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The Best Sex Ever (Chapter One)

group Pervton50 2018-09-27

Over time; He’d contributed to the porn and sex novelty industry in enough ways to finance Dream On. As the Professor continued; I felt kind of silly that I’d never really given much thought until now as to what field of research the company did. “Unless I’m much mistaken, Stefan;” He said, With the oddest grin; “You’ll be needing these when testing is complete.” Then the Professor simply explained that for testing to take place; I only needed to strap on the helmet, and enter the observation tube I’d noticed before.

Advising 101

group collegegurl72 2018-09-20

As the young guy kept fucking my mouth with his, the professor walked behind me and started to fondle my breasts, my nipples getting bigger by the second to the point of being uncomfortable. I had one huge cock in my mouth, another in my hand and I was getting hand-fucked and trying hard not to come myself, for fear of biting the prof's dick, and not in a pleasant way. Behind me, the prof was pulling at his own cock and came before I had a chance to attend to him again, but the way he was rubbing my clit and finger fucking my pussy at the same time was very hot and I came about the same time he did.

Office Hours

group thespeck 2018-08-29

One thing led to another and soon enough she was kneeling face down on my bed with my rock hard dick ramming into her sopping wet cunt. Like I said, I only fuck 'A' students and I also avoid underclassmen. She didn't take any other classes with me, but I did fuck her one more time her senior year after a party to celebrate our top graduating students. When fucking a student it is best to let them live out their fantasy. Like I said they were graduate students so I had no intention of fucking either of them. Angela was a "cocksucking slut" and I was a "cunt sucker." When I fucked her she was praising my marvelous cock and kept saying how much she wanted to fuck it all night.

Final viva

group 2018-08-19

My professor asked me to sit down on the table, and he sat on the chair, took my fully exposed breasts in his hands and started to squeeze and suck them with his mouth. It was hard to focus on my teacher professor with the other professor’s cock pushing inside my mouth. My teacher professors cock felt smaller than the other cock in my mouth, and didn’t push so hard into my throat, so I could start to get a better control of the situation. My teacher professor put his cock back inside my pussy and thrusted hard, but pulled out after a little while, and ejaculated his warm sperm out over my stomach and crotch.

The Professor Vol 1

group FunFiction 2018-07-09

Maria licked her lips and began to saunter towards Carter and his hard dick. Amanda grabbed Maria's hips and began to kiss the back of her neck. Amanda began to kiss the sides of her neck, and Maria closed her eyes. Meanwhile, Amanda sat on the couch next to Carter and began kissing him. At the same time, Amanda began to lick Maria's pussy. Amanda felt Maria's legs shake as she began to squirt pussy juice all over her face. Amanda spit the juice back onto her pussy and licked even more furiously, turned on that her body and couch were now covered in Maria's pussy juice. Carter began to fuck Maria's face even harder as he came dangerously close.

Art Professor and Art Student

group Horny Couple 2018-06-29

As I was attending to Tim's cock, Alec had knelt down and rolled me onto my back then he spread my legs exposing my pussy and began running his tongue from my hole up my frothy slit to my erect clit devouring it expertly. As Alec was pounding my pussy harder, Tim started to match his strokes in my mouth, I thought they may be ready to cum so I let go of Tim's cock and said that I wanted them to switch. Tim was first, "I cumming!" he moaned, as he pulled his wet cock from my pussy and stroked it hard and fast spraying my tits and stomach with his lovely juice.

College Girls I

group Professor Fink 2018-06-02

The sight of Erica's tongue stud under my dick nearly made me come, but I forced myself to hold on and wait until I got to fuck at least one of them. Lori brought her legs together and Erica leaned in and grabbed the waistband of her panties, pulling them off to reveal a tiny g-string. Despite wanting to prolong the pleasure forever, the sexy outfits, the almost non-existent lingerie, the 'fuck-me' heels, the hard bodies, the perfectly-shaved pussies, the double blow job, and fucking both girls tight holes pushed me over the edge. The sight of me stroking myself into the mouth of an 18-year old with a tongue stud was incredible, and I actually started to come again, leaving plenty of ropes for Lori's porn star-perfect tits.

Cheaters Never Prosper

group surface6669 2018-05-23

"How about you take care of this Glenn with that big dick of yours," she said, running her left hand through her pussy lips, "and you use my mouth Brian?" Mr. Hermann slowly and deliberately eased his big dick deeper and deeper inside Shelly's tight, wet pussy, while she squirmed and sucked down harder on Brian. "I know," Mr. Hermann smiled as he started to stir Shelly's tight pussy around and around with his big, wide cock, still buried as deep as he could get inside of her. The saliva from Shelly's wet mouth covered Brian's dick and balls, and Mr. Hermann glided what he could of his big cock easily in and out of her slick little pussy now.

April Showers

group Dusty933 2018-05-16

As I turned the corner to head for Mac's April said, "Would you mind terribly running me by Mrs. Dunn's, I need to change out of this hospital stuff and into real clothes." "Oh, April you always want the cum," said her mother as she dismounted and her daughter started licking and sucking on my cock. I licked a mixture of cum and urine until her mother gasped and screamed, at the same time April mounted my cock and began pushing hard and fast until I felt the storm rage once again and I exploded in her to the beat of her moans and gasps.

Student Nurses

group Dusty933 2018-04-19

Diane and Susan, two nursing school students were taking the class to fulfill requirements of their program. Diane also pulled off her shorts and climbed upon my throbbing cock, without warning I felt the soft wetness inside her as she moved to an even rhythm and I stroked Susan and at the same time nibbled at her breast. Susan moved to the floor in front of my chair after taking several tissues from the box on my desk, she said, "I'll tidy up a bit." I don't know who came first, Diane or me; perhaps it was simultaneous; however, I came like a cannon shot, so much so that Susan took my cock out of her mouth and spread cum around on her face.

Professor Titts

group TheDirtyDoctor 2018-04-12

Reaching my arms up above my head, which did unfortunately raise my skirt higher up my thighs and showed a little slip of my stomach at the hem of my shirt as well as push my breasts out, I unclipped my hair and let the waves of it tumble down. Brad's hand rests on my stomach, gently pressing me back, while Ethan licks along my neck and down the curve of my breast, nipping hard on my nipple, making me gasp. Sliding their fingers in and out of me in tandem while Liam sucks harder on my clit, l quickly come undone, the walls of my cunt squeezing tight around their fingers as I cum hard, gushing onto his face . Liam slides his hand down my thigh until his fingers are millimeters from my swollen clit and pussy lips.

Sara and Sandy

group Dusty933 2018-04-06

Her twin sister Sandy got her work in on time but the quality was inferior. Sandy followed her sister's orders and hurried to the door. I got down on my knees and followed Sara's finger to the very spot and licked. I took my mouth out of her cunt and licked up her stomach until my head was beneath the large breasts of Sara. Sara then got on the desk and turned until she faced me, put her legs over me and then put her cunt on my face. Sandy mounted me behind her sister and thrust my cock into her cunt. Finally, I felt the fire build within me and I exploded inside of Sandy, who immediately dismounted and started licking my cock.

The Four Hour Erection Ch. 03

group dbrains 2018-02-06

The first time her pussy clamped down on John's dick, it began a series of hard contractions that sent jets of cum into Carly. "I can always get a man hard any time I want," Beth replied as she reached down and gave John's stiff dick a squeeze. "Can't have you going limp before you get the best blow job you've ever had." With that, she leaned down, opened her mouth, and sucked in the head of his dick still wet with juices from Carly's pussy. Feeling John was being too tentative, she pushed him off, grabbed his ass with both hands and ordered, "Harder!" With Beth controlling his penetration of her throat, she gagged a couple more times.

Double Trouble

group kimbelina 2018-01-20

The 'official' book, with my lecture notes, grade records, and sample papers from my best students, is appropriately filed away in my office at the college, ready for the next time I teach Physics 115. "Oh no," Chrissie replied, "Cassie always wears a thong, and I prefer bikinis - we never share underwear." Oh god, I thought, taking a deep breath and quickly sitting down behind my desk so they wouldn't see my growing erection. As Chrissie watched, furiously fingering herself to orgasm, Cassie and I both came hard, her clenching pussy coaxing a huge load of cum from my throbbing cock.

All Girl Fun!! Ch. 03

group puscat69 2017-12-22

"I want to feel you inside of my cunt," I whispered to professor Hickey "I want to fuck you too," he said to me has he pulls Lane of his throbbing cock. "Fuck her in the ass, Professor Hickey, and I will suck on her yummy pussy and clit, and fuck her with this dildo, and Lane I want you to suck my pussy and finger yourself" Lacey told Professor Hickey and Lane what to do. They listened and before I could say fuck me, Professor Hickey had his throbbing cock into my ass and I could feel Lacey's hand and mouth on my pussy. "Fuck yes, I am going to cum inside your tight ass what do you think about that?" Professor Hickey asked me.

Kelsey Brings a Friend

group Midnight_Man 2017-12-15

As she grasped her puffy lips with her mouth Sara squealed with delight and locked her hands on either side of Kelsey's head and held her face tight against her pussy. As I withdrew my finger from her pussy she briefly glanced back my way and gave me one of those "what the fuck looks." But as I stood up and maneuvered myself behind her and pushed my throbbing cock between her legs she mumbled and started grinding her hips. Satisfied that I was a ready to fuck, Sara let go of my cock, pulled off her dress, and leaned over the desk. I walked up behind Sara and pushed my cock into waiting pussy and Kelsey dropped a hand between her own legs and began to touch herself.


group renaissanceredneck 2017-11-07

I first met Marie (the brunette) and Lyssa (the blonde) some seven years ago when I was teaching at a rural middle school on the outskirts of a fair-sized Southern city. We can't strip down and all fuck right here on the couch, as much as I'd like to..." She looked down at Lyssa and ran her fingers through the mass of blonde curls. still suckling at Marie's breast, I began to pull Lyssa's head towards my crotch. I gave a moment's thought to what was happening; having my cock balls deep down the throat of a barely legal busty blonde, and at the same time nibbling and sucking on the breasts of a brunette I'd lusted after for years...