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Teachers, Students and Pupil Ch. 02

group SKIP69 2018-09-04

I did not have time or the opportunity to speak to either Mandy or Sharon for the rest of the day, and when school closing time came round I waited expectantly with Janice for Darren to come for his "detention". Although he was but an inch or so away from the bunched up lace of her knickers Darren's self-control was such that he did not budge one bit as he unfalteringly said, "I swear most sincerely that I shall tell the others that it was a wild bet that I never had a chance of Janice smiled at me as he was speaking, as Darren was unable to see her face owing to his close proximity to her thighs, her bunched up skirt hiding his face from hers.

Two Girls and a Gentleman Ch. 01

group seductivequill 2018-03-12

Vince soon learned that the brunette's name was Lora, and the blonde was Rhonda. I knew you both got a good look at me," The conversation was now far from the men's underwear debate, but he continued, "What do you think that I am wearing underneath?" Rhonda practically sprayed the water she was about to swallow. He moved closer to Lora as he whispered, "And I can keep it that way for many hours while giving my lover ENDLESS orgasms!" Now it was Rhonda's turn to try to hide her lust. As a finger began to slide up and down their slits, Vince turned and kissed each girl, in turn, forcefully and passionately. As Vince felt Lora's muscles contract around his fingers, he remove his lips from Rhonda's button and switched to Lora's little nub.

The Bet

group Penny_Tralia 2017-12-22

I was working the vibe in and out of my pussy, completely ignoring them when Carl told me to stop. I used one hand to work the dildo in and out of my ass while the other was busy fucking my pussy. My pussy and ass clenched at the vibe and dildo at the same time, pulling them deeper into me. I sat up and slipped the vibe into my mouth licking at it, tasting my own pussy on it. I reached up and grab each cock in turn giving them each a quick lick, then taking the head into my mouth, sucking on them just a little bit, my fingers playing with their balls.