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The Island - Final Connections

group DarkSide 2018-12-02

The conversation fell quiet for a moment before Jenny blurted out, “Brian, I dare you to drop your trousers and show Karyn your cock.” Karyn slowly let her arm extend and she watched both Jenny and I as her hand clasped around Brian’s upright cock. By the time I pulled my hand out of Steve’s trousers, Karyn was naked and guiding Brian to the stool near the bar, still pulling on his engorged member as she walked backwards towards the stool. They were unaware at the time of what was going on in our area, but they soon appeared as voyeurs to watch Karyn get fucked from behind; well, as soon as John had served them their drinks and taken their money.

Batter Up

group RejectReality 2018-12-01

As the last word passed the blonde’s lips, and before Greg could utter whatever lie he’d opened his mouth to say, Carrie slapped him – hard. The men all voiced their agreement, and Carrie said, “Well, we can hardly pass that up.” She then took a drink of her Jagerbomb. Between the drinks and knowing that her friends were going to get laid, she was seriously considering following Jamie and Tracy’s example with Brian. A shriek escaped her when Pablo pulled free, and in the midst of the gasp for breath that followed, his pussy-slick cock was in her mouth. “Ah, fuck yeah, baby,” he said as he let go of his cock and scooted toward the foot of the bed.

Quite Neighborly

group RejectReality 2018-12-01

Wendy licked her lips, and although she didn’t need any further encouragement, her neighbor took his cock in hand and pulled down on it. Charlotte pulled away from a kiss with Nathaniel, moaned when she saw Wendy put the bottle down, and asked, “Are you ready for more?” The brunette let out a moaning chuckle, released Nathaniel’s cock, patted him on the ass, and said, “Go make her come and then give her a hot load.”  She then told her husband, “You get sloppy seconds.”  When they opened, it was just in time to see Charlotte take Nathaniel’s cock in her mouth to suck it clean and Jason kneeling on the couch in front of her.

Luke's Lesson

group Iszofia 2018-11-30

Liss wriggled her hand between her body and my arm, finding my increasingly wet pussy, she sighed, expert fingers descended on my clit, making me moan and writhe against her. Luke was a sweet guy but he wasn’t taking the time to pleasure Liss and focus on the other important parts of her pussy, not just the clit and let's not forget the perineum and the salacious back entry. I cried out as her tongue, swirling in figure 8's, flicked at my clit. She embraced my engorged clit, sucking on it rhythmically. I cried out in rapture, moaning that “I’m gonna cum!" Liss held tightly onto my legs ensuring my pussy was secure against her mouth, while I writhe around on the bed.

Kim's first big one

group swingsbothways42 2018-11-11

Two got on each side of the cot, and while Jan was massaging her upper body, they began to massage her legs, gently pulling them apart and slowly running their hands up and down the insides of her legs, almost, but not quite touching her sex. During the time he was fucking her, Barb, who has a little mean streak in her, and knowing I didn’t like Dave came and found me and brought me to the tent in time to witness kim’s final screaming, howling orgasms and watch Dave unload his cream into her sopped and stretched pussy.

Four for Fun

group carmen_has36 2018-11-09

Mike yells out that he doesn't want Jason cumming all over in his car so he finds a towel under the seat while Sharon is bringing him close. Sharon does not have huge breasts but her her nipples stand out almost all the time and they are obviously stiff and they have the guys' attention. They both are getting pulled and sucked and pinched and she is getting turned on. Sharon is still enjoying her ride on Mike and sucking on James when Jason rubs his cockhead against her rosebud. Jason pushes as Sharon tries to relax and take him, finally gets it all the way in and starts to move in rhythm with Mike's thrusts. Mike goes to get some beers while James is getting his cock rubbed by Sharon sitting on his lap.

Nightclub Dares at Cafe Gigi's

group NicandNicey 2018-11-06

In response to you fondling your breasts, the blonde woman moves behind her partner and wraps her hands around the waist of the redhead. When I do, the blonde reaches over to join the redhead in fondling your breast. While the tall woman fondles the now exposed breasts of the redhead, my finger has found her slit and enough wetness there to let my finger easily find her clit. The woman behind her is kissing her neck, pinching her nipples over and over, and using her hips to push the redhead's cunt into my hand. Watching her stroke him, watching him stroke her, watching them watching us, feeling two mouths on my rock-hard cock, and feeling the breasts of the redhead has my head spinning.

Sarah - Part Thirteen B

group mike8253 2018-10-31

While Maggie slowly slid her wet pussy up and down on my shaft, Sarah played with Maggie’s tits and nipples and whispered into her ear. As I fucked Maggie, Sarah knelt on the side of the bed next to Maggie and played Maggie like a piano, one hand at the far end of the “keyboard” twisting and pulling on a nipple, the other hand at the far left of the “keyboard” rubbing Maggie’s clit and making Maggie moan loudly. Sarah held Maggie close and stroked her hair and face, as I slowly continued to slide my cock in and out of Maggie’s wet slit. This went on for several more minutes, me fucking Maggie in the ass at a steady pace, Sarah fingering Maggie’s slit; and Maggie breathing heavy, making more guttural noises and yelling “Yes”, “More”, and “Fuck my ass” over and over.

Explorations Ch. 07

group Manny2314 2018-09-04

"He has very nice hands," Emily said to Brianne. Brianne reached down slowly and held my cock, squeezing it and rubbing, sending chills throughout my body. My erection didn't subside as her cunt walls squeezed my cock and I watched Johnny pounding Emily. Laura's hand reached up and closed over Brianna's tit. That got Laura's attention and she reached for Emily's tit with her other hand. I felt Brianna's pussy clenching my cock as she had yet another orgasm just as Laura bit down on her nipple. My fingers in Laura's pussy paid off about this time, as she reared up with a scream, pushing my fingers deep into her cunt.

Amy Caught in the Middle Ch. 03

group mrhmann 2018-08-27

The boys, John and Matt, had taken their shirts and pants off and were approaching Miss Amy wearing nothing but their boxer shorts. Timing it to correspond with John's movements at the front, Matt slid his love muscle into Amy's pussy. Without realizing it Mr. Kay had taken his rock-hard, nine-inch cock out of his pants and was stroking it in rhythm to the pounding that Amy was receiving in the next room. Amy's pleasure ride kept going for anther two minutes as her pussy muscles contracted and milked every last drop out of Matt's cock and her mouth sucked up every drop of John's cum.

Football Wife

group n2it2ru 2018-08-16

I straddled his lap and gyrated my pussy on his hard cock and rubbed my tits in his face. I sat down, had him face me and I then opened his pants, releasing his cock which was so engorged that the head was hard and a little purplish in color and a good deal of pre-cum was oozing out the end. That's when I said (much to my own surprise: "OK, now it's time for the action, fuck me, fuck me hard, all of you!" Charley then stood up, took off his clothes and slammed his engorged cock deep into my pussy. He took long and hard but steady strokes driving that big cock completely into me and then pulling it almost all of the way out.

Maggie's First Threesome

group ElsieThompson 2018-08-05

Shortly after that she had sex with Jason after his girl friend announced her independence and intention to see other men. Then, when Jason's girl friend came back to him, it was Doug again. Maggie had planned to work on her upcoming presentation, but she took time out to comfort Jason. Then I want to fuck you again." He pulled her hand down to his penis and now she had one hand on Jason's and one on Doug's. I can work on my presentation tomorrow." She raised her hips, reached down and took Jason's penis in her hand, put it in her vagina and rocked back and forth until it was rock hard and far inside her.

A Swingers Party

group Ronnie 1946 2018-06-20

Just when I was thinking I could come with this attention George withdrew his fingers from my cunt and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was trying to pull him down to my mouth when I felt my cunt lips being gently prised apart and fingers slipping into my pussy. My legs still spread apart, my orgasm gradually subsiding, George knelt between them and pushed his stiff, fat cock into my cunt. Maria looked up at Rob, took her hand away from her breast, placed it over Rob’s rampant cock and drew him into her mouth. Like any man he loves having his cock sucked and he had placed both his hands either side of her head, but was letting her take control.

Bistro Buddies

group UnderYourSpell 2018-06-14

"We are going to blindfold you, Ruth, but not tie you down although you will probably be held in place," said Charlene and even with the blindfold covering my eyes I could tell she was smiling broadly. I was more than accepting—the feeling was incredible as my pussy was being licked and slowly, so slowly, stretched and entered to the hilt before a steady rhythm started pushing me upwards at every stroke towards the cock filling my mouth. I gasped out loud as a finger began to caress my buttocks, edging to that exposed hole, rubbing round it then easing in, lubricating as it went, opening and spreading it and I knew what was coming next.

Elvie Visits Club Skin

group DirtyTigress 2018-06-11

You are still pinned against the wall, you lift one leg and hook it over my hip and pull your panties to one side, giving me access to your intimacy, your wanton lust on full view of the men and women watching us. I can feel your soaking wet pubic hair on my chin as my tongue meets to soft warm folds of your pussy lips. I watch you closely as your hips fuck me in time with your hands; your hands push back on each penis as your hips drive forward, grinding your excited clitoris hard into my pubic bone. The need to cum wells up in both of us and I grip your hips tight and ride you hard, pulling your body forward onto my cock to meet my thrusts, impaling you on my raging penis.

The Dungeon

group Irish Moss 2018-05-08

My hands were on Tracy's tits but my attention was on Theresa's as she slipped out of her bra and it remained riveted as she started to lower her panties. As she was kicking them aside and moving toward the bed, Tracy started cumming again causing Theresa to pause briefly then quickly climb up to straddle my head. Again, though she wasn't cumming rapid fire like Tracy had, Theresa did cum pretty quickly after she'd started riding me. I knew that I owed Hugh big time, though I suspected he'd never hear the full story, but if he hadn't dumped Tracy and me in the dungeon then fallen asleep, I would not have two hot mouths currently taking turns sucking my cock.

After Dinner Pt. 02

group Stories4Her 2018-04-23

Her own orgasm began to build and, in no time, she was moaning and panting. She told him to sit down next to me, his own hard cock quickly enveloped by a pussy that needed more. You were driven by lust and the thought of two hard cocks, two tongues or some combination of body parts from these two men at once. Having gotten hot cum sprayed all over her chest, she erupted with another orgasm. He got under you and started to suck on your tits, one hand rubbing all over your body. She got on her back, as well, her body facing in the opposite direction as mine and lined up to let her tongue attack your pussy.

Good Morning Already Pt. 03

group ohface69 2018-04-19

She smiled up at me as she took the tip into her mouth and continued to stare up at me as she sucked hard on my quickly expanding cock. "We are having a late night swim if you would like to join us?" I motioned towards the back of the house and continued "I was going to grab drinks before going back out if you wanna help?" She nodded and followed me into the kitchen grabbing ice from the freezer and cups while I mixed another big container of margaritas. Your friend won when she had forced the waitress on her hands and knees and finger fucked her pussy and right before orgasm stuck a finger in her ass stimulating her both ways at once.

The Whore in the Basement

group PapiMark 2018-04-17

While driving to his house, we were slapping you around, grabbing and squeezing your tits and spanking both your ass and cunt. Paul decided it was time to rip the zippers off your cunt and thighs. John slid under you and shoved his cock in your ass while Paul stuck his in your pussy. Paul got under you and started to fuck your asshole, John had his cock shoved down your throat and I started fist fucking your cunt and sucking on your clit until you were, once again, dripping wet. John grabbed a candle and started dripping hot wax all over your body - trying to concentrate on your armpits and nipples.

Two Fridays in one

group TomboyWitch 2018-04-07

Michelle swallowed a bit as she saw Mona's stomach rise and fall faster and faster under Jean as she breathed heavily. Mona kissed Jean for a long, slowly passing minutes, fondling Jean's cock. "S...sorry I came so soon," Jean said finally after Mona broke off of the kiss. Ohh yeah, I'm trying to..." Jean said, and then picked up speed, teeth heavily clenched and bared. After a few long and dreamy kisses, Jean was hard again – that was fast, Michelle thought, Mona's still in shower. Michelle felt Jean's rock-hard cock throb hard in her, and she let it slide deep in her one last time...

The Joys of Polyandry Pt. 01

group rebecca2878 2018-04-07

Charles let go of me just a little too fast to embrace Carol, but I forgot the slight as Doug settled into my arms. And we switched partners a couple of more times over the next few weeks, although my steady date continued to be Charles and Doug and Carol remained a couple. Well, I was distressed, but then I got to thinking that Carol, the serial monogamist who tired of men quickly was probably tired of Doug -- and tired of me too -- and this was her way of breaking off a relationship. "I'm sorry you've lost your friend," he said, "but honestly I'd rather have sex with you than Carol.

A Ride Home

group suzie3w 2018-04-02

Jack stopped for a moment, probably because he couldn't force his cock into me while I was cumming so hard, but as soon as he could he began pumping again. Jack's hard driving of his cock deep into me kept shoving my whole body forward so that my face was buried deep into Richard's stomach. My mind quit thinking, but it seemed as if every nerve ending in my body was exploding as Jack's cock plunged deep inside me and his balls slapped up against me with each thrust. He was fucking my mouth hard, impaling me between his cock and his hands, and I started to panic because I couldn't breathe.

The Workshop

group cherrychocolate 2018-03-26

I felt hands laying gently on me, touching me lightly everywhere, as the Instructor maintained a rhythmic, verbal manual on How to Please a Woman Properly. My clit was on fire, and he was licking it so gently, it felt like heat was oozing over my entire body. I felt hot mouths sucking my tits, biting my nipples, and I knew I could come in a second, but I wanted to be a good student so I breathed deeply and held it back. I felt the heat of a male body moving on top of me, not making contact with me except for the silky hot tip of his cock, gently stroking my vulva up and down.

An Erotic Night Turned Threesome

group fresha_love 2018-03-18

Moving one hand down to move against my clit, I felt how wet I was and let out a quiet groan of pleasure. We knew it was my roommate, she had heard our moans and wanted to join. Between her moaning and his cock still thrusting inside me, I knew I was about to cum. He felt my body relax and moved down to lap up my juices as she resumed kissing me and began to play with my breasts herself. Then she positioned her wet cunt over his face as I slowly licked his cock. I began to make long, slow movements, sucking him as I gripped his shaft in my right hand, twisting gently but firmly. He moaned into her pussy as his hands found my hips and gripped them hard.