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Laura does her first porn shoot

group JohnLuthor 2018-12-04

Adam plunged his cock deep inside her pussy, she was taken by surprise and nearly dribbled out the cum in her mouth. “Ok Laura, can you lick the cum off your breasts now please?” Pete called All the time the big guy stayed in position, not moving, his cock deep in her arse watching as she eagerly scooped cum into her mouth. Laura leaned forward and slowly let the cum dribble from her mouth. The guys above her head keep approaching, cuming over her face, hair, breast, ear, nose, eyes, and into her mouth. Laura is still sat on her knees cum dripping from her face, her hair, breasts and dribbling down her body.

Putting in the Overtime - Part One

group henrygatewood 2018-12-04

As Vanessa leaned up over the desk to reach the catch her skirt rode up, sweeping up over her tanned thighs, stopping mere millimetres beneath the very obvious curve of her bottom. Any lingering doubts were shattered when Hailey opened her legs wide under the desk – missing touching both of us by millimetres – and her right hand came down into view. I looked at Vanessa, but she was staring intently into Hailey's moistening crotch with her mouth slightly open. “Shit!” said Hailey, pulling her hand away quickly and snapping her legs closed. Vanessa and I looked at one another, cowering naked in the shadows beneath the desk, and she mouthed the very words I was thinking.

A Night Worth Remembering Ch 1

group Kandikiss51 2018-12-04

One day when they were talking, John said, “I just cannot stop thinking of ways to fuck Erin. John said, “I did not think Kandy would get into fucking like that, but when I begin talking to her about you playing with her in the hot tub and fucking her cunt, she came like a firecracker. John walked into the kitchen and pulled Kandy into his arms, and said, “Kandy I hope you are not mad at me or Jeff for planning the sexy party in the hot tub?" He then stood there waiting for her reply expecting her to give him a tongue-lashing.

Truth or Dare

group mentalcase 2018-12-04

I remember some of us were a little bored at this party my friend Megan was throwing, and someone said spin the bottle, and someone else said truth or dare. Mark lazily spun the bottle and it landed on the mystery-guy next to him. Mystery-guy spun the bottle and it landed on Mark again. Mark spun the bottle and had it land on my friend Megan. Mark took his dick in his hand and waved it in front of my face and just started laughing. Lexi took my other breast in her mouth that Megan wasn’t working and started to nibble. Lexi and Megan had gone off to the couch and started making out while mystery-guy watched.

The adventures of Dean Roberts: part I

group xxSnakePlisskenxx 2018-12-04

"You'll let me fucking what?" Julia said dazedly and then her eyes focused for the first time on the size of Dean’s mammoth cock coming out of Mary's hands. Then he placed his hands on her hips and gripped them firmly as he began thrusting slowly, pushing more and more of his throbbing cock deeper and deeper into Julia's tight pussy with every forward thrust of his hips. Mary looked down at Dean’s cock with a huge smile on her face as she wrapped her hand around the big shaft and squeezed. “I’m gonna cum, Mary,” he warned, breathing hard as he gripped her big breasts firmly in his hands, continuing to drive his huge cock in and out of her tight, wet pussy.

Caught Out

group DarkSide 2018-12-03

Charlie turned back to the young bloke’s car and knelt back down to suck the guy's cock once more; bending at the hip this time so that she could bare her pussy to John’s stare and whatever else he fancied doing to her. John realised that with all his fucking, and with watching Charlie, spread-eagled on the car, that he was going to lose it big time. As Charlie watched John leave, she told Melissa that she needed the car wash on the way home. John was on his way out of the car park before Melissa had removed her blindfold and had time to look at the mess that Charlie and Jeff had left on the bonnet of her car. 

Sexy Couple

group prem2015 2018-12-02

As Dipak introduced me to Mita, she hugged me, held me closely and kissed my cheeks firmly making my face almost wet with her saliva. My wife who was wearing only a saree and nothing else (no blouse, no bra, no petticoat and no panty) started planting kisses on his face and lips as if devouring his mouth. Mita was looking like a sex goddess in her transparent silk saree tied in her pubic region exposing her deep round navel and also some pubic hair. My wife sat on the carpet near Dipak and started caressing his penis, which I was sure was getting hard. Meanwhile, I was firmly holding Mita and kissing her face and lips in turn while she was playing with my dick.

Games Night With Friends

group K8Lin 2018-12-02

Debbie was oblivious to Mark and Simon, but Sam could hear them making complimentary sounds in the background. Sam knew she would need Debbie lubed before she could fuck both her holes, so she lifted up from swollen clit and spat on the vibe finger. Simon pulled Debbie's mouth wide open and pushed his cock into the gaping hole. Simon had no idea if it was his, or Marks, but he pulled his softening cock out and kissed Debbie fully on her lips. Mark never missed a thrust into Sam. He continued to fuck her as he sucked Simon's length. Debbie has a sweet pussy and I want to know how Simons cock feels" Sam giggled as she reached the top of the stairs.

The Island - Final Connections

group DarkSide 2018-12-02

The conversation fell quiet for a moment before Jenny blurted out, “Brian, I dare you to drop your trousers and show Karyn your cock.” Karyn slowly let her arm extend and she watched both Jenny and I as her hand clasped around Brian’s upright cock. By the time I pulled my hand out of Steve’s trousers, Karyn was naked and guiding Brian to the stool near the bar, still pulling on his engorged member as she walked backwards towards the stool. They were unaware at the time of what was going on in our area, but they soon appeared as voyeurs to watch Karyn get fucked from behind; well, as soon as John had served them their drinks and taken their money.

Worth The Wait – Chapter One – Before...

group HornyNymph 2018-12-01

Russ got into the car, nothing was said.  Ian pulled away from the house and went back in the direction we had come. Rachel got into the car, and again, nothing was said. We walked inside and Ian and Russ went to the Reception Desk, leaving me and Rachel alone. “Come on baby.” Ian said, taking my hand. Ian led the way to our room as Russ, Rachel and I followed.  He opened the door and we followed him inside. There were already 4 glasses on the table, Rachel open the bottle whilst I got the glasses. “Box number 2 now.” She said, pointing to the box on the bed. I picked up my phone and starting writing a text message to Ian – ‘We’re ready.

I Hate Christmas

group DarkSide 2018-12-01

I headed for the bar and ordered another gin and tonic and that’s when Emma started talking to me; her partner Chris joined us a few moments after that. I looked back to the table and saw that Melissa was squatting over this guy’s cock and was she was giving him the best head that I had ever seen her perform. Melissa got on the table and squatted once more, this time on a very large cock. By the time he reached Melissa, Emma had my cock out and was on her knees sucking on it. It wasn’t long before Emma was leaning over the bar with my cock deep inside her, panting like fuck.

The First Night

group JustTK 2018-11-30

Before long, massaging wasn't enough, and he slowly pushed his fingers inside of her tight ass, listening to her moan louder on the hard dick inside her mouth. As she came, the guy licking her soaking wet pussy began to suck hard on her clit, letting his tongue flick back and fourth over it rapidly. The guy who was pleasing her fuck tunnel so well with his tongue positioned his hard thick rod between her legs, sliding it inside of her dripping wet slit. Ruby was soaked in sweat as he obliged, fucking her ass deep and hard, the tip of his rod feeling as if it was inside of her stomach with each thrust.

Sex Slave - The Dance - Part Two

group Poppet 2018-11-30

She tells me when I’m here, I’ll likely get the same room each time. Frank deep into my throat, making me gag, slobber and moan over his cock, as Will fucks my tight, little snatch. You’re a good little slut, staying so wet for me.” He takes the two fingers that were inside me, squeezes them between my clit and pinches. Come hard, I want you to soak yourself like a good little girl, do it for Daddy,” he says, tapping on my clit with the crop end faster. I tell Grayson that I’ll stay all weekend, that I’m looking forward to meeting new clients. I can’t help but want to do a little dance, so I do, causing Grayson to laugh harder.

Hot Tub Fun

group allflavorsboston 2018-11-29

I thought this was an open door, so I slipped back in fast and said, “Thanks, my husband agrees!” I think he got the hint and went back to his end of the tub. He asked about the sex and I told him about the party the week before and how dead it was last night. A loud goodbye came from the other room as the older gentleman closed the door behind him. Harry said the older guy felt uncomfortable with my nudity as he was married and from the Middle East. I said, “Letting two strange men touch me naked.” They laughed and almost like it was supposed to happen Joe wrapped his arm around me and lowered my head to his waist which he raised in the water.

Spring Break

group Tomjones88 2018-11-29

Picture this in slow-motion: this naked chick, tits flopping against her chest, head cocked backwards with her mouth and eyes open with the expression you have when you’re not sure what will happen when you slide down this free-fall on a roller-coaster but you know it’s fun (I know she looked like this because my head was propped against her shoulder so I could looked at her face from the side while her shoulder bone flexed in to my chin and I considered sucking on her cheek that had a scar that must have made Adrienne insecure in miniature every time she was intimate with a guy, except for times like now when she was reaching the most intense part of said intimacy, and I instead enjoyed the expression I was bringing to her face and branded it in my memory), bouncing up and down on my lap as my cock and fingers slide out of her and I push myself forward on the bed just enough so that I shoot off on to Adrienne’s tits and I hit her face and her head jerks down and a pleasure cry morphs in to a cry of alarm.

Dream Erotica

group bronte27 2018-11-29

I saw a beautiful dark haired naked woman walk out of the shadowsand climbed on top of the large steel table my chair was on and she stared into my eyes. She pressed her lips to mine and I tried to turn my head away but a naked handsome man stepped out of the shadows and grabbed hold of the back of my head to stop it from turning. Another naked man and woman stepped out of the dark shadows of the room and took chair from the table. The second dark haired woman came to me as well and together they kissed my face, lips, neck, collarbone, breasts, nipples, stomach, and my pussy.

Melissa Takes Two

group DarkSide 2018-11-29

I unconsciously wrapped my hand around it and started to pull on my cock watching her all the time. I looked at Greg and saw that he too was pumping his cock with his hand. I grasped her hips so that I could pull myself into her while Melissa was helping me out by pushing her arse back against me with every thrust of my cock. Melissa, had almost immediately turned around and urging Greg to fuck her hard. I could feel Greg fucking her hard from the other end of the sofa and I wished I could have lasted that long. Melissa finally lifted her head from my cock and started to gasp loudly.

How Did I Get Here? - Part 2

group QuartetHouse 2018-11-28

Justine told Kat that her boyfriend had zero sex drive, and she hoped that the hot new red outfit would finally get him hard enough to want to fuck her intensely. An hour after Kat and Justine met, Kat was in Justine’s bed, hungrily licking the first pussy of her life, as Justine eager wrapped her long legs around Kat’s neck. Justine started telling Kat that dressing all sexy for her boyfriend still wasn’t getting him turned on, and her male-female love life was still miserable, even while the female-female sex between Justine and Kat was getting ever hotter and steamier. The waitress stopped one of the bus boys, kissed him, and told him Kat had asked her if she likes to suck cock.

Jackson Hole Resort

group jhmik_88 2018-11-28

The four of them – Rachel, Kelsey, Cale and Brian – had planned the trip for Christmas Break a few months back as a way to escape the bland Oklahoma winter. Besides, he and Brian had plans of tag teaming a girl while Kelsey and Rachel were fucked by random guys. And for the guys’ plan to work properly, they needed to make sure they were able to convince a girl to fuck them both, and they need to make sure they found at least two guys to keep Rachel and Kelsey occupied while they made a total slut out of a random girl. Brian moved closer to Kelsey before she hungrily sucked his cock into her mouth, moaning all around his shaft as she rode Cale as best she could while his fingers were buried in her ass.

The Island - Newcomer and Uncertainty

group DarkSide 2018-11-28

Steve was about to plough his cock into me from behind anyway and I was really looking forward to a good fuck when Karyn whispered in his ear; loud enough for me to hear everything she said. As Brian left to go to the loo one evening, Jenny matter-of-factly said to me that she needed to feel a few more cocks in her before she goes mad. Brian was busy preparing the pig pen, I would imagine that Jenny had him up early, though it looked like it would take another couple of hours to complete it. I let Brian spurt about three times up my arse before I pulled off him and sat down on him with his cock between my legs.

A Winter’s Lust

group DarkSide 2018-11-27

One minute we are laughing and giggling on the sofa, we hear Jenny say something about fucking in front of the open log fire and then this conversation between Tom and John starts up about how nice it would be. Without waiting for a reply, Jenny had got up and was stripping her clothes off, John was not far behind and I just looked at Tom. His hands went up in front of his body to suggest nothing in particular. My cock helps a lot as the women cannot seem to keep their eyes off it, and well, Jenny is one gorgeous woman with lovely breasts and pert nipples. I watched Sarah as she stared at John’s cock growing ever longer and harder as Jenny pumped her fist up and down it.

The Camera Club

group anubis63 2018-11-27

Jackie is now moving about the garden and picnic bench posing for us, sniffing flowers, first bent forward then thrusting her large tits to the sky, all the time the fleshy mass of her breast wobble and swing from side to side, and back and forth. With that Mark stands upright, taking his 7" cock in his hand he steps forward and slowly pushes it deep into Jackie’s love tunnel, letting us take our photos before he starts to pump her. Bob steps forward and carefully pulls Jackie's hair back over her ears to make sure none of the action is kept form our cameras, before moving away to let tom and mark get their photos.

Amy's Gangbang Dream Come True

group luckyluc 2018-11-25

After her orgasm the two guys started ramming her pussy with extra speed and depth, Amy was like a rag doll between them as they pounded her as fast as they could, “Yeah that’s right just ram it in there, fucking ram it as fast as you can, fuck my tight cunt.” After another 20 or so strokes, Amy felt the first cum load shoot up inside her. "Shoot your fucking load all over me, I want your hot cum on my body, fuckin unload on me now.” With that the guy pulled his monster cock out of Amy’s ass and she instinctively grabbed it and started jerking.

HotWife Amber: The Clients - The Finish

group Wife4AllOccasions 2018-11-24

Jesse looked at Mark and commented, "Fuck, I knew she was going to have an awesome pussy." He looked down at Amber laying on the conference room table, her legs spread, her pussy exposed. Jesse rocked his hips back slightly and the tip of his hard dick slid into position against the entrance to Amber's cunt. Jesse continued to push forward and with each inch of his hard dick that entered Amber's tight hole, Jesse moaned and let Amber know just how fucking nice it was to be inside her cunt. Amber's thighs pressed into the edge of the table as Jesse's hips pressed against her ass, his cock deep in her pussy.