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The House at Number Seventeen

group pandsal 2018-12-04

Theo nodded and Birgit bent Lisl forward, away from him, presenting tight, rounded cheeks. He lowered her gently to the bed and then drew her attention to Birgit, still slumped against the mirror, her hand now moving more urgently. Theo took his place behind Lisl and ran his hand yet again over the curves of her buttocks. While Birgit disappeared momentarily into the anteroom, Theo stationed himself behind Lisl's prostrate body, his eyes firmly on the pink orifice between her cheeks. Theo stepped on to the plinth, took his penis in his right hand, placed it at the centre of the lubricated area. Theo showered thoughtfully, dressed and thanked Birgit, letting her know that if Ursula enquired there would be nothing but gratitude and appreciation from him.