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Melissa Takes Two

group DarkSide 2018-06-27

I unconsciously wrapped my hand around it and started to pull on my cock watching her all the time. I looked at Greg and saw that he too was pumping his cock with his hand. I grasped her hips so that I could pull myself into her while Melissa was helping me out by pushing her arse back against me with every thrust of my cock. Melissa, had almost immediately turned around and urging Greg to fuck her hard. I could feel Greg fucking her hard from the other end of the sofa and I wished I could have lasted that long. Melissa finally lifted her head from my cock and started to gasp loudly.

A story for I

group venus314 2018-06-27

I looked at Kris and took his already hardening, naked dick in my mouth while caressing Brad’s cock with my hand; at the same time Brad squeezed my tits hard and pinched my nipples. When I cried, Kris took out his cock, caressed me for a few seconds and suddenly slid inside my ass again, this time deeply to the end, and this time I did not feel pain but a kind of pleasure like never before. He started moving very slowly, and with his movement I also moved with Brad’s dick inside, and I forgot who I am and what am I doing and how much time passed, there was nothing else in the world apart from my pussy and ass and pain and pleasure.

Up in Vermont II. (The boys of winter)

group Annie_S 2018-06-27

Even though we had our little adventure during the night with Gabe, (maybe I will share details in another story) it looks like Matt still had the privilege to be with me to continue our boozing in our favourite bar. It's to let you know that you have no right to be mad at me for being with another guy when, come on, you sleep with your wife every single night (apart from like one night a year which you spend with me) I am not complaining, I am happy and content as I am, but I sleep around as much as I feel necessary.

Chinese Massage Triangle

group ANcpl 2018-06-27

We were still excited when we got home and one evening, with Jack buried deep inside me, he tentatively asked if I’d really like to take it further, to turn a massage into a threesome? As we chatted I found myself imagining how his hands would feel roaming my body, touching places only Jack should touch; my nipples tightened as I envisaged his weight pressing down on me, his hardness pushing into me. The show over, Max increased his attention to my pussy with the same intensity I had given Jack making me shudder as his thumb pressed against my clit, his fingers delving inside assaulting my g-spot.

Meeting a new Couple Part 2

group male50tx 2018-06-26

Kim took hold of Brian’s cock and sucked on his balls. Kim then got on top of him and slipped his cock into her wet pussy. I felt Brian’s cock in her pussy as I pushed into her ass. After a few minutes, I felt her tighten her ass hole industriously on the cock. Brian, now hard as Kim sucked him, said, “My turn for some ass.” He pulled out of me and Kim took his cock in her mouth. Brian and I just lay there as Kim got up and went to the bathroom. In the morning, I felt a mouth on my cock and I saw it was Kim. Then I looked around and saw that Brian had lifted Kim’s gown as he ate her.

Lindsey's Story Pt 1

group adele 2018-06-26

But watching the two guys in the bar and imagining what they might have done really got her to thinking about what it would be like to have two men as sexual partners at the same time. Lindsey was beginning to think she might actually like to have two guys in her at the same time. Next time Lindsey was out with her girl friends, she turned the subject to fantasies and asked if any of the others had the same fantasy or had actually been with two men and been double penetrated. They sat and chatted for a bit and finally Lindsey got up the courage to ask the question that had been on her mind all night.

My First Crush With A Slut

group 4EverYours 2018-06-26

After a while, Brad returned with a shit eating grin, Jim and Chuck, got up off their seats and headed into the bedroom. Here two guys were fucking the girl I liked and all I could think of was things like that and how deep could she actually suck a cock. Grunting harder, Jim started pounding her into the bed as he bent his head down to bite one of her nipples and then the other. You really love sucking on my cock, don't you." His ass moved back and forth as he fucked her mouth hard. Chuck moved around the bed as Jim fucked her pounding into her. After I finish, you still have the small guy to fuck." She turned to look at me and gave a small smile.

Boys and Girls and Boys, Part II

group BrandyWynne 2018-06-25

I didn’t look at him, knowing he wasn’t completely comfortable with what was happening, and concentrated on Roger. Barry opened his eyes and looked at me, then at Roger. I noticed that Roger was a bit more forceful with Barry, holding his head and moving it where he wanted. Barry was moving faster on Roger’s cock and I could tell that Roger was very close. Barry’s cries began again until Roger yelled, coming hard, thrusting his impressive dick into Barry to the hilt. Barry immediately pulled out of me and I cried out “No!” in protest, but Roger was immediately filling Barry’s place. “But not like this,” Roger said and yet again, my nice cock was pulled out of me.

Threesome Action

group Rogue73 2018-06-25

She started helping me strip out of my clothes, her hands finding my rock hard cock as it sprang free of my boxers.  She used her tongue to lick up the base of my shaft to the tip, licking and sucking the precum dripping from it.  I ran my hands through her blonde hair, loving how she smelled....she looked up at me as she sucked my shaft between her beautiful lips.  We lay down on her bed and she positioned herself to suck me and was soon working her mouth up and down my cock.  It glistened with her saliva as she sucked me her moans of pleasure making it almost impossible to hold back a massive climax.  Then the door opened and her bf came in.  He stipped naked and joined us on the bed, his cock was slightly smaller then mine as he started stroking it and watching us.  My cock is 8" cut and very thick, and he must have been enjoying the show as his woman licked and sucked on my cock.

Always A Catch, Part Four

group lemanruss 2018-06-25

My girlfriend had paired off and fucked Rick while I had the time of my life with little Allie, as I came to know her. Chelle and I obviously had no idea what Rick meant, but Allie quickly and somewhat reluctantly pulled herself off of my balls and, even worse, off of Michelle’s greedy oral attentions. Her wet pussy and tiny little asshole were blatantly displayed to me I moved between her spread legs and started to lick and suck on her clit, sliding two fingers into her tight box for good measure. Rick came too, whether more from the experience of double-teaming Allie or the sensation of my girlfriend’s hot tongue on his asshole, he exploded inside, both of us throbbing and pumping into the hot little body between us.

Situational Advantages

group Goldeniangel 2018-06-25

The fingers pushed into her pussy even deeper, making her moan into Brett's mouth. Andrea moaned and whimpered as someone began playing with her breasts, the hot shaft in her pussy stabbing deeper and deeper with every thrust, stretching her wide and shoving her onto Brett's body. Walter's hands gripped her breasts tightly, she knew they were Walter's because Brett's were lost in her hair, pushing her head down onto him as he fucked her mouth. Fucking her harder and harder, Walter's grip on her breasts became almost unbearable as he shoved into her body, her pussy splaying outward against his groin as he rubbed himself up and down, his dick bouncing inside of her.

Roommates Fuck a Friend to Destress for Finals

group simplename 2018-06-25

But, she kept sucking and started to feel overwhelmed with pleasure in her ass as Ryan kept lubing up his cock. With Ryan anchoring her ass, I pushed my log into her tight pussy, stretching her to what was surely the biggest she had ever been. She began to moan as my massive dick expanded her pussy and sent waves of pleasure up and down her body. Sasha rocked back and forth on our dicks with a cute yet horny smile on her face as if our cocks were a rocking horse. After a while we just couldn't take it anymore and Ryan and I came inside Sasha as she had a full body orgasm.

Making New Friends

group celticbtrfly 2018-06-24

I felt the man who had been sucking on my breasts move away and a moment later, I felt the smooth head of a large cock gently push against my mouth. As the orgasm subsided, the fingers filling me pulled away, but the tongue gently continued taking long licks over my labia, dipping inside me occasionally, and avoiding the clit to allow me to recover. I slowed my movements as my husband continued to thrust up into me and our friend slid one, then two fingers inside my ass, slowly pumping in at out as he leaned against me and started kissing and nibbling on my neck. A moment later, the friend's fingers pulled away and a few moments later, I felt the large head of his cock pushing up against the opening to my ass.


group ready4xs 2018-06-24

Few of our clients know we're two different people, as we’re usually not in the clinic at same time. L paused then grinned and said “How about a special massage from both of you at the same time?” Without waiting for our response, she pulled her sheet off and laid down on her front. As I stepped back for more massage oil, L's hand cupped my erection and I looked into her big eyes filled with a question. She moved her pelvis in time to his thrusts as his fingers dug into her ass cheeks. As I moved my index finger to stroke the taut ring of tendon just below her clit, I felt the movement of J’s cock through her skin.


Educating Brittany Chapter 2

group SeanR83 2018-06-24

I sat on the couch telling her to get on her knees and suck me, she did as she was told, taking my cock into her mouth. I watched a Brittany got into position and bent over the couch, Harry got behind her and slipped his cock inside her. I kissed her slowly as Harry took the opportunity to climb behind her and slip his cock inside her. I sat up and told Brittany to sixty-nine with my friend, I watched as she took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him off. I could feel her body start to shake once more and I could tell by the way her ass was gripping my cock that she was close to another orgasm.

Road Trip part 2

group BiCuriousBytch 2018-06-23

"Well, let's see how you do." The officer said as he pulled out his throbbing hard cut cock and began to stroke it as he stepped up just inches from my face. He then shoved his cock in my sopping wet pussy and began to rub my clit. You wanted a big hard cock, didn't you, dirty girl?" He said in a rough tone. He slid in and began face fucking my mouth holding onto my head and moaning which gave me a tingling feeling inside. The officer pounding my pussy began to rub my clit as and I felt his cock throb in my pussy.

How about Eric?

group lemanruss 2018-06-23

I remember thinking that Michelle was likely to get a reaction of "Hell no!" out of asking her ex to film her fucking her new boyfriend, and then we'd be back to ground zero and maybe I'd have a little more leverage (having been so cool about her suggestion of her ex) to offer up the idea of a female camera man. Michelle rested her cheek against the shaft of his dick and smiled a very pleased smile to the camera and I began to appreciate the size and scale of the cock in her hand as it lay against her gorgeous face (which still glistened in spots from the cum she hadn't spooned into her mouth earlier.)

Their Little Stut

group CelebritySkin 2018-06-23

I couldn't keep my screams of pleasure in any more, especially since my fantasy was coming true: two older guys fucking me hard and showing me that they knew what to do. I could tell they were both enjoying the fact that I was so turned on, but Tony realised that if I got louder, their wives would hear and we would be caught, so he moved his hand round and placed it over my mouth to stifle my screams. “Let me have a go with your pussy now!” Tony moved round as Mike swam behind me and placed his hands on my boobs and squeezed my nipples. Tony felt me cum all over his cock and fucked me faster as his orgasm came just as intensely as mine.

Three's A Crowd

group Dickie 2018-06-23

“I want to suck his dick,” said Jess as she knelt between the two of them. Jess turned around as Seb stood up and she started sucking his dick clean of her juices before removing his condom. As Seb and Rich again stood side by side she took turns sucking their dicks and massaging their balls. Kneeling next to Jess and looking up to Seb he asked, “This… this might sound weird, but can I try sucking your dick?” He went quietly down the stairs and sat on the bottom step, watching Jess getting a thorough fucking from Seb. She was slouched in the chair with her hips just on the edge, her legs hooked over Seb’s strong biceps as he repeatedly thrust his cock into her.

Threesome fun - Kerry’s Story

group DarkSide 2018-06-23

“Kelly sat elegantly between her husband and Martin, she feasted her eyes on their rigid cocks,” which they were by now, “and she reached out to stroke them, firstly Martin’s and then her husbands,” I took the story from Kelly as she reached for our cocks. I pushed my cock forward, slowly at first, Kelly let out a sharp intake of breath and I knew it was hurting her a little. I repositioned my cock at her entrance and pushed it in, a little further this time and I knew the head of my cock was just short of entering her arse. Richard and I pulled our cocks backwards and then, in unison, filled Kelly one more time. Richard and I fucked Kelly together, slowly, letting her feel every inch of both of our cocks at the same time.

Somewhat Silent Library Escapades

group deviousdevil 2018-06-22

He pushed my face against the wall, lifted my skirt and pulled my hips back. "I told you to keep quiet, now continue but maybe this will shut the little whore up." He unzipped his pants and pushed his thick, hard cock into my mouth. He pulled himself out of my mouth, saliva dripping from his cock and pushed me back up against the wall. Miss Hastings, Giles is one of the personal trainers on campus, I trust you won't complain." Mr Jones withdraw and pushed me onto my hands and knees and positioned himself again while Giles knelt in front of me and pushed his cock into my mouth. He pulled out completely and quickly pushed himself into my virgin ass.

And sharing a man

group Emeris 2018-06-22

Meg took a moment to relax, then recalled her own little mantra 'I have no will in this, I have surrendered control until I wish to break it!' She surrendered to the physical sensation, wishing in some way that it was Jon's knowing touch but at the same time enjoying the feeling the unfamiliarity, the slower build up. He moved his attention down to her breasts, stroking the soft underneath, feeling them react and respond before playing with her nipples, running his teeth gently along the teats watching them stretch and strain under his ministrations and the drafts of cold air he blew across them. Meg realised that she was heating up again, even before the flat of Jon's palm moved down her body with his lips and tongue following them.

You Can't Make This Shit Up

group oldhippie1949 2018-06-22

I was still pissed though. It was devoid of piss and vinegar. Liddy opened the door and immediately took my breath away. I've already started...In front of all of you, friends who know me better than I know myself, in front of all of you, I apologize to my dear friend, Ray, and tonight, Liddy and I want to show our appreciation." He paused in thought and then smiled. I felt my dick fighting my pants again. I fell back down onto it. Yes, a hint of cherry...and maybe hazelnuts... We were all panting and trying to catch our breath. We all fell in a heap and as one, panted and sweated for a while.

A Whole New World - Chapter 2

group wilbert 2018-06-22

As she slipped her manicured fingers inside the material we both let out a moan at the same time, Rose pulled my cock free and I leaned back against the counter allowing my head to fall back. "Mmmm, this was in my dreams last night baby, but in my dreams it was only 6 inches long, this must be at least 7 and it's all mine....for now." She said as she looked up, giving me the biggest come to bed eyes I have ever seen. She stopped stroking my thick cock and pulled my boxers down before dropping her mouth on to the shaft, she took the whole thing effortlessly to the back of her throat before returning to the head to lick and suck my soft purple knob.