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Best Friend and his fiance

group BDDoser 2018-08-29

Ryan was having a hard time focusing on the road trying to watch in the review mirror as Sara sucks and strokes my cock. A littl while longer Sara pats her hand on the ottoman calling me over to her which I do and she begins to suck me while Ryan takes her hard and deep from behind. She pulls my ass to the edge of the couch as she faces away from me and lowers herself onto my raging hard cock and begins to fuck me while she sucks and strokes Ryan's cock til he cums in the back of her throat and on her breasts.

Finally Letting Go Swinger, Group, Dp

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-07-30

He was trying to wipe the remaining dog fur off of his flight suite, he brushed at his stomach, which has become a little bulge the past year or so, his crotch, which got me thinking about his fat cock and how good it felt in my wet pussy, his legs, as he was bending over it reminded me that he did still have a really cute bottom, not what it used to be, you know the dimples on the side expressing power and masculinity. He grabbed me by the back of the head and said, "I want you to gag on my cock; Gag on it bitch!" I felt like I was going to hurl but he pushed my head forward so hard that I couldn't.

My hotwife at the nightclub

group 2018-07-21

Mandi, Leigh, Ryan, Travis and another couple ended up stumbling out of the bar and piling into Travis's car. The two guys were alternating between fucking my wife and leigh and getting head. At one point Travis was on his back Mandi on her back, his meat burried in her box, Leigh facing her, and Ryan nuts deep in her. Finally at about 6 am they drove back to the bar to get Leighs car, according to leigh, Mandi and Ryan were still fucking around in the back seat at 6 am. The girls got out and kissed the guys goodbye, Mandi looked at Ryan and said "hope you liked this married pussy" She said his jaw dropped!

Ryan's Party

group La Luna 2018-06-23

As the song was coming to an end, she pulled my head closer to hers and our mouths came together in one of the most passionate, soft, sweet kisses I have ever felt. "You guys look like a coupla ghosts!" She cackled and brushed past them into the kitchen "I need another drink." I asked Will to get me one too and went to sit down on the other couch. The combination of these: Carmen's head bobbing up and down on my boyfriend's rod, the sounds of the two fucking in the other room and Chris pinching my nipples just about sent me into orbit right there. I then looked over to the couch and saw Carmen sitting on my boyfriend's hard-on facing me so they could both watch the scene.

Rebecca's Summer Vacation 4 (By: Jarvis80)

group 2018-05-11

Robert and Ryan where in the back playing with Rebecca's tits for the ride, she kept saying she wasn't in the mood, but she was wet and it was running on the seats for a bit. She behaved like a good dog following my every command, she took off her wet panties and began to bark a little and started to rub her pussy slowly for me and everyone else. And found Rebecca being fucked in the ass by Robert with Ryan on the beach with the water washing up and hitting them. Rebecca was getting fucked up in the ass by Robert with Ryan fucking her in the mouth on the sandy beach, a couple of times she would grab Ryan's hips and f***e him down even more on top of her.

Sex at Work Ch. 5

group JenJo 2018-05-03

I locked his door and turned on some music and started to strip as I am doing that I tell Ryan "that I'm not going to do see Rick and Jerry again and that the lock on my office door needed to be changed." While I was stripping I assumed that Ryan got hard because the next thing I knew Sheila is unzipping Ryan's pants and taking his prick into her mouth. After a while he told Sheila to lie down and he plunged his huge prick into her pussy I decided to finger her clit and suck on her tits. Sheila decided to suck on my tits and finger fuck me while Ryan pushed his prick in and out of my ass.

Friday Night Fun

group PenanceS 2018-03-26

“So far as I know, we didn’t invite that many;” Chad stated, but I seriously doubt that they would blow us off.” In fact almost as soon as he said that there came a knock at the door. Chad thought that there was some way that Sakx might have snuck a few others in behind him, but didn’t want to accuse the burly football player of anything, so he just let it slide. Chad managed to lay Kellie out on the floor and was doing it to her missionary style, while Ryan was looking at all of the passed out bodies, save for the two lesbian chicks that were still going at it. I think so.” Chad and Kellie retired back into Chad’s, now their room, and slept, while Ryan went around with a garbage bag.

Krissy Gets Nasty With The Guys

group c7racer 2018-03-18

"Did you enjoy that, seeing me and Jon fuck your little girlie so hard, making her do all those things?" asked Krissy, teasing Ryan. "Now lie there and watch Ryan's big cock fuck me the way I like". As she fucked him, she talked to Jon, asking if he could see how much his flatmate was stretching her, asking if he could imagine that same cock deep in her arse, telling him to keep himself hard by wanking his cock. She went for the kill, pulling hard on his cock, with Ryan soon erupting into Jon's mouth. She could see that Ryan was hard again and said "Do you want to fuck my ass then?

Lisa's Gangbang

group Pornstar 2018-02-26

She started to moan and I looked down to see Ryan's fingers under her thong and in her pussy. She began to moan louder and I looked down to see Ryan eating her pussy. He thrust his dick into Ryan and began to fuck her with might. I began to fuck her fast and looked up to see her take Ryan's cock in her mouth. It didn't take me long, while looking at her suck Ryan's cock, to feel that twitch in the base of my dick. Fuck me like your cum-slut!" This obviously pushed Ryan over the edge as he whipped out his dick and shot his load all over her leg and pussy.

Deb's Superbowl Surprise: Part 1

group edintx99 2018-01-14

In a voice that could be clearly heard across the silence in the living room she said, “Ryan, I want you real bad but you’d be a sorry host to your guys if you fucked me in front of them. She set a pose, legs apart, hands on hips and in a loud stage voice said, “Oh, no problem Ryan. Satisfied they would stay put for at least a moment I turned around and saw Deb leaning over to line up her shot, fully outstretched, those firm breasts swaying loose in that scoop necked dress. Deb reached out over the table again, the unbelievably fucking tight silk sheath framing each cheek of her hard-body ass.


group edintx99 2017-11-15

I slid my left hand up to her throat and gently squeezed it while my right slowly slid down her front, trailing my fingers down her breast, her flat, concave stomach and stopping to ruffle the small patch of golden hair that led down to her clit. At first she kicked and struggled so hard she almost pulled off my cock but then perhaps that trust she spoke of caused her to calm. Holding her head firmly by a handful of hair so she didn’t move and tilted upward so I could see her expression, I reared back and smacked her pussy lips as hard as I could with the flat of my hand.

All So New

group Throwawayaccount68 2017-11-08

There was a party coming up at the end of the week, John, Ryan, and I were all going and I know we'd all be drinking. He was talking to some of his friends, and I found myself in a room with Ryan, and some mutual friends, Kevin and Adam. Time passed us by and John was still in the other room, I still flirted with Ryan while the other two guys were talking to us. Kevin and Adam brought their cocks to my face so I could suck them, while Ryan went down on me. All three of them got up and got dressed and walked out of the room while I was still there, naked, covered in the cum of three men, on the bed.