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A Gulf Coast Welcome IV

group oldhippie1949 2018-11-27

Caren stood next to me and began to kiss me and rub my cock atop of Galena's hand. Candace's legs folded up pushing her ass higher; her hands held Galena's head in place. I held her tight to prevent her from going anywhere and Galena needed no help because right at that moment, Candace began a growl and grunt, her ass bouncing on the chaise. "I'm going to make myself cum with my little toy here but in my head, I'm thinking about you and me and your cock and your mouth and the way you kiss me and touch me and feel me," She started to run the tube over her lips and along her clit.

Our circle widens

group davidramsey 2018-11-24

After our last evening with Harvey and Jake, Sherry and I were at the kitchen table having dinner and she brought up that evening and said, "I think we need another woman in this group. I thought for a few moments and told Sherry that Pam and I had done a little flirting in the past so I wouldn't mind bringing the subject up when we see her. I decided to be direct and said, "Sherry is out for the evening I am horny, and I thought of you and maybe you would like to meet me for a drink and see what happens?" As I returned, I could see Sherry with her head buried in that red haired pussy trying to make her squirt again, and Pam sucking Harvey's cock.

Cock for Doris

group CK1 2018-11-22

Ruth turned to her husband and said, "Doris looks really sexy tonight, doesn't pushed Keith aside and thrust the dildo against Doris's mouth. "Spread her legs," Ruth commanded, and Doris felt eager hands pulling her thighs Doris gasp out, her tits shaking and her body jerking as Ruth screwed her Keith's prick was rigid as he pressed it between Doris's wet cunt lips. beautiful sexy little slut like many cocks have screwed you Doris, how Ruth took hold of Keith's arm and told him to stop fucking Doris and lie back on impaled on Keith's cock to the hilt, as Ruth prodded her arse with the dildo. push moved Doris forward off Keith's cock, before she was pulled back onto it

Confessions of My Reflection

group DaleHWest 2018-11-11

I started babbling some kind of apology and was about to turn around to grab a dish towel when she grabbed my wrist holding the glass, set her own drink down by reaching past me to the counter, took the empty glass from me with her now free hand, and after setting it down next to her full one, used it to hold my chin and drew me in for the kiss I had dreamt about for so long. I don’t think we played very long before I was ‘interrogating’ Amanda quite thoroughly under those bright pool table lights with my mouth and hands and Mitchell was working on alternately fucking us both.”

The Wife and the Magician 4

group LeanAngle 2018-11-08

“My jaws are sore, my nipples are tender, my butt is ruined and I can’t even feel my pussy,” Char wasn’t actually complaining, “I think cum is still running out of me, want to check it out?” Char raised her short skirt and Len ran his finger up her slit. Emily added, “I think I can help with that,” her short legs straddled Len, her thick lips met his and Red guided his re-surging cock into Emily’s pussy. Char rubbed her face, “My jaws are sore, my nipples are tender, my butt is ruined and I can’t even feel my pussy,” she wasn’t really complaining, “I think cum is still running out of me, want to check it out?” Char raised her short skirt and Len ran his finger up her panty-less slit.

My Sea, Sun and Sex Vacation - Part One

group Jillbaby 2018-11-07

Just then, Chris pushed my dress around my neck and my remaining rational thoughts were overwhelmed as all the elements came together: the balmy sea air on my naked skin, the alcohol, and the excitement of having a complete stranger preparing to fuck me, with John so near. I felt panic as I knew that I needed lubrication for my anus, but when I looked over my shoulder, the ever-resourceful John had produced a bottle of my body lotion and was smearing it on his cock. As John moved cautiously in and out of my ass, Chris gripped my hair and pulled my mouth down to his to deep-kiss me; his tongue probing excitedly.


The Ballerinas Next Door – Part 2 – The Video Shoot

group ChrisM 2018-11-06

I got between her slender thighs and slowly slid my cock back and forth between her pussy lips, making sure I rubbed her clit on each stroke. Sandra started playing with Natasha’s small tits as Natasha brought her hands under Sandra’s t-shirt and massaged the full tits she found under her hands. “I want to eat your pussy little one, ” Sandra said, dumping Natasha on the floor and climbing between her legs. Turning to me, Sandra gave me a wry smile saying, “Bob, Natasha is an anal virgin and she wants you to fuck her ass while we eat each other out. As I watched, I saw Natasha relax and Sandra’s tongue slid right into her ass as it opened up to her.

My Sea, Sun and Sex Vacation - Part Two

group Jillbaby 2018-11-04

My boyfriend John and I continued drinking and chatting by the pool until dinner-time with Chris and Mark, the two men we had befriended. In the dim lighting and crush of bodies, my ass and boobs were being freely stroked and, during each dance, the men drew my hand onto the bulge of their erections. At one point, when I was with Mark, I had pulled down his zip, slipped my hand in and I was stroking his hard cock with my fingertips as we shuffled to the music. When I saw John stroking his cock through his shorts it became clear that Chris and Mark had been given the go-ahead to put on a show for him but they seemed to be nervous about going too far.

A Weekend With Gina and Her Friend ~ Part 3

group ATexGent 2018-11-02

I loved the feeling of having her hands stroking me and like the good pet she is, she has gotten me off many, many times like this but before she could, I turned around and planted my lips to hers and stuck my tongue down her throat, so to speak, in a deep passionate kiss. Becky moved her foot from my crotch and leaned forward to kiss me on the lips and used her hand to bring Gina closer to us where she kissed her on the lips. I reached for the foot that Becky used to tease Gina’s pussy and brought it to my mouth and started sucking and licking her toes.

Hot Fun with Doris

group CK1 2018-10-30

had pushed her finger inside Doris's cunt and I could head and she was holding Doris's mouth hard against her hands, he pulled my wife's face down on to his cock Vic and holding Roy's cock in her left hand, her loves fucking hot little cunts like you, Doris. rammed his cock into my little wife's juicy tight cunt, and even with her mouth sucking Vic's cock, Doris was With her thighs held open and Roy's cock in her arse, pulled Doris's head to the side and guided my cock Liz was still holding my cock in one hand, wanking it started to kiss Doris, even though my cock was in her I watched breathlessly as both Liz and Doris started to

MF couple meet a FF couple

group justdoomnow 2018-10-29

To emphasise this point, she spread her legs, scooped out her cum-filled pussy, spread the hot, sticky fluid all over my cock and started to bob her head up and down on my thick member, deep throating me, till I could take no more and spurted deep inside her mouth ....and like a good girl, she never wasted a drop, drinking it all down and looking like she thouroughly enjoyed herslf, licking her lips and smiling contentedly. It got me so turned on watching your cock slide in and out of that girl's mouth, then when you laid her onto her back and started to fuck her, well I came immediately."

Share and Share Alike Ch. 01

group ken5121 2018-09-08

So here I am, laying across the couch, face down, watching as my wife Kate slowly and meticulously licked the head of his cock. So here I am, lying across the couch, naked, face down with the weight of his wife, Sheila lying across my back pressing my cock into the cushion as her hips rotating, grinding her pubic bone into the flesh of my ass. I clenched the muscles in my thighs and ass to grasp the base of the dildo and began to gyrate my hips, which caused it to actually rotate and pump upward into Sheila's pussy. Steve lowered himself onto the floor and together with his wife they took turns licking and engulfing my cock, cleaning it free of the juices of Kate and my cum.

The Study Group

group espeteroh 2018-08-28

There was Jack, the thesis guru, Lisa, the rich party girl who claimed her father was going to let her retire upon graduation, Henry, group nerd and social outcast but expert grammarian, Caren and Stacy, like me an average students trying to get by their finals, and of course me. "Oh come on," Caren chided, "What have you got to do that's so important that you can't spend a little time with your best friends?" It hadn't been so long ago that I would have challenged the best friends statement but as things had gone that year they truly were my best friends at college.