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My Sweet Slut

group Mysteria27 2018-12-03

Roxanne rubbed her pussy, while I fucked her ass hard. Roxanne was fingering her pussy, moving her fingers in and out of that tight cunt, while I held her hips and fucked her so hard she actually moved up a few inches. Jack was fucking her ass really hard, while Robert was getting his cock sucked. Jack pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got off my cock. Jack got on the bed and Roxanne eased her pussy down on his cock. Roxanne started to come and Jack thrusted up into her pussy and filled her with a pile of cream. Robert pulled out of her ass and Roxanne got comfortable on the bed.

Games Night With Friends

group K8Lin 2018-12-02

Debbie was oblivious to Mark and Simon, but Sam could hear them making complimentary sounds in the background. Sam knew she would need Debbie lubed before she could fuck both her holes, so she lifted up from swollen clit and spat on the vibe finger. Simon pulled Debbie's mouth wide open and pushed his cock into the gaping hole. Simon had no idea if it was his, or Marks, but he pulled his softening cock out and kissed Debbie fully on her lips. Mark never missed a thrust into Sam. He continued to fuck her as he sucked Simon's length. Debbie has a sweet pussy and I want to know how Simons cock feels" Sam giggled as she reached the top of the stairs.

Melissa’s Photo Shoot

group DarkSide 2018-11-24

With Pete on the sofa, Steve asked me to kneel next to him and to hold his head to my breasts but not so close as they touched. I pulled Pete’s head into my ample chest as Steve clicked away, and I pushed my arse backwards in the hope of getting Robert’s hand to contact with my bare arse. “Right we have fifteen minutes left, let’s get some raunchy photos,“ said Steve, “Robert I want you to lie on the floor here, Melissa can you straddle Robert and Pete, I want you to position yourself in front of Melissa.” I had decided that Robert was being left out and with my left hand I reached down and pulled his cock free of his toga and held it upright.

Big Slut on Campus: Part Two

group onlyanalias 2018-11-19

“It’s called the Feast of the Ingathering, a celebration of the harvest,” Sara said, excitement twinkling in her deep brown eyes, “You can do it at my party and you’ll reap a harvest of willing guys.” She moved her head to work her lips up and down the shaft and felt the fiery tingle of orgasm grow until her insides exploded with the cock in her mouth and Sara’s fingers deep in her cunt. “Oh, God!” Sara yelled hoarsely, “Will somebody please, please fuck me!” The cock left Jackie’s mouth with a wet pop as the man attached to it pulled out and rolled over on top of Sara.

The Swinger Confessions: Room 515

group Coco 2018-11-01

Robert looked at me, and said “My fantasy, you need to tell me that we can do it, or no more loving for you. Raven is a petite woman with girl next door looks and a sexual appetite so demented that she is impossible to resist. I want things to go smoothly, so I gather the strength to resist this man, stand, pay for my drink and leave the bar. But since we are here and I know Coco & Robert love to play, there is something that I want. I suckle and pull, I bite and nip, and loving the feel of her nipple in my mouth I moan my satisfaction and raise my head for a breath.

Opening the Door-Expansion

group aldenbradley 2018-09-25

"Ken's not used to hearing that women like to fuck," Kim said. Last week, Laurie had asked Larry if he thought David would like to fuck her. This week, Laurie was supposed to ask Larry the same question regarding Ken. Trish's question directed to David had trumped that effort. Once the six friends reassembled in the den of Laurie and Larry's home, the hostess asked David to help her in the kitchen. Laurie touched Trish on the shoulder and nodded toward the sixty-nine between Kim and David on her carpeted floor. "Well," Kim said, "Laurie is supposed to ask Larry if he thought Ken would like to do her. But, Trish jumped in and asked her David if he thought Ken would like to do her.

Clover's Threesome with Batman

group clovermoffatt 2018-08-19

And so she watched wide eyed as her boyfriend's erect cock slipped deliciously into my pussy, and he started to fuck me from behind, gripping my tits and moaning as he did. She's blonde, looks innocent enough but..." a hand felt down the neck of my costume, grasped my right nipple-end and tweaked it, and I moaned, I couldn't help it, "Holy Ball licking, this one has beautiful hard tits Robin...This is no ordinary woman...." "Oh you'll take it, Catwoman,' says Batman, "You'll take it till you beg for relief, and you'll show us you love it..." And he thrusts his huge hungry cock towards me.

Come with Me

group rydia57 2018-07-29

Putting it to my ear, I then heard, "Try not to start without me, ok?" I smiled and hung up. "Take those things off, he said pointing to my panties, or I'll rip them off." Almost trembling from the surprise and fear I felt I groped down, doing as he ordered. "Alex, said Steve, his arms akimbo. Smiling to myself, I watched as Steve quickly undressed and gripped his stiff cock. I continued to massage myself with the toothbrush as I felt Steve nuzzle my ears. As I heard myself moaning quite loudly, I was still able to hear Alex gurgle and splatter his sweet cum all over... As he lay there, I looked over at Alex, now fast asleep, then Steve lying across me.

Halloween Party

group bear70123 2018-07-12

The Scarecrow than told Misti, referring to her as Dorothy, to face the bed and bend forward a little at the waist. The Lion stood by her head and offered his cock to her, which she hungrily placed in her mouth, while the Tinman got between her open knees. As he moved away from between her legs the Scarecrow continued to hold her legs up, her red high heel "fuck me" slippers tangling from her toes, and started to saw in and out of her ass. Misti grunted, and her breasts shook each time he bottomed out in her, while the Lion, holding her head with both hands, continued to face fuck her. By the time the tape ended, the Lion, Scarecrow and the Tinman had taken Dorothy orally, anally, and in her pussy.

Jim and Nick's Bi Adventure Pt. 02

group Tazz27 2018-05-21

"Oh my god, I don't want to like this but I can't help it." Nick said as he dropped to his knees and scurried across the floor to his friends hard cock. Jim's pulled his cock from his friend's ass, as Nick collapsed from the arm rest and onto the living room floor. Jim smiled as he look down at his friend, Nick's cock pointed straight up at the ceiling as a thick glob of cum rolled down his shaft. The moment did not last long as the rhythmic thrusting of Hayley's hips was to much for Nick he was soon cumming for the second time this time inside his best friend's wife.

Biker Girl

group saintNTINA 2018-04-16

I liked the idea and after a hour I was riding on Wolf's bike heading up some mountains. His face was twitching in pleasure that looked like pain as I was jerking his cock and he yelled loud when his thick white cum streamed out and landed on my neck and boobs. To make things more peculiar his messages started happy, saying that he couldn't wait to see me, and then they turned anxious asking if I got lost and then he started calling me names for dumping him. He looked nothing like the "Wolf" I met and fucked in Austria. Maybe because the stranger came at the right time, maybe because our English was so bad that he didn't reacted when I called him "Wolf".

Little Did My Wife Know Ch. 02

group 46204_zipper 2018-01-30

I want to see you fuck her." He started to get into the good old missionary position when Chris said to me, "Why don't you guide Daddy's cock into me, son. Now be a good boy and clean Daddy's cock." I stared at Kevin and again thought, why not? I spent so much time "cleaning" Kevin's cock he started to get hard again. Chris brought me back to reality when she said, "Now be a good boy and put another load of cream in mommy's tummy." I climbed back on and came faster than Kevin did. While I was getting a handle on that thought, Kevin began to pat my ass and motion for me to roll off Chris.

Allen Finds Himself Ch. 02

group Ranma29 2018-01-15

Looking Andrew in the eye while his wife was going down on him made my cock twitch and I felt some pre-cum at my head. I went back to Chelsea feeling her ass and getting eye level with her pussy and cute little asshole. Andrews's eyes flew open and he moaned out, Chelsea looked over to see me giving her husband a blowjob. Chelsea came one last time and I lost it, cum flew out of my cock down into her waiting asshole, Chelsea was screaming "cum in me baby I love it." Then Andrew told me he was cumming and I pushed my head down as far as it would go.

Speak Princess Ch. 01

group ELroleplay 2017-12-31

"Little girl, speak." Emma sat there nervously, saying nothing, looking down. "Oh, little girl." He slid a finger in, making Emma gasp, pulling at his hand. "Do you want me to stop little girl?" Emma nodded vigorously, her eyes shut tight. "Hmm, honestly I didn't think you could do it." Logan said, joining Daniel on Emma's side. Daniel pulled out his cock, surprising Emma by his size. little girl.." He grabbed her head, pulling her down, making we choke and drool all over his cock. Mike pulled his out, rubbing it slightly walking straight for Emma. "Good girl." He grabbed his money and left the room, leaving Emma naked on her bed with two other men closing in around her, and one in disbelief.

Dancefloor Flirtation

group Vixen77 2017-12-06

You're incredibly hard inside me and I want you to spunk all over my arse, I tell you how much I want you to cover me in cum and you pull out but instead of wanking over me you turn me to face you. I'm in the middle of a second orgasm when the cock in my pussy erupts, I feel his hot cum flooding into me as you both shoot your spunk into my mouth. You smile at me naughtily and push me back against the wall, you slide three fingers into my cum soaked pussy and I moan softly as you finger fuck me slowly, you whisper filth into my ear as you feel the spunk inside me.

Momma Bird

group Sean Renaud 2017-10-20

Lacey wasn't sure if the ride back to the hotel really took twice as long or if it was just that every second stretched into an eternity crammed into close quarters with Julia and Alejandro. The only reason the slinky black fabric wasn't on the floor was because Alejandro insisted on pulling it down so his satiny lips could kiss along Lacey's shoulders and Julia was determined to get the dress up high enough that she could side get rid of her Lacey's panties. Calling bunching her dress around her belly like a belt a compromise would imply that Julia or Alejandro had intentionally stopped there instead of that just being the one place it wasn't bothering either of them.