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XTC's Collection of Dirty Little Secrets, Vol 1

group Kim 2018-11-03

As far as anyone knew, profanity never came from her heart shaped mouth, but Sara had a dirty, little secret that even her husband didn’t know about. Just when she thought the woman was finished with her poor nips, Sara heard a small click and felt the clips pull down. She tried to imagine what they were seeing and saw a woman with her head hidden in a box on the floor, ass high in the air, weights swinging from her cherry red, swollen nipples, and a bit of black lace poking out from the confines of her pussy. Looking down, Sara watched as his massive cock head pushed into her dripping snatch; the piercing rubbing sensuously in all the right places.

The Girl Who Couldn't Say No Ch. 02

group Lionheart72 2018-01-09

The blonde took a deep breath and then said, in a rush, "Some bastards stole my clothes and I need to get to the bathroom to clean up and then could I borrow your shirt so I can get out here and I'll give it back I promise but please help." Ally laughed as Frank scrubbed his hand over his mouth, looking slightly green. With a deep breath, Ally started to lick Frank's cock, tasting his salty pre-cum and musky flavor. Frank pulled eagerly on her head and Ally moved low, taking the tapered tip between her lips. Frank gave a ragged grunt, pushing himself deeper into her face before slowly pulling his cock from between her lips.