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A Night Worth Remembering Ch 1

group Kandikiss51 2018-12-04

One day when they were talking, John said, “I just cannot stop thinking of ways to fuck Erin. John said, “I did not think Kandy would get into fucking like that, but when I begin talking to her about you playing with her in the hot tub and fucking her cunt, she came like a firecracker. John walked into the kitchen and pulled Kandy into his arms, and said, “Kandy I hope you are not mad at me or Jeff for planning the sexy party in the hot tub?" He then stood there waiting for her reply expecting her to give him a tongue-lashing.

Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 10

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-03

"Good luck, Jess," Teri said as she lay next to Rick and I, "Ray's probably ready to fuck again and I'm worn out. There did come the time, though, when we did discuss it and answering Ray's question of me, honestly, I told him that I didn't miss the old fun and games all that much, and that our infrequent get-togethers with Rick and Teri took care of my 'kink' needs. "Nothing to talk out," Ray said, " we agreed that we'd continue to enjoy the fun and games as long as we were both into it and if that time came when we weren't, then we'd be finished with it."

It Started with Babysitting (The story continues)

group Meggsy 2018-12-01

Sam and I talked for ages about what it might be like and what we would do when Tony and Ian got to fuck us the first time. I said, “I think we know what you all look like, after all we have seen the videos, but that would be fine with me.” “Now, while I am getting used to the sensation of your wonderful big cock filling me in a way I haven’t been filled before, just let it rest in me for a minute, then we can fuck like they did in Pompeii.” I can’t remember ever enjoying being fucked with a cock like yours, it’s the biggest and thickest one I have ever had inside me.

The First of Many Ch. 11

group boo_dreaux 2018-12-01

By the time Teri had joined us again, I had just finished filling Rick in on the past several years of Ree and me and of our involvement in the swinging scene in our city. Looking at each other with that, "you've got to be fucking kidding me expression", Rick, chivalrous as ever, said to Teri that he'd be back in an hour and we should get a jump start on the 'stoning'. I felt a shift on the bed, feeling Rick moving to a kneeling position near Teri's head, and I broke off our kiss and moved my mouth to her now wide-opened legs, to her pussy.

A Bisexual Muslim Orgy

group Samuelx 2018-12-01

"The wicked and fun things I've done to that booty," Jamal said, laughing, and Zekri nodded, and smiled, then unzipped his pants, freeing his long and thick cock. For a moment, Sagal stopped eating my pussy and looked at her husband as he got fucked in the ass by another man. Working two fingers into Sagal's wet pussy, I slid my tongue into her asshole as she spread her big Somali ass cheeks wide open for me. "That was intense but damn good fun," Zekri said, panting, as he rolled off of Jamal's dick. Meanwhile, Jamal bent over and I watched, amazed, as Sagal got behind him, and proceeded to fuck my husband's ass with the strap-on dildo.

B&B: 2. Fairy Godmother

group torchman 2018-11-30

Gretchen turned back toward him with the mirror in her hand and, grinning, said, “I am, and that’s not all.” With that, she lifted the front of her dress exposing her newly waxed bottom. Gretchen felt Gary’s hand as he reached under her costume and began to stroke her ass. Gretchen recovered enough to smile at Gary when he broke contact and looked up at her and asked, “How are you feeling?” She felt it twitch and harden even more. Gretchen continued to stroke her husband as Sue kissed and licked her pussy. Gretchen let Gary’s softening cock slip from her lips as she began to arch her back and press her pussy into Sue’s face.

Double Date Night

group 5ummerfield 2018-11-30

I instantly felt my cock harden as it did when the girls kissed, only this time, the experience was made more intense by Molly who had slid her hand up my leg, inching dangerously close to my crotch, she leant forward, offering me a full view of her incredible cleavage. Tantalisingly undoing the buttons on her blouse, she turned around and bent over to inch her tight grey skirt over her ass, at which point she remained bent over and widened her legs so I could see how wet she was; her pants looked as if they were about to start dripping! Charlotte took it upon herself to sit over Mark's face and offer reassurance to Molly who was about to get fucked in the ass whilst her boyfriend fucked her pussy.

B&B: 1. A possible solution

group torchman 2018-11-30

Walt concluded by proposing that Gary and Gretchen consider a trial run on a Saturday night in September where a select group of couples would rent the entire B&B for their exclusive use. Gary had a hard time keeping his eyes off the women, especially Walt’s wife Sue. He had never thought of her as “hot”, but seeing her dressed in a short skirt, heels, a revealing top and in full makeup, she looked it. After about an hour, the couples began to thank Gary and Gretchen for the reception and the use of the wonderful house, and bid their “good nights.” Walt and Sue were the last to leave.

B&B: 3. The Sheriff

group torchman 2018-11-30

She told Walt and Sue about the conversation she and Gary had at the party with Will, a police officer from a nearby town and suggested that he might be the culprit. “Hi Mike, this is Walt, and I am here at the B&B with Sue, Gretchen and Gary. “I can give Dan a call in the morning and ask if Gretchen and I can meet with him later in the day,” said Gary. Gary and Gretchen did their best to make it clear that the B&B was first and foremost a guest house, but that their ability make the business work might depend on hosting occasional parties for a select and small group of couples and selected single men and women.

The First of Many Ch. 01

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-29

Lying with her head next to mine, she stroked my flaccid cock gently, placing small kisses on my chest, on my nipples, getting me turned on again. "Would you like to?" I found myself suddenly saying, the quick mental image in my mind of her sucking Randy, giving me an instant erection. Sure enough, listening hard, I could hear the sounds as Ree began kissing and sucking Randy's dick. And as I watched, my own cock with a raging erection, I saw Ree's head jerk as he exploded his jism into her mouth and throat. Leaning down and kissing Randy on the lips, she turned and climbed back up the stairs, taking off her robe as she pulled me down onto the bed and mounted me.

The First of Many Ch. 08

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-29

I had noticed that Ree seemed to be paying particular attention to the couple who were swimming in the pool, and sort of hanging out near the deep end, so when she said, "Baby, why don't we hit the pool for a little bit and do some laps?" I wasn't terribly surprised. Casually turning to look over my shoulder, I could see Ree and Joy were now very close to each other, each holding on to the end of the pool with one hand, their other hand beneath the water. Suddenly, Joy leaned into Ree and gave her a kiss on the lips, and looking over towards Stan and I, asked if we'd like to come back to their room for a while and if we're interested, they had some smoke to share.

The Double Date That Didn't End - Ch 7

group KennethPierce 2018-11-28

As her massage moved lower down my body, Tracy scooted herself back, and I felt the hot, gushing wetness of her cunt lips as they brushed across my lower back, over the curve of my ass, and finally came to a stop resting on my leg. The full, healthy buttocks in my hands were every bit as smooth and curvy as the rest of Tracy’s body, and I absolutely loved the way she moaned as my fingers pressed against her skin and kneaded the tension from those sore muscles. My limp body gave a final jolt as Connor withdrew his fingers from me, and off to the side I watched in amusement as Shane knelt down beside Tracy and gently caressed her shuddering, post-orgasmic body.

Somali Swingers Do Exist

group Samuelx 2018-11-28

At a meeting of the local swingers, Abdullah Tariq and his wife Mina Connors-Tariq met Duncan Jameson, a tall, slim White guy with dark brown hair and blue eyes. The pretty Irish-Canadian redhead with the freckles and emerald eyes sucked on Jameson's thick White cock while her Somali-Canadian husband watched, stroking his big Black dick as they went at it in front of him. Hearing his wife Laila moan as she got fucked by Abdullah's big Black dick spurred Duncan Jameson to action. As Mina got on top of Abdullah, who kissed her and caressed her tits before sliding his dick into her pussy, the Somali stud thought of Laila, the Arab MILF.

Another group experience

group Dazzleme04769 2018-11-27

I came across someone who had recently moved to the area from the Midwest and was just looking for friends. She stated she was happily married and just wanted to meet new people in my area. On our trip that day, the wife would find ways to place her hands on me ever so slightly and politely. She reached over and took my right hand and pulled it to her, placing it on her breasts. Her husband pulled out his cock and slid it between her lips, and she began breathing very deeply. I could feel her heart race as I massaged her breasts, and heard the sounds of her devouring her hubby's cock, (I did have to keep my eyes on the road.

The First Time - Part 2

group goodchemistry 2018-11-27

Dani resumed her rocking motion on my cock.  I, of course, wasn't complaining.  Dan came down into the pool.  He stood in front of Dani, so close her could have reached out and touched her.  He started masturbating as he watched us.  Dani was staring at his cock as she continued to grind on mine.  I couldn't believe that he was so hard again after just recently cumming!  Dani was thrashing and splashing water as she had her second powerful orgasm of the day.  After a short awkward moment, Dan said, "I'll get us some wine." 

Vegas Adventure Part 2

group LuvMeSomeBooty 2018-11-27

She told me that Mrs. Smith had a larger than normal clit and Kate thought she might enjoy my oral skills. Kate was deep inside Ellie’s pussy, and I could see Ellie was close to cumming. I told the men that Ellie had always wanted to have a gangbang, to be the simple fuck-toy to a group of people having their way with her. As I continued to fuck Mrs. Smith ass with my tongue, I felt Kate rise off me and I was once again being sucked and cleaned. She did as she was told and once he was back inside her, he pulled her downward onto his chest and Bill came up and placed his dick at the entrance to her pussy.

Road Tales

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-25

"Well, I don't make as fast a trip as the big rigs," I said to her, "But, I'm heading out to Portland to see some friends and you're welcome to catch a ride with me and my motorhome, if you'd like." The last few hours of driving before we pulled into a campsite for the night, we shared a couple of bowls, which only made my mind race with thoughts of her body, of making love to such a nubile woman. Her lips kissed and sucked on my body as she moved her head slowly down my body, reaching my crotch, her hands pulling my sleep shorts off of me and she gasped when her hand wrapped around my rather large, thick cock.

Jim And Kay - How We Started To Swing

group luvdr 2018-11-25

“I dare you to touch and play with my penis for one full minute.” Doyle said while looking directly at Margarete.  Doyle stood again and, this time, his cock was hard, the purplish mushroom head engorged and looking as if it was going to explode. Eventually, It was Lisa, Sid, myself, Kay, Doyle, Margarete, Deon, Tom, Jane and Carl. As with most things, couples moved on, some newcomers seemed less friendly and our play group came down to Sid, Lisa, me, Kay, Doyle and Margarete. Margarete didn’t blush but said, “Doyle, you will pay for this.” She got out of the pool, not covering herself, and sat on a chase lounge. Kay and I continued to play with Doyle and Margarete and, eventually, added the new owners of Sid’s old home.

Cottage Swinging

group gracesnowpaw 2018-11-24

It was relatively early when Dean asked if my hubby wanted to go for a ride on the ATV's and try fly fishing on lake further back from their cottage. Dean's tongue probed my mouth and his hands grabbed my ass firmly as he massaged it roughly. Dean sucked on my nipples and breasts, his hands grabbing and opening my ass cheeks. The wetter my mouth got, the harder he started fucking me until his cock slowly pushed its way down my throat. Fully expecting to take a big load of cum down my throat I started to fuck his cock with my mouth. It only took a couple minutes and Dean was moaning like a wild man with his cock buried in my throat shooting his load straight to my belly.

A Vignette..Happenstance

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-24

"Bobby and I aren't married anymore but we still, you know, party, as a couple with other friendly couples from time to time," Jeri explained further while grasping my hand and leading it to a spot on her leg, past mid-thigh, "Ree and I thought it might be a fun thing if we all went to Bobby's house after the last race...whatd'ya think?" Just as I pulled up to and parked in front of Bobby's place, Jeri suddenly pulled my hand from between her legs, saying, "That was fun...wish I could stick around but I need to go, give Bobby and Ree my apologies," and quick as a wink, she jumped out of my car and into hers, which was already parked in front of Bobby's house, driving off as I watched her do so, open-mouthed and somewhat confused.

College Daze

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-24

I told her that sounded good and she began shampooing her hair and we were soon rinsed off and I turned the water off and we dried ourselves and slipped our things on and went back to the room. I knocked first saying it was me and heard Kaitlin call out for me to come in so I opened the door and looked over at our bed where she was moving up and down on a guy I recognized as living down the hall. Anything I want, huh?" She looked around the shower room, then asked, "Well, could I see what I might be getting?" so I took my towel away and stood there with a good erection.

Down in Mexico

group HappyInTN 2018-11-23

Each night upon hitting the room I would smother the moist, wet lips between Lindy’s legs with my mouth as she would quickly engulf my cock in her mouth, until we both came with gusto. Paul saw us moving around and I noticed he gently laid Lindy down on the bed as he continued to rub and pull her erect nipples. Lindy was on her back and Paul stood, moving next to Lindy’s head and sliding his hand down between her legs. Donna and I watched Paul’s hard cock next to Lindy’s face; she moved her head close to his cock and began to take a little at a time into her mouth. Paul pumped his hips into Lindy, moving more and more of this cock in her mouth.

Jamaican vacation

group LadyWriter 2018-11-22

To her surprise, Mark worked it out at the office and told her this was a great opportunity to “expand their horizons” beyond the four couples they usually played with back at home. Stacey found out they had just arrived she insisted on “a proper welcome.” The couple took them to a slightly more private courtyard where Stacey stripped off her bikini top and got on her knees and gave Mark a nice wet blow job. Tara blushed and said thanks and told George that the timing seemed fine. Danny was massaging her clit as he fucked her and because she was bent backwards his cock was hitting her G spot every time.


group lookinginerie 2018-11-22

She slid the tip of her finger into my ass as she sucked the top of my cock, keeping in hand my entire shaft, stroking me slowly while she took my tip into her red lips. By this time, I didn't care who was around anymore, telling her sure, she unzipped my pants and slid her hand into the opening, she found my cock without a problem, her hand sliding along my shaft making it slowly start to grow. Marc was bent over Shea's head now, fucking her mouth as she fingered his ass, pushing in deeper and deeper each time his cock slid down into her throat.