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The Big Sandwich 2 - Pussy Posse

group CurlyGirly 2018-03-05

CG opened the pack of ‘Big Sandwich Sextravaganza’ invites and handed a few over for her friend to look at, before poring over the laptop screen and pointing to the company she thought would be best to provide the party food. As the limo slowly cruised past, lots of faces, some he recognized, turned to see who was in the car, moving closer to try and get a good look and suddenly LM felt very very exposed, under scrutiny, like an actor arriving at a premier or something. “...Maz said she was going to see LM, so I’m sure they’re still here,” CG explained to KG and Nikki, as she pushed opened the door.

Odd Smiles

group alexmarch 2018-03-04

Pussy and breasts are still my first choice, but there is nothing wrong with another man’s cock inside my mouth or in my hands. I took my hands away from her breasts, and reached down to find his cock, still somewhat hard, and I gently fondled him and jacked him. Her lover offered it up to me, and as I put it onto my hard cock, I watched as he mounted her in missionary position and began to fuck her. I stayed hard, though, and continued to fuck her like that for another two or three minutes, but I told her I had come. My hand flew back and forth on my cock, as I looked down and saw the two lovers below me, watching me with smiles.

A Wild New Year's

group Mysteria27 2018-03-04

She walked over to the mirror and admired herself in the mirror.  She went downstairs to her kitchen and poured a glass of wine and enjoyed a drink waiting for Joanna and her boyfriend to pick her up.  Samantha wondered what the surprise was.  She also hoped that there would be other single people at the club.  She was going to be very opened minded about any situation that might come up.  Samantha was a very attractive person.  She knew that something interesting would happen.  She just wasn’t sure of all the details.

Bethany Turned 51 Last Night

group happyidiot 2018-03-04

Beth was left standing in the center of the room with a blindfold covering her eyes, her hands at her side and a nervous smile on her face. He'd then slip his glistening cock into Beth's open mouth, give her two or three slow pumps before he'd pull away and slip back inside Monica. Kevin had started to cum in her mouth and then he pulled out, finishing himself off by hand letting what remained land on Beth's face and hair. I retreated to the sidelines and slipped my arms around Monica as Beth sat back and smiled, slowly drawing her hand across her lips to wipe them clean.

Road Trip part 2

group BiCuriousBytch 2018-03-04

"Well, let's see how you do." The officer said as he pulled out his throbbing hard cut cock and began to stroke it as he stepped up just inches from my face. He then shoved his cock in my sopping wet pussy and began to rub my clit. You wanted a big hard cock, didn't you, dirty girl?" He said in a rough tone. He slid in and began face fucking my mouth holding onto my head and moaning which gave me a tingling feeling inside. The officer pounding my pussy began to rub my clit as and I felt his cock throb in my pussy.

The Bar (Part 3)

group Pegasus4 2018-03-04

As John and I felt the pleasure of Carol’s hands slowly stroking our cocks, Sarah leaned back on the bench and let her legs open wider. Carol turned to John and, looking up at him, kissed the end of his swollen gland softly, then slowly ran her tongue around it. Especially as his girlfriend was only feet away from us, naked, legs spread wide and masturbating, three of her fingers buried deep between her wet, puffy pussy lips, and Carol’s hand slowly working up and down on my pulsing cock. Both now spent, John and I sat down and watched Carol lean over Sarah and rub her tits over Sarah’s stomach.

Love and Sex in Syria Ch. 06

group Scheherazade88 2018-03-03

Mona unzips her jeans and beings to rub her pussy, then Hala, Dina and Suhair follow suit. Dina and Mona sit on the coffee table opposite the couch that Ahmed is sitting on, and they start to rub their pussies and the sight of Ahmed's large cock. Dina, without hesitation, pulls off all her clothes and jump into Ahmed's lap, she slides his cock into her pussy and starts to ride him. Dina jumps off him and Suhair starts sucking Ahmed's dick- she is keen to know what Dina juice tastes likes when mixed with Ahmed's cock. Then he really starts cuming, and he managed to cover my tits, Mona and Suhair's face, Dina's hair and Hala's mouth.

Sunday on Sticky Street

group Sheerdelights101 2018-03-03

“Oh I nearly forgot” Judy said, and went and got the little black nylon half slip from the bed. Judy gave him a couple of more strokes with the slip, then placed it on his head and over his face.Then pulled his panties up. “On the bed, I’d like it on the bed.” Sam said, “I want to feel you cum on me, we can shower again later.” Judy took a pace back and waited for a few seconds, until he had eased off a bit, then quickly stepped forward and pulled Richards panties down to his knees, moved around behind him, and stroked the Basque. Judy pulled the nylon slip off of his face and head, wrapped it around his cock and started to wank him.

Finale: Chapter 3

group SkarlitKarson 2018-03-02

“Mine!” Miranda says and crawls out from under Aziza and goes on hands and knees to Paul, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking hard. When he opens his eyes he sees Miranda at the foot of the bed, Aziza’s dildo fucking her cunt as she watches the scene in front of her. Aziza’s muffled whimpers turn both Paul and Miranda on even more, and Paul watches as he lifts her up and down on his throbbing cock, her hands on Miranda’s waist for support as she laps at the wet cunt. Miranda leans her hands on the wall for support and Paul pounds Aziza’s cunt relentlessly, wanting to cum in her too.

More Fucking With Kelly

group GoodToBeMe 2018-03-02

After a good laugh, Kelly looked over at Yvonne and said, “I am so fucking horny right now.” Their “this or that” had gotten progressively raunchier as they went on. She sat facing Yvonne, her back leaning on the arm of the couch, her legs spread as wide as she could, she followed Yvonne’s lead: She used one hand to rub her clit and the other to finger fuck herself. So, Yvonne poured baby oil in her hand, had Kelly stand up and started massaging Kelly’s pubic mound, around to her butt crack and down to her asshole and then back around to the front and into her crotch rubbing her lips thoroughly.

Summer of Lust Pt. 1

group EllieB 2018-03-02

Ben then went up to the car and got a couple of beers, and we sat on the stream bank for quite a while talking about school and soaking up the warm summer sun. Ben and Jake went right out onto the patio, but when Jeff and Christine got to the bottom of the stairs, they stopped and started taking their clothes off. Ben and Jake came wandering out of the creek, also looking like they’d spent a little too long in the water. “Well,” I said, “There was this one big party where about a dozen people were playing strip poker, and things got a little carried away.” “OK, big guy, let’s see how you measure up!” Christine said, looking expectantly at Jake.

Ashley and Brittany Catch their God Next Door

group Tallak 2018-03-02

The Asian girl Ashley asks to see my huge cock again so I open my bathrobe she is in total awe and says it’s bigger than she thought. I tell them to keep their mouths open while I jerk it and then I feel my massive load getting close to fill their mouths. As I finger Brittany, she starts moaning very hard and I let Ashley suck my cock while we are laying on our side. I stop after Brittany cums multiple times and then I begin to finger Ashley; stretching her very tight pussy and then I start to fuck her very hard only being able to put half of my cock inside her.

The Camera Club

group anubis63 2018-03-02

Jackie is now moving about the garden and picnic bench posing for us, sniffing flowers, first bent forward then thrusting her large tits to the sky, all the time the fleshy mass of her breast wobble and swing from side to side, and back and forth. With that Mark stands upright, taking his 7" cock in his hand he steps forward and slowly pushes it deep into Jackie’s love tunnel, letting us take our photos before he starts to pump her. Bob steps forward and carefully pulls Jackie's hair back over her ears to make sure none of the action is kept form our cameras, before moving away to let tom and mark get their photos.

A Night Worth Remembering Ch 1

group Kandikiss51 2018-03-01

One day when they were talking, John said, “I just cannot stop thinking of ways to fuck Erin. John said, “I did not think Kandy would get into fucking like that, but when I begin talking to her about you playing with her in the hot tub and fucking her cunt, she came like a firecracker. John walked into the kitchen and pulled Kandy into his arms, and said, “Kandy I hope you are not mad at me or Jeff for planning the sexy party in the hot tub?" He then stood there waiting for her reply expecting her to give him a tongue-lashing.

True Confessions: Intimate Encounters Part 1

group JennyLynn77 2018-03-01

Like every other time she made frequent trips back to where we sat to find out if we needed or wanted anything else, but that morning the zipper on her uniformed seem to have slid a little bit further open. Soon he started holding her against his body with one arm while he slid his other hand inside her open dress to caress her sensitive inner thighs. Bonnie buried her mouth in Frank's neck to muffle her moans as he slid his hand inside her panties to caress her pussy lips. Wrapping one of my arms around his shoulders for balance, as I slid up and down on his shaft, I turned Bonnie's face up to mine and plunged my tongue between her parted lips.


group JodiStarr 2018-03-01

When he asked us of we wanted something to drink, we both said yes to lemonade and as soon as he went indoors, she took a bottle of tan oil spray from her beach bag and asked me to lie down so she could apply it to my legs, tummy, and chest. Rubbing oil between my breasts she slid a middle finger in under the thin material, lightly flicking my right nipple until it was standing up hard, before switching to the other side. Lola reached forward, taking his hand away, pulling the waist of the small garment down, freeing his whole cock. I was close to coming, three fingers sliding inside me, thumb pressing on the outside, when he roughly turned Lola around, resuming his pounding from behind.

Our Neighbor's Daughter

group Banes1 2018-02-28

“Oh Thad, I can tell what you think.” Steph said, staring directly at the bulge, straining to escape the confines of my swim trunks. “Good answer, Honey.” Mandy said as they turned and walked away, leaving me to deal with my hard cock. Besides, I have wanted you ever since I turned sixteen.” Steph replied, letting her hand slide over my rock hard cock.” Mandy and I watched our neighbors leave, Steph turned her head, blew a kiss and seductively licked her lips. Mandy came up alongside her, took Steph’s cum covered fingers from my shaft and brought them to her lips. Steph took my cock in her tight pussy as Mandy and I were kissing.

I had an urge that needed satisfying

group Joanna86 2018-02-28

I turned my head to Emma and smiled, she seemed to read my mind, immediately putting her lips to mine, our mouth opening, the two of us kissing, her tongue slowly and very seductively teasing mine. I knew it couldn't be one of Issabella's, her hands we still caressing my bum, so lifted my body up a little, realising that Emma was trying to undo the buttons. Time was flying by, knowing that the boys could arrive at any second but just as we got the bedroom how we wanted it to be, several patches of wet still clearly visible on the sheets of the bed, Issabella came in through the door wearing the dressing gown.

Sometimes Fantasies Do Come True

group longrider9 2018-02-28

I looked at the front of the boat to see Jill now had her legs spread and was slowly rubbing her clit as she continued to sip from her wine glass all the while watching Terri playing with my dick. Terri took my dick out of her mouth, looked up at me and said, “You ready to fuck my wet cunt now?” “Oh hell yes I’m ready.” Terri turned her head to look Dan in the eye as if to say, “here it comes babe, this is what you have been wanting.” I looked at Jill with a questioning look for approval and she looked back with a smile, took her fingers out of her pussy and licked her juices.

Teammates Get Close

group bassguitarbubba 2018-02-28

  As the clerk hung up the phone he took the form from Jim and grumbled, “You’d think someone around here would fix some of these lanes so they worked.”   He read the form and told Jim the singles league bowls on Thursday nights and since he didn’t have a team preference the computer would randomly place him on a team.   It this it, bitch?”   Megan removed Jim’s cock from her mouth and began to enjoy getting ass fucked and replied, ’Mmmm, ya baby.   Jeff couldn’t control himself either and he rammed his hard cock deep into Megan’s ass and let loose of his cum load.

Spin The Bottle

group anubis63 2018-02-27

I gulp and look at Lorelie smiling back she says "you don't want to lose the game too soon, do you Pete?" With that she runs her hand across her breast and under the cup of her bra. Lorelie laughs and says "Pete, I’m going to be as predictable as you now, I’m going to ask Robert to wank you before giving your cock a good suck." "ok Pete, no need to spin the bottle anymore, we all know what's going to happen next, you're going to fuck me and Robert is going to watch, and wank, until he shoots his load over my tits" says Lorelie.

Relief in Rugby

group MajPaddy 2018-02-27

Another man, below your line of sight, knelt in front of you and lathered soap on your pussy, working his fingers between your cunt lips while your legs were also held spread by the two men holding your arms. As his cock slid into the wet and warm palm of your outstretched and waiting left hand, the man in front flooded your mouth with his come, pulling out and spraying your face and hair with his declining spurts whilst you swallowed his salty juices. Your cunt clasped the cock of the man behind you as you felt an orgasm build inside you and he too pulled out spraying sperm over your upturned back as the man on your right jerked and the warmth of his seed flowed over your hand.

An Unexpected Threesome With The Babysitter

group Mysteria27 2018-02-27

Rex continued to tongue fuck Sandy’s pussy and then I joined my husband on the floor. I knelt in front of Sandy’s legs and rubbed my finger over her clitoris, while my husband tongue fucked into her wet pussy. I got off of my husband’s face and sat behind Sandy, playing with her breasts and kissing behind her neck while she continued to fuck my husband. I then eased my pussy onto his cock and moved up and down and fucked my husband. Sandy was playing with her breasts and moaning while Rex licked her cunt dry. Sandy spread her legs and pushed her ass and pussy up into the air, while she licked my cunt.

Helen 10. In the Tattoo Parlour

group blackvamp1 2018-02-27

The girl took off her leather jacket; Helen couldn't help noticing that she wore no bra under her T-shirt. “ Have you got any tats?” the girl asked (Helen noticed she was in no hurry to get dressed). She stood there like some tattooed Venus, slim but curvy, her juices glistening between the lips of her half-open love-crack, her left breast incongruous with its white dressing. The blond girl dribbled heavily into her open mouth, and followed this, as she too knelt down, with her tongue, filling every recess of the young tattooist's mouth, like a snake exploring an empty cave. Helen lay on top of the blond and worked on her twat , her fingers inside her hole, her lips and tongue teasing her clit.