physical therapy room. When Rachel arrived at the nurse's office, she saw Juan O'Brian sitting there. Since they were both 18-year old seniors at Maple High, Rachel had hoped that he would ask her out. Miss Presley, who was wearing a tight, white nurse's outfit, then turned to the two athletes, "Doctor Wesley called and said that he had an emergency at the hospital. "Take off all of your clothes and put this on," the nurse told Rachel, handing her the gown and pointing to the first room. The thought of seeing Rachel in a skimpy gown had Juan hardening down below, his penis starting to press tightly against his jeans.

Life on South Beach

group bufffreak 2018-04-28

Alicia ran her hands all over my dick and Juan just watched, he even came a little closer Eventually, Alicia worked her way to the head of the bed and pulled my face into her pussy. Back to Alicia, she pulled my head tighter into her pussy as Juan began sliding a finger into my ass I resumed my pussy licking as I could feel Juan pressing his dick against my anus. Alicia slowly recovered and slid out from under me to watch Juan fuck my ass. Juan watched at first as I gave Alicia a long stroke fucking. I could tell Juan could not give her this Juan ran his hand around my ass and blew into my anus as I fucked Alicia

A Vacation Resort 2/3

group billstew 2018-03-07

As the dawn broke, I awoke in Mark's arms with his soft cock still inside me and Juan nestled spoon style at my back with a hand possessively cupping my breast, and Mark whispered into my ear, "Well, love, do you feel impregnated yet?" And just as I was about to answer, Mark pulled his hips back, disengaging us and Juan thrust his cock into me from behind with one smooth firm stroke and began pumping. Juan stayed on his back while I knelt on my hands and knees over him, leaning down to let him continue to suck my nipples, while Mark knelt behind to fuck me doggie style.

Our first Bi- Second experience

group bufffreak 2018-02-21

I looked over and Jenni was leaning back, enjoyning this young model eating her muff as James was taking my full length in his mouth. Jenni and James began playing with my ass. He and Jenni both rubbed my cheeks and Juan started growing, He grabbed my face and started fucking me James slid in more of his lenth, waited, and then started fucking my ass with short strokes Now Juan was kissing me and James was serving Jenni I looked over at Jenni getting her ass hole licked as James did mine Jenni and Juan watched as James blew me on the balconly. Juan add James got dressed and Jenni gave them a great tip, Ernest got a great tip also

Koni & The Carpet Guys

group Konicum 2017-10-23

As my lips touched the head I strained to open wider to take his cock but Richard wasn't waiting for me to adjust; his hand pulled me in while his huge dick pushed in. The younger man, Juan, who was thumb fucking my ass, pulled it out and stepped around to the front of me slapping me in the side of my face with his cock, it was a little shorter than Richards but almost as fat. They kept talking and then Richard pulled out and Juan Grabbed my head and guided me onto his meat pole, which went balls deep easily since I was used to much bigger cock now.

College student pool party with three mexican men!

group 2017-10-07

I packed my bags and drove home, my parents have a pool and live in a large house far away from even are closest neighbors. I arrived at the sliding glass door, and slid it open, walking the twenty feet or so to the pool the men didn’t even notice me until I was standing right by the pool. We began to play and after a while the ball was hit out of the pool by Christian, Juan without even thinking jumped out of the pool to retrieve it, I immediately noticed he was getting hard. I felt mildly aroused by his bravery but being raised to masturbate in private I decided to jump out of the pool and lie down in one of the chairs.