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Twentieth Anniversary Dinner

group CaptNick 2018-12-04

They smile at each other then Nick turns me around so I'm facing him and kisses me down to my nipples as Olivia unhooks my bra and pulls it off then I can feel her kneeling down behind me and she pulls my skirt down so I'm standing in my blue panties and black heels. Nick lets go of my hair as she straddles his mouth I can see his tongue stroking her beautiful pussy and his hands hold onto her hips then, I hear him slap her ass. I can barely hold myself up anymore as I ride out another orgasm and when Olivia takes the strap-on out of my ass, I slide down Nick's body and suck his cock deep into my mouth.


group DBarclay 2018-12-04

After she left, I got back to work and had quite a smile on my face thinking how much I had enjoyed the stimulation and wondering if Lin was a bit bisexual, sex was something we had never discussed together. I could not help but watch him strip down to his boxers, hoping to see the cock that had got Lin in such a tizzy, but no luck, he jumped in and we all chatted with small talk for a few minutes. I was fascinated watching them, Lin was obviously having her first orgasm and a few seconds later he pulled out of her nearly all the way, only to drive his cock deep into that hungry wet pussy again.

Weekend cottage with friends - Pt 5 - Guess Who?

group Mister_E 2018-11-30

Instead of fingers one hand cradled by scrotum whilst the other held and slowly twisted my cock with lips licking and sucking on the head. I sucked on her clit again as I stroked her pussy lips and then slid three fingers inside her wetness. We delayed touching as we’d done before but this time, when we touched their clits I heard Jayne shout “Oh fuck, I’m cumming” and let out a loud groan. Instead of two of the girls licking and sucking Mark’s cock, Julie and Sam(!) took it in turns to suck him. She didn’t know the trick we’d played on Mark.The blindfold came off and Mark was given one guess.  This time it was Mark and Jayne who touched, fingered and licked Anna.

Paradise Hook-Up: Part 1

group Aruri69 2018-11-17

Their kisses become passionate as Venezia subsides, and Roxie slowly pulls her fingers out to rub at her pussy. Venezia’s moans quickly turn into screams as I begin ramming her pussy while Roxie rubs away at her clit. Having fucked Roxie’s tight pussy earlier, I’m able to easily power through Venezia’s squeezing until she’s shaking so violently that it looks like she’s going to hurt Roxie. I look over at Venezia fingering her pussy like a mad woman until she’s cumming and squirting at me and Roxie. Just as Venezia pulls her fingers out of Roxie and Roxie’s lips touch my tip; a massive stream of precum oozes out and begins sliding down my shaft.

Girls' Night-Part 2

group sultry_eyes88 2018-11-14

I’m walking backwards, beckoning my husband to follow me to the bed, where my beautiful friend and now lover, Alice, awaits. “You are incredibly sexy right now,” Bryan says gruffly, with a sly smile spreading across his face. Alice tangles her fingers in my hair and sits up to watch me tongue fuck her. I love watching her breasts move up and down with every thrust, knowing my husband is inside her. With one hand on my face, one on my breast he continues thrusting into Alice, who is coming undone beneath us. Alice and I have just enough time to sit next to each other as Bryan shoots his hot load all over our awaiting tongues.

The Most Dirty She'd Been

group LucyLou62 2018-11-13

All the guys wanted to shoot a bit onto Suzi’s lips and all let Lucy have the last drops. With slippery cum all over the girls' mouths, Lucy slid her tongue inside, through the large amount of spunk, searching for Suzi’s tongue and passionately kissed her tranny girlfriend. The first guy rammed Suzi’s hole and shot then it went straight into Lucy’s mouth. Lucy could not wait another second and her mouth went onto Suzi’s arse hole and she tongued her girlfriend and sucked and feltched until every drop was in her mouth. Suzi was giving Lucy an even more hard fucking than any of the guys and then she shot it filled Lucy’s mouth.

A New Discovery (Part 2)

group Choenix 2018-11-11

I could totally feel that dick rubbing against my butt cheeks…” Helena said it while sitting on my bed, caressing my legs. Helena took off her dress and pressed herself against Jake’s back as her hands went to his chest to fondle with his nipples. I could feel Jake’s dick starting to thicken and pulsed inside my mouth as I played with his balls, squeezing & pulling them while I went up & down his shaft. Unable to hold it any longer, I shut my eyes and bit onto Helena’s pussy as my body arched itself forward, sending waves of electricity through my muscles as my orgasm took over. Both Jake and I shared eye contact and we smiled as we move ourselves over to Helena, trying to sit her up.

The ambassador's wife

group silverseeker 2018-11-05

His wife, Lori (short for Lothlorien and she didn’t really know why her parents had called her that) was not tall for a Dutch woman; she was average height, she too had fair, curly hair and she was very slim, with small breasts. The lapping and slurping from the next bed told me what was still going on over there, but soon it stopped and I became aware that Johnny and Kitty were watching me attending to his wife. The slapping of my flesh against hers drew my attention to the silence from the other bed, and when I looked across, I saw that Kitty was now crouching over Johnny’s face, pissing into his mouth.

The Chemist gets her Cum

group benawriter 2018-11-02

I knew I had been orally servicing Sara for at least thirty minutes when she bucked against my face and came, after moaning “suck on it, baby, suck it hard.” I did and she came again, her juices oozing down my chin. When Sara had had her fun and slipped off to sit beside my body I looked down and saw that Bonnie had her face buried in Maria’s backside as Maria got serious on my cock. Sara tilted her face up close to Maria’s pussy and Maria opened her fingers to spread her labia. She took a minute to pour more oil on the head of my cock and spread it up and down the shaft with both hands and I groaned out loud.

Weekend cottage with friends – Pt 1 – Dinner Party

group Mister_E 2018-11-02

There was lots of banter and exchanging anecdotes and histories – how Sam and Anna had met Jayne and Mark (at a swingers’ club); shared interests (mainly sex); etc. Julie and Sam shared another one whilst Anna and Mark slumped on some large floor cushions. I stroked the hair of the girl feeling Jayne but even then I didn’t know whether it was Julie or Anna. I moved my hand to find her tits again, but even there Julie and Anna are similar in size and shape. As the music increased its tempo and began to reach its crescendo, I could hold back no more; the sucking on my cock; my hand on Jayne’s tit and nipple; my tongue slurping on her clit and my fingers fucking her cunt.


group NicandNicey 2018-11-01

When I had it completely, I bent over and let him watch me lick the tip of your cock. I wanted to torment him so I made sure he saw the tip of my tongue lick every part of the head of your cock. I was still gripping his cock and felt it twitch in my hand like it was knocking on a door. After a few moments with my talented tongue and mouth taking him higher, I raised up to my knees and left his throbbing cock out in the cold. I know your cock felt my heat when my pussy began clenching you as if it had a will of its own.

Fallen Angel

group Delicious1 2018-11-01

Tiny now rested a foot on the edge of the bed I felt the firm spongy head of his cock smack my ass a few times before he moved to the entrance of my wet slit with one massive thrust he entered me, my virginity lost in that first stroke. As Tiny and Mike moved off Joe took Tiny's place he asked me to turn over which I did willingly opening up my legs to him, his long cock twitched as he stood between my legs he picked my leg up over his shoulder and slid into me he worked at me with long, slow and deep strokes.

Well... Ch. 06

group Pegleg 2018-09-30

Low moans were coming from her mouth as I licked slowly from her arse to her pussy time and time again and then she dropped to the floor and pulling my thong violently down my thighs ripped off my tunic and took my aching cock into her mouth. She was facing away from me still but laying back on her elbows her pussy was available and the younger woman soon started to lick and suck at her while James thrust his huge prick into her from behind. This amazing action went on for some minutes until the young woman stood astride the older so she could be licked and at that James pressed his prick into the older woman’s pussy.


The threesome

group flamingdice 2018-09-23

Then one day during a group chat on KIK, they said that they had been talking about me, Nancy wanted me and so did Nut, and was I interested in coming to London for the weekend? ‘OK Dice, take Nuts cock in your mouth gently, remember, no teeth, go slow and use your hands and tongue!’ she said..... I obediently dropped to my knees and began licking her wet hole, teasing her thighs with my hand sand lapping at her clit she began to shake, grabbed my hair and pulled my up to her right breast, Nut went for the left and we began suckling at her enormous breasts, her nipples now like bullets!

that evening

group insecret2007 2018-09-21

I had already shaven my cock and balls, so that they would have something clean and smooth to look at, and it would be ready in case they wanted to touch it, or more. They smiled at each other, then at me and one of them said: “I’ll do it.” She softly carressed the tip of my penis, then the shaft, then my smooth balls, and even started fingering my prostate area a bit. The other girl was just watching and started fingering herself a bit, which made it even more exciting for me. As she was masturbating me, she suddenly said: I don’t like men so much, but I love the taste of sperm, and she put my cock in her mouth and started sucking and licking.

My fantasy starts with us being at a party

group Sexiting 2018-09-20

A few hours later I went to the toilet to powder my nose, where I met a stunning girl, about my age, who was sexy yet had great taste and an amazing figure (tits but without a boob job!) we got chatting, within 10 minutes we knew everything about each other and clicked very much together, I could tell from her body language that she was hot too and wanted to feel even hotter. Marco gently eased himself into my rear as he did that I could feel both of them starting to grind me in unison, my whole body tingling with extasy, the pleasure showing on my face and the moaning that came from my mouth was confirming the unconditional joy I was having, I really didn’t want it to end and cherished every movement, throb and moment they were giving me, the whole thing was absolutely perfect.

Tara's Bayou - Level 2 – Evil Dong

group REDnMIST 2018-09-20

The last time I fucked a bloke, I tell ya, he acted like he didn’t know what nipples were or where he could find my pussy. When that game ended, I tell ya I was breathing so hard and juices was dripping from between my legs and gathering on the floor! I saw women licking each other pussies in such a way I began to drip. The music heightened, my legs were spread wide and tasting and licking traveled from top to bottom at the same time and met my pussy. Oh my god he has this very long body laying on this huge bed that looked almost too short for him.

Discovering My Nasty Wife Part 7

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-09-20

She laid back against the pillows and spread her legs letting her fingers slide under her panties and I watched as she played under the fabric pulling a finger out every so often licking and lightly sucking on it never taking her eyes off my meat. She just gazed at it telling me how much she loved looking at cocks and how she liked watching me play with mine. "You like?" She said lightly rubbing her long fingers over her mound and down between her thighs spreading her pussy lips very slightly. He said, if you liked kissing me, after I had sucked on his cock, then you might like licking my new shaved pussy after he had filled it.

Same Time Tommorow Night?

group fr33yay0 2018-09-15

James is now leaning and trying to stand up straight but can't, he cock dripping of saliva while Celine sucks him off and swallows the rest of his cum. A couple of minutes went by and Cathy moved along the side of the bed and began giving Celine a hand. Cathy then turns and puts James's face in between her legs and kisses Celine softly. Cathy trying to lick Celine's pussy is enjoying James' hard cock in her wet pussy. James then removes his penis from Cathy's wet vagina and penetrates Celine again and starts to fuck her doggystyle as well. James who's been ready to cum for at least 20 minutes now removes his penis from Celine's dripping pussy and strokes it.

Xhamster meeting

group 2018-09-13

As we make our way to the cars you place your arm around me and whisper to me "seeing her hand up your skirt really turned me on I so want to see her lick your tight little pussy whilst you suck him off and I fuck your arse", I look at you with a huge horny grin on my face. He comes over and straddles her face on the sofa, feeding her his fat cock, forcing her to deep throat him, you can see she loves this along with the dildo inside her and you knee between her legs with your arse in the air and start licking her clit.

Adriana Enters Our Lives Ch. 04

group silverfox267 2018-09-08

My hand touched your cheek softly and I kissed your lips softly at first, but my tongue began to explore your mouth. Adriana moved up behind you and began kissing your shoulders and slid her hands along your thighs. Adriana put a hand on each hip and began to suck on the lips of your pussy while occasionally exploring the insides with her playful tongue. Without any hesitation she grabbed my cock with one hand as her ass continued to be explored with Adriana's tongue. Adriana moved her head between your legs and began licking your pussy only in a way a woman knows how. As we removed our bodies from each other, we began to see additional guests come into our private (so to speak) room.

Swapping Cum with My New Neighbours

group ericrodman101 2018-09-01

I can finger fuck Stacey and push my cock into Gina's willing mouth. Then Gina' puts a hand between Stacey and me, touching my cock when I pull back, her fingers pressing into me when I thrust forward. But I hold on, deep in Stacey's ass, Gina holding me tight, her mouth against mine, her tongue darting across my lips. I kneel where I can watch Gina's willing tongue working Stacey's asshole, putting a hand behind her head where I can push her face into Stacey's groin. The day is warm and I lie back, letting her mouth pleasure me, and thinking about ass fucking Stacey anytime and the next time swapping my cum with Gina.

Wish Come True

group curiousfrank 2018-08-20

Leslie started lower, nearly penetrating Jessica with her tongue and slowly licked up and around Jessica's clit, teasing the poor woman into a higher state of arousal. Leslie began to reach a very fast pace and Jessica could no longer keep time so she simply tried to ram her pussy farther and farther forward into Leslie's face, still holding Leslie's hair with one hand and frantically squeezing a nipple with her free hand. From my vantage point, I could see my own cock disappearing into my wife's cunt and I could also see Jessica's tongue darting in and out of Leslie's pussy. Both women began to rock their hips, Jessica grinding her cunt into my tongue while Leslie was trying to bury my cock ever deeper into her cunt.

My Dear B****r II: The Present

group seityn 2018-08-16

{It was a see-through bra, thigh-high stockings, and a micro-mini skirt with no panties.} I had been waiting so long that, when he came in, I ran down the hall, threw myself around him, kissed him deeply, and exclaimed “b****r, you're home!”, pouting “It's about time.”. B****r began to follow, “You may join us in one hour.”, I said to him, winking to let him know that I would turn on the camera so that he could watch. I shifted position and began to lick her nipples, suck on her breasts, and massage her thighs. When she had calmed slightly, she grabbed my cock, and began sucking on the head and stroking the shaft.