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group LiamTanners 2018-12-04

Vincent's hands were all over her, running up and down the sides of her body, caressing her ass, gripping the strings of her red lace thong, tugging the front of them up so they cleaved to the front of her pussy, separating the lips in a slutty camel toe. Vincent had kept on letting him know how important this night was for Kylie; how important it was to be supportive and to be open minded, but he had never expected anything like this. Now, Vincent was making room for Brad, who took his turn humping in and out of her, using her like a fucktoy, plunging his cock in and out of her tight pussy.  Use me like a little fucking whore..." Vincent knelt and grabbed her face, smacking her with his cock, rubbing it across her cheeks.

Truth or Dare

group mentalcase 2018-12-04

I remember some of us were a little bored at this party my friend Megan was throwing, and someone said spin the bottle, and someone else said truth or dare. Mark lazily spun the bottle and it landed on the mystery-guy next to him. Mystery-guy spun the bottle and it landed on Mark again. Mark spun the bottle and had it land on my friend Megan. Mark took his dick in his hand and waved it in front of my face and just started laughing. Lexi took my other breast in her mouth that Megan wasn’t working and started to nibble. Lexi and Megan had gone off to the couch and started making out while mystery-guy watched.

The Naughty Party

group DarkSide 2018-12-04

“How do you know Melissa?” asked Mike. It was a question I was going to answer another four times throughout the evening. I took her thin blouse and pushed it to one side of her breast, pulled down her bra and, while looking her in the eye, sucked on her nipple until it grew hard in my mouth. In less time than it took Jenny to cum on my tongue, my cock was spurting up her arse. Jenny looked at her husband Mike and made a sign of her finger sliding into a hole made by her other hand. Jenny then asked Melissa for a tissue which she then passed to me, “That’s for your face, it’s awfully wet,” she said.

The Dinner Party, Second Course

group thelibrarian 2018-11-29

All three of them stood up and with Jenna and Chloe holding hands walked round the table and approached Kiko and me. Meanwhile in the middle of the room Chloe was standing sandwiched between Juan at her rear and Jenna in front of her. Juan was slowly undressing and at the same time stroking up Chloe's legs and under her dress. Chloe removed Jenna’s' red silk dress to see an incredible dark skinned body with large firm naked breasts and thong covering her pussy. Jenna removed the final bits of Chloe's underwear until they both stood facing each other, naked and vulnerable. Chloe continued to work Juan with her tongue; she moved up and down the shaft and took each of the large balls in her mouth.


group DBarclay 2018-11-28

That night we went to bed, I lay there still thinking about it all, I leaned over, grabbed Paul’s cock and started wanking him, hoping to stir him into action, but no, he came quickly in my hand, rolled over and went to sleep leaving me to satisfy myself. I kept my knees demurely together until his hand slid up the dress and found my wetness and I opened wide for him as he started to lick my inner thigh working up to my attention seeking clit, as his tongue came into contact with it, an orgasm hit; my legs circled his neck and pulled him in tighter. I sat up,   continuing to rock slowly on Franks cock and looked around both Paul and Dan were watching us with their hand on their flaccid cocks trying to get them up again.


group Buz 2018-11-25

“You guys just relax, sit back and watch.” Candi's eyes peered seductively underneath the top of her eye lids, her lips pulled wide, creating dimples and a mischievous sexy smile. Maneuvering together into a bunch in front of her spread legs, the guys all wanted a good look at her open pussy. Candi was immediately turned on by their prying eyes. Devon and Pepper broke out laughing and turned toward the right bedroom, opening the door just in time to see Bob’s ample ass swinging back and forth slightly as he was up on the bed with his face buried between Candi’s legs. As Bob lay there spent, his cock in its condom wrap, going flaccid, Candi spread her legs toward the guys in the doorway.

P90sex Party Games for Adults Only

group p90sex90 2018-11-24

“This is Kim and Nadia from my work; Nadia’s husband John; and this is Andre and Allie that I have told you so much about," Natalie said. “Your fellow participants of this activity are: Allie, Nadia, John, Linda, and Andre," Natalie said replacing the ornaments one more time into the bowl. Andre leaned over and took his wife’s pussy into his mouth as she continued grinding on the vibrator with Kim. He poked and prodded at her clitoris with his tongue and moved over to give Linda enough space to do the same on Kim’s clitoris. Linda was feeling so good and so appreciative for what Allie had done that she reached over Kim and took Allie’s face into her hands.

Happy Valentine's Day Eve

group jcfrgb1 2018-11-24

First Cindy influenced Yvonne, then Yvonne influenced my wife and my wife has influenced Kathy, a beautiful Asian girl who will have her first gangbang on Saint Patrick's day weekend. Her friend Cindy, a busty beautiful redhead, likes to gangbang as much as my wife does and carries cockrings with her whenever she swings . Then it was Kathy and Laurie doing the same, masterfully coordinating the movement of their tongues up and down my balls and the shaft of my cock.With a cockring on, a guy can stay hard for 3 or 4 hours. For a little more than three hours, my wife and her girlfriends licked and sucked my cock and balls and we fucked and fucked. In that time I joyously fucked all the ladies and even had a couple of daisy chains going.

First Swingers Party

group JamesandHaley 2018-11-23

James turned me to face Jan as he pulled out my tits for him to look at as Kim sucked his cock. James and I went back upstairs and found Kim still sucking Jan. She was still in her lingerie but looked incredibly sexy. Here I was, I had never kissed or touched a woman and I wanted to suck Kim’s boobs. We moved closer to Jan and Kim and I could see James had reached over and was feeling Kim’s amazing boobs. I wanted to suck James with my naked ass and pussy in the air as men and women took in the sight from behind. I still have flashes of kissing Michelle and Kim and having Kevin and Jan touch and lick my boobs.

Resolutions - Part 2 of 2

group Lisa 2018-11-20

The way her smile falters makes my breath catch, and it’s in that moment I realise Lucas has been telling the truth. The three of us stand like this for long moments, with Lucas and I kissing while Beth’s hands slide over my body, arousing me further. It’s in that moment I decide I’m going to let him to do whatever he wants and just trust that Beth will put a stop to it if it goes too far. Lucas helps Beth up, and while I’m still wondering what to say next, he clutches the back of my neck and gives me a kiss that has me moaning in the back of my throat.

The party

group Bi_girl 2018-11-19

We continued to talk a little, before he asked me if I wanted to come to a party in the weekend. I chatted along with John, he told me the party had just started, and they expected more people to come. Stephanie said we should give them a little tease, so she leaned over and we kissed. We could see a hard on trough some of the guys boxers, and the girls looked like they enjoyed the show too. As I kissed the other girl, I felt a guy grope my tits trough my bra. To the left of me, I saw the girl I had kissed earlier on her knees sucking one of the other guys.

Naughty Innocence

group NaughtyLioness 2018-11-18

Kaitlynn rubbed her thighs together in hopes that the tingling between her pussy lips would stop as her friends man plowed Iris' pussy like his life depended on it. Only seconds went by when she heard her friend scream and the man groan as he shoved his dick as deep as he could and fill her friends pussy to the point that cum was oozing out. Giving the mans cock one last lick and then giving Kaitlynn a deep kiss, the women gave a smirk and dissapeared between the bodies. That night Kaitlynn got fucked by 7 more men and 2 women, filling her pussy with a extremely large load of cum and leaving her clit, nipples, and throat sore.

Three's A Crowd

group Dickie 2018-11-15

“I want to suck his dick,” said Jess as she knelt between the two of them. Jess turned around as Seb stood up and she started sucking his dick clean of her juices before removing his condom. As Seb and Rich again stood side by side she took turns sucking their dicks and massaging their balls. Kneeling next to Jess and looking up to Seb he asked, “This… this might sound weird, but can I try sucking your dick?” He went quietly down the stairs and sat on the bottom step, watching Jess getting a thorough fucking from Seb. She was slouched in the chair with her hips just on the edge, her legs hooked over Seb’s strong biceps as he repeatedly thrust his cock into her.

Bethany Turned 51 Last Night

group happyidiot 2018-11-15

Beth was left standing in the center of the room with a blindfold covering her eyes, her hands at her side and a nervous smile on her face. He'd then slip his glistening cock into Beth's open mouth, give her two or three slow pumps before he'd pull away and slip back inside Monica. Kevin had started to cum in her mouth and then he pulled out, finishing himself off by hand letting what remained land on Beth's face and hair. I retreated to the sidelines and slipped my arms around Monica as Beth sat back and smiled, slowly drawing her hand across her lips to wipe them clean.

Girls Shopping Party Has Unplanned Pleasure

group gemstory 2018-11-13

I readjust and try to hide my growing erection as the though crosses my mind and Jill says "I haven't had good oral in a long time and I asked if I could borrow you for a while." I turn a million shades of red and she finishes, "Do you know how your lovely lady responded?" You lick the tip and then look up and say "How bout this, since you didn't get to fuck her pussy, why don't your fuck my mouth like you wanted to pound her." I moan as you say that and I hold your head and start to go in and out of your mouth.

The Party

group OralArtist 2018-11-13

Muscular hands swiftly lift my skirt out of the way and sit my bare ass on the glass table with my pussy strategically positioned at the edge. I couldn’t help myself, my hand went to the back of her head knotting my fingers in her hair I held her close to my tit. I felt my body temp raise by several degrees as her tongue guided its way to part my outer lips. I moved my hands to spread her lips wide open for me and as I took my second swipe at her swelling lips and clit, I felt Mark’s hard cock slide deep into my pussy.

Frat House

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-11

That didn't stop her orgasm though, it kept going as she screamed her ecstasy at the watching guys; they were grinning as Chris gasped and buried himself into her convulsing pussy, spilling cum into her body. Fingers reached down to her pussy and rubbed the wet, swollen folds, finding her clit and twisting it; the pleasure began to help the pain in her ass recede a little more. when the guys thought that they'd gotten too sloppy they carried her into the bathroom where they pushed a hose into her pussy and ass, filling her with warm water and making her shriek with discomfort. she screamed as he began to work his way into her poor ass, fingers rubbed on her clit and she was forced to cum as he fucked her with his fearful weapon.

P90SEX Chaper 3: The beach party

group p90sex90 2018-11-11

Before long, Natalie offered to show Kim, Nadia and John to their rooms and they all went inside to change into their swimsuits. In no time, John was down on his knees in front of Kim. He lifted her legs over his shoulders to get a good position and started lapping immediately at her pussy. Linda directed us over to the room where Allie, Nadia, Natalie and Kim were all getting their bodies painted. I looked at John and we each took Natalie and Kim by the hand to join our women on the dance floor. Natalie reached around to grab for his cock and started feeling Kim rubbing her pussy against her hand.

One Thing Leads to Another: Hey! That's my Ass!

group Magical_felix 2018-11-11

"You are very pretty, how old are you Christine?" Juan asked as Roberto formed some lines from some cocaine he had cut up beforehand. Roberto does look pretty good and his friend Juan isn't bad either...Christine thought. Juan slowly moved his thumb in and out causing Christine to suck on Roberto's dick harder and faster. Juan pulled his dick out of Christine's butt-hole slowly and waited for it to clench shut then he shoved it right back in hard. Roberto butt fucked her for a good ten minutes before he flooded her ass with his cum. "I fucked Juan and Roberto in his room and gave them my bra and panties alright.

My First Gangbang

group Bi_girl 2018-11-09

OK, this is the story about how I got gangbanged and lost my virginity at the same time. Just after I turned 18 (witch is the drinking age limit where I live), one of my friends asked me to go to a party with her. The guys asked if I wanted to loose my virginity that way, and I said maybe. As he started fucking me, another came up to my head and told me to put his cock in my mouth. Soon the guy fucking me came, I felt his cum inside my pussy. But four years later, just last night, that girl told me she loves me, and asked me to marry her.

Teen Gangbang

group alison90 2018-11-09

I was still pissed off with Josh and fucking two of his friends in his house, was starting to seem like a good way to get revenge. Ian gave an almighty thrust and came inside me, pushing me forward and my head came off David's cock for a moment. I thought that David would jump in and start to fuck me then, but he just pulled my head back down and I continued sucking him. A few minutes later the guy fucking me came and Josh took his place and drove his cock deep inside my cunt. If a boy put his hand on my head or shoulder and gave the slightest downwards pressure, I would drop to my knees, open my mouth, and reach for his cock.

Linda's Birthday Bash

group dCharlesStuart 2018-11-08

As she did this she pulled the man in front of her to the right and then with his cock still in her hand backed off the cock she was blowing and told me to start sucking the new guy. Another man stepped up beside me presenting his cock to me and she nodded so I started blowing him while watching another guy fuck my wife sprawled on the couch beside me. Another man stepped onto the couch and stood in front of the guy fucking her and furiously jerked off and within a few seconds sent a shower of cum all over her tits. She took her coat off and tossed it on the back of the couch as he started fucking her doggie style and she went back to blowing the guy beside her.

Halloween is a time to share

group llkop 2018-11-07

Mel cleaned herself up, and threw the door open, “Next please.” There were a few laughs, and the crowd stirred, some people kept dancing, I think they were unsure of the situation. One of them took Mel into the doggy position and pressed his above average cock into her pussy, she moaned as he stretched her after the previous guy. Watching Mel being spit-roasted by these two strange men dressed as Spartans was really starting to turn me on. I pressed my head against the tightly pursed asshole and slowly pushed. Millimeter by millimeter I got deeper in until I was finally passed her sphincter muscles; I then began to fuck her ass.

How He Learned His Lesson - Pt.2

group Sensual_Tights 2018-11-06

“Then let's begin!” Chelsea said as she began to flip and plop cards on the table. James would tense a little each time as Sara's warm, wet, swollen insides would contract slightly around him. James had taken a hold on her hips to keep Sara from flying too far forwards, and as she came out with the card, she dropped back on his cock, taking his full length deep within her, and bounced a few times as she did a form of victory dance on his lap. As Chelsea shuffled, James gave Sara a little thrust of his hips, as he pulled down on hers. As a card dropped to the table, Sara moaned once again, but it was pure orgasm this time.