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A Future Hotwife's Basement Threeway Story

group KenLukin 2018-12-03

I even finally confessed to giving up my virginity, and told her that I not only sucked the two guys off a lot, but I’d enjoyed having them fuck me lots too. Rose quickly became openly experimental and within the next couple of weeks had sucked and fucked half-a-dozen different guys. Rose lay there smiling quietly so I responded and said, “Yeah, I hope we can do that too,” but my recent adventures had allowed me to become much more forward and confident, so I suggested, “Right after my sister watches me suck your cock.” Rose continued to date Ron, but since he had moved out she wasn’t getting sex regularly. As time passed, Ron would become my life-long fuck buddy, whether Rose was around or not.

The Island - Final Connections

group DarkSide 2018-12-02

The conversation fell quiet for a moment before Jenny blurted out, “Brian, I dare you to drop your trousers and show Karyn your cock.” Karyn slowly let her arm extend and she watched both Jenny and I as her hand clasped around Brian’s upright cock. By the time I pulled my hand out of Steve’s trousers, Karyn was naked and guiding Brian to the stool near the bar, still pulling on his engorged member as she walked backwards towards the stool. They were unaware at the time of what was going on in our area, but they soon appeared as voyeurs to watch Karyn get fucked from behind; well, as soon as John had served them their drinks and taken their money.

My Hotwife Takes Me on Vacation

group KenLukin 2018-12-01

She thought in silence for a short time, then said, “You know, when a guy comes in my pussy, or my butt, it feels great and I orgasm as well, but it’s not as rewarding. The best is when I get to do a guy right through the full cycle, when I’ve got one hand stroking his dick and the other holding his sack so I can feel his balls. After the guy comes for me, and I’ve got a mouthful of his hot jizz, I like to keep him in my mouth so I can feel his hardness slowly surrender. It makes me feel good, and I’ve learned they orgasm with a lot more intensity when they know I’ll take every drop of their load into my mouth.”

My Hotwife Takes Me On Vacation (Part Two)

group KenLukin 2018-11-30

“I saw you looking my way a few times,” Katie said with a smile, “I didn’t mind.” She already had about half the length of his dick inside her mouth, then she pulled his hips toward her and slowly his entire hard cock disappeared as she pushed it down her throat until her nose pressed tightly against his pelvic bone. She held his hips tightly and steadily stroked her head several inches back and forth as she used her mouth and throat like a pussy to fuck his stiff dick. She leaned back in to give his softening dick a few nice, long sucks, then pulled herself up his body, smiled as she looked into George’s eyes and said, “Thank you.” Then she shuddered and enjoyed an orgasm of her own.

Best cocksucking day of my life

group bobjack 2018-11-30

I was new to cocksucking, having only sucked four cocks in my life. I was beginning to enjoy having a hard cock in my mouth. I guess that I became a full-fledged cocksucker when I took and swallowed cum from the next cock that I sucked. Some of these guys have their cocks exposed as they played with their cocks and hoped someone would come along and take over the stroking. After stroking his cock for about thirty seconds, I could wait no longer. I couldn’t wait suck his gorgeous cock. I slid off my seat and knelt between his legs and immediately took his cock into my mouth. I bobbed up and down on his cock with my mouth and hand for a couple minutes.

At the office

group Reco696 2018-11-25

I can feel your sweetness begin to trickle into my mouth, and you can hear me swallow you waves of excitement. Your back arched over my desk as you call out my name, and tells me how good this feels. Stripping my shirt off so I can feel your leg hung over my back as I place soft kisses up your leg, nibble behind the knee, and work my way under your skirt. Telling me over and over how good it feels, and I've done such a great job that you're going to give me a break and take care of me for once. My feet pushing yours apart I kneel down to give your lips a kiss, and a gentle bite on your cute little ass.

The Psychiatrist

group LucyLou62 2018-11-25

“Carrie, you look great but there is only one way to find out what you need and want and I think I can make you feel much better. “Right, you need to bend forward to get a proper reading.” As she did the other guy got out his cock and forced it into her mouth. The guy inside her pulled out and walked around to her head and forced her to take his rock hard cock into her mouth and suck it. Our brief was that you were a sexy tranny virgin and medically needed to be fucked by two male hookers and made to swallow a dozen loads of cum.

Cottage Swinging

group gracesnowpaw 2018-11-24

It was relatively early when Dean asked if my hubby wanted to go for a ride on the ATV's and try fly fishing on lake further back from their cottage. Dean's tongue probed my mouth and his hands grabbed my ass firmly as he massaged it roughly. Dean sucked on my nipples and breasts, his hands grabbing and opening my ass cheeks. The wetter my mouth got, the harder he started fucking me until his cock slowly pushed its way down my throat. Fully expecting to take a big load of cum down my throat I started to fuck his cock with my mouth. It only took a couple minutes and Dean was moaning like a wild man with his cock buried in my throat shooting his load straight to my belly.

After Club Pure I was not so pure...

group jillinjulie 2018-11-24

Brian moved up so I could suck his cock while Kevin started licking my ass because he knew it turned me on. Kevin let Brian fuck me first doggy while I licked and sucked the beautiful cock of his that I had missed. Kevin got behind me as soon as Brian flipped me onto my back and his cock was inside me pumping hard and fast, like he knew I liked it! Gary noticed my nipples were rock hard from Kevin and Brian. There were 4 boys who were seniors in High School got off the elevator who thought they had won a lottery seeing me bare-assed naked before Brian opened the door.

A Hotwife’s New Years Party (Part Two)

group KenLukin 2018-11-22

Brian gave me the warmest smile, looked at the other three guys standing near him, gestured toward the distant bathroom and wistfully stated, “Lucky fuckers.” Vince joined in and their dark purple cock heads pressed together as I opened my mouth wide like a hungry baby bird in the nest.They grunted at the same time and both shot ribbons of thick, white goo into my mouth. His timing seemed pretty good, too.Heather quickly gave Brian the once over, smiled and said, “Let’s go!” I could tell Lee was going to be first, and I focused on him as I held his cock head in my mouth and stroked his lovely shaft until he surrendered his creamy juice in powerful spurts against the back of my throat.

Cum Away With Me

group Cherism 2018-11-19

One of the men pressed his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy while she was having it eaten by the woman Jeff was fucking. Jeff had been able to fuck her there a few times and loved to have his cock buried in her tight brown hole. The tongue on her clit was amazing, her face was covered in cum, and a man she did not know had just filled her pussy with his cum, while some else finger fucked her ass. The man Kris was on top of said, “I want my cock in your tight little ass sweet thing.” Kris felt hands lift her, spread her ass as wide as possible, then lower her down onto the man’s cock.

Ride of Her Life

group Cherism 2018-11-17

As her lips landed on the woman, she grabbed Stacy and pulled her into her lap, diving her tongue into Stacy’s mouth. Spike told her that she was going to suck him as well, but this time she was to swallow everything he had and make sure nothing came out of her mouth. Spike said that the woman would eat Stacy’s pussy and the man would finger fuck Stacy’s ass. As the woman dove her tongue deep into Stacy’s pussy, the man spread her legs and pulled her ass wider, slipping another finger in. The first man it landed on would fuck her pussy, and the other person would feel the pleasure of her mouth.

A Future Hotwife's College Story

group KenLukin 2018-11-16

The guys switched, and I got to suck Larry’s cock while Dave vigorously fucked me, and I kept orgasming. Dee had succeeded in getting Dave and Larry fully hard again, so they got on the bed to get sucked and fucked for round two, while Dee switch sucked the first two new guys back to hardness. One thing I liked to do, just as I sensed a guy was about to come, would be to pause, look up and smile at him, then whisper, “Come in my mouth.” I really think it made their orgasms much more intense, and maybe got me an extra spurt of two of their juice to swallow every time.

Nate and Ariana Chapter 3

group Cherism 2018-11-16

He may be used to young girls who don’t know what a good lover is, but Ariana did and she was going to make damn sure she got what she wanted. Ariana was stroking Nate as she sucked Bradley. Nate wanted to grab her and use her mouth like he used her pussy, but this new type of oral sex was a different kind of ecstasy. Bradley didn’t even realize what he was doing because he gaze was fixed on Nate and how he had made Ariana cum with such expertise. Bradley groaned as his cock slid in, but not nearly as loud as Ariana as her body now felt fully stuffed.

Our First Sex Party

group blsstories 2018-11-14

One night after Kris and I had had sex, I lay there thinking about what it would be like fucking Kris surrounded by other people - or watching her suck another man's cock. The next time I saw Dave, I told him that Kris and I were thinking of attending one of his parties. She said she loved to take her time and give him a great blowjob and then he'd fuck her, stretching her pussy to the max. I wondered how Kris could get the head of his dick in her mouth, let alone in her pussy. Then Kris sat up, looked at Rob and said, “I hope you recover fast because I want your big dick in my pussy."

My Hotwife Responds To Lush Members

group KenLukin 2018-11-13

Mark and Katie leaned in over my shoulders as we showed him the Lush website and quickly scanned a few of our own stories, plus so many great other ones. Then she looked up at Mark, smiled and commented, “Now, I hope you don’t mind, but Katie needs to suck your cock!” Her lips clamped back around that ring at his cock head, and she stroked his shaft so fast her hand nearly went invisible. Katie gave him one more generous suck then very slowly slipped her lips off the head of his cock. Katie had her own suggestion, and said, “Sounds good, but guys, I think I’m gonna need my bum fucked tonight, if you wouldn’t mind.”

The Most Dirty She'd Been

group LucyLou62 2018-11-13

All the guys wanted to shoot a bit onto Suzi’s lips and all let Lucy have the last drops. With slippery cum all over the girls' mouths, Lucy slid her tongue inside, through the large amount of spunk, searching for Suzi’s tongue and passionately kissed her tranny girlfriend. The first guy rammed Suzi’s hole and shot then it went straight into Lucy’s mouth. Lucy could not wait another second and her mouth went onto Suzi’s arse hole and she tongued her girlfriend and sucked and feltched until every drop was in her mouth. Suzi was giving Lucy an even more hard fucking than any of the guys and then she shot it filled Lucy’s mouth.

Spa Treatments

group Cherism 2018-11-12

Sarah started driving her tongue as deep into Cindy as she could then slowly licked her way to Cindy’s clit, ending with soft little licks across that sensitive clit. Sarah climbed on top of the table, positioning her pussy right over Cindy’s mouth for her turn at treatment. She pushed her pussy onto Cindy’s face at the same pace that his cock slid into Cindy. Cindy positioned herself under Sarah, which gave her mouth access to Sarah’s pussy and clit as well as allowing her to lick Joe’s balls while he fucked Sarah. Cindy fingered her own pussy as she worked on both Sarah and Joe. going…….to…….cum.” A few seconds later Joe felt the tightest sensation around his cock while Cindy eagerly licked Sarah’s pussy.

A Future Hotwife Chooses Her Man

group KenLukin 2018-11-10

Five days a week for about two years I’d go to work, perform my duties in exemplary fashion, and take fifteen or so minutes out of my mid-morning schedule to get with Sam so I could passionately suck his hard dick and swallow his hot juice. Jack and I would suck and fuck like wild honeymooners most nights, yet I was still getting an extra cum load every week day he didn’t know about. I’d cheerfully swallowed my daily mouthful from Sam, then an even bigger load or two from Roy, then sucked Roy back to hardness at another house so he could give me a deep, long fuck.

Two Girls, One (Stanley) Cup

group oceanrunner 2018-11-09

The vibe was one thing she thought she had left behind as well, once she was with Amy. At the sophomore edition of the party, she had watched her girlfriend and teammate accept a large defenseman’s cock into her mouth while Shelly went down on her, and the sight had excited her beyond belief. “Seriously?” José asked, his attention for the first time diverted from Amy. He looked at Peter, who in turn looked at Jess, as if he were asking permission. Riding the crest of her orgasm, Shelly tapped Amy on the head, getting her attention; Amy looked up, her face wet from Shelly’s pussy.

Brian and Jenn's Rocky Mountain Adventure

group KenLukin 2018-11-07

Jenn leaned in and massaged and suckled Britt’s lovely tits, then slowly kissed her way lower until she was on her knees in the shower. Jenn squealed in delight as Britt finger fucked both of her lower orifices enthusiastically, and soon she shuddered with an intense, quivering orgasm. I pushed the head of my throbbing cock into her hot, tight hole and she moaned and then orgasmed with a scream before I even got fully balls deep. I leaned in close so I could watch Britt maneuver her impressive tongue, and she stuck it right into Jenn’s pussy hole and had her near orgasm again in no time.

Yvonne's Sexual Awakening

group candytales 2018-11-05

We were soon fucking rhythmically and I was grunting softly with every deep penetrating stroke but Yvonne had decided to get herself involved by climbing onto the sofa adjusting her stance slightly so that she could hold her lovely bald pussy against Clive’s face. Clive watched us and happily stroked his lovely cock but we were so close to cumming and as she rubbed my tender clit Yvonne kissed me hard and it brought me off almost instantly. By the time Yvonne returned with three mugs of tea Clive and I were already in a classic sixty-nine position with me straddling his face and sucking his delicious meaty cock as he licked my succulent womanhood from top to bottom and finger-fucked both my juicy holes.

My Introduction and Pathway to Group Sex - Part 13

group LuvitAll 2018-11-04

  I knelt on the bed to keep sucking and the other hands soon started unzipping my jeans and pulling them down over my arse.   We locked eyes again and she suddenly started sucking the guy very quickly, sliding her mouth up and down and rubbing his balls. She settled back on the bean bag after the guy pulled his cock from her mouth and took a gulp of her drink.   Towards the end I saw her back on the bean bag, undressed, being fucked by a guy while another knelt next to her head with his hard cock in her hand. The soft guy she had been sucking was sitting in the arm chair, also watching and rubbing his cock.

$10 / hr motel room fun #1

group carmen_has36 2018-10-30

I sat on the edge of the bed and started sucking on the one guy’s cock getting him really hard. The guy I was sucking was ready to fuck so he had me get onto my knees and he behind me. The other guy of course wanted his cock sucked which I complied. Once the guy getting sucked was hard he wanted to fuck me too. The #2 guy really started going hard and fast into me all while I was sucking the other. #1 guy finally can’t last anymore and tells me he is cumming thinking I will pull away. Barbie did lick his ass as her dare required and ended up fucking him but just once.