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Wedding Cake Island - Part 2

group blin18 2018-12-01

I squeezed his cock hard in frustration when he didn’t respond; he gasped and realising the game had changed he kissed me back, his tongue twisting against mine, crushing our lips together as he brought both hands up to my breasts, stroking the undersides like I showed him before touching the nipples. I started coming on the second last stroke and on the very last one Rupali grabbed my hips hard, grinding into me, standing up straight and holding me off the ground, twisting her hips, stirring her cock in my pussy while I dangled in the air, screaming and swallowing and kicking my legs like a puppet as the orgasm convulsed my body.

My birthday party - five girls and one guy

group DanielleX 2018-11-21

Laura and Emma approached Greg and we knelt on the floor looking up at him. “I think Aisha and Emma should get acquainted with Greg‘s cock,” said Laura. The other girls watched with genuine fascination as Laura lifted his cock and I put one end at the base and stretched it out until my fingers rested on the tip of his penis. “Ah Aisha, you got to do a forfeit!” Said Emma. Aisha looked at Greg and then at the other girls. Aisha was moaning now, her long black hair covering her face as she had a nice little orgasm. I looked at Greg’s cock as Aisha thanked him for the experience and knew I had to have him inside me.

An Unexpected Threesome With The Babysitter - Part Three

group Mysteria27 2018-11-01

I kind of liked that Sandy was our play thing but didn’t know if I wanted him fucking her without me. I was pushing my fingers deep inside of her really hard and then I pulled my fingers out quick and Sandy started to spray her hot cunt juices. Sandy liked big cocks and I wanted my cock to be bigger than my husband’s. I eased down on his hard cock and fucked my husband, while he ate the babysitter’s pussy. I rode my husband hard, while the babysitter started to spray her sweet cunt juices. We called Sandy several more times and had fun with her until she went back to college.

Wedding Cake Island - Part 1

group blin18 2018-10-30

Rupali leaned in very close, her lips to my ear, whispering so that Spike really couldn’t hear this time. Finally Rupali said Go. I took the tip between my lips and kissed, moistening it without sucking, slowly getting him used to idea of having his cock in my mouth. I kept mouth-fucking him like this until Rupali called out 10 seconds, in and out with minimal contact, desensitising his erection so that he wouldn’t come too soon. You can do it as hard as you like, just don’t touch him with your teeth.” I heard Spike gasp behind me; obviously she took me seriously and tried to suck him inside out.

John & Jill Ch. 03

group JWTove 2018-09-27

Mary, seeing Jill working on her husband's big cock, pulled John's shorts the rest of the way down and laid him down next to Jim. Sliding his cock out of her mouth, she stood up and slipped off her thong and lowered herself down onto John's long dick. "I want Jim to stick his hard dick in my asshole, and fuck my ass while Mary sucks on my clit." Jill said. John stroked her tits while Jill licked her pussy, and John said, "Relax, and my cock will slide right up to your belly button!" Mary was in sexual heat, a pussy in her mouth, hands on her tits and a cock in her ass.

Christmas Games

group sxy_rob 2018-09-25

Vikki would run her hand up the length of Rob's cock through his pants, or Dan would grab Laura's ass, but it never went beyond that. Laura and Dan sat out first, sitting on the couch and fondling each other laura was stroking Dan cock and Dan had to finger in Laura's pussy as Vikki began to suck Rob's huge cock. Rob could feel her pussy starting to clinch onto his cock and began to fuck her faster, wanting to cum with her. As they both began to calm down, Rob collapsed onto the floor next to her and began to suck on her lovely breasts as they watched Laura and Dan get started.

Dr. Sandra

group spattjack 2018-07-08

I stopped licking Sandra's hard little clit long enough to strip my wife of all or her clothes except for her sexy white satin bra. My wife got up and started rubbing her bra covered tits all over my face all the time cooing to us how much she enjoyed us all fucking together. I was not only fucking her cunt but also rubbing her hard juicy clit with one hand and her long hard nipples through her white satin cupped bra. I groaned and said an 'oh fuck' as my cock started spewing hot creamy cum into the cups of her white satin bra.

Male Man's Delivery Ch. 04

group stoneypoint 2018-02-05

After she left, Jerry got in his car right away, drove to work, parked by the side entrance, wrote a secret note, and went inside inconspicuously to the mailroom. Jerry liked Katie's look on her face and her giggle as well as what she wore. It was all good and why not, she wanted him and she was willing to step in and enjoy it too while showering with Jerry under the warmth of a relaxing and potentially erotic soothing voyage. "Would you just like to stare at me while the water runs Jerry or should we step in, so we can enjoy each other's company", as she interrupted his starving thoughts.

It Was Nineteen-Seventy Something

group Cherokee Rose 2018-01-18

"At first, we were paired off, me and Katie, Shaggy and Tanya, and another couple named Marcia and Bob. Bill and Ted just sat back in these funky papa-san chairs and watched wide-eyed." I could hear "Feel Like Making Love" blaring from Tanya's cheap speakers as I shoved Katie's jeans and white cotton panties down her legs and yanked them apart. Shaggy, who really did look like the guy from the TV show -- tall, skinny, weird hair -- had a huge dick and he would shove it into Tanya, pull it out almost all the way then shove it home again so hard you could hear his balls slap her ass.