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Fucking father and son together

group cindy_4u 2018-11-28

He came around and I stroked Devin's cock as Joe fucked me hard and good. Once there, Devin lay down first so I could go doggy style and suck his cock while Joe fucked my ass. Once Joe pulled out, I moved up the bed and sat down on Devin's hard cock and took it in my still wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and started to fuck them quicker as he got close and soon had his cum spraying deep in my tight wet pussy. I knew he wanted to cum quick, as watching his son fuck me and have my mouth around his cock for the last few minutes, had him wired.

Down on the Beach

group AlessiaBrio 2018-11-28

Slipping it all the way into her mouth, Chloe buried her nose in the bristly thatch of hair at its base and inhaled deeply, murmuring her enjoyment of his taste and his scent. Jack groaned and wove the fingers of both hands through her hair, holding her head as he pushed himself even deeper into her throat. The guttural sounds coming from his throat told her that he'd passed that point of no return, and she moved one of her hands from his ass to her clit—hoping to join him when he came and knowing it wouldn't take much of an effort to push herself over the edge.

Fucking the brothers

group cindy_4u 2018-11-25

Art got up for the bathroom and I asked him to walk me to ladies room too as the place was packed and I wanted no trouble. A few shots and drinks later, I pulled both boys close and said, "I want both of you to fuck me tonight." Matt heard nothing because by this time he had his hands under my skirt playing with my pussy as I almost sat on him kissing. Matt's mouth was sucking my perky tits while his cock that a long time back only entered my mouth had entered my pussy. No sooner had Art pulled out, Matt got behind me and pushed his cock in my sloppy pussy.

Hysteria 8

group Kim 2018-11-22

“It seems that Victoria’s ass hole of a husband wants her committed to Bedlam, and he considers you to be a quack,” James said; his attention on Lucas. While she explained her plan to Lucas and James, Victoria paced the floor in her room. Lucas pulled his cock from her mouth and nodded to James, who yanked her upward. Between that and feeling James’ cock through the thin membrane of skin separating her ass from her cunny, Lucas knew he wasn’t going to last long. When she felt Lucas’ cock leave her ass, James would make his presence known, by pushing his shaft deeper. Lucas felt his toes curl the moment before hot cum rushed down his shaft and erupted in Victoria’s gaping ass.

Oh God! - Part One

group JustTonight 2018-11-21

He pulls me closer, our torsos rubbing against each other as I close my eyes and turn around, grinding softly against him. His lips brush the back of my neck, moving my hair out of the way before beginning to plant small kisses. I moan as my lips find their way to Aztec's collarbone, kissing softly over and over, standing up on my tip toes to reach his neck, my arms gripping his waist as I pull him closer into me. The spotlight is on us, and before I know it, I'm picked up and carried away. I've never looked at Aztec this way, but as he follows behind us quietly, I start noticing more of his manly features: Muscles, toned body, tall, great hair, blue eyes and perfect lips - and his smile is to die for.

Fun night at the hotel

group cindy_4u 2018-11-18

As I sucked him, Alan tried fondling my tits and feeling my pussy through my thong. 5 minutes of sucking Josh, I stood up and walked seductively into the room showing the guys my ass. I asked Josh to come next to us so I could suck his cock while Alan ate me. He face fucked me as Alan went to town on my pussy. I knew that will be tough given that I am a small girl and Josh's cock is thick but the boys had some lotion ready and we went for it. I returned the favor by pulling his towel off him, sucking his cock and letting him fuck my wet pussy.

The Workout

group ddsymms 2018-11-12

"Okay, another time then." Jeremy smiled and quickly turned back to the steam room, the way a man would do if flirting with a woman and then being called by his wife. Ellis ran soapy hands over her tits, circling her nipples and squeezing them while Jeremy spanked her again and again, alternately stroking her clit. The tip of his cock against her pussy tantalized her and soon she grew weak from Ellis licking her clit while Jeremy thrust deep inside her. Her eyes met Kay and she scooted up, spreading her thighs over Ellis and lowering her pussy on her cock. Then she knelt again to kiss Ellis, then Kay, and then she ran a finger through Jeremy's hair and kissed him.

My very first group sex

group sultrysiren 2018-11-11

Jason’s tongue and teeth caressing my nipples, Pauls fingers fucking my pussy and ass with alternating movements, and his mouth on my clit too much to bear, as I’m pushed over the edge and I cum, my back arching and my toes curling as the pleasure rips through my body. I go back to fingering my pussy, surprised at how easily my fingers slip in and out, as Jason moves his mouth to my asshole, flicking it, and as I moan and start running my fingers over my clit again, he uses his tongue to press harder on my tight hole, and begins to push it into my ass in time with the rubbing of my clit.

Fucking for a job promotion

group cindy_4u 2018-11-11

Now I have fucked Jim a number of times, so I felt safe knowing he would be bringing good horny guys only. Between grinding on their cock and even stroking it, I came close to Les, turned with my back to him, bent from my waist, I asked him to remove my g-string.  Sucking and stroking each cock in turn, I got up and, stepped up on the sofa, put a leg on each side of Marvin and lowered my pussy on his mouth. I was breathing hard with the recent orgasm, but Les soon had pushed Marvin to the side, spread my legs open even more, put his mouth on my dripping pussy, and started to taste me.

Fucking Pilots All Night

group cindy_4u 2018-11-09

Boris was a little surprised, but was game when I pulled my skirt up, touched my pussy through my thong and said he can fuck me if he tells me everything I need to know. I got down between Boris's legs while Simi was between Jacob's leg and we girls started to give the guys the best blow job. As soon as he pulled out, Boris grabbed me, threw me down on the sofa, spread my legs wide and started to fuck me real hard. Since Simi was fast asleep in the bed, and the guys needed more pussy, we got dressed and left for Jacob's room. No sooner had he stopped cumming, Jacob grabbed me, threw me on the bed next to Boris and started to fuck me hard.

Mile High Club in a Balloon

group hotairgasm 2018-11-08

What a view!  We were high above the Rio Grande valley over the outskirts of Albuquerque.  Now that we were above the haze, the mountains were so clear they seemed to be right next to us even though they were actually many miles away.  I stole a look at Jack and he still had that sly grin on his face.  He was really enjoying his job.  As he hit the burners again, Sue and I kissed again.  This time, she let go of her death grip on me and moved a hand around to my cock.  Needless to say, I was already hard and my shorts were bulging.

Durango Bootie

group HighDesert 2018-11-06

“That’s it, lick my ass bitch!” Laura shouted as she pulled her mouth from the 12” cock. Laura pulled away from his cock as TJ started working her ass with his fingers and licking her pussy at the same time. I fucked his ass for about ten minutes when I looked over at Laura and saw her bottomed out on Garrett’s 12”, screaming in ecstasy as an orgasm wracked her body. When TJ stopped getting much of Laura’s oral attention he came up behind me and pushed his cock back into my ass while Joe continued to get head. Then Garrett Pulled his cock out of my ass, jumps on top of Laura and starts fucking her tits that are soaked in cum.

Jamaican Lullaby

group HighDesert 2018-11-05

When she got close enough to Hope’s pussy, Peter lifted his head and kissed Laura passionately, sharing the taste of his wife with my woman. Hope lifted herself off of me for a second, allowing Laura to take me into her mouth, lubricate my cock and then put me back into Hope’s beautiful cunt. “You like seeing your man’s cock in my wife’s ass, don’t you slut.” Peter said to Laura. Hope, in front of me, and Laura, in front of Peter, the ladies started giving expert blowjobs on our cocks that had just been in each other’s asses. He moved his mouth after a couple of minutes and Hope placed her enormous tits around my cock and started to titty-fuck me.

Charcoal Pinstripes

group Metilda 2018-11-04

Suit material slicked together each time he moved and the leather of his belt whipped through the loops with swift pulls of his hands. I touched a finger to my bottom lip, as if the shoes needed deep thought and serious hours of tense contemplation. Off Ruben went to do things like be measured by the tailor and I sat on a plush leather bench. Ru didn’t return my texts, so eventually I made my way back to bed, coffee in hand, feeling like total and utter crap. The sound of my wetness on needful fingers was amazing to hear, as was the ragged, tense breathing of both Ruben and the well-dressed salesmen.

A Good Girl's First Threesome

group cumslutnicole 2018-11-03

The next month he came home twice. It felt okay, but my fingers didn’t feel anything like a hard cock and that’s what I craved. Three weeks after Brian dumped me, I went out with my friends to a dance club. Maybe things would’ve been different if I had given in, but then again maybe not and he would’ve been showing the video to all of his college friends. Maybe force him to go to a bar. He lived in an apartment complex in the better part of town. “Rum, Whiskey or Vodka.” “Rum and coke?” My point was Brian never made me feel like Connor did. Both of us were breathing heavy and sweating.

Goldy Locks and the three Behrs, Part 2

group Kim 2018-11-01

Max, suddenly hard, knew how much Mama loved his tongue in her cunt. He could feel Rock's cock through the thin walls of her ass and pussy.  Slowly finger fucking her ass, Max pushed a second finger inside once she had loosened up.  Rock, feeling his buddy's rigid dick sink deeper inside Mama's loosened ass, coordinated his thrusts in time with Max.  When Max withdrew, Rock would sink in her pussy all the way, until his balls slapped her lips. With Rock's thick cock taking up most of the room, Mama's ass was extra tight. The naked trio made their way inside, not knowing that the dick teasing slut that haunted their days was sleeping in the very bed that the Behrs were heading toward. 

Rememebr Me? A Threesome Story

group nicole_keleigh 2018-10-31

Senior year, AP Physics the teacher assigned the two of us and another guy, Eric to work together in a group project. Nothing happened the first two times we got together to work on the project. At some point, we forgot about the due date and sexual tensions, innuendo and the like filled the room. His thrusts were wild and intense, but before he came he pulled out and Eric took a turn. Alex's cock buried inside my cunt, my mouth working Alex's dick at the same time. Eric came in my mouth, filling it with a large load of cum. Alex came deep inside of my pussy, filling me with a thick load of his sperm.

Can I Watch?

group Tammy_Nguyen_77 2018-10-31

Both Shawn and Jason would flirt with the cute little hotel maid every time they saw her, but Sarah knew they were just pretending to make themselves look straight to whoever happened to be around. Sarah was friendly with both Shawn and Jason, and she figured that at some time in the past year it had probably come up between them that they both knew the cute little maid, what they didn't know was that Sarah knew that they knew each other, Sarah thought she might be able to exploit that little piece of information. "Oooooh, I just don't know what I'm going to do, I'm all alone in a hotel room with two big...strong, why you could just take advantage of me." Sarah walked around behind them and ran her fingertips along their spines again making them tremble.

First Threesome

group cindy_4u 2018-10-31

Paul had his hands in my hair and every time I took his cock in my mouth, he would push my head to take all of his 7 inches. I got on the futon doggy style and asked Paul to fuck me. He pulled my thong off me, lay down on the bed and asked me to ride his cock like a cow girl. I asked Alan to fuck my pussy and cum in it. It did not matter as Paul was happy stroking his now hard cock watching Alan go to town on my pussy. I had cum from 2 different guys in me and I was sloppy like hell, but Paul did a great job of eating me.

My first threesome

group erotikstoryteller 2018-10-31

However, once we were alone together in his car he told me that he didn’t really find my friend attractive and they weren’t seriously dating but he was really attracted to me and wanted to take me back to his apartment. At some point Fitz had removed his pants and had positioned his dick at my face in an attempt to get me to suck it but I didn’t want to suck his dick so he turned me over and put me in doggy style slipped on the condom and entered my wet pussy. Fitz came in my pussy the same time his friend came into my mouth and like the little slut I didn’t know I would become, I swallowed all of his cum.

At last, I got her to perform

group benelli66 2018-10-30

As it was my round I went to fetch more drinks where Tony asked if he could have a dance with my wife. Tony came back and sat down and we continued, this time taking turns dancing with the wife. The wife didn't seem very keen at first but I said I wanted Tony to hear some proper music before he went home. My wife started to get up but I told her to stay there as it was Tony's turn. (It was always part of my fantasy to get my wife on her knees, pull her panties down and invite another guy to fuck her.) So I went over behind her, pulled those cockteasers down over her ass and told Tony to go and fuck her brains out.

My First MFM: What a Night!

group Ziggi1973 2018-10-02

I went back to sitting on the couch, with my shirt still open and somewhat off my tits spilling out of my bra. They both sucked on my tits, standing there in front of the computer and they took off my bra and let it fall to the floor with my torn shirt. They stood me up and took off the rest of my clothes and Frank looked at me and kissed me hard. We found a good rhythm and Frank asked if I liked this and I could only moan around his cock. Frank had good access to my ass and took full advantage with his finger asking me if I liked it...I came hard all over them both.

Study Group

group clarissaj1982 2018-10-02

Moe still sat on Tammy's lap; his cock was stiff and he had one of her tits in his hand, seemingly forgotten. Tammy caught me peeking at her and smiled she put her index finger under the head of Moe's stiffy. When I could stand it no longer I loosed her breasts and leaned forward, wrapping my arms around her legs and sliding them down beneath her ass, I lifted her for better access and took both her pussy lips in my lips to suck on them. When I finally started to come down the other side of bliss I looked down and saw the marks that my fingers had left on her breasts as I had squeezed them when I came. I watched as Jimbo came on Tammy's face and hair as she sucked Moe' boner.

My First MFM Experience That Turned

group BC1973 2018-09-28

Unfortunately, I had to go away for work for two weeks, a day after I got back, I received a phone call from Tom asking me how my trip was and that he and Jessica had found very nice nudist camp and wanted to know if I would like to join them for the weekend. I got under Jessica and she started riding me, I really did not think I was going to last much longer it felt that good, I told Tom to fuck her in the ass, as Tom went in Jessica, she let out a load moan, then saying holy fuck, I could feel her tighten even more and having another orgasm.