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Fun with Sarah

group vangelsdorp 2018-06-27

Cindy guessed why I gently pulled her up and away and, with a wicked grin, climbed onto the sofa, straddled me and lowered her cunt towards my face, Grabbing her ass with both hands I alternated between nibbling her clit and licking her cunt with broad stokes of my tongue. I've always thought Sarah was possibly the hottest and wettest woman it's been my good fortune to fuck, but Cindy just had the edge and it went some way to explaining why she and Ron enjoyed swinging so much.                 'Sarah, I can't tell you how amazingly erotic it was, watching you fuck Ron. And when you told him that he didn't have to be so gentle, that you weren't going to break and that you wanted him to fuck you hard – him with his dick buried in that sexy ass of yours .

Mouthing Off Ch. 03

group AlphaBeatHer 2018-06-27

Every single night until the date of our second monthly meeting Donna talked about sucking six dicks in one evening and swallowing all the cum. By the time Greg had worked his full length into Donna's tight ass her mouth was full of sticky cum. After she had swallowed, she sucked and licked Greg clean, the taste of the lube and her own ass mingling in her mind and mouth. We've got a lot going on today so we need keep a record of where we have got to and Donna should have a little memento to help her remember things for the next few days. After drinking down the last dribble of cum, an exhausted Donna with gaping ass, aching mouth and burning tits fell into my arms.

A Weekend With Gina and Her Friend ~ Part 3

group ATexGent 2018-06-27

I loved the feeling of having her hands stroking me and like the good pet she is, she has gotten me off many, many times like this but before she could, I turned around and planted my lips to hers and stuck my tongue down her throat, so to speak, in a deep passionate kiss. Becky moved her foot from my crotch and leaned forward to kiss me on the lips and used her hand to bring Gina closer to us where she kissed her on the lips. I reached for the foot that Becky used to tease Gina’s pussy and brought it to my mouth and started sucking and licking her toes.

Melissa Takes Two

group DarkSide 2018-06-27

I unconsciously wrapped my hand around it and started to pull on my cock watching her all the time. I looked at Greg and saw that he too was pumping his cock with his hand. I grasped her hips so that I could pull myself into her while Melissa was helping me out by pushing her arse back against me with every thrust of my cock. Melissa, had almost immediately turned around and urging Greg to fuck her hard. I could feel Greg fucking her hard from the other end of the sofa and I wished I could have lasted that long. Melissa finally lifted her head from my cock and started to gasp loudly.

The Geezer, Part 3-Spring Break

group senorlongo 2018-06-27

You’ve told me I’m a great cock sucker, I love having my pussy sucked and 69, and we’ve done anal so many times and so many ways I should be an expert. We were right up close to all the Frisbee and football, and once the guys got a good look at Rachel and Becky it seemed as though the entire beach moved closer. Becky looked at Rachel and said, “It looks like we’re the only ones here so why don’t we move on with the rest of our present?” It took about five seconds for them to strip down from the suits. He doesn’t always cum, something Rachel and I take shameless advantage of.” With that, Becky leaned over and took a couple of pulls on my cock which was covered with Rachel’s secretions.

Hysteria 8

group Kim 2018-06-27

“It seems that Victoria’s ass hole of a husband wants her committed to Bedlam, and he considers you to be a quack,” James said; his attention on Lucas. While she explained her plan to Lucas and James, Victoria paced the floor in her room. Lucas pulled his cock from her mouth and nodded to James, who yanked her upward. Between that and feeling James’ cock through the thin membrane of skin separating her ass from her cunny, Lucas knew he wasn’t going to last long. When she felt Lucas’ cock leave her ass, James would make his presence known, by pushing his shaft deeper. Lucas felt his toes curl the moment before hot cum rushed down his shaft and erupted in Victoria’s gaping ass.

A Day Out In Birmingham

group Pegasus4 2018-06-27

The driver looked down into the car as we drew level and was treated to the site of Jay laying back in the seat, her tits barely concealed by her bra as the top of her dress has fallen to the side and her legs apart, exposing her pussy through the almost transparent material of her white knickers. John and I enjoyed watching things get hotter on the pool table with the three women as Amanda and Louise continued to run their hands and tongues all over Jay’s back, buttocks and pussy. John must have got the same message as he also undressed and once we were as naked as the three women, Jay and Louise moved off the table leaving Amanda lying there on her back, legs open and her pussy dripping with her own juices and Jay’s licking.

Bucket List: Threesome

group bikerbear600 2018-06-27

I had to slow my hand down as I was in danger of shooting my load and I was glad I had as Sarah and Kirsty turned to face each other and started to tenderly kiss each other’s lips. I saw Kirsty sit on the sofa next to Sarah and begin to stroke her lower back and the tops of her buttocks as I moved my mouth between Sarah’s cheeks and began to rim her. I felt Sarah squirt on my leg and saw Kirsty withdraw her fingers as they were clenched painfully tight in Sarah’s arse. Sarah squirted on my leg a second time then pulled away, rolling over on to her back but keeping her face close to Kirsty so they could kiss.

Servicing Two Dirty Old Men

group Slusky 2018-06-27

We had already had a lot of good times, I really liked coming over, blowing him and swallowing his load before his wife came home. My technique was getting pretty good and I could deepthroat quite easily now (the trick is to breath through your nose!) He grabbed my head and started to fuck my throat, while Lou came over and started rubbing his cock on my face and against Dave. Dave lay down on the bed and I bent over the end of it and started sucking his balls and licking around his hairy ass as Lou slid my pants off. Lou fucked me hard against the end of the bed, each thrust forcing me to gag on Dave's thick member a bit.

Party Guest

group firecat2005 2018-06-27

Steve placed a hand gently over each breast as I could feel his hardening cock underneath my back. Greg reached down and started rubbing my clit while penetrating my pussy and Tom began pinching my aching nipples with one hand while holding the camera in the other hand. Steve collapsed onto the bed, and we giggled furiously as Tom moved between my legs and focused the camera at my cum filled pussy. Then, slowly, I began moving upwards, pushing Tom’s softening cock from my well fucked pussy. I walked towards the bathroom, and looked at Greg and Steve in turn and said it is true about the recovery time of 20 year olds.

I Walk Up to the Front Door

group Elizajobooks 2018-06-27

Covering my body with vanilla scented powder allowing my black PVC mini skirt to just slip over my thighs like a second skin. I can feel myself starting to cum, my cheeks flush, a warm wave washes over my body, her tongue feels like silk. I can see he’s about to cum, one hand in her hair the other cupped round her hips, as he starts to thrust harder and deeper. I watch his pupils dilate as he starts to cum, watching him, watching me while he arse fucks this flaming haired beauty, screaming with the pleasurable and the pain. I can’t resist, I need to release, I start rubbing my pussy hard and fast, the warm juices drip over my fingers and down my thighs.

A holiday with very friendly friends

group tomstarks 2018-06-27

We had both driven separately from London and when we arrived we saw the lights on and we were pleased to see that Jonathan and Rani had got a real fire going and had made a start on dinner. Alice let out a small gasp when my cock slid in to her very wet vagina but neither Rani or Jonathan seemed to notice. I started pumping Alice very slowly, more or less keeping time with Rani's mouth on Jonathan's cock. Despite nothing being said during the day, things had clearly got a bit more liberal as both girls just got undressed and this time Rani just slipped into bed naked and Alice just wore a small pair of pants and a clingy vest.

Finale: Chapter 3

group SkarlitKarson 2018-06-26

“Mine!” Miranda says and crawls out from under Aziza and goes on hands and knees to Paul, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking hard. When he opens his eyes he sees Miranda at the foot of the bed, Aziza’s dildo fucking her cunt as she watches the scene in front of her. Aziza’s muffled whimpers turn both Paul and Miranda on even more, and Paul watches as he lifts her up and down on his throbbing cock, her hands on Miranda’s waist for support as she laps at the wet cunt. Miranda leans her hands on the wall for support and Paul pounds Aziza’s cunt relentlessly, wanting to cum in her too.

Bonnie Blue and the Gang

group Green_Man 2018-06-26

They went to work, cleaning the suite and placing out the food and drink that Bonnie had ordered for the party this evening. Sucking and licking the lips of Rosa's pussy made Bonnie cum around the prick reaming her cunt. Bonnie took him in all the way and he started fucking her face, holding her blond hair for a good grip. He had given her his cock last night so he didn't feel too bad just cumming all over her body and face which Jeffrey was still fucking. When Bonnie came out, fresh and clean and smelling of jasmine in a chartreuse kimono, they rose from their seats and bowed to the little cum slut of Texas.

Breaking the rule

group rangerstud101 2018-06-26

"You're playing with fire there buddy," she said as she reached down and took my hard cock out of my shorts and started stroking it. Brittany began sucking and licking Jessica's nipple making it hard. Jessica reached up and began pinching one of Brittany's nipples as she ate her sweet pussy. I reached down and grabbed Jessica's head and shoved her face deeper in Brittany's ass. Brittany wrapped her hand around the base of my cock and stroked as Jessica worked on my head. I watched as Jessica slowly slid the dildo in and out of Brittany's tan ass. We began to kiss as I continued to fuck Brittany and Jessica got her snatch licked.

Blondie and the Angel from Hell

group sprite 2018-06-26

Fucker knew me too well, too, dusting his sticky cock with more coke (did I mention how plentiful that shit was while he was around?) before sticking it up my ass, his iron fingers gripping my hips as he slammed into me hard enough to move me across the tiled floor half a foot at a time until I bumped my head into the fridge. I slept like the dead through the next day, awakened occasionally by Lena, her head between my legs, eager to drive me to the edge of sanity with yet another orgasm, coaxing me into returning the favor, laying opposite her, slowly lapping and licking and sucking her clit until she surrendered into ecstatic convulsions against me, then we’d both drift off again until next time our carnal lust grew too great to contain…

Peter And Jill

group glenda 2018-06-26

Encouraged by her legs parting, Peter began caressing the inside of her thigh, venturing closer to her exposed panties.  Looking down between Jill's spread legs, I could see that Peter had pushed Jill's panties to one side and had two fingers inside her cunt lips. Peter, seeing Jill's advances on me, began to finger-fuck her wet cunt faster and faster. Peter removed his cum-covered fingers from Jill's cunt and placed them on her lips, allowing her to suck on them. I moved my right hand down onto her exposed cunt and gently ran a finger along her wet cunt lips. As we all sat back enjoying our drinks I looked down at Jill's still-exposed cunt lips, still wet with her juices.

Cindy and Alexandra's Biker Gangbang

group lindaswan 2018-06-26

Alex continued, "Iron Mike, I suggest we pull a train for you, okay?" Alex's black pubic hair, my smooth waxed mound, our tits, asses, lips, and mouths all got verbally reviewed as holes to fuck, places to put their cum. I dropped to my knees as Alex positioned herself on all fours beside me, facing the other way, ready to take men in either end. When he pulled away from me, I lifted my head, mouth wide open, so everyone could see the pool of Mike's cum. Alex immediately went back down there, lapping up the cum while treating my clit and pussy to more of her erotic moves.

A Game of Lust: Chapter Three

group MissCarmelle 2018-06-26

Chris tangles his hand in my hair as he gently holds himself closer to my mouth, he has always been a gentler but no less passionate lover than Luc. I take his second nut into my mouth and suck them both while working his dick, Chris groans and bucks his hips. Scott adds another finger while squeezing my cheeks, Chris lets the last of his cum empty into my mouth before he sits back in his chair. I gasp as Scott drills my ass while rubbing my clit, he reaches a hand to pull back my hair a little and Will moves closer to continue feeding me with his cock. Luc then moves the bullet to my clit, Scott moves his hand to grip my hip and slows his strokes.

Meeting a new Couple Part 2

group male50tx 2018-06-26

Kim took hold of Brian’s cock and sucked on his balls. Kim then got on top of him and slipped his cock into her wet pussy. I felt Brian’s cock in her pussy as I pushed into her ass. After a few minutes, I felt her tighten her ass hole industriously on the cock. Brian, now hard as Kim sucked him, said, “My turn for some ass.” He pulled out of me and Kim took his cock in her mouth. Brian and I just lay there as Kim got up and went to the bathroom. In the morning, I felt a mouth on my cock and I saw it was Kim. Then I looked around and saw that Brian had lifted Kim’s gown as he ate her.

Me and my friend in a porno movie-true story

group Jaque69 2018-06-26

The big guy went down between my legs, grabbed the cheeks of my ass, put his mouth against the lips of my cunt and stuck his tongue way up and moved inside my pussy then his mouth closed on the lips and he vacuum cleaned me. My other guy pulled a 10 inch long and thick cock out of his pants, I bent over the side and grabbed it in my hand, stoked the shaft, put the head in my mouth and sucked all the way in down my throat. The guy between my legs moved tem up on his shoulders, pulled his huge cock and shoved into my wet, hot pussy and fucked me hard.

Unexpected Guests Chapter 2

group CuriousKevin 2018-06-26

Helen and Charles were obviously accustomed to going to bed and getting up early, as they were oblivious to Lisa and me as we crawled into bed. I started washing the dishes and Charles and Helen went to their place to shower while Lisa went to get into ours. Helen got on her knees between Lisa's legs and said, "I have been waiting too long to taste you." Helen stopped licking Lisa and said, "Look what we're missing." She rolled from atop Lisa so that they could both watch the spectacle unfolding before their eyes. Helen grabbed the bottle of lube and said to me, "You are now going to fuck my ass." This was not so much a request as it was a command.

The Proposition

group aldenbradley 2018-06-25

“So, did the two of you have a good chat?” Cheryl asked Drew and Dana as she emerged from the shower, wrapped in a towel, and finding the two of them seated on the sofa. “You don’t have to do this, Dana,” Drew said gently. Dana, her mouth full of his cock, and Cheryl, her hands brushing up and down Drew’s thigh, looked at one another. Dana dropped down to her knees, putting her hand on Cheryl’s breast again as Cheryl licked and sucked on Drew’s cock. “He liked it, too,” Cheryl said, beaming at Dana. “Yes,” Cheryl said, giving the side of Drew’s cock a last, loving kiss before rolling out of the bed.

My inroduction and pathway to group sex. Part 10

group LuvitAll 2018-06-25

  Regardless of whatever else we did, he always pulled his cock out himself and held my head between his hands while he pushed it into my mouth.   I always loved that bit; loved the feeling of it sliding in and filling my mouth, pressing into my throat, pulling back and pushing in further.   I just knelt there, open, feeling his cock slapping in me and his finger sliding up my arse.   My hips became alive, pushing back against the cock and finger, wanting it deeper and harder.   I felt his cock start shrinking and my arse hole tightening around his finger.