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Big Black Females

group Samuelx 2018-12-03

Bertha is a tall, large black woman who is serving a term of nineteen years at the women's prison. Bertha positioned herself behind Jessica and spread the large black woman's bottom wide open. I watched as Bertha slid the dildo between Jessica's fat butt cheeks, and pressed it against her asshole. Jessica didn't even seem to notice that a ten-inch dildo was being rammed into her asshole, courtesy of a large black woman. I've never been fucked in the ass before but it sure felt good as Jessica thrust her well-lubricated dildo into my asshole. Two have a large black woman driving her dildo deep into my ass and to feel her large, sexy breasts rubbing against my back.

Big Women Sex Stories

group Samuelx 2018-11-19

A five-foot-ten, average-faced, thick-bodied, wide-hipped, big-bottomed and bow-legged black woman from Chicago. This five-foot-eight, bronze-skinned, round-faced, shifty-eyed, large-breasted, wide-hipped and big-bottomed Mexican woman found her sexual talents in demand in this new country. Master Ebony was a tall, good-looking black man. One of the most sought-after bachelors in America, a professional football stud who had women throwing themselves at him had to pay for sex because he feared what people would say if they discovered he liked large women. Michael Lamont, the handsome Frenchman looked at Kali, the gorgeous large black woman. It's always good to see a man who likes large women. Michael lay on the bed and gently stroked that fine hair of hers as Kali began sucking on his erect manhood.

Big Guys and Big Girls

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

Natalie's big ass was the first thing Rita noticed, next came Jim's huge cock and the dildo up his ass. Natalie continued to suck her man's dick while sliding the dildo in and out of his ass. In front of Rita's amazed eyes, Natalie got on all fours and spread her huge ass cheeks wide open. Natalie lay on the floor with her legs spread while Rita knelt between her legs and began licking her pussy. Jim came up behind Rita and spread the big woman's butt cheeks wide open. Rita gasped when she felt Jim's huge cock invading her asshole, much like the dildo had invaded his ass earlier. Rita screamed as the big man's hot seed invaded her ass.

Eight Men and a BBW Hitchhiker

group bbw4youngercocks1 2018-10-01

Andy's balls tightened as his seed shot into her hot slit and Sharon rode him harder, her cunt grabbing his cock until the last stream of cum had left him, then she climbed off of him, spreading her legs for the rest of us. Her sucking sounds mixed with moans of pleasure and expressions of delight of those receiving those blow jobs were really getting all of us off, and it didn't take very long for each of us to relieve our cocks of hot seed into Sharon's mouth, her taking down every drop of cum from all of us. I then shoved my cock inside her and a third shot went up into her hot pussy to mix with the rest of the cum from her earlier multiple fuck sessions with me and the other seven guys.

Gina Ch. 10

group Tommy1982 2018-07-06

I grabbed the dildo sticking out of Susan's ass and pushed it in and out of her asshole as I started moving my dick. This caused her cum again as Gina licked her clit and I kept fucking her ass with the dildo. She pushed the dildo right inside Gina's pussy in one hard, fast thrust, and I could feel the fake cock through the wall between her ass and pussy. Gina pushed us away even before her orgasm subsided and told me it was time to fuck Susan's ass. I pushed my cock inside Susan's ass and started fucking her ass from behind as I squeezed her tits.

The Best of Mates

group Llacheu 2018-06-25

"Here, take over," she said, and as I clamped my mouth to Mabel's clitoris, Thelma repositioned herself at the top of the bed; absently playing with her own big-lipped pussy, she cradled the redhead, offering her a balloon like breast to suck on. Obliged to sit this one out, I watched entranced as Mabel straddled Thelma's face, lowering herself onto the brunette's flicking tongue, smothering her with her behind, before leaning forward, her fat belly pressed against her friend's as she nuzzled the furry crotch, burying her head between the bulging thighs.

Poker Night and the One-Eyed Jacks

group blackhillsbbw 2018-06-24

I took my waterproof friend in, Mr. Purple Pussy Eater and took the time to introduce him to the arousing bubbles that covered my voluptuously curvy body, specifically between my school girl thighs. Is that milky cream that is sliding down your leg, because you cannot fuck'in, get enough?" His pair of hands splayed themselves over my hips as they began to work my cunt on his big dick over and over again. Lifting himself and coming up off the chair, he began to work my pussy until more and more cum was dripping down my school girl thighs. He grabbed my big girl thighs and pulled me even closer to the edge as he pumped hard into the remembered deep, dark moist abyss.

Black Journal Ch. 05

group Dhc000333 2018-05-23

Duncan Cyrus, age 21, Twins They left a mess and I had them clean it up together. They shared whispered communication as I stood there. I should've just left but they intrigued me. I never met twin plumpers before. It was hard trying to get an upper hand to gain some type of control. Due to the constant movement and switching I couldn't grasp a handle of the two. They totally changed their gameplay. It was totally sensual. My hands were on their ass cheeks. My penis stood straight up without help. It was hard trying to please them both. They moaned and demanded satisfaction and obedience. I couldn't hold it anymore and I released. I hissed in satisfaction.

Sue and her Daughter Barbara Ch. 01

group Hippoid 2018-04-26

A few flicks of my tongue down to her vagina let me realise just how wet she was, but I continued to touch her clitoris as she began to move more vigorously and breathe more deeply -- and then she was coming, with urgent gasps of breath, and 'oh my god, oh my god' as the spasms ran through her whole body, and she lay back quietly with a deep satisfied sigh, leaving my whole face wet with her juices. After she had explored me for some time, I told her it was my turn, and laid her on her back, to take another mouthful of her cunt lips, once again dripping with her juices; I licked a little down below her vagina, and touched her with my finger, whereupon she turned over and lay on her front with her thighs open, inviting my tongue and touch to explore her between those sumptuous arse cheeks.

Why I Love Dick

group Willing2Do 2018-03-09

I loved it - my Dick's dick, cock, prong, rod, shaft and other names he called it as I licked the little opening in the end of it, ran my tongue around the helmet-feeling part of it, stroked it, sucked it. My Dick felt my titties some more, kissed, licked, sucked them, my erect nipples.The limo driver took over on my mouth, on my titties. On my prom night, my first time to have my titties felt, kissed, licked, sucked, pussy licked, cum several times, really see a cock, two actually, suck, swallow cum, be fucked by not one but two guys, I was hooked on the good feelings, hooked on dick, my Dick, any dick..

At a Concert

group Tolstushki 2018-03-01

At that same moment the tall guy pins your arms behind you, somebody else grabs the edge of your dress, and the fourth man, kneeling down in front of you, hugs your knees and slides his hands up your naked legs under your dress, in one fluid motion, hooking your panties with his fingers and forcefully pulling them down. You feel large hands grab onto your hips and Tall's cock enters your pussy from behind, as you try to open your mouth wide enough for Blondy. There's nothing but music in your ears, hungry cocks in your mouth and pussy, and hands, strong male hands, touching you, squeezing your back fat, your upper arms, your pussy mound, your ass, your thighs, your tits, your belly rolls, pinching, probing, grabbing, stroking, caressing and slapping in turns or all at once.

The One That Got Away - Fat & Sexy

group Mastur 2018-02-09

I dropped back down into Kelly's arms but Mike stood naked in front of Kathryn with a huge, hard cock (it must have been 9 inches) and she just leaned forward and took him in her mouth. Kathryn had Mike's cock, wet, sliding across her face, but she locked her eyes onto Kelly's tits and just never looked away. Kathryn broke our kiss and moved her face closer to Kelly's and Mike thrust his hips forward just a few inches and Kathryn had his cock in her mouth. But this evening was hot, I was feeling so full of lust, and I loved the feeling of my hard cock in my hand, touching myself the way I know best, with Kelly's face below me, her half-closed eyes, he open mouth.

Pregnant Threesome

group biggshow13 2018-01-01

She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I moved inside of her slowly, wanting to savor the feelings running through my cock. My cock popped free of Jennifer's wet pussy, and I saw his eyes dart to it, and then widen. I laughed, and saw Michael's eyes drop to my still hard cock again. Jennifer was watching us in amazement, and as I moaned softly, she smiled, remembering it had always been a fantasy to be with a man and woman at the same time. It wasn't long before Michael moaned heavily, and his cock tensed in my mouth. With a last, desperate thrust, I shot the first load into Michael's ass, and watched as his own cock shot again, without ever having been touched.

BBW Whore for Old Cock

group NYCbbwSUB 2017-12-02

"Bitch I'm going to fuck that hot wet hole, that tight fat ass, and that whore mouth of yours!" He stood up and grabbed my by the sides of my head and started fucking my mouth hard and fast, calling me names and making my pussy so wet. I had Jim's fingers deep in my wet hole, and Walter's cock fucking my mouth, and I was in heaven. I wanted to feel both their cocks deep inside my holes, taking turns on me, making me feel like a whore. He grabbed my nipple with his mouth and began sucking real hard, it felt so good I didn't realize Walter coming up behind me until I felt his cock at the opening of my still tight ass.

My First Threesome

group biggshow13 2017-11-25

I looked down to see Lori running her tongue along my shaft, then Hung lifted my cock to his lips and took it into his hot mouth. The sight of this hot man sucking my cock was an incredible thing to see, and it took all of my willpower not to shoot my load right then and there. The two of them took turns on my cock, slathering it with large amounts of saliva, and then I watched Lori licking Hung's ass, doing the same thing. The rest of the night was spent in exploration of each other, and as dawn peeked over the horizon, I was shooting my third load into Lori's plush ass while Hung filled her cunt with his own seed.

Double Fun Ch. 02

group LoneEagle 2017-10-24

Deb said, "I got so hot when you were fucking me, because I knew Allie was watching." She looked over at us. "Be nasty for me." I could feel Allie's breathing change as I spoke; she was obviously getting turned on watching her friend fuck herself. "Shit, I'm so fucking horny right now." As she said this, I felt Allie's hand grasping my already hard dick. "Fuck me hard, baby, yeah!" I watched as her big tits swayed back and forth with every thrust. Fuckin yeah!" I closed my eyes when I started to shoot, and shot hard, then I felt the dildo against my dick. As I opened my eyes, I saw that Allie had pushed the dildo hard into Deb's pussy as we both started to cum.

Poolside Gang Bang Slut Ch. 02

group bbw4youngercocks1 2017-10-09

It didn't take long after I had presented my cunt to be taken from behind for me to have a cock in my mouth and another one slamming in and out of my hot pussy, two hard young studs fucking both ends of me as their lifeguard friend watched the threesome in front of him, stroking his own cock. I tilted my ass back as the guy in my asshole shoved his stiff member into my ass, all the way to base of his cock, bucking his hips and fucking my ass harder as I rode the lifeguard's own hot prick and sucked in deeper the cock I had in my mouth.