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Bi-Virgin No More

group fingers452 2018-06-26

As she was doing this and taunting me, I felt a hand grab my cock and start to stroke up and down. I wish my hands were free so I could stroke it as I sucked on it but he straddled my chest and leaned forward to bring his cock to my mouth. I wanted him to cum, I was moaning, I was close to cumming also as Cynthia was sucking my cock. I wanted him to cum first so I licked the head of his cock as he withdrew it and drove it back into my mouth. His orgasm triggered mine and I felt Cynthia's mouth on my cock as she swallowed my cum...

Roots Motel Ch. 1

group Friskee_cpl 2018-04-12

I was pumping away when Sharon came over and knelt down between my legs and started to lick and suck at my balls and licking my cock as it slid in and out of Sheryl’s sopping cunt. Sharon would pull my cock out and simultaneously suck it whilst rubbing Sheryl’s cunt. “Oh fuck, oh fuck” was all she said before she pulled away from my cock and began shaking as a wave of orgasm swept her body. Bill just kept plugging away at her pussy and fingering her arse when he pushed her away and started to move his cock to her mouth when half way there he shot a load large enough to hit her fair across the nose.

Bi MMF Chance Encounter Ch. 01

group Kayden 2018-02-05

He was having his cock stroked by the guy fucking his ass. I turned back to the screen in time to watch the guy cum in the other guys mouth and all over his face. The guy on screen who had just cum was now bend over on the bed having his ass licked out by the other guy, who was stroking his cock. “I guess not,” I said, as the guy bend down and grabbed my cock and guided it into his mouth right away! “Don’t worry hun,” said the girl,” he swallows!” She then grabbed my hand and guided it down between her legs, where I found she had no panties and a very moist pussy. I started rubbing her clit as the guy sucked on my cock.

The Doctor...

group hotgod1816 2018-01-20

She simply told me to get on top of her and when I was she moved my limp cock to her mouth and began sucking it, putting it all in her mouth and looking up at me with the most slutty eyes I'd ever seen. I looked back to see my nurse licking and sucking at her pussy, pushing her tongue in and out making Chantelle ride her face. My nurse looked at me and soon filled my mouth with her tongue as I started rubbing her breasts and playing with her perky nipples. I pulled out when my dick went limp and started licking her body from pussy up moving over her heaving chest slowing until I reached her messy face where I licked all of my nurses juices off her face enjoying the taste and the smell of her sex.


group copper50 2018-01-18

As I parked the car, my girlfriend leaned over him and gave me a real long kiss with her tongue going halfway down my throat all the while rubbing her tits on him. He reached down and picked up his hard dick with his left hand and started stroking it slowly up and down. Jane got real close to him and started rubbing her tits against him. I reached up and started rubbing against Jane's clit through her silk thong. I straddled Fred's face and let him lick me with his long wet tongue while I kept kissing Jane and playing with her nipples. Jane and I looked at each other and kissed Fred with both of our tongues in his mouth.

The Erotic Adventures of Juicy Kelly &...Ch. 1

group irish626 2017-12-31

I went back to the book, when a girl came and sat in front of me, she was in a leopard string bikini, and I would see the outline of her cunt lips, and her breasts were fantastic, nice and round and hard. I went over to Greg, and grabbed his big cock in my hand and started stoking it, and I stuck my finger into Mirandas tight cunt, she was wet, he was hard... Greg started thrusting harder and harder, my tits were jiggling and bouncing while Miranda sucked them and she played with my clit... Miranda decided that she would clean me out, and lick all the juice and jizz from my hot cunt...