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Somebody's Got To Do It, Part 4

group oldhippie1949 2018-06-18

"Yes, Eric, here it cums." I began to spray his throat as he eagerly sucked it in and let me tell you, it was a big load. When I got back, Eric was on the couch stroking his cock and watching the women, sitting Indian-style across from each other and gently touching each others nipples. I lifted Eric's head and pointed at Rose's holes staring at us as Elaine sucked on her clit. Elaine was first, rapidly followed by Rose, I think Eric and I started to come at the same time. And I like the taste of your cum, too." Rose approached and tenderly kissed him, she really had a lot of affection toward him and their soulful kiss underscored that feeling.

Five Nights Ch. 07 - The Conclusion

group Noreasonneeded 2018-06-18

“If you do a good job, maybe later I’ll let them have you.” Sue started sucking us, starting with Mike, and switching back and forth, not trying to make us cum, just enjoying the feel of hard cock in her sweet sucking mouth as she had her pussy and ass licked and sucked. “You take her pussy, Jason,” Mike offered,” I want to see her face.” We high-fived (like a couple of dick heads) and I stripped and got on my back on the bed, and Sue let Marybeth up and guided her on to me, where she sucked me until I was hard, and climbed on, slipping me easily into her wet cunt.

One Plus Three Equals Heaven

group WayneGibbous 2018-06-17

"We've decided, Mia, that this is your day with us, we want to welcome you and do everything to make you feel good," Anna said and she held my feet and eased them apart, got down and began kissing and tonguing and licking me in that wonderful way that only another woman can do. Anna looked up at me, her face agleam with my juices, smiling, knowing how she made me feel, then lowered back to softly lick my enlarged clit sending shivers out in circles as Nick and Dean continued to caress me and suck my nipples.

An account of cheating with Rach

group p1ayful 2018-06-12

Now my cock is slamming into her pussy from behind, my hands reaching around her - one onto her clit, rubbing fast and the other grabbing hold of her breast as I fuck deep and fast into her feeling her pussy spasm around me and then empty my balls as I thrust into her for the last time. Watching your partner getting fucked while fucking someone else is a very strange experience, but watching Rach staring down at my cock in a strange pussy, I realized that we had matched the timing of our thrusts. Facing the girl who had just given her this orgasm, Rach reaches for her face and they share a kiss, my cock now just held still in her pussy as she slowly clenches and releases in the afterglow of her own cum.

Cheer Camp Part 5

group sassycheergirl 2018-06-10

I started to pulled my shirt up and began to play with my nipples as I felt that familiar tinging deep inside my pussy. But I need to be inside you," Chris said getting off the bed and pushing me down to where he was laying. "God Baby you feel so tight, so warm, and so wet," Chris said taking my legs and bring them to rest over his shoulders. Chris moaned and grabbed my waist and started thrusting deeper inside me. I looked over at Chris and he winked at me as Rochelle knelt between his legs and began to suck him off. Chris stopped and waited for me to get use to the feeling off his dick inside my ass.

Christmas Break

group PA_Mike 2018-06-09

Brenda didn’t seem comfortable, so I said, “Hey guys, maybe you two should take it elsewhere.” They laughed and went to Aaron’s room. They stopped and looked at me, Darlene still on her knees reached out and grabbed Aaron’s cock squeezing it and said, “Hey baby, you can fuck me in a couple of minutes, but if Brenda is gonna let that nice cock just go to waste, I want it!” Darlene pulled up and let my cock go and said, “Well, you want it? I know how much you like them.” said Darlene still riding Aaron and leaned forward smothering his face with her breasts. “Oh Brad, I didn’t know.” she said as she placed her hand on my cheek and started kissing me.

Introduction of Katie

group EnjoyBoth 2018-06-05

When it was time to go and let Holly, Nick, Sandra and Dennis get ready for their night out, I gave Katie a kiss on the cheek to let her know I needed to move. Katie’s body shivered as Jennifer and Jerry slowly ran their hands up her inner thighs to her sweet spot, teasing her each time without penetrating. As the DVD showed Tom slowly pulling his massive cock from Jess’s man pussy, Jennifer must have slid Katie’s panties aside. Jennifer jumped up and darted for the bar where the video camera sat and came back telling Katie not to move because she wanted to capture the moment the cum began dripping from her pussy and ass.


group thatguy625 2018-06-04

You’ll be able to see much better,” Jack said, and patted his leg as a signal that I should sit on his lap across from Brad and Ashley. “Okay, Sammi - come over here and look how I put the condom on your boyfriend’s hard cock,” Ashley commanded. Leaving Brad on the couch for a moment, Ashley got up and pulled down the side zipper on her dress and let it fall to the floor. The room was filled with the sounds of Ashley and Brad fucking, panting, moaning, and the sounds of me slurping on Jack’s monster cock. Ashley wasted no time getting back in the action and was back on top of Brad, riding him again, but now there was no condom.

Lexi, Jenna and the cabin in Vermont

group fenom 2018-06-01

"Little, book me a room with a sick ass view, a king sized bed and I'm not bringing Derek and I don't want to talk about it. Jenna laughed, put her hand on my leg, "I don't give a fuck, Lex. I've got beer in the back and two bottles of Brut to get us going and you, and I've missed you and I don't care where we go." I felt strong hands grab my hips, bending me over without pulling my mouth away from Jenna’s soaking throbbing cunt. “Ohhh shhhiitt, oh my god, Lexi, baby, fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming…fuck” Jenna’s juices dripped down my cheeks, down my chest. Mick let his dick touch my lips before he spun and slid it into Jenna’s still orgasming pussy.

Everything is not Black and White - Part One

group LuvMeSomeBooty 2018-05-31

Julie actually started by snuggling in between Ellie and I and commenting on just how impressive Ellie’s tits were. Mark is a big guy, with big hands, but not even his hands were enough to handle Ellie’s massive tits I could tell just by the look on his face he had never handled such an impressive chest. Out of nowhere, Ellie then slid off me and leaned down, kissed me and said, “I want Mark to fuck me, but I think he might need a little help getting that big cock inside me. She gasped as he pushed his fat cock inside her and come to rest with his balls touched her pussy and my mouth at the same time.

Girl Next Door

group guitarman2016 2018-05-30

Charlie bent forward and took Ian's cock from Pete's mouth and ran her tongue around the slick head. Charlie wasn't having any wastage so she stuck her head between Kelly's legs and licked up the spunk that was leaking then moved up and clamped her mouth over Kelly's cunt and started sucking. Pete's cock, incredibly, was still almost fully erect, so he inserted it into Charlies cunt then pulled out, thus retrieving the spunk that was too deep for their tongues to reach, and offered it to Ian. Ian licked round the head then up and down the shaft until the only fluid left was his own saliva.

Quite Neighborly

group RejectReality 2018-05-26

Wendy licked her lips, and although she didn’t need any further encouragement, her neighbor took his cock in hand and pulled down on it. Charlotte pulled away from a kiss with Nathaniel, moaned when she saw Wendy put the bottle down, and asked, “Are you ready for more?” The brunette let out a moaning chuckle, released Nathaniel’s cock, patted him on the ass, and said, “Go make her come and then give her a hot load.”  She then told her husband, “You get sloppy seconds.”  When they opened, it was just in time to see Charlotte take Nathaniel’s cock in her mouth to suck it clean and Jason kneeling on the couch in front of her.

Riding the Subway

group Cherism 2018-05-26

The man behind me slid his hand to my pussy, beginning to play with my clit. When the woman moved her tongue and set to a full on attack on my clit, I felt my pleasure rise, and rise, and rise, until my pussy clenched around the man’s cock. The man fucking my mouth was also pulling on my nipples, giving me a pleasure and pain sensation. The man leaned forward, saying, “You like a nice hard cock in your ass, don’t you?” The woman licked my clit, diving a few fingers into my wet slit and giving me a good old fucking as the man worked his cock into my ass. “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum,” the man in front of me said.

The Bachelorette Soiree

group NymphWriter 2018-05-15

Graham carried Delaney's petite frame to a small grotto where Randolph was sitting on the edge of the pool and Maria was sitting in the water, sucking his cock. Maria stroked Delaney's pussy under the water while Graham played with her nipples and whispered in her ear, "That's right baby, suck his cock for me." Both men spread the ladies legs wide and began licking their pussies, Graham enjoying Maria's, Randolph having Delaney's. Graham pounded Delaney's pussy with a fiery passion, aroused by watching her suck Randolph's cock. Maria and Randolph returned to the water, kissing passionately as Graham set Delaney on a chaise lounge nearby. With a last hug and a kiss on the cheek, the two friends walked down the aisle where Graham and Randolph were waiting, wearing navy blue suits.

Two for Love, Four for Lust Ch. 05

group dchapleaux 2018-05-13

You look over at me as I turn to watch, "Morning, love, did we wake you?" I smile, and move over to kiss, suck, and nibble one of Sandra's breasts to show I am not at all upset about being woken up. Pushed by the sight of Sandra's orgasm taking over her body, Tim starts thrusting into you harder and faster, making you moan as well. I lay back and let her slide my cock into her pussy, making her hiss and moan, nearly reaching orgasm after the playing, sucking, and nibbling we both did. You immediately begin licking and sucking and nibbling at her pussy, while Tim fills you with his cock, sliding it hard and rough into you until he explodes, filling you up with his cum.

A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 03

group ava23 2018-05-08

Alicia stood on the dock, naked, watching her husband kiss another woman, their bodies pressed together in the water. He leaned in to nibble on her ear, and despite the comfortable lake water, Alicia felt goose bumps all over her body, and her nipples instantly hardened to points against Jeff's chest. He pushed into her, and Emily moaned softly as he started fucking her gently against the dock, letting their bodies move with the water. Emily's pussy began to spasm, as she started a long gradually-building orgasm, and inside her David's cock spurted his juices as he continued moving inside her until they were both done. Sunday afternoon, David and Alicia's car pulled away from the cabin, with Emily and Jeff out front waving goodbye.

New Neighbors

group Manny2314 2018-04-30

Rich and Lindsay now stopped and looked expectantly at Tom and Cindy. Rich had also stripped, Tom and Cindy getting a short glimpse of his erection as he too slid into the tub. Cindy got enough of a look to know that Rich was at least as big as her husband, and she felt herself getting a little wet between her legs. Tom didn't even know that Rich's other hand was stroking the inside of Cindy's thigh. Tom was wondering why he deserved such great treatment as Lindsay turned her body toward him, laid her hand and head on his shoulder, and smiled sexily as she looked into his eyes.

Fantasy Drive

group ceris01 2018-04-28

Then you feel the soft caresses of a tongue as it slowly works its way up one of your petals and down the other before it teases around your pulsating opening, spreading your free flowing cream around before taking over from your fingers and sucking your clit into the mouth. You can't believe it feels that good and when she finally removes her fingers and thumb she has my rock hard cock rubbing up and down your lips, around the entrance to your warm and inviting tunnel then rubbing the head over your clit again and again until you are on the edge yet again.

The Swingers Club

group Harryandsally 2018-04-15

There were laid back sofa's around the edge of the room for people to lounge and watch, Carly and Steve thought this was fantastic. Carly and Steve were kissing and touching while Kate had gone straight for Tony's cock. Kate kept her eyes open to watch Carly who was now sucking Steve's cock, lazily alternating between licking his shaft and swallowing his length. Tony then laid on the bed and guided Kate onto his cock, she rode him while Steve worked her arsehole with his fingers. Carly and Tony played with her tits as Steve fucked her with all the energy he could muster, them with one final push, shot his load into Kate's arsehole.

A Day's Frustration

group scdug 2018-04-01

Once the drinks arrived Julie proposed a toast "To Fuck With Men!" she said and downed her first shot of Jack, following immediately pouring half of a glass of beer down her throat. "C'mon Mandy, let's get this party started." Julie said, grabbing Mandy's hand and taking her to the dance floor. As they started to dance Mandy noticed that Doug, (Julie's partner) seemed to know his way around the floor very well. Mandy saw Julie's hand reach under the table and noticed the look of surprise as Doug straightened up slightly in his chair. Mark quickly took off his shirt and pants as Mandy grabbed his cock in her hands, leaned over and started to suck him.

Finishing School - Episode 04

group The_inspector_and_the_fish 2018-03-30

Two of her fellow pupils, Diana Mapleton and Fanny Appleshaw, were seated in the chairs which they had turned to face into the room, where stood two men who Clara recognised from their lessons. It was all she could do to recall some of the finer points from Mrs Castlewick's lessons -- sliding her mouth away, she allowed Johnson's cock to rest on her bottom lip and gently flicked and caressed it with the tip of her tongue, tasting the pre-cum mixing with her saliva. As she rushed off down the corridor, she couldn't erase from her mind the image of Diana plunging two fingers past the silk of her panties and into her pussy at the exact moment Johnson had cum, and the look of debauched pleasure that had come over her face.

Players Ch. 04

group Synthia 2018-03-23

We are three married couples in our mid to late forties, Bob and Lisa, Ted and Cindy, and myself, Laura, and husband Jim. We had recently embarked on our own little swingers group At first just sucking and fucking in separate bedrooms and then moving to some voyeur, girl – girl between myself and Lisa, threesomes, and sex with younger "outsiders". He said it was a divorced neighbor lady about 40 who was pretty hot looking with what seemed to him at the time, huge tits, although they really weren't He said he went off like a rocket after about three strokes of her sucking his dick, but that was part of her plan.

Four Play Ch. 01

group lizard_lix 2018-03-22

The hot tub became a roiling cauldron as the two men bounced the ladies on their cocks faster and faster, harder and harder and this time it was Jasmine who leaned into Tara to start the kiss, but after a breathless minute, she pulled away from Tara to bestow the same intense sensuality on Jim, who just as enthusiastically joined in the mouth to mouth tongue play. When they finally managed to stop, the belly laughs fading back to giggles and chuckles, Tara, face still happy, but definitely more serious, gave Jim and Jasmine a huge squeeze and announced, "Welcome home, both of you!" Matt chimed in "Amen!" and they all just returned to the hug in happy and satisfied silence.

Fun Foursome in France

group ChasFowler 2018-03-20

After about ten seconds, I licked my lips a little and she pulled her mouth off and said, "You want to try a little?" I didn't say anything but moved forward ever so slightly, and now the tables turned and her left hand went to the back of my head and guided me onto his cock, which she held in her right. The French couple didn't even seem to notice but Em said haltingly as she was being pushed back and forth by Francois' hard cock, "That's right baby...unh...come...unh...all over her...unh." Marie actually did notice and smiled up at me as she rubbed my thick white syrup on her tits, murmuring something in French as she did.