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Hysteria 4

group Kim 2018-11-21

Bringing Victoria's pussy coated fingers to her face, Amelia licked them clean. Idly twirling her finger around of lock of Victoria's hair, Amelia said, "You know, Lucas told your husband that you needed further treatment...inpatient treatment." Sally pulled away from the turgid clit and pushed her whole tongue deep inside Victoria's sheath. Sally wiggled her finger inside Victoria's tight, brown bum hole, making the once timid woman scream her release. Victoria, entranced, watched Amelia thickly coat her fingers and hand in grease. Wanting to show Victoria that Sally was in extreme pleasure, she worked a second, then third finger inside. Victoria, amazed at how much Sally was able to take, feel her pussy rippling and sucking the hard dildo inside her.

The Nurse Slut

group Mysteria27 2018-11-03

Lucky for me, a lot of people come through the hospital who are fat. He was like a pig in shit and was thrilled that a hot and sexy nurse fucked the shit out of him. Like I said, lots of heavier men end up at the hospital for various reasons. My pussy was a wet mess thinking about her blubber and wondered if she'd be up for a little fun. If you don’t fuck me, you’ll risk me telling everybody what you like to do. Tell me you like fucking fat guys!” “I like fucking fat men. I kept having orgasms while fucking the heavy guy. They each took turns fucking my ass and pussy.

Hysteria 3

group Kim 2018-10-31

Victoria was on her hands and knees, face to pussy with Amelia. She could feel Amelia’s warm breath on her swollen clit and Lucas’ thick cock pushing at her open hole. She watched as Lucas eased his plump head into Victoria’s slit, mesmerized at how stretched her pussy was getting. When he had over half of his shaft inside, Amelia sucked the puffy clit in front of her. Victoria tickled the open slit with her fingertips, watching Amelia’s clit twitch each time. When he felt Amelia’s tongue lick at his shaft, as he pumped in and out of Victoria’s pussy, he lost it. Wincing from the sting of Lucas pulling his fingers from her ass, she slumped forward, resting her head on Amelia’s soft thigh.

Hospital Fantasy

group CaitlinTheCutey 2018-10-02

The nurse was wearing a red bra and he slid his hand inside the silky cup, lifting the creamy breast from its lacy confines. The nurse pinched her nipples as she sucked her clit and in a rush of pleasure, Amy had the most amazing orgasm of her life. Amy moaned as his hard cock fucked her relentlessly and as the nurse sucked her clit, she climaxed again. Amy recovered from her own orgasm and moved behind her, caressing her bottom, enjoying the sight of his cock sliding in and out of her wet cunt. With Amy’s finger up her arse and a hard cock fucking her it was only a matter of seconds before the nurse climaxed again.

Serving the Soldiers Again

group SLICKHEAD 2018-09-27

The other men were rubbing and playing with my hard nipples and tits as my pussy and mouth were getting fucked hard, Then the guy in my pussy started moaning and I felt his warm load fill the inside of my pussy and then Jake grabbed my hair as he thrust his cock deep in my throat as his salty load coated the back of my mouth. With a hour left before returning to the base I just went from cock to cock sucking each man until they shot there load in my mouth, When we got back to the camp we split up and went to our own barracks and when I got to mine to shower I had dried cum in my hair and all over my tits and pretty much all over and I could still taste cum in my mouth after brushing my teeth and bathing but after swallowing around twelve loads of cum and getting about that many in my pussy and ass what could I expect.

A Doctor Follows Orders

group WayneGibbous 2018-09-06

A day or two later, we were changing a bandage on a patient in her room, Jana across from me on the other side of the bed, and when I looked up and gazed down into her scrubs hanging open enough to show a beautiful golden breast and nipple as her bra dropped off her breast a bit. Before I really even thought about it, I heard my voice reply, "Sure, sounds nice." Her hand was on my back and as it slid down onto my butt, she said, softly, "Good, see you later, Phil," and went off down the hall leaving me with a massive hard-on and a massive fit of conscience.

Two Nurses Take Charge

group SuzanneHandzon 2018-08-30

Up until then I wasn't sure if I was actually going to be unfaithful to my cheating bastard of a husband (I didn't consider sucking Steve off last night to be actually crossing that line), but when I saw the total delight on Steves face at the prospect of not only finally getting to fuck me, but of nailing two nurses in a single session, well, who was I to resist. With that she clambered onto the bed in front of me and I watched the horniest thing I'd seen yet as Steve's face disappeared between her legs and she settled her pussy down onto his now waiting mouth.

I Forgot I Had A Dr's Appointment!

group discoflutterby 2018-08-16

The nurse stood up quickly, looking toward the door as I tried covering myself up....his eyes were really huge, taking in the scene but after a few seconds he slowly shut the door. I pulled up my shirt and started rolling my nipples between my fingers, grinding my pussy all over Katie's face. I knew I was close and brought my right hand down to rub my clit furiously as I was getting fucked really hard by the doctor, just as I heard Katie let out a long deep moan while slowly her own hips down over me, I could feel as she dripped her juices all over my face.

Nurse Carrie Gangbanged

group Carrienurse 2018-08-06

Donte said that one of his friends was getting married and he was trying to arrange a bachelor party and asked Carrie if she would like to take part. As Donte was getting ready to shoot his load Carrie pulled him close into her and whispered into his ear that she stopped taking her birth control a few weeks ago and she thinks she is now ovulating. Once Carrie cleaned up and everyone had left Donte asked Carrie why she stopped her birth control She told him she would hopefully get pregnant and every time she saw the child it would remind her of her fantasy coming true.

Getting Down & Physical Ch. 1

group Andrew Ryan 2018-07-15

The nurse's office was at the end of the high school building, put there because it is adjacent to the physical therapy room. When Rachel arrived at the nurse's office, she saw Juan O'Brian sitting there. Since they were both 18-year old seniors at Maple High, Rachel had hoped that he would ask her out. Miss Presley, who was wearing a tight, white nurse's outfit, then turned to the two athletes, "Doctor Wesley called and said that he had an emergency at the hospital. "Take off all of your clothes and put this on," the nurse told Rachel, handing her the gown and pointing to the first room. The thought of seeing Rachel in a skimpy gown had Juan hardening down below, his penis starting to press tightly against his jeans.

Student Nurses

group Dusty933 2018-04-19

Diane and Susan, two nursing school students were taking the class to fulfill requirements of their program. Diane also pulled off her shorts and climbed upon my throbbing cock, without warning I felt the soft wetness inside her as she moved to an even rhythm and I stroked Susan and at the same time nibbled at her breast. Susan moved to the floor in front of my chair after taking several tissues from the box on my desk, she said, "I'll tidy up a bit." I don't know who came first, Diane or me; perhaps it was simultaneous; however, I came like a cannon shot, so much so that Susan took my cock out of her mouth and spread cum around on her face.


group KrystalLWatson 2018-04-03

"Oh yes Daddy, I feel so strange..." You stopped talking, as your hands reached up to squeeze both your boobs through your bra. Soon you'll be able to suck Daddy's huge black cock like this, won't you, My naughty girl?" I continued, "Krystal, you're Daddy's little girl, aren't you?" You nodded as you continued to stare at your breasts being sucked upon. I reached up from behind the well-endowed nurse & grabbed her right breast, cupping it with three fingers & My thumb while My index finger slowly moved back & forth at the bottom of the large, pink nipple. "Yes, my sweet girl, you want to suck & lick & kiss Mommy's boobies.

Center of Attention: Two Against Me

group cheatingwife 2018-03-23

With my right hand holding Donny's cock in my mouth and with my left hand pushing Scully's face into my bucking pussy, I came. I pulled my mouth off Scully's cock and told Donny to hold still for a minute I needed time to adjust to his size. Again I pulled my mouth off of Scully and told Donny that that is as far as his cock was going to go. I pulled my mouth off Scully and told the guys that I was going to cum soon. I was getting fucked hard by the biggest, sexiest deck, I had ever seen, I was cumming, and Scully's cock was pumping shot after shot of ejaculate all over my face!

Mary's Own Medicine

group wonderful 2018-02-19

"Okay, I'll open up this dividing wall so we can use the surgery and the waiting room," Mary said. "Oh there's a lot of that going around," Jennifer said, smiling at all of us, then adding, "I'm going to need a look at it, just where about is it?" "That's okay Tom," Jennifer said, "we doctors see all sorts of bits of people bodies, it's all done very professionally, so no need to be embarrassed. "I'll just need you to hold this for me nurse," Jennifer said, pointing at Tom's erection. Jennifer motioned Tania, who was by now hypnotized by her own arousal, to climb on to table and straddle Tom. We could see his penis slip into her and both murmured.

The Doctor...

group hotgod1816 2018-01-20

She simply told me to get on top of her and when I was she moved my limp cock to her mouth and began sucking it, putting it all in her mouth and looking up at me with the most slutty eyes I'd ever seen. I looked back to see my nurse licking and sucking at her pussy, pushing her tongue in and out making Chantelle ride her face. My nurse looked at me and soon filled my mouth with her tongue as I started rubbing her breasts and playing with her perky nipples. I pulled out when my dick went limp and started licking her body from pussy up moving over her heaving chest slowing until I reached her messy face where I licked all of my nurses juices off her face enjoying the taste and the smell of her sex.

Mark's Accident

group SierraSprite 2018-01-01

But early every morning when Debbie appeared before going to work, Mark still stared silently at her showing no signs of recognition and uttering no words to her or to any of the medical staff. On the fourth morning, the doctor appeared with another person and introduced her as the staff psychologist, Ms. Anderson, who said, "I know you are concerned, but patients with Mark's type of injury frequently do not regain speech for a while, sometimes a month or more. On his second day back at home, Mark got out of bed, pulled on his workout shorts and went down to the gym in the basement. Sheila responded, "We wanted to talk to you about Mark coming back to school.

Nurse Carrie

group Carrienurse 2017-12-10

When she finally did get her top back on Lisa's boyfriend and his friends had decided that guy's night was going to be spent there. As the two guys began to near climax Carrie said she wanted them both to cum on her tits. He was enjoying this and as he neared climax Lisa stopped and asked if Carrie wanted to feel his amazing cock in her. Carrie still craving cock enthusiastically said yes and took his whole 10 inches easily (especially after being fucked by the big dick earlier). Lisa watched as her boyfriend came inside and once he pulled out she quickly ate the creampie and told Carrie that she needs to have more pool parties.

The Nurse Slut

group Mysteria27 2017-11-13

Lucky for me, a lot of people come through the hospital who are fat. He was like a pig in shit and was thrilled that a hot and sexy nurse fucked the shit out of him. Like I said, lots of heavier men end up at the hospital for various reasons. My pussy was a wet mess thinking about her blubber and wondered if she'd be up for a little fun. Tell me you like fucking fat guys!" "I like fucking fat men. "Tell us how you like fucking strange men!" I kept having orgasms while fucking the heavy guy. I eased down on Brad's cock and fucked him. They each took turns fucking my ass and pussy.

El Scorcho

group DiaperedSiouxsie 2017-11-06

Nicole looked over at Sara with a sly smile as she took Jimmy's shirt off. Jimmy grabbed Sara's face and kissed her as he undid his pants and pulled out his hardening cock. Once she finished, she collapsed over to the side and Jimmy dropped down to lick Sara's juices off of Nicole's face. Nicole got off of his dick and sat on his face while Sara nestled his manhood into her waiting cunt. Sara bounced relentlessly on Jimmy and Nicole grabbed her face and kissed her, running her thumbs around Sara's nipples. Sara leaned forward and slowly licked her way from Nicole's left breast to her right and she started cumming.

Culture School Ch. 01

group Birds__Eye 2017-10-23

I had been looking at the nurse's tits wishing I could keep sucking on them, but then turning my head toward the doctor, I saw he had removed his medical blouse and was standing bare-chested at the end of the table between my legs. When you return her to the hall, tell Mistress Whipple that she is fit to be accepted as a new student" said the doctor as he slipped again into his medical blouse and left through the same door he entered. I told Mistress Corrine goodbye and said, "Give my thanks to Master Clark for approving my examination." Mother embraced me again and pressed her body full against mine before giving me an open mouth kiss.

Doctors Visit

group westtnfreak 2017-10-16

Becca had led her to the exam room, took the woman's vitals and told the doctor she was waiting. As Dr. Bob got Becca's nipples hard and standing tall, he began to continue down her stomach, biting off all the buttons as he traveled down. He then spread Becca's legs apart and started licking gently on her pussy lips. It was not long before her finger began to slide in and out of her just as the doctor slide in and out of the woman. Becca listened as the woman began to scream louder and yelled out Dr. Bob's name. As the woman sucked the doctor, Becca played with her pussy also.

Nursing School

group Deathfyre 2017-10-13

Working all night, coffee with Dr. Picardi in the morning, and then some sl**p before starting the routine all over again, she and Mike had very little quality time together. The spell was broken when Mike said in a hoarse voice, "Angelina, take it in your mouth, do that for me, that'll be okay." Removing her hand from the head of his rock hard cock, Angelina started to get up from the bed. It was only by accident she discovered she could milk more of the flowing nectar from the burgeoning cock by pressing her fingers under his balls, squeezing the shaft and moving her hand upward at the same time.

Nurse Ejaculates My Boyfriend

group yellowtent 2017-10-11

I looked down and saw her hand jerking his hard cock, and then she held it out to me like she wanted me to suck it. He was still rubbing her clit while his other hand was pulling off her bra to get a face full of her tits. She took my place sucking him while I found his fingers and moved them to my pussy so I could hump them and cum. He let go of our throbbing pussies and grabbed the back of her head to fuck her face hard. He was getting blown so well by this nurse, watching it was too much I had to be careful or I wouldn't be able to stop myself from cumming, just then he let out a deep groan, "oh god...

Retirement Home Gangbang

group ECHoney 2017-10-08

I went back to the nurses station and starting doing some work but I couldn't stop thinking about all those hard cocks. No one else was here that would catch me if I did anything, even if these men tried to brag about it who would believe them, this was the last day I be working here so what would it matter and I couldn't get the sight of their cocks out of my mind and wanted to get fucked. "Is this what all you men want to see?" I opened my nurses smock and let it drop to the floor revealing to them my big tits, round butt, shaved pussy and white stockings.