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OHGirl & Velvet: Surprising Changes

group ohgirl1 2018-11-22

I was in heaven as he rubbed my clit while he finger fucked me and I just kept sucking until he pulled his wood hard log from between my lips and then sprayed my face with a huge load of cum. I did a boy/girl, internal cum shot scene for my next film and then flew back to Vegas for two days to spend with Nelson, before returning home to my baby and her daddy. Both had begun working when Velvet had returned home and after throwing her a belated birthday party, with her little girl and new siblings, I left them all at the house while I took off to get some me time.


group quietsoul 2018-11-18

It was hard not to think about Sarah, with April talking like she was. The nights April was home, it was pretty much the same routine, except Sarah would retire to the apartment. Several nights, April would go to the apartment and stay a couple hours, talking with Sarah. Just like clockwork, around a half past eight, Sarah came parading through the living room in her tank top and thong. “He needs a distraction or he is going to blow before we are done with him,” April said to Sarah just before their lips met.  Sarah looked at my cock and then back at April as if asking for her approval.  April spread her legs and Sarah dove tongue first into pussy.

New Job for the Babysitter

group Theranna 2018-01-06

Without giving Tina a chance to protest, Anne leaned forward and started to lick the champagne, sneaking her agile tongue under the fabric of the halter top, getting close to the nipple she watched harden under her watchful eye. François put his hands on Tina's shoulders and started moving them up and down along her arms and as she sent a smile his way, he pulled her between his open legs, resting her back into his chest as Anne leaned over the two of them, pinching and pulling on Tina's nipples through the fabric of her top and her bra. "Wanna get fucked again?" François asked again, slapping his dick over Tina's pert breasts while Anne started spanking her pussy a little harder.

Au Pair Tops a Full House

group AmazingGrayce 2017-11-25

Mrs. A has a beautiful pussy and I could tell by the expression on Dan's face that it tasted as good as it looked. My cunt was dripping down the inside of my thighs and I could barely catch my breath as Dan turned Mrs. A's body slightly and then lowered himself on top of her, impaling her on that massive dick. She pulled off my t-shirt and shorts – I wasn't wearing anything else in the hopes of seeing another show – and settled her pussy over my face as she leaned forward to lick my shaved cunt. She sucked the juice from deep in my twat and then started tongue-fucking my tight hole using her hands on my ass to pull me to her mouth in a quick rhythm that was driving me crazy.